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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1284: One Sect, One Race, Become Strong on Your Own!

Chapter 1284: One Sect, One Race, Become Strong on Your Own!

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A roar that sounded like that of a tiger echoed into space from Ninth Summit. It was Hu Zi’s voice. Once he spoke, his figure was instantly reflected in Su Ming’s eyes.

With a body like a tiger, at the moment he walked out, Hu Zi threw a punch forward, and his vast physical strength erupted. When he seized the space to his left with his left hand, a huge spiked mace appeared in his hand, and he swung it at the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier charging towards him.

Booming sounds surged into the air. Hu Zi was located at one of the spots used by the armies from both sides when they came into full contact with each other. There were countless cultivators from Ninth Summit around Hu Zi, and they were all fighting madly in a life and death battle against the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier.

They fought for their continued existence!

For their own Lives!

There were Berserkers among them. In this battle, they showed off the powerful physical bodies belonging to the Berserkers!

The enemies they faced were the cultivators who had easily destroyed the armies formed by the union of the three True Worlds, who had killed the Fourth True World’s Sublime Paragon, forced True Sacred Yin World to seal themselves, and the Fourth True World to lay down a Rune, no longer hoping to kill their enemies, but only hoping to struggle and fight back.

Those people had swept through True Morning Dao World, and wherever they went, no cultivator could make them stop in their tracks. It could be said… that they were an army of powerful warriors who had never suffered defeat!

People from Ninth Summit were prepared to die, but even if that were to happen, they could not die in vain. They would kill a few people and drag them to their deaths for company. If they killed one, then they would have broken even, if they killed two people, they would not have lived in vain, and if they killed three, they would have covered the losses they suffered!

If that was the case for Ninth Summit, then it was even more so for the Berserkers. Loud rumbles surged into space. The sounds of fighting were deafening to the ears and filled the entire galaxy while the battle was reflected as the most brilliant light in Su Ming’s eyes.

The people from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier had six-tenths of their cultivation bases suppressed, but even if they could only bring out four-tenths of their cultivation bases, they were still a force of power that was definitely not weak when they stood before Ninth Summit of Arid Triad’s True Morning Dao World.

After all, regardless of whether it was Dark Dawn or Saint Defier, their legacies came from the records of their second era. If Su Ming had not sealed six-tenths of their power… then there would be no suspense in this battle. The victor would have been decided long ago.

Only once he did seal them was the battle fair for Ninth Summit. In truth, it was absolutely in Su Ming’s power to seal more of Dark Dawn and Saint Defier’s power, but if that was the case, it could not be considered a trial. That was why he only sealed six-tenths of their strength, allowing Dark Dawn and Saint Defier to have less than half a Realm higher in terms of their levels of cultivation compared to the cultivators from Ninth Summit.

The sounds of battle echoed through space at a volume that could shake the sky and earth. A large number of cultivators from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn surged into the gap in the Rune, and the moment they stepped in, Ninth Summit fought back. The hundreds of thousands of cultivators had determined looks on their faces. When the two armies clashed against each other, the battle instantly broke out.

From the moment they came into contact, there were a large number of deaths on both sides. This sort of battle tested a cultivator’s personal power to its utmost limits. The loud rumbles from divine abilities rose and fell. The light from Enchanted Treasures and the intensity of the clashes formed ripples that swept out in every direction.

In the blink of an eye, the shadow of death descended on the galaxy. It swung its arm, taking away lives as if it wanted to reap every single life in the place.

Dark Dawn and Saint Defier suffered the greatest amount of casualties since they had invaded Arid Triad. It did not matter whether it was the block they faced at Arid Triad’s gap from the three Great True Worlds in the past, when Dark Dawn and Saint Defier swept through True Morning Dao World later on, or when they went on an expedition to the other True Worlds. They had never suffered a loss like this, when a large number of deaths happened immediately after they clashed with the enemy.

After all, the reason why the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier had been undefeatable in their battles was because of their strength.

The nine white-robed Antecedental Spirits gritted their teeth and rushed to the frontlines. Wherever they went, the cultivators from Ninth Summit would retreat. There was no one who proved to be their opponent. They might have six-tenths of their cultivation bases suppressed, but they still remained powerful.

But right at the moment the nine completely stepped into the gap of the Rune and entered the world where the Ninth Summit was to rush towards Hu Zi, who was the most frenzied out of all the cultivators from Ninth Summit, the sounds of waves tumbling suddenly came from Dao Ocean located beneath them. A great will instantly filled the space and enveloped the nine people. They were instantly submerged by the will which was as fierce as raging waves.

It was the Predecessor of Dao Ocean.

Once he enveloped the nine people in his will, a battle of Arts belonging to Antecedental Spirits started. They were isolated from the cultivators, and when they fought against each other, not much bloodshed could be seen. However, to the nine Antecedental Spirits, the Predecessor of Dao Ocean was so strong that he was an existence that the nine could not fight against once their cultivation bases had been weakened.

At the same time, the Berserkers in Ninth Summit showed off their pride as Berserkers. Ever since their levels of cultivation had risen and they had gotten used to True Morning Dao World’s presence, they went through another metamorphosis.

