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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1285: Sharpen the Sword, Sharpen the Blades!

Chapter 1285: Sharpen the Sword, Sharpen the Blades!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the number of deaths reached a certain point in a normal battle, the would willpower of one side would crumble, and those people would scatter. However, during the battle on that day, before they died, even if their souls were destroyed by self-destruction, they became spirits in the other survivors’ hearts, the medicine that stimulated their lives, and because of one sentence Su Ming said, they became eternal existences.

“All cultivators of Ninth Summit and Berserkers, I will not let your souls be lonely. Even if your souls scatter, the pieces will gather into you again.”

The Berserkers and Ninth Summit could not hear Su Ming’s words, only the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei who was sitting below him. The moment Su Ming had spoken, a vortex appeared in space above the spot where Ninth Summit’s Rune was damaged. It appeared without a single sound, and when it rotated, souls manifested, though they could not be seen.

Those souls stared at the battle beneath in confusion. When they saw all that happened, shock appeared on their faces, along with even greater confusion. They were all cultivators of Ninth Summit and Berserkers who had died on the battlefield.

The vortex continued rotating, and glowing spots that the survivors could not see manifested in space. As they gathered together, all the souls of the cultivators from Ninth Summit and Berserkers who had died because of self-destruction went to the spot where they had died.

There seemed to be a supreme law in the galaxy which had two sentences written in it!

And they were the twenty-seven words Su Ming had said just then!

The souls could not be seen, but they could see everything in the battlefield… including Su Ming, who was a huge sun in the distance before their eyes. That sun was so huge that it looked like an existence that even the galaxy of the True World had to worship it.

“I am the God of Berserkers, was once the fourth disciple of the ninth summit, and am one of the creators of Ninth Summit. I… Su Ming, will create the tenth summit on this day with the will of Morning Dao, Immortal Sect, and Sky Hill!

“The tenth summit will be known as the Mourning Summit. It will gather together all the souls of my people and the members of my sect who died in battle in my True World. You will stay there so you can protect the world for your sect and your people!

“You will be worshiped. You will enjoy having incense lit for you. You… will be the souls who defend the sect and your race. I bestow upon you… the right to not perish as long as the sect remains!”

Su Ming’s voice echoed in space. The survivors could not hear his voice reverberating through the galaxy, but a mountain that resembled a sword appeared in space. It formed in an instant and stood towering over everything in the galaxy.

The souls who drifted in the area looked at Su Ming, then bowed to him in excitement before flying to the mountain to become the first batch of imperishable warring souls in the tenth summit who would protect the world!

This scene caused the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei to tremble. He had witnessed the entire process from start to finish, and everything he saw filled his expression with shock and disbelief.

‘This is laws being enforced once they are created… This is not him just changing a law. He is… creating it. With one sentence, he created a law. This is… Boundless Dao, the Realm after Avacaniya!

‘Because there is no end to Dao, their words will make ships move, and they will do so forever without reaching their end…’ the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei mumbled in his head, and his entire body was instantly drenched in cold sweat.

Su Ming stared at the battlefield in the distance and at the souls who had manifested once more and would no longer scatter. The admiration in his eyes grew greater. He saw Ninth Summit’s resistance, and while it might seem chaotic, in truth, there was an order to it.

Everything was done by the orders of second senior brother, including the attacks right in the beginning, their actions to suppress Saint Defier and Dark Dawn to prevent them from regaining their momentum, and the series of self-destructions that happened during the battle after.

All this was based on second senior brother’s plan. He had them suppress their enemies through a series of actions and weaken their morale while boosting their own. By doing so, he could also make Saint Defier and Dark Dawn’s cultivation base disintegrate, though it could not be detected.

With his method and the suppression, he could cause a large number of cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier to only be able to bring out three-tenths of their original power!

Su Ming was smiling, but the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei was in shock and his mind blank. He only managed to recover after a long while. His face was pale, without a single hint of blood to be seen. The battle was already past the point where he could change its tides. In truth, the instant the existence so great that he made Yan Pei’s heart shudder appeared behind him, the results of the battle were set.

‘Just who is he? How can there be such a terrifying monster in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos? Damn it, all the old monsters are sleeping right now, and I’ve never heard of anyone waking up ahead of schedule. Legends say that they have been abandoned by the universe and are not included within the will of the Expanse Cosmos. They have already leapt out of its boundaries…

‘When they wake, it will be a moment before the universe is destroyed… but this person is clearly gives off the feeling that like those old monsters, and even among them, he could be considered someone powerful. Boundless Dao… He is clearly a powerful paragon in Boundless Dao Realm. Damn it… just how did he wake up?!’

The Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei was no longer thinking about the deaths of the cultivators of Dark Dawn and Saint Defier or the certain defeat they would suffer. He was thinking about how to get through the disaster before their eyes.

‘The Ninth Summit… This old monster cares about Ninth Summit to this extent? I… If… If I knew about this, there is no way I would have caused trouble to myself by offending Ninth Summit!

