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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 689: The murderer is Qitong?

Chapter 689: The murderer is Qitong?

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Not her biological mother?!

Pei Ge had a look of surprise.

She honestly did not expect for the bubbly Qin Qitong’s mother not to be related by blood!

Her beautiful stepmother was even young!

She pulled her thoughts back together and looked at the lady seated gracefully on the sofa. For some reason, she was reminded of that lass’s helpless wailing.

Once more, she felt heartache for the girl.

“Auntie, may I ask where Qitong is now? I’d like to meet her.”

She suppressed her shock inside and smiled at the lady.

“This… My apologies, but her father ordered not to let anyone visit her,” the lady refused, shaking her head gently.

Unknown if she had gotten used to her cousin’s fake smile, but she only felt disgust when Qin Qitong’s stepmother smiled in the same way.

“Auntie, did she do something wrong? Why are you guys locking her up?”

She raised a brow and gave a smile that did not reach her eyes.

The woman was uncomfortable to hear herself be addressed as ‘auntie’ repeatedly.

Sizing her up, she noted her plain and mediocre look, as well as the fact that they were of about the same age, the woman wondered about Ji Ziming’s taste in women.

“Hur hur! This is our Qin family’s matter, so I shan’t trouble you with it.”

Pei Ge nodded and smiled, lightly asking, “Is that so?”

“Sigh! It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but that lass’s father has a bad temper. Miss Pei, I think you should go back—”

Before she could finish speaking, she whipped out her phone out from her handbag and dialed a number.

The lady was about to flare up and mock her for being rude when she shockingly heard her speak.

“Hello, Ziming. I’m at Qitong’s place now, but her stepmother isn’t letting me see her. She said that she doesn’t have your uncle’s approval, so I can’t see your cousin. That’s why…

“I understand. You should give your uncle a call to let him know.”

She hung up after speaking with her boyfriend and looked at the lady with a smile.

Seeing the woman’s mouth agape made her feel very pleased with herself.

“Auntie, I just called Ziming; Qitong’s father should be calling you soon.”

“This… you…” The woman gritted her teeth at her bright smile.

Before she could continue with her hypocrisy, the phone she had left on the coffee table by the sofa rang.

Knowing that this call was made by her stepdaughter’s father, she pursed her lips and answered with a stifle in her heart.

“Hello, hubby. I know. Okay… Yes… Alright. Bye-bye.”

By the time she was done giving a few affirmative answers, her face had already turned black.

She hung up and gave Pei Ge a stiff smile. “You can go up to see Tongtong now…”

“Thank you.”

With a wide smile, she followed the housekeeper to that lass’s room.

On the third floor, the housekeeper informed her that this entire level was Qin Qitong’s room.

Slightly flabbergasted at this extravagance, she spat inside, Indeed, rich people can think of anything.

She was soon at the door to the lass’s room.

Knock, knock, knock!

The housekeeper knocked on the door, but before she spoke, the person inside fiercely shouted, “Go away! Don’t annoy me!”

“Little miss—”


Her high-pitched scream made Pei Ge’s heart ache further.

“Qitong, it’s me. I’m here to see you. Open the door.”

The lass, who was refusing to open the door, opened it upon hearing her voice.

Gazing at the girl who had opened the door, she could not help but feel her nose tingle.

This lass… before her was just too skinny. In lieu of her once upbeat appearance was a skinny and haggard look.

Her once rosy cheeks were wan and dry, while her round face was quite gaunt, which made her chin sharp.

“Sister Pei Ge!”

The moment the girl saw her standing outside her bedroom, she rushed into her arms while wailing loudly.

“Wu wu! Sister Pei Ge!”

She gently embraced the girl and consolingly patted her back.

“Qitong, what’s wrong? Don’t cry; don’t cry. I’m here now; I’m here…”

Under her continuous reassurance, the girl finally calmed down.

“Sister Pei Ge, I-I…” The girl’s eyes were filled with grievances as she looked at her. Feeling awful inside, she said, “I didn’t harm anyone, much less push her down. I don’t want to hurt anyone, too.”

“I know, Qitong. I know that you’re not the type to hurt anyone. I believe you.”

Neither a question nor a hint of suspicion could be heard or seen from her as she reassured the girl.

The girl’s tears fell again at her unwavering trust.

“Sister Pei Ge, thank you… thank you…” She continued weeping while speaking in an aggrieved tone. “They all don’t believe me… don’t believe me…”

She got some tissue from her handbag and gently wiped the girl’s tears.

“Other than you and aunt, no one else believes me. My dad thought that I did it on purpose, while my brother thought that I did it to hit two birds with one stone; even Bi Zheng said that I’m so selfish it’s scary. I-I… I really want to die and end everything now!”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Don’t talk about dying! What happened exactly? Tell me about it slowly,” she frowningly reprimanded.

“They all said I had pushed Li Yumeng down the stairs…”

“Who is Li Yumeng?”

“She is… Bi Zheng’s girlfriend and… the person my brother likes.”

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