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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 704: Are all men this stupid?

Chapter 704: Are all men this stupid?

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“Let me tell you: dream on! The b*st*rd child that came out of your womb has already been sent for paternity testing! I really want to see what other tricks you have up your sleeve!”

Following her words was a loud and crisp slap.


This slap stunned everyone in the room.


Qin Qitong covered her left cheek, which had just been slapped, and stared at her father blankly.

This slap was given by him.

“Dad, you hit me again…” There were clearly no more tears in her eyes as she had already decided not to cry over this kind of thing again, yet, right now, she could not stop new tears from falling.

She looked disbelievingly at her father, unable to fathom why, even after speaking the truth and with the existence of evidence, he still refused to believe her.

“I hit you because you were overboard! Do you hear yourself?! Can you see what you’ve done?!” He turned his head away from his daughter, who was staring blankly at him with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I’m overboard? Am I really or is it you?!” she screamed, her face filled with hurt. “You don’t even believe your biological daughter! I already said that there’s evidence! Why won’t you believe me?!”

“Hubby, forget it; forget it. Tongtong has a lot of bitterness for me. It’s all my fault…”

Ge Qing got up from the bed and walked toward her husband.

“You should lie down. You just had an operation, so you shouldn’t be moving about.”

Seeing her walk to him with much difficulty, seemingly wanting to comfort him, he quickly reached out and helped her back to the hospital bed.

“Hubby, this is my fault for carrying your child. I think I should just do a sterilization operation. In case—”

Qin Qitong smirked at her phony words. “Act! Go on! Continue acting! I want to see what else you can say when the evidence is placed before you!

“Oh, since you’re such a hypocrite, you’ll probably say that I faked the evidence when the time comes.”

Pei Ge only felt even more heartache for this girl who was smiling this coldly and despairingly.

She knew that, from today onward, this innocent and kind girl would probably change.

Although this incident would make her become smarter, this was not the kind of growth she wanted to see in her.

If she could, she would rather have this girl remain as she was – innocent and kind.

“Tongtong, don’t say anymore!”

Perhaps because Qin Xiujin could not bear to see his sister act this way, he reproachfully moved to stop her as well.

However, before he could speak further, he was stopped by her.

“Right, my dearest brother, there’s you, too.” She shifted her gaze onto him.

Smirking wryly, she spat, “You’d also rather believe an outsider than your sister! Hur! Are all men this stupid?!”

This was the first time his sister had spoken to him like this; hence, he was quite slow to react and could only stare at her blankly.

“You guys always say that you love and dote on me, saying that you are my closest family, but… the people who’ve hurt me the most are also you guys.”

Wiping her tears away, her expression turned resolute.

“Qitong, stop it; stop it.” Pei Ge moved to the girl’s side and hugged her consolingly.

“Sister Pei Ge, let me speak my piece. After I’m done, I won’t say anything more.”

I’d act as if I never had these two family members.

She softly implored at her with tears streaming in her eyes before she continued speaking.

“No matter whether you guys believe it or not, I, Qin Qitong, have never pushed Li Yumeng and Ge Qing. Moreover, the thought of harming that unborn b*stard child has never once crossed my mind.”

She raised her head and swept her gaze sharply across her two kin.

“The evidence is provided by cousin. It doesn’t matter if you guys believe it as I won’t give any opinion because…”

A cold smirk appeared on her face as she swore resolutely, “From today onward, I, Qin Qitong, officially leaves your Qin family!”

The two men were utterly shocked by her words.

They did not expect her to say this at all.

“Rest assured, you guys; I won’t ever appear before you two again and be an eyesore. I will also not ask for a cent from you!”

Done speaking, she turned to walk out of the door.



Both men got a fright from her declaration. Clearly, the two were still angry with her, but they still chased after her nervously.

However, before they could reach her, they saw her pause right at the door blankly.

“Why are you here?!” she exclaimed in shock.

Her voice made everyone else in ward confused, and they all started considering who had arrived.

“Sorry, Qin Qitong, I misunderstood you.”

A stony voice sounded.

Pei Ge quickly recognized that this voice belonged to Bi Zheng.

This simple statement made the defensive wall of Qin Qitong, who was pretending to be strong, to crumble into pieces.

“Waaaaa!” She reached out her hands and hugged him.

Just like a drowning person finding a floating log, she hugged him tightly and wailed.

“Stupid Bi Zheng! Ugly Bi Zheng! Why are you only here now?! Do you know how much I suffered?!”

Pei Ge shook her head amusedly as she listened to the lass’s childish words, feeling relieved inside.

Luckily, the most important person came.

It’s a good thing that Bi Zheng finally woke up and apologized to Qitong, or else I don’t know how badly hurt she’ll be.

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