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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1292: Art of Time

Chapter 1292: Art of Time

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Yu Xuan looked numb, as if she had already accepted her fate. She sat like a puppet and watched the chaos before her as well as the changes of expression on everyone’s faces. The roars from the will of the Emperor of Abyss’ True World did not seem to affect her. It was as if… she was not a part of this True World.

She stared at the gray-robed old man charging towards her from the sky in the form of a long arc. He used the chance of the chaos to close in on her.

The old man had white hair. His expression was filled with sadness, and there was determination on his face. This person… was Mo Sang, Su Ming’s elder!

Mo Sang was no longer the young man Su Ming had seen in Morning Dao Sect, but had instead turned into an old man. His appearance was the exact same… as that of the elder in Su Ming’s memories!

The third prince of the True World sat calmly and watched Mo Sang approach. A hint of a complicated expression that no one else could see appeared on his face. This complicated emotion ran deep in him, as if it had seeped into his soul.

He sighed in his heart, and the third prince shifted his gaze away, giving up on wanting to lift his hand and choosing instead to close his eyes. At the moment he closed his eyes, Elder Mo Sang approached Yu Xuan.


Elder Mo Sang grabbed Yu Xuan’s left hand, and the resolute look in his eyes was reflected in Yu Xuan’s own. She lifted her head and stared at him. With the same numb look still on her face, she shook her head.

The sadness in Elder Mo Sang’s eyes grew even more prominent. He raised his left hand and patted the center of Yu Xuan’s brow. The numb look in her eyes was immediately shaken, as if she had started to struggle against something. At the same time, the elder pulled her into his arms and turned into a long arc that charged to a leaf on the ancient tree in front of him.

There were three men in black robes there. In the face of the chaos around them, they only had cold looks on their faces. The light from a Relocation Rune shone under their feet.

The third prince opened his eyes and watched Mo Sang take Yu Xuan away without saying a word. He watched them approach the leaf with the Relocation Rune during the chaos around them. As the light from the Rune shone, their bodies became indistinct.

He sighed softly, and the third prince mumbled in a tone that only he himself could hear, “The changes in this True World clearly show that he is here…”

Almost the moment the third prince mumbled to himself, Elder Mo Sang and Yu Xuan became nearly transparent from their previous indistinct state while they were on the leaf in the distance. At the instant they were about to be Relocated, a cold harrumph reverberated through the world with thunderous booms.

At the instant the cold harrumph was head, Su Xuan Yi walked out of the sky. Behind him was the Sublime Paragon of the True World. Beside him was the black-robed Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei, who looked cold and arrogant.

The entire place fell silent. The one million cultivators on the ancient tree had pale faces, but their wills no longer broke down because of the chaos in their cultivation bases. Instead, they regained some semblance of thought, though with much difficulty. The entire place felt as if a huge force had pushed down on it.

“Time, reverse!”

A faint voice came from Su Xuan Yi’s mouth. There was an unparalleled mighty pressure in his words, as if the laws that came from his mouth had to be enforced, and no one could question them.

At the moment his voice rang in the air, the Relocation Rune where Elder Mo Sang and Yu Xuan were immediately shuddered, and as if time had begun to flow in reverse, their figures gained corporeal form from their previous transparent state. In the blink of an eye, they appeared in the Relocation Rune once more.

In fact, right after appearing on the Relocation Rune, Elder Mo Sang and Yu Xuan began moving backwards. They rushed back to the third prince’s side. When Yu Xuan went back to sit in her seat and Su Ming’s elder began moving back again to return to the Relocation Rune, Su Xuan Yi lifted his right hand and pointed at Mo Sang while standing in midair.

Immediately, as the time in the entire place reversed, the elder’s body stopped moving, as if he was a stone in a river that could not move.

Threads appeared on his body. They bound him, for they were the marks of time.

While time was flowing in reverse, changes also occurred in the one million cultivators in the area. They returned to the state when their faces had filled with pain when the will of the True World roared, but soon, all of this changed. They returned to the state when the wedding was bustling with activity before the True World’s will roared.

This divine ability was astonishing. The area in which the time had reversed was not huge, but nearly one million cultivators were involved. The shock brought by this scene was reflected on the face of the Sublime Paragon who stood behind Su Xuan Yi. His breathing quickened, and when he looked at Su Xuan Yi, great fanaticism and respect appeared on his face.

In fact, even the pupils of Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei shrank slightly, but soon, a smile appeared at the corners of his lips. The stronger the chess piece he chose, the greater the benefits it would bring him.

“As expected of the Abyss Builders. There is indeed a reason behind why Great Abyss Tribe was known as one of the three strongest tribes in Ancient Wei and stood on equal power with Great Berserker Tribe as well as Heavenly Spirit Tribe.”

Several breaths later, the reversal of time came to a halt, and everything returned to normal, as if the entire world had just been deceived. Su Xuan Yi had used his divine ability to manipulate time to change everything.

“This is a grand wedding, and we will not allow anyone to interrupt it. Today, my daughter will get married. I am very grateful that all of you have come to celebrate this occasion with me, and hence, we shan’t let anything destroy our mood.”