‘Fortunately, the one here is just a clone of mine… but even if he is just a clone, losing it would cause me great harm. Besides, if this person really wants to kill me, it’ll be incredibly easy for him to find me in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos, unless I run back to Dark Dawn’s camp…’

While the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei was feeling upset and anxious, the battle between the cultivators of Ninth Summit against those from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier reached its climax. Hu Zi threw his head back and laughed ferociously. Wherever he went, the place where he stood would be like no man’s land.

He had always been powerful, and with his enemies’ power being reduced by about seven-tenths, he became nearly invincible in battle. Unless there were some from Saint Defier and Dark Dawn who were still powerful despite seven-tenths of their power being reduced, the others were not Hu Zi’s opponent.

But as for those cultivators who were still powerful after they had their power reduced, their opponent… was Su Ming’s eldest senior brother!

He might seem to be sitting still in space, but all the Shaman Souls around him had already reached a state where they could manifest themselves. This meant that virtually every spot in the battlefield was filled with Shaman Souls, and so Su Ming’s eldest senior brother was in every spot of the battlefield.

Su Ming could tell that during the period of time he was away, his eldest senior brother’s power had increased by a lot. The Spell allowing him to make it look like he manifested versions of himself beyond his own body had made even Su Ming cast a few scrutinizing looks his way.

Besides not allowing the real body of the caster to move, the Spell was so strong that it allowed the caster to form hundreds of manifestations. They existed in every single part of the battlefield, and the power they showed was the exact same as the one possessed by what Su Ming remembered his eldest senior brother having in the past.

Su Ming had also detected a hint of a faint Antecedental Spirit’s will coming from his unmoving eldest senior brother. This discovery caused Su Ming to look closely at him, and after his observations, he could tell that this Antecedental Spirit’s will belonged to the Predecessor of Dao Ocean.

‘Seems like Ninth Summit and the Predecessor of Dao Ocean have been getting along well.’ A smile appeared on Su Ming’s face. He looked at his second senior brother, and a hint of admiration appeared on his face.

Second senior brother’s personal level of cultivation was not comparable to Su Ming’s own, but his grasp of the battlefield, his schemes and ploys, and his ability to formulate plans were things Su Ming could not compare.

Second senior brother had been able to turn Ninth Summit into an unshakable force and command it in a way that all of the sect’s combat abilities were brought out to the max. Indeed, in these aspects, Su Ming could not compare to him.

As the deaths of the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier gradually made them want to retreat appear and the will to fight grew stronger among the cultivators of Ninth Summit and the Berserkers, Su Ming narrowed his eyes. The trial could not end just like this. Since it had already started, he would have it reach a state where the experience would be etched into their bones and their souls.

Only by doing so could this trial turn into a brand in their souls. Only by doing so could he light up the souls to fight among the people from Ninth Summit and the Berserkers, so the sect and the race would be able to rise to power through great victory. He could also use the fight to make their names ring through Arid Triad, laying down the final foundation for their rise.

‘Since all of you have chosen not to be lonely existences in this apocalypse… I will give you a future where you will be paragons,’ Su Ming thought in his heart. Brilliant light shone in his eyes.

“Are the cultivators from Dark Dawn only worth so much?” Su Ming asked a flat and freezing tone. When it reached the ears of the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei, his heart trembled.

“Senior…” Hesitance appeared on Yan Pei’s face.

“Dark Dawn, Saint Defier, fight against Ninth Summit with your full strength. If there is anyone among you who tries to retreat, then I will destroy your entire sect!” Yan Pei shouted out with gritted his teeth.

He was intimidated by Su Ming, and he sensed the shadow of death looming over him. At that moment, he could no longer care less about the others. He immediately ordered them forward, and his voice reverberated through the battlefield.

His words echoed in the hearts of every single cultivator from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier who wanted to retreat because they had been completely suppressed by Ninth Summit and the Berserkers’ momentum. It forced them to stop in their actions.

“You may declare war as you wish, but only I can declare an end to it,” said Su Ming flatly. There was not a lot of might contained in his words, but they had a domineering air, which overwhelmed the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei with fear.

‘He’s a Star of Disaster. He’s definitely a Star of Disaster. Even when he was in his era, this person definitely had an infamous reputation… but… but how could this old monster have a connection to Ninth Summit?’

Bitterness appeared on the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei’s pale face. He stared at the cultivators who stopped moving back when his words echoed in space. There were quite a number who turned their heads back to look towards him; there was uncertainty on their faces, and even a hint of hatred.

Roars of those who had just been sentenced to death came from the mouths of people from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier. They were immediately followed by their crazed attacks and desperate charges.

“Once they go through this madness, this sect and race will be able to bloom beautifully in Arid Triad,” Su Ming mumbled as he watched the changes in the distant battlefield.

The expression of each cultivator and the circulation of their cultivation bases could be clearly seen by Su Ming.

It was just like sharpening a sword. If he only sharpened one side of the blade, it would not be complete. He had to sharpen both sides until they glistened in the sun, for only then could it be considered a sharp sword, and right then, Su Ming was sharpening the other side.

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