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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel)


An eternal prison, a soulless body, a sealed spirit, everything lost. To resign before merciless fate, or to become destiny! “I lived in an illusion, I was lost, I could not find my home, I did not have a home… but why does it matter?! Between bowing to the threat of death and a spine that would never bend, I will choose the latter!”
226 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1432: I Am Xu Hui2019-12-10
Chapter 1431: Four Cycles of Sixty Years2019-12-10
Chapter 1430: I Am Not You2019-12-10
Chapter 1429: Xuan Zang’s Abode2019-12-08
Chapter 1428: His Dao!2019-12-08
Chapter 1427: Tian Xiu Luo!2019-12-08
Chapter 1426: When I Cut It Down, I Shall Reach Boundless Dao Realm!2019-12-08
Chapter 1425: Profound Meaning2019-12-08
Chapter 1424: Miss, I Love You!2019-12-08
Chapter 1423: You’re Looking Down on Me!2019-12-08
Chapter 1422: Two Large White Dogs2019-12-08
Chapter 1421: The Dao Paragons Attack!2019-12-08
Chapter 1420: Epiphany of Wood2019-12-08
Chapter 1419: Let the Young’Un Stay2019-12-08
Chapter 1418: With One Move, He Amazed the World!2019-12-08
Chapter 1417: Voice of His Life Matrix!2019-12-08
Chapter 1416: His Dao Spirit Voice Shakes Ancient Zang!2019-12-08
Chapter 1415: Three is Greatness!2019-12-08
Chapter 1414: Dao Spirit Voice!2019-12-08
Chapter 1413: Please Call me Su Ming2019-12-07
Chapter 1412: Reversed Spirit Pearl!2019-11-26
Chapter 1411: I Already Know Who You Are!2019-11-26
Chapter 1410: Price!2019-11-25
Chapter 1409: Quasi Dao Spirit Realm!!2019-11-25
Chapter 1408: Without Destruction, You Cannot Create Anything New!2019-11-24
Chapter 1407: The Person Who Will Kill You… is Tian He!2019-11-23
Chapter 1406: Great Dao Paragon Sen Mu!2019-11-23
Chapter 1405: Or… Fight!2019-11-22
Chapter 1404: One Dao Sect!2019-11-22
Chapter 1403: Darkness of Spring!2019-11-21
Chapter 1402: The Shadow of Winter!2019-11-19
Chapter 1401: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (6)2019-11-18
Chapter 1400: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (5)2019-11-18
Chapter 1399: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (4)2019-11-17
Chapter 1398: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension (3)2019-11-17
Chapter 1397: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (2)2019-11-17
Chapter 1396: Dao Divinity Shadow Descension Rune (1)2019-11-17
Chapter 1395: Second Level of Dao Divinity Realm!2019-11-15
Chapter 1394: A Battle of Arts!2019-11-14
Chapter 1393: You Are Su Ming!2019-11-14
Chapter 1392: Sect Rules2019-11-13
Chapter 1391: This Person is a Scoundrel!2019-11-12
Chapter 1390: Senior Brother, Please Wait2019-11-12
Chapter 1389: Seven Lives Art2019-11-10
Chapter 1388: Life Sage’s Chance2019-11-10
Chapter 1387: Who Woke Me Up?!2019-11-09
Chapter 1386: My Name is De Shun2019-11-09
Chapter 1385: The Figure in the Dark2019-11-09
Chapter 1384: Sect Elder Lan2019-11-09
Chapter 1383: Reveal2019-11-09
Chapter 1382: Blood of Seven Moons2019-11-09
Chapter 1381: In the Fog Over the World, Who Would Climb to the Highest2019-11-08
Chapter 1380: In Your Dreams, You Don’t Know That You’ve Grown Old2019-11-08
Chapter 1379: Water is Water, and Beyond the Sky, is More Sky2019-11-08
Chapter 1378: Beyond the Mountains are More Mountains, and Beyond the Towers are More Towers2019-11-08
Chapter 1377: The Bald Crane’s Choice2019-11-08
Chapter 1376: Absolutely Won’t Give Up!2019-11-08
Chapter 1375: Arid Triad Disaster (10)2019-11-08
Chapter 1374: Arid Triad Disaster (9)2019-11-08
Chapter 1373: Arid Triad Disaster (8)2019-11-08
Chapter 1372: Arid Triad Disaster (7)2019-11-08
Chapter 1371: Arid Triad Disaster (6)2019-11-08
Chapter 1370: Arid Triad Disaster (5)2019-11-08
Chapter 1369: Arid Triad Disaster (4)2019-11-07
Chapter 1368: Arid Triad Disaster (3)2019-11-06
Chapter 1367: Arid Triad Disaster (2)2019-11-05
Chapter 1366: Arid Triad Disaster (1)2019-11-04
Chapter 1365: Setting up Fifty Years of Peace2019-11-03
Chapter 1364: Three People2019-11-03
Chapter 1363: Before Arid Triad’s Disaster, My Name Will Sound Through the Universe (3)2019-11-02
Chapter 1362: Before Arid Triad’s Disaster, My Name Will Sound Through the Universe (2)2019-11-02
Chapter 1361: Before Arid Triad’s Disaster, My Name Will Sound Through the Universe (1)2019-11-01
Chapter 1360: Regret2019-11-01
Chapter 1359: Old Friends in Black Ink Planet2019-10-31
Chapter 1358: Return to the Barren Lands of Divine Essence2019-10-30
Chapter 1357: Step Through the Door2019-10-29
Chapter 1356: This Grandpa Crane Hasn’t Officially Debuted Yet2019-10-28
Chapter 1355: Home… Was No Longer Far Away2019-10-27
Chapter 1354: Is the Other Side of the River a Riverbank?2019-10-27
Chapter 1353: Ferryman for One Life2019-10-26
Chapter 1352: Snow Continued Falling2019-10-26
Chapter 1351: Lu Ya Dies2019-10-25
Chapter 1350: Tian Xie Speaks with a Smile of Old Man Extermination’s Rise to Power2019-10-25
Chapter 1349: If Only Loulan [1] Was Still Around2019-10-24
Chapter 1348: Su Ming, I Want to Cry…2019-10-23
Chapter 1347: Ceaseless Greed2019-10-22
Chapter 1346: Sacred Wood2019-10-21
Chapter 1345: Dao Divinity2019-10-20
Chapter 1344: With an Epiphany, the Universe is Shocked!2019-10-20
Chapter 1343: The World of Specters2019-10-19
Chapter 1342: The Vast Expanse2019-10-19
Chapter 1341: A Mistake is Required2019-10-18
Chapter 1340: A Plea for Their Legacy2019-10-18
Chapter 1339: Three Questions!2019-10-17
Chapter 1338: Ruthless!2019-10-16
Chapter 1337: Test!2019-10-15
Chapter 1336: The Autumn Breeze Blows2019-10-14
Chapter 1335: Progenitor of Abyss Builders2019-10-13
Chapter 1334: The Fourth Universe!2019-10-13
Chapter 1333: You Ming2019-10-13