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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel)




Er Gen, 耳根


Action Adventure Mature Tragedy Xianxia

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An eternal prison, a soulless body, a sealed spirit, everything lost.

To resign before merciless fate, or to become destiny!

“I lived in an illusion, I was lost, I could not find my home, I did not have a home… but why does it matter?! Between bowing to the threat of death and a spine that would never bend, I will choose the latter!”

836 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1481: Finale: How Many Cycles of Life and Death Will There Be in Which One Person was Missing, and How Many Cycles of Life and Death Will There Be Until They Return to the Mortal World?2020-01-06
Chapter 1480: Persist with Determination, All So They Could Meet Again2020-01-05
Chapter 1479: To Not Wait for the Heavens to Fall Silent2020-01-05
Chapter 1478: Opened Eyes2020-01-05
Chapter 1477: Beyond Ancient Zang Skies2020-01-04
Chapter 1476: My Thirty Skies2020-01-03
Chapter 1475: Gu Hong2020-01-03
Chapter 1474: Thirty-Three Skies of Ancient Zang2020-01-02
Chapter 1473: How Many Cycles of Life and Death Will End with Boundless Dao2020-01-01
Chapter 1472: Now I Shall Turn Back to The World, But I Will Not Be an Immortal!2020-01-01
Chapter 1471: The End of One Dao Sect’s Good Fortune2020-01-01
Chapter 1470: Bai Lu Dies2020-01-01
Chapter 1469: The God of Berserkers Rises in Ancient Zang2020-01-01
Chapter 1468: Kill Great Dao Paragons!2020-01-01
Chapter 1467: Ancient Zang Rules2020-01-01
Chapter 1466: Strongest Great Dao Paragon!2020-01-01
Chapter 1465: Descent Upon One Dao Sect!2020-01-01
Chapter 1464: Seven Moons Sect After That Period of Time2020-01-01
Chapter 1463: Big Brother, Goodbye2020-01-01
Chapter 1462: Hao Hao’s Choice2019-12-31
Chapter 1461: Planting a Promise2019-12-31
Chapter 1460: Some People2019-12-29
Chapter 1459: Do You… Still Not Understand?2019-12-29
Chapter 1458: A Wine Feast in This Life2019-12-28
Chapter 1457: For What Reason?2019-12-28
Chapter 1456: I Don’t Have Tears2019-12-27
Chapter 1455: The Path Down South is Difficult!2019-12-27
Chapter 1454: I’ll Help You!2019-12-26
Chapter 1453: Indestructible Will2019-12-26
Chapter 1452: Tear the Road to Heaven2019-12-26
Chapter 1451: Destruction of the Dimension!2019-12-26
Chapter 1450: My Name is Hao Hao2019-12-23
Chapter 1449: Precise Calculations2019-12-22
Chapter 1448: Third Layer of Dao Verification2019-12-21
Chapter 1447: Ancient Zang’s Dao Sect2019-12-21
Chapter 1446: Ninth Echelon2019-12-21
Chapter 1445: Each With His Own Method2019-12-20
Chapter 1444: Battle Against the Second Prince2019-12-19
Chapter 1443: Shocking Dao Paragons2019-12-18
Chapter 1442: Fourth Level of Dao Spirit Realm2019-12-17
Chapter 1441: Only Kill One Dao Sect!2019-12-16
Chapter 1440: The Second Layer2019-12-15
Chapter 1439: Cut the Dao Paragon (2)2019-12-15
Chapter 1438: Cut the Dao Paragon (1)2019-12-15
Chapter 1437: Snatch the Altars2019-12-14
Chapter 1436: World of Dao Verification Opens2019-12-14
Chapter 1435: The Legend of the Emperor of Ancient Zang2019-12-13
Chapter 1434: Intending to Cut Without Leaving Any Traces Behind2019-12-13
Chapter 1433: Thank You, But You Are Not Her2019-12-13
Chapter 1432: I Am Xu Hui2019-12-10
Chapter 1431: Four Cycles of Sixty Years2019-12-10
Chapter 1430: I Am Not You2019-12-10
Chapter 1429: Xuan Zang’s Abode2019-12-08
Chapter 1428: His Dao!2019-12-08
Chapter 1427: Tian Xiu Luo!2019-12-08
Chapter 1426: When I Cut It Down, I Shall Reach Boundless Dao Realm!2019-12-08
Chapter 1425: Profound Meaning2019-12-08
Chapter 1424: Miss, I Love You!2019-12-08
Chapter 1423: You’re Looking Down on Me!2019-12-08
Chapter 1422: Two Large White Dogs2019-12-08
Chapter 1421: The Dao Paragons Attack!2019-12-08
Chapter 1420: Epiphany of Wood2019-12-08
Chapter 1419: Let the Young’Un Stay2019-12-08
Chapter 1418: With One Move, He Amazed the World!2019-12-08
Chapter 1417: Voice of His Life Matrix!2019-12-08
Chapter 1416: His Dao Spirit Voice Shakes Ancient Zang!2019-12-08
Chapter 1415: Three is Greatness!2019-12-08
Chapter 1414: Dao Spirit Voice!2019-12-08
Chapter 1413: Please Call me Su Ming2019-12-07
Chapter 1412: Reversed Spirit Pearl!2019-11-26
Chapter 1411: I Already Know Who You Are!2019-11-26
Chapter 1410: Price!2019-11-25
Chapter 1409: Quasi Dao Spirit Realm!!2019-11-25
Chapter 1408: Without Destruction, You Cannot Create Anything New!2019-11-24
Chapter 1407: The Person Who Will Kill You… is Tian He!2019-11-23
Chapter 1406: Great Dao Paragon Sen Mu!2019-11-23
Chapter 1405: Or… Fight!2019-11-22
Chapter 1404: One Dao Sect!2019-11-22
Chapter 1403: Darkness of Spring!2019-11-21
Chapter 1402: The Shadow of Winter!2019-11-19
Chapter 1401: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (6)2019-11-18
Chapter 1400: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (5)2019-11-18
Chapter 1399: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (4)2019-11-17
Chapter 1398: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension (3)2019-11-17
Chapter 1397: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (2)2019-11-17
Chapter 1396: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (1)2019-11-17
Chapter 1395: Second Level of Dao Divinity Realm!2019-11-15
Chapter 1394: A Battle of Arts!2019-11-14
Chapter 1393: You Are Su Ming!2019-11-14
Chapter 1392: Sect Rules2019-11-13
Chapter 1391: This Person is a Scoundrel!2019-11-12
Chapter 1390: Senior Brother, Please Wait2019-11-12
Chapter 1389: Seven Lives Art2019-11-10
Chapter 1388: Life Sage’s Chance2019-11-10
Chapter 1387: Who Woke Me Up?!2019-11-09
Chapter 1386: My Name is De Shun2019-11-09
Chapter 1385: The Figure in the Dark2019-11-09
Chapter 1384: Sect Elder Lan2019-11-09
Chapter 1383: Reveal2019-11-09
Chapter 1382: Blood of Seven Moons2019-11-09
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