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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1286: You May Stop the Fight!

Chapter 1286: You May Stop the Fight!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the face of Dark Dawn and Saint Defier’s sudden madness, the time for Ninth Summit and the Berserkers to be tested instantly arrived. This trial was not just a test of their personal power, but also their will to persevere in a prolonged war. They also had to know how to handle cultivators who had been pushed into a corner, just like them.

To a sect and any race, these were all incredibly rare experiences. After all, one mistake in this sort of war would end up in them being destroyed.

Su Ming wanted Ninth Summit and the Berserkers to go through this process, because after that, they might learn how to get through other similar events. That was why, instead of going through it in the future, it was better for them to go through that right then.

After all, only the difficulties of war could make the sweetness of victory unforgettable.

Su Ming also wanted to use this rare opportunity to let his second senior brother test his skills in commanding and see what worked so that he could hone his skills for even more difficult situations in the future.

The Berserkers also had to work on their cooperation with Ninth Summit so that they could reach the same wavelength in this battle and form a connection that was similar to those shared by blood kin, allowing them to work in unity.

Su Ming’s second senior brother swiftly sent his orders to each corner of the battlefield, and more cultivators from Ninth Summit and Berserkers joined the battlefield to take over their comrades so that they could launch another large-scale battle on Dark Dawn and Saint Defier.

It was a pity that this situation could not last too long. A loud, astonishing bang reverberated through space. Most of the Rune was torn, causing the gap in Ninth Summit to widen, and most of Ninth Summit was revealed in the galaxy, allowing more cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier to rush inside.

Under the firm orders of second senior brother, the cultivators of Ninth Summit and the Berserkers did not continue to stubbornly defend the gap. Instead, they began withdrawing in an orderly manner, shifting the battlefield from the galaxy to their world.

When Su Ming saw this, the admiration in his eyes grew stronger. He saw Ninth Summit’s growth and his senior brothers become stronger. When Su Ming became a will, his heart became something that no longer resembled the heart of a cultivator, but at that moment, the warmth he felt in the past rose in his heart.

Su Ming knew that he had already changed. If his past self was in his place right then, the moment he saw Ninth Summit being attacked on all sides, he would have personally attacked without hesitation and killed all the invaders, but right then, he did not choose to do so.

His thoughts were more focused on whether the sect and race were suited to live in the outside world. If they showed that they were capable, he would make it so that their right to live in the outside world was even greater, but if they were not, then he would choose to let them have five hundred years of peace, at the very least. Then, he would use his full strength to fight so that those five hundred years would turn into an infinite amount of time.

The things he saw at that moment told him that Ninth Summit and the Berserkers could live in the outside world. They had the ability to improve and become stronger on their own. Even if Su Ming was no longer around, as long as there was a certain amount of fairness in the fights they faced, they could rise to power.

And Su Ming could provide them that fairness!

“There is no madness that can last for long. It is the case for one person, one race, and even one sect. If you can crush them while they are in a state of madness, you can completely destroy their beliefs, and you will… be able to achieve complete victory.”

When Su Ming said those words faintly, he looked at Ninth Summit, and he saw his second senior brother watching the battlefield with eyes burning with a brilliant light as he continued issuing orders without stop.

From the layout of the battlefield, Su Ming could tell that second senior brother’s choice was different from his. He chose to temporarily avoid direct conflict and instead waited until the enemy tired out to strike them with full strength. This method was different from Su Ming’s, but it was slightly gentler. If he completed the setup, he could obtain complete victory with less losses.

Right when Su Ming thought he could see the results of the battle and the cultivators of Dark Dawn and Saint Defier were about to show their most crazed and desperate side to charge into Ninth Summit en masse…

A loud roar that shook the sky and earth shot out from Ninth Summit. As it echoed in space, Su Ming narrowed his eyes for the first time since he had arrived.

He saw a floating continent crumble with a bang in Ninth Summit’s world. The explosive power formed by the continent’s destruction instantly swept through all directions and turned into a huge vortex. At the moment it rotated, booming sounds surged into the heavens, and the second as well as the third continents crumbled.

Soon after, the fourth, fifth… up to the twelfth continents crumbled and exploded!

This was not due to Dark Dawn or Saint Defier. This was due to Ninth Summit themselves, who had been storing this power for this moment!

At the instant the twelve continents crumbled, the destructive power spread through the entire world where Ninth Summit was located, but most of that power was gathered at the gap of the Rune, causing many of the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier to be instantly affected by it. The number of injured and dead was so high that it was simply disastrous for Dark Dawn and Saint Defier, and for a time being, shrill and forlorn howls and wails filled the sky.

This scene caused Su Ming’s pupils to constrict, and the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei, who was originally distracted, stood up swiftly. A grave expression appeared on his face, and he fixed his stare on Ninth Summit. If it was not because he had suddenly remembered that existence who made him quiver in his boots, he might have immediately rushed into Ninth Summit.

The crumbling of the continents caused so many cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier to die that the number surpassed one hundred thousand!

Countless Runes and various Enchanted Vessels that could self-destruct and amplify power of explosions had clearly been laid out on the twelve continents beforehand. The twelve of them had been refined, because of which they looked like continents, but in truth, they were huge Enchanted Vessels.

With Ninth Summit’s retreat as bait, the moment Dark Dawn and Saint Defier descended into their most crazed state, they would launch a strike with unprecedented power, and with one hit… determine the results of the battle!

Su Ming stood up and threw his head back to laugh; his second senior brother’s methods surpassed his expectations. The firm and straightforward strike had crushed the convictions of the cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier. Amid the loud bangs, practically all of those still alive retreated. Their expressions were filled with shock, and their bodies trembled. There was too much blood, too many deaths. The suppression of the cultivation bases, their enemies’ madness fueled by no thought to their actions, and everything else caused them to lose their courage to continue fighting.

At the moment they retreated, Ninth Summit and the Berserkers’ rise to power was set in stone. They were destined… to achieve complete victory in this battle!

“Kill them!”

The roars from the cultivators from Ninth Summit reverberated through space at that instant. Together with Berserkers, they launched a full-power pursuit on the retreating cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier. For a period of time, the battlefield was in a chaotic state t, but the battle had completely tilted towards Ninth Summit.

Su Ming’s laughter echoed in space. With a swing of his arm, he straightened and said, “You may stop the fight now. As for the lot of you… Since you cooperated in this trial, I will not kill you today. Now, get lost!”

Su Ming’s voice was like thunder, and it caused the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei’s heart to tremble. As his body shivered, he moved without hesitation and turned into a long arc that swiftly left into the distance.

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