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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1282: You Have to Fight For Your Own Life

Chapter 1282: You Have to Fight For Your Own Life

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos, True Morning Dao World!

At that moment, around the land originally belonging to Morning Dao World that was used for the Ninth Summit were countless cultivators from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn. They had surrounded the one hundred something cores of the Runes hidden in space.

Right at the center of those cultivators was a distortion in space that was about one hundred thousand feet wide. Mountains, rivers, land, and floating continents could be vaguely seen there. That was… where the Ninth Summit was located.

That distortion of one hundred thousand feet wide was a gap the cultivators from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn were going to forcibly tear open. Once it was created, the cultivators from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn could instantly tear through space like a swarm of bees… and step into the dimension where Morning Dao Sect was originally located and where Ninth Summit currently was.

As space distorted, from the distance, it looked as if the incredibly fragile spot had countless lightning sparks swimming in it.

This sort of attack had lasted for a very long time, but during the past three days, due to the appearance of nine faceless men in white robes, the attacks reached their climax.

The nine people dressed in white robes had incredibly bizarre faces. There was nothing on them. They had no eyes and no other features. They were just like white jade slips.

The nine gave off the feeling as if they did not have any sort of cultivation base and were just like mortals, but the mighty pressure spreading out from them was incredibly shocking. By the way the cultivators around them glanced at them, anyone with eyes could see the respect they had for those nine people.

The nine were dressed in white robes, but there were slight differences in their robes. Five of them had the mark of the moon, and the other four the mark of the sun.

They stood next to the edge of the distorted area. They did not use any sort of divine abilities, but if anyone took a closer look, they would be able to see that the fluctuations of the distortions were the strongest in this area. The distortions in space were the final layer of the Runes Hu Zi had laid out, but… due to the nine people’s existence, the space in the Rune distorted and became faint. In fact, if anyone stood in the distance and looked, they would have a very strong feeling… that the nine people were like nails.

It looked like the nine people were nails that had struck the final layer of the Rune Hu Zi had set beyond Ninth Summit. It was also precisely because of them that the Rune constantly grew weaker.

Standing behind the nine were the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier, and some distance away from them was a sea of white bones levitating in space. It was not located too far away, and it allowed whoever was on it to be able to see everything in the battlefield.

Leaning against a bone among the large number of white bones was a long-haired man in black robes. He had a handsome face and was filled with a strange presence. In his hands he held a wine cup, from which he would occasionally take a sip, as if all the effects this particular galaxy had on him were so incredibly weak that they might as well have not existed.

Around the black-robed man were ten black-robed people standing respectfully, who looked like guards. They were coldly staring at the distortions in space.

The black-robed man smiled faintly. He took a sip of his wine before he said, “Interesting. In just one more day, the Rune will shatter, and we’ll torture the cultivators there slowly while they writhe in despair. Once we kill them after that, their souls will taste even better.”

The man was so strong that even if he did not send his aura outwards, he could make it seem as if space could not bear with his presence. Signs of its destruction continuously appeared around him.

Needless to say, he was the strongest person who had descended in Arid Triad from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn’s camp—Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei, one of the three sovereigns of Dark Dawn!

However, the person currently sitting on the bones was not the sovereign’s real form, but one of his two great clones. At the instant his real form descended, he headed off somewhere, though no one knew where he went. One of his clones remained in True Morning Dao World, while the other went to the mysterious Fourth True World.

They might be just clones, but they had also reached Avacaniya Realm, or else it would be impossible for Yan Pei to be known as one of the sovereigns of Dark Dawn.

While the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei drank his wine and watched the Rune of the Ninth Summit contort in the distance, no one, including the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei, noticed a figure standing in the space on the other side of the contorting one hundred thousand feet Rune. The person was watching all of them coldly.

Su Ming had come almost two hours ago. This was his True World, so nothing in it could escape his grasp. In fact, Su Ming only needed to think, and he could move to any region he wanted. Once he walked out of Yin Death Vortex, he immediately knew everything that had happened in True Morning Dao World.

He did not chase away the cultivators from Saint Defier or Dark Dawn. Su Ming only stood quietly in space and watched the contorting Rune of the Ninth Summit while it was continuously attacked.

When Su Ming reached his current level of cultivation and possessed the wills of three Great True Worlds, all lives became simply a part of the universe rising and falling in his eyes. If someone lived, then someone else had to die, and only if someone died would someone else get to live. This was a law. Su Ming did not want to change it, and he would not interfere with it too much.

It did not matter whether it was Dark Dawn or Saint Defier, for both of them belonged to Arid Triad. It was just that as of current, they had moved from Arid Triad’s second world to his first.

