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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 711: Xiao Ji and my daughter’s relationship is good.

Chapter 711: Xiao Ji and my daughter’s relationship is good.

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After laughing at him for a while, she unwillingly bid him goodbye and alighted from his car to return home.

Her mother teased her when she got home because of this.

“Ge Ge, you must’ve gone down in such a hurry to meet Xiao Ji, right?” Her mother grinned at her.

She nodded at this. “Yes.”

“You should’ve invited him up for a little,” her mother smilingly reproached.

“No need for that,” she muttered.

“Aye, right. Those fireworks out there were launched by that young man, right?” Her mother gave her a mischievous look. Although this was supposed to be a question, her tone was one of certainty.

“Yup.” A sweet smile blossomed on her lips when she thought of the sky full of fireworks the man had launched for her earlier.

Zhang Manhua’s smile deepened at the sight of this.

Aiya, looks like Xiao Ji and my daughter’s relationship is really good!

“Mom, it’s already late. Quickly go to sleep.”

“He he, okay. I am about to do that in any case.”

After chatting for a while more, the mother-daughter pair went to clean themselves and returned to their respective bedrooms.

Once she was inside her room, Pei Ge picked up her phone and saw numerous greetings.

Some were from her colleagues, her friends, her boyfriend’s mother, and—

Fu Mingxuan, who had suddenly disappeared on her, also sent one.

His message somehow gave her a queer feeling.

[Ge Ge, Happy New Year. You must be very happy this new year.]

Although she got a strange feeling from it, she did not take it to heart but only casually replied with a greeting as well before closing the message.

By the time she replied to every New Year greeting, it was already past 2 AM.

This was when she received her boyfriend’s message.

[I’m home now.]

[Okay. It’s already late, so go to sleep. Good night!]

Immediately after replying to him, her phone notified her of an incoming message.

“His reply is a little too fast…” she muttered softly, thinking of the man.

When she saw the sender, she realized that it was not from him.

“It’s from senior?” She frowned in confusion when she saw the time on her phone.

It’s already this late; why is senior sending me a message?

Confused, she clicked open his message.

[Not asleep yet?]

She was a little speechless at this.

[About to.]

Just after she replied to him, her boyfriend’s message came.

[Okay. You rest early, too. Good night and sweet dreams.]

Her lips curled up at this reply, and she obediently switched off her phone to go to sleep.

She totally forgot about Fu Mingxuan messaging her.

She had a good night’s rest.

On the first day of the year, she could not even sleep in late as she was dragged out of bed by her mother early in the morning.

“Hurry and get up to eat some dumplings.”

“I’m still sleepy… Let me sleep a little longer.”

She was so sleepy she burrowed in her bed again while muttering this.

“Today is the first day of the year. Get up now.”

Her mother livelily flipped her blankets open.

Hence, she could only climb out of bed and wash up in the washroom.

“Hurry. Stop dragging the time.”


She yawned and brushed her teeth as she stood in front of the wash basin.

She was finally more awake by the time she finished washing up.

“Come have some dumplings. Mom made your favorite pork with corn dumplings.” Her mother pushed a plate of dumplings to her.

“Mhm!” She picked up a dumpling with a huge grin.

“So delicious!”

“Eat more if you like it.”

Both women happily finished their first breakfast of the year.

Although it might look a little lonely with just the two of them this new year, they actually found it to be the most comfortable new year they ever had.

“Mom, do you want to go shopping today?”

She put down the utensils in her hands and looked at her mother.

“Let’s go to the temple to pray,” her mother said. “Last year went by smoothly, so let’s go pray at the temple this year as well.”


She nodded without any complaint.

“You don’t seem very happy.” Her mother teased her.

“No, I’m not unhappy,” she quickly refuted. Although she preferred going on a date with her boyfriend, she was not against going to pray with her mother.

“He he! Did Xiao Ji ask you out last night?”

“Mhm. Mom, how did you know?” Her eyes widened.

“What does your mom not know?” Zhang Manhua smugly locked eyes with her. “We’ll go pray this morning, then you can go out with your boyfriend in the afternoon.”

“Then, what are you going to do in the afternoon?” she asked hesitantly.

It was only the first day of this year. If she went out alone today, then her mother would be by herself.

“Me? Of course, I’m gonna play mahjong with a few of your neighborhood aunties. A few of them here aren’t going to their ancestral homes for this new year, so I won’t be by myself at home.” Her mother grinned.

“After having siesta, I’ll go find them for mahjong.”

Pei Ge nodded, feeling at ease with this setup.

“Go give Xiao Ji a call, then. Let him know so he can prepare.” Her mother urged her.

Nodding, she went to take her phone from her room but heard someone knock on their door.

Knock, knock, knock!

“Who is here at this time? Could it be Xiao Ji?”

“I don’t think it is him…”

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