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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 674: I want you to love only me with your all.

Chapter 674: I want you to love only me with your all.

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‘On our second meeting at Bar Vista, you were like a drunk cat, and just like that, you burst into my world like a tyrant.’

“Pfft!” She could not help but burst out laughing at this.

“What ‘drunk cat’ and what ‘burst into my world like a tyrant’? That’s not entirely accurate at all. So corny.”

She tightly pinched the note between her fingers. Although she said that in a spiteful tone, her face was filled with bliss, and she was grinning from ear to ear.

She raised her foot and quickly walked forward with a heart full of anticipation. She was anticipating the words that would be on the third stalk of rose.

‘Our third meeting was at Chenguang, but I didn’t recognize you at first.

‘Our fourth meeting was…’

She walked forward step by step. With every step, the blissful smile on her face grew.

Her pace quickened.

Every step she took was filled with bliss. Every step she took was brimming with unparalleled happiness.

“Big sis, your rose!”

This was already the ninety-ninth rose, and she only thought that tonight was such a wonderful dream – everything felt magical and surreal.

By now, she was hugging a large bouquet of roses. The floral fragrance engulfed her.

The ninety-ninth rose she had received was much larger than the previous ones.

She moved to untie the note on the rose stalk, but she realized that there was nothing on it.

“Eh?” She paused, extremely surprised.

Just as she was feeling confused, she noticed that there was something at the rose itself.

Her breath halted, and she nervously took out the item.

To her surprise, she found that what was hidden amid the petals was a small, exquisite box.

She blinked and opened it expectantly.


Once the box was open, a small figurine in a suit popped out.

This small figurine’s hair and suit were a copy of Ji Ziming’s.

While she was in a daze, this small figurine’s arms suddenly moved, and—

‘Pei Ge, do you like me?’

She was dumbfounded by the small note the small figurine was holding up.

Although she had long realized that this was a meticulously prepared confession from that annoying fellow, only when she saw this note did she feel that everything was real.

She held the square box in her hand tightly, her eyes filling with tears which blurred her sight.

“Am I dreaming…” she mumbled, her voice wavering.

At this moment, waves of clear, white snowflakes drifted from the sky.

The late snow… was finally here.

From the dark yet brightly lit night sky, pure snow fell, giving the lights their due embellishment. The snowflakes falling from the sky were like flower petals, making this brightly lit place more romantic.

Amid these snowflakes was a man in a navy suit walking toward her slowly.

Her gaze had grown hazy by now, so she did not notice that Ji Ziming was striding toward her.

Only when he was merely steps away from her did she notice his presence. The person she was longing in her heart for seemed to appear magically right in front of her.

With her teary eyes from bliss, she lifted her head to look at him.

“Ji—” Ziming, am I dreaming, or are you playing tricks with me again? Why… do I see you confessing to me?

He did not give her a chance to speak at all, though.

“Pei Ge, I like you.” On his handsome and prideful face, a rare awkward expression appeared as his gentle gaze rested on her.

Pound, pound!

She only felt that her heart was no longer hers as it accelerated and pounded erratically. She could not say anything and could only stare at the man in front of her silently and sillily.

“In the time that you were gone, I’ve thought a lot and realized that I don’t know when but you’re already an indispensable part of my life.”

He raised his hands to rest them on her cheeks. His fingers then gently wiped her tears away.

“I realized that I… care a lot about you and that I don’t want you to leave my sight again.”

Be it his expression or action, everything was very gentle. It was gentle that she had nowhere to flee.

Pound, pound!

She tried hard to see his face but realized that she could not do so because tears were clouding her eyes.

“Pei Ge, I’ve never cared so much for a woman, especially a stupid woman like you.”

A gentle smile suddenly graced his cold lips.

Spotting this smile, she thought that this must be a dream. If not, why would this annoying fellow smile fondly at her?

“I don’t care whether you like me or not; in this lifetime, you can only have me. The only man you can hold in your heart is me. You can only like me and me alone.”

Although this gentle smile was still on his lips, his dark and deep eyes held a cold and sharp glint as they peered penetratingly into hers.

The way he looked at her made it seem as if he were making a promise to her.

“I want you to love only me with your all.”

With that, Pei Ge’s sight darkened as Ji Ziming dipped his head. Although his movements were very gentle, he refused any objections from her as he kissed her lips. This stunned her.


Feeling the gentle yet cold touch on her lips, her body was suddenly on fire as something blazed within her.

It blazed through her very core. She could only fall deep into a trance as his gentle lips and tongue guided hers into a lovely dance…

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