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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 808: This is My Girlfriend, Please Look After Her

Chapter 808: This is My Girlfriend, Please Look After Her

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A pleasant melody pervaded the grand, palace-like banquet hall as an orchestra of violinist, cellist, and pianist played their instruments.

The music played here was definitely topnotch.

Nonetheless, the guests at the hall could not be bothered with it.

All their attention was on the woman in an elegant white gown.

The woman was wearing a white Tom Ford dress with a draping cape. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun with a sapphire clip securing it.

She only wore three pieces of accessories. This woman’s overall getup was simplistic, yet she managed to outshine all the other socialites present in terms of elegance and aura.

Even Qiao Jingyun, a publicly recognized first-rate beauty, lost to her.

Both were in white evening dresses and almost had the same height. Despite being good looking, her charms still lost to Pei Ge’s.

Everybody’s gaze was riveted on her as they thought that Qiao Jingyun could not compare to her.

They were all secretly impressed that a certain great CEO was this good at choosing girlfriend! What great taste!

As much as Qiao Jingyun did not want to admit, she knew that she had lost completely to her tonight.

To tell the truth, she is exceptionally beautiful tonight.

She thought that the woman she had seen before looked average, but tonight…

Looking at this woman’s perfect look, jealousy flashed in her eyes.


Right at this moment, Pei Ge recalled who this woman before her was.

“It’s you! We’ve met at Lily’s.”

She grinned at her.

She had previously thought that the stylist was overthinking it. Now, it seemed that his conjecture was actually spot on!

This woman went to Lily’s because she was there!

However, since this woman was a mere stranger to her at that time, she was therefore unbothered by her!

“Miss Qiao, I can’t believe that we’ve actually met each other long ago!”

She became warier of this woman once she recalled who the latter was.

While she did not know who this woman was then, the latter already knew of her identity and everything about her! How could she not be wary of such a woman?

“Yes, what a coincidence, Miss Pei.”

Qiao Jingyun’s lips curled up as she smiled at her.

Although both women were friendly to each other, the people around them felt chilly.

Just as both were confronting each other, a deep voice rang and interrupted them.

“Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

Upset that his girlfriend was ignoring him and staring at others so intensely, Ji Ziming pinched her palm and asked lightly.

Pei Ge retracted her thoughts at his question. Blinking, she acted cutesy at him. “Hungry! I didn’t eat when I was at Lily’s earlier!”

Hmph! Why do I need to fight with this woman? What a waste of time!

All I gotta do is display my affection with Ziming, and this woman will feel infuriated! I don’t need to waste effort in quarreling with her!

Once she thought it over, she quickly leaned her head on his shoulder, appearing even more intimate.

Indeed, Qiao Jingyun’s face turned cold after seeing her action.

“Why didn’t you eat something?” He frowned and lightly chided Pei Ge before bringing her to the buffet table.

Qiao Jingyun felt even more depressed when the man did not ask if she was hungry or even look at her.

“Ziming…” She called out to the man with an aggrieved voice.

Either she spoke too softly or the man simply did not care, but he neither turned around or responded to her.

Although the man did not turn around, Pei Ge did, and she even smiled at her.

Despite her polite smile, she was sure that the woman was taunting her.

As such, she was infuriated.

However, never did she expect that his next actions would make her blood boil further. She was close to ripping off her gentle and kind-hearted façade to reveal her true self.

Of course, what the man did, which nearly triggered Qiao Jingyun to reveal her true self, was merely introduced Pei Ge as his girlfriend to others.

Cough, cough cough! Nonetheless, the way he did so was… just appalling for it did not suit his image as a great CEO!

“CEO Chen, this is my girlfriend.

“Yes, this is my girlfriend, Pei Ge.

“This is my girlfriend; you’ll see each other often at work.”

A certain elegant and aloof CEO had never fancied this kind of gatherings. If he attended, he would never speak much to people, and even if he did speak, it would not be more than ten words. Nevertheless, this great man was currently introducing Pei Ge to everyone with gusto!

This man willingly lowered himself to reply to almost everyone who took the initiative in greeting him, albeit… his response was mostly to introduce his girlfriend.

Upon seeing such a behavior from the man, Qiao Jingyun was so infuriated she nearly spat blood!

Meanwhile, Pei Ge, who was being introduced, was smiling so widely that she could hardly open her eyes.

Gosh! What to do? I really like Ji Ziming acting like this!

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