Based on what Su Ming could sense due to becoming a higher state of being and understanding more things, the feeling that his world was being invaded by Arid Triad had diminished greatly. All of it was a plan by Arid Triad to eventually invade Harmonious Morus Alba and completely Possess it.

All lives were chess pieces. Even if some of them believed that they had become players, on the larger scale of things, they were still only chess pieces in other people’s eyes.

This was a sad truth, but also a form of law.

‘If you don’t go through storms and blizzards, how can you possibly grow? If you don’t go through trials, how can you rise to glory? If you… don’t go through life and death situations, you are just like an unsharpened sword!’

Su Ming stared at Ninth Summit with a calm expression. He could stop all of this from happening and could make it so that not a single life from Ninth Summit was lost. He could put a complete stop to this disaster.

But what was the use in doing all of that? Even if Su Ming could put a stop to this disaster and the next and even the third, there would still be one disaster in the end which he could not stop.

Those who were protected would never be able to grow up. Only those who experienced life and death situations, difficulties, and trials would have powerful spirits and strength. Only such a person would be able to stand their ground and support the world on their own.

It was exactly what he had told to the Berserkers. At that moment, Su Ming quietly watched everything that happened before him, because he wanted Ninth Summit to go through a trial.

This was a battle, and there would be more battles they would have to face in the future. If Ninth Summit and the Berserkers wanted to get used to living through battles as well as survive in the world of cultivators, where the strong preyed on the weak, then had to experience every trial in existence.

If they could not get used to it, then Su Ming would attack and provide a protection that would give them no future but allow them to remain for some five hundred years. At that time, the disaster would arrive. If Su Ming succeeded, then all would be good, but if he did not, it would be fine as well. Everything would probably be reduced to nothingness.

They had to fight for their own Lives, for the ones provided by others might not be what they truly wanted. Su Ming never understood this in the past, but right then, he did.

Perhaps it would hurt. Perhaps there would be quite a large number of people who would die… but this was the path that had to be taken if a person wanted to become a powerful warrior.

The only thing he could do was make the battle a little fairer. Su Ming could not increase the levels of cultivation for the cultivators in Ninth Summit and the Berserkers in an instant, but he could… suppress the levels of cultivation of those from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier, so that their levels of cultivation would match those from Ninth Summit.

To Su Ming, this was very easy.

When the day went by and an astonishing bang filled the entire galaxy, the ferocious roars from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier served as the accompaniment for it. The sound came from the last Rune Hu Zi had set for Ninth Summit breaking down. At the instant it collapsed, a large number of cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier instantly charged into the gap leading to Ninth Summit, which was created when the Rune broke down.

Once the Rune crumbled, hundreds of thousands of cultivators gathered in Ninth Summit. They squared their shoulders and prepared to fight against the cultivators charging towards them with the killing intent boiling in them from their willingness to fight back and struggle.

At that time, there was still no one who was worthy of seeing Su Ming in True Morning Dao World. He lifted his right hand and casually pushed in the direction of the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier.

With it, all of True Morning Dao World shuddered. The tremors were quiet, but they formed an indescribably great mighty pressure that descended in space, causing True Morning Dao World to immediately become much heavier. It made the hearts of all the cultivators from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn tremble. They came to an abrupt halt, and shock appeared on their faces.

All the cultivators felt as if they had become several times heavier, causing all of them to feel heavy and sluggish. In fact, they had a feeling that the circulation of their cultivation base was no longer smooth. It was as if all of True Morning Dao World was pressing on them at that moment.

Once the Rune crumbled, the hundreds of thousands of cultivators from Ninth Summit jolted as well. Shock appeared on their faces, and all of them stopped instead of rushing out.

As the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier were shocked, the nine white-robed, faceless people shuddered violently. There were roars echoing in their bodies, and they looked as if they were fighting against something.

Further into the distance were the ten black-robed men around Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei. All of their expressions had changed drastically. Their pupils had shrank, and a bright, brilliant light shone in their eyes. The Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei had his wine cup lifted and was about to taste the wine when he stopped moving. He lifted his head slowly, and a ferocious look appeared at the corners of his lips.

“Which fellow Daoist has descended and disturbed this True World’s will, making it suppress us? You… what gave you the courage to stand against those of us from Dark Dawn? How dare you provoke me?!”

The Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei’s voice was ghastly. When it rang out in the air, the entire galaxy trembled violently. The mighty pressure that descended in the area even showed signs of lessening.

The Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei still held the wine cup in his left hand while his right hand was on the white bone by the side. A dark green light appeared in his eyes. It swept through the entire galaxy… but he could find nothing!

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