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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1294: Lowly

Chapter 1294: Lowly

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Su Ming’s voice rumbled like thunder in the air. It spread in every direction, causing the hearts of the near one million cultivators in the area to tremble violently. They shook at an intensity of the earth and mountains during an earthquake. Not only everyone begin to shiver, but their cultivation bases were instantly thrown into chaos. They could not gather them at all.

The one million cultivators coughed up blood at once, and a bloody stench