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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 682: Pei Ge, it surely is true love for CEO Ji to you.

Chapter 682: Pei Ge, it surely is true love for CEO Ji to you.

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Once she got home from sending Ji Ziming down, Pei Ge was interrogated by her curious mother.

“Ge Ge, what’s going on between you and Xiao Ji? How did you two get together all of a sudden?” Her mother held her hands and asked her this the minute she got home.

“I like him, and he likes me, so we got together,” she answered, smiling at her mother, clearly in a good mood.

Zhang Manhua shook her head wryly once she heard that, teasing, “Really? I wonder who told me that she doesn’t like Xiao Ji and won’t ever get together with him.”

Pei Ge’s face instantly turned crimson at that.

“Mom, I’m not talking to you anymore! I’m tired, and I’m going to bed! You sleep early, too!”

As she spoke, she ran back to her room to escape.

Bang! Noting her daughter’s shy expression, Zhang Manhua nodded and then held the family photo, which was on the coffee table.

“Hubby, I think that we’ll have grandchildren soon!”

Back in her room, Pei Ge’s heart beat wildly.

She lay in her bed with a goofy smile.

Giggling to herself for a while, she took out her phone and sent a message to her close friend.

[Xiaoyu, from today onward, I’m no longer single! I truly have a boyfriend now!]

She rolled around on her bed in joy after she sent the message.

‘You only need to know that I like you…

‘I need you in my world…’


She burrowed into her blanket and screamed.

Just as she was in a state of extreme excitement, her phone rang.

When she heard her phone ring, she collected her emotions and peeked her head from the blanket.

Seeing the caller ID, she excitedly picked up her phone.

“Hello, Xiaoyu!”

“Pei Ge, is your relationship for real this time? Who’s your boyfriend? Is it your CEO Ji?”

Immediately after she answered the call, Tang Xiaoyu’s excited voice came through.

“Pfft! Bingo! You got that right! He confessed to me today.” She smugly told her.

“That Ji Ziming confessed to you? Gosh! I really couldn’t tell that he’s the type to confess first.”

“Yeah! Not only that; his confession was way romantic. It felt like I was in a dream!”

She excitedly recounted that man’s fairytale-like, romantic confession without waiting for her friend to ask.

“D*mn! You really couldn’t tell it! That prim and proper great CEO is actually capable of something like that… I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover!” she gushed, her voice full of envy.

“Yeah! I was really shocked, too. I didn’t expect him to do that for me.” The corners of her mouth upturned, and her face beamed with happiness.

“Say; do you think he loves me a lot?”

“En! Do you even need to ask? If a man is willing to do that much for a woman, what can it be other than love? He’s not a playboy.

“Given his cold personality, it’s nearly impossible to believe that he’d prepare such a confession for you! It’s true love, I say! Definitely true love!”

The smile on her lips widened when she heard her best friend’s analysis.

She hung up the phone after chatting with her best friend a little more.

[Are you home yet?]

After she hung up the phone, she checked the time, and seeing that it had almost been an hour since Ji Ziming left her place, she sent him a text.

A few seconds later, he replied.

[Almost. You go to bed first. Good night.]

When she saw how quickly he responded, she sent him a smiley emoticon.

[En, okay, good night.]

Looking at the text message from Pei Ge, Ji Ziming’s cold lips upturned into a warm smile.

Although it was rather late, he did not drive back to his apartment. Instead, he went to his family’s villa.

“Young master, what brings you here?”

“Are my parents asleep?”

“Recently, madam has been binge-watching a drama series, and she’s making master watch it with her, so they haven’t gone to sleep yet.”

After he got out of the car, he took quick strides toward the villa, and hearing the housekeeper’s reply to his question, he entered the house purposefully.

Opening the door to the audio-visual room on the first floor, his mouth twitched a little at the sight of his parents watch TV intimately.

“I’m pregnant with your child.”

“Xiaoyu… how is that possible?! How can your child possible be mine?!”

“Have you forgotten? I was the one by your side that day you got drunk…”

“… Cough, cough, cough!” He coughed lightly to call the attention of his parents, who were both engrossed in what they were watching.

The light coughing made his parents realize that he was at home.

“Ming Ming!” Seeing him, Mother Ji hurriedly turned on the lights and got up off the couch. She then rushed to her son, leaving her husband’s side.

“What brings you home? I’ve missed you to death!”

She lunged toward her son, but he avoided it easily.

“Dad, mom, I’m here today because there’s something that I’d like to clarify with you.”

His gaze moved from his mother to his father.

“En? What matter?”

She blinked in confusion, instinctively becoming more solemn when she saw how serious he was.

“I like Pei Ge, and she’s the girl that I’m dating with marriage in mind. I hope that you can accept her.”

His dark eyes were full of certainty, and as though making a promise, his cold, deep voice sounded with conviction.

“That’s great! I absolutely agree for Ge Ge to be my daughter-in-law!”

She nodded vigorously and without hesitation at his declaration.

His mother’s answer was something he had expected. What he was waiting for was his father’s reply.

“Dad, what about you?”

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