Su Xuan Yi smiled faintly, then turned around and wrapped his fist in his palm to bow to Yan Pei, who was by his side.

“Sovereign of Dawn, please.”

“Today, your daughter will get married. I am just a guest, so I cannot be the first to move. Fellow Daoist Su, you should not care too much about etiquette in this situation,” Yan Pei said with a smile while laughing lightly.

Su Xuan Yi had a smile on his face. He did not say much, and once he bowed, he walked with the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei to the third prince and Yu Xuan. They stopped before the two people about to get married.

The third prince’s expression was the same. When he stood up, Yu Xuan once more looked like a puppet whose strings were jerked. She got up, and the both of them bowed to Su Xuan Yi as well as the Sovereign of Dawn beside him.

It was quiet all around them. The one million cultivators in the area were stunned by Su Xuan Yi’s divine ability, and even the Emperor of Abyss was not exempt from that. The third prince might be his son, but right then, he felt as if he did not have the right to speak or join this occasion.

He wanted to walk over, but when the Sublime Paragon who was behind Su Xuan Yi cast him a flat glance, the Emperor of Abyss instantly felt his heart tremble. He quickly stopped himself and sighed in his heart. To him, this was not his son taking a wife, but Su Xuan Yi forcing his son to marry his daughter.

Su Xuan Yi first cast a glance at Yu Xuan, then at the third prince. A prideful look appeared on his face. When he looked at the third prince before him, a rare expression of affection could be seen within his smile. However, at the instant that look entered his face, he looked at Yu Xuan, making it difficult for others to tell just who that affection was directed to.

“Since I have come to the wedding today, I will use this item to bless the newly wedded couple so they can be together forever.” The Sovereign of Dawn smiled faintly. When he lifted his right hand, two bells appeared in his hand, and he placed them on Yu Xuan’s palm.

“Thank you, senior,” Yu Xuan said softly with a numb expression and curtsied. By her side, the third prince bowed while remaining level-headed and thanked him quietly.

Yan Pei observed Yu Xuan. With his level of cultivation, he could tell with just one glance that there were a lot of seals placed on the woman. In fact, even her thoughts and soul had been sealed. When he shifted his gaze to the third prince, he found the young man’s presence rather strange. However, the Sovereign of Dawn was not curious enough to pay any attention to it. With a smile, he looked at the one million cultivators below him, and there was derision as well as scorn hidden beneath his amiable expression.

He lifted his right hand and swung it. Immediately, Elder Mo Sang, who was bound by the threads of time in the distance, was brought to him. The elder’s face was calm, but sadness would fill his eyes when he looked at Yu Xuan.

“Do you want to die after you witness this marriage, or right now?” the Sovereign of Dawn asked. His tone made it obvious that he was going to decide the elder’s life and death himself.

At the same time, Su Xuan Yi sat down at the top of the hall, right beside the Sovereign of Dawn. He did not even cast a glance at Mo Sang. Instead, he stared at Yu Xuan and the third prince before him. Then, he shifted his gaze to look at the one million cultivators, and a smile appeared on his face.

“The wedding may begin.”

When he spoke, the Sublime Paragon took a step forward and walked to the left. He was to officiate the grand wedding.

Beyond the planet serving as the capital of the Emperor of Abyss’ True World, the will of the True World was roaring. Its voice filled the entire True World, but the sound could not enter the dimension where the ancient tree and the sea was, because Su Xuan Yi had reversed the flow of time there.

Su Xuan Yi, thus, did not see the long-haired and white-robed Su Ming walking towards that planet. Wherever he went, the Emperor of Abyss’ True World would roar in an even shriller manner, but it was already in its dying throes. Su Ming’s will was slowly born in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World as its will slowly died away, and he gradually gained control.

With Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos’ True Sky Hill World in his possession acting as the correspondence for the Emperor of Abyss’ True World, it was impossible for the True World’s will to fight against its destined destruction.

While going forward, Su Ming saw the bald crane and the Abyss Dragon sneakily leaving a cultivation planet in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World. They took away all the crystals in the planet, and even the crystal veins hidden underground could not escape the bald crane’s claws.

Feeling pleased and excited, the bald crane headed to another cultivation planet with the Abyss Dragon leading the way.

Su Ming continued to walk forward with a calm expression. With each step he took, he would create an endless expanse of emptiness. His will had gathered in the space behind him, and it was so great that it suppressed the will of the Emperor of Abyss’ True World so greatly that it could not fight back. It could only let out the soundless roars while struggling with its last breath.

The level of his cultivation base and will made Su Ming the strongest person in his aeon, which gave him the right to overlook all manner of lives. Regardless of whether it was Dark Dawn, Saint Defier, or Arid Triad, there was no place Su Ming could not step into, and there were few people who could stop him.

In silence, Su Ming stopped walking right outside the planet serving as the capital of the Emperor of Abyss’ True World. He stared at the huge cultivation planet formed by one thousand planets before him, and he saw the ocean in it, the ancient tree… as well as the people on the tree.

“I have come…” Su Ming mumbled.

Almost the moment Su Ming directed his gaze on the huge ancient tree, it… hummed and lurched for the first time in the countless years it had existed in that aeon!

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