It was a sudden rise in power due to accumulated strength and a power remaining in the Berserkers’ blood, which worked on a similar principle as the survivors of the Great Berserker Tribe sacrificing themselves so that they could help their descendants. During the short period of time, the entire race had been continuously getting stronger, and in their madness, they now waged war against Dark Dawn and Saint Defier in the chaotic battle.

Su Ming sat on the sea of white bones and watched all of this unfold before him. His expression was calm, and not a single change could be detected on him. If a person wanted to sharpen their blade, there would definitely be parts of it that would shatter. If a tree wanted to grow, then it had to be doused by storms.

The ninth summit and the Berserkers were the two most important homes for Su Ming. If they wanted to grow, they had to go through various hardships. They had to experience all that would be needed for any force of power to rise to glory.

Only by doing so could they grow to be existences that could touch even the sky. Only by doing so could they no longer need Su Ming to provide them with constant protection. They needed to become people who could stand tall and strong on their own from people who could only depend on others!

The only thing Su Ming could do was to make the battle fairer. However, if Ninth Summit could not get used to this sort of battle, they would be saved by Su Ming, and he would make it so that Ninth Summit and the Berserkers would never show themselves. Because if that was the case, perhaps the time for Ninth Summit and the Berserkers to rise to power had not arrived, and it would be better for them to stay in Yin Death Region, if that was the case.

And if they could grow up, if they had the conviction and courage to fight, if they had the will to face the heavens, men, and all manner of living things, then Su Ming would use his full power to make Ninth Summit and the Berserkers become the strongest sect and race in the universe!

This was the absolute truth!

Su Ming watched the battle before him, and relief slowly appeared on his face. He saw Ninth Summit fighting back, saw their unwillingness to surrender, and their determination. He saw all their lives shining with the most brilliant light.

And it was especially so for the tiger-like Hu Zi. As he roared, he brandished the huge spiked mace he held in his hand and cursed loudly while he swept through thousands of people. The loud roars he stirred up were shocking, and the honest look on his face could not be found. Instead, there was a ferociousness that shook the hearts of his enemies.

And levitating in the space beyond Ninth Summit while in a seated position was Su Ming’s headless eldest senior brother. He did not attack. The ones who attacked were the Shaman Souls surrounding him. As they circled around him, they let out shrill, piercing cries and occasionally charged forth towards the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier.

Standing beside eldest senior brother was second senior brother. The gentle man had a solemn expression that had never appeared on his face before. Order after order came from him. He controlled everything that happened in the battlefield. There were quite a number of cultivators who did not attack around him, acting as his defence.

Further away was the ninth summit, and standing at its summit was Fang Cang Lan. She stared into the distance with a calm expression.

Su Ming’s second senior brother was Ninth Summit’s soul, and Fang Cang Lan was the Berserkers’ soul!

And Su Ming was no longer the sect or the race’s soul. He had already removed himself from view and became the sect and the race’s… deity!

As of then, Su Ming could indeed be known as a deity. If he could not be regarded as one, then there would not be any deities in the world. He had the will of three Great True Worlds with him, and he could make the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei shudder in terror before him. This… was Su Ming!

A faint smile slowly appeared on Su Ming’s face, while the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei’s face grew more anguished. He did not dare turn his head back and could only watch the battlefield, but while the cultivators from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn still had the upper hand… they no longer had the momentum of victory.

Six-tenths of their cultivation bases were sealed in a bizarre manner. This matter in itself had already dealt an incredibly big blow to all cultivators from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn, and it had also formed an unseen mighty pressure on them, causing their hearts to tremble.

They should have fallen back, but due to the orders from the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei, they had to fight. The results from this series of events was that the morale of the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier was not strong.

If Ninth Summit’s resistance had been weak, then the morale of the cultivators from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn would have slowly risen, but they had run into a battle they had never met. As the number of deaths increased and people from Ninth Summit began choosing self-destruction before their deaths, Dark Dawn and Saint Defier’s momentum was completely oppressed.

“Glory to Ninth Summit!”

The cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier heard the cultivators from Ninth Summit shout those words right before they chose to explode… But that was not all. If they had just exploded, it would have been impossible to affect the hearts of cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier. However… those people who self-destructed stirred up such a mighty power that it surpassed what should have been possible from self-destruction.

What they only later noticed was that there was a large number of jade slips infused with chaotic energy tied to their bodies as well as a large number of Enchanted Treasures that would self-destruct with them and self-destructing medicinal cores. All of them exploded along with each cultivator upon their self-destruction, causing the power of their explosion to instantly increase by several fold.

This madness was enough to shock Dark Dawn and Saint Defier.

This was not a single occurrence, and neither did it happen only twice. Thousands and tens of thousands of people did it. Powerful bangs reverberated through the universe, forming a ripple that swept through the battlefield like a huge hand, taking away the lives of people that did not want to leave.

There were also Berserkers among the people who self-destructed. Before they died, they cried out to the Berserkers, and in their voices was the unwillingness to part with their people, but none of them hesitated in sacrificing their bodies that had already suffered irreparable damage. They self-destructed, and with the power of the explosion, they completed the final and most dazzling event in their lives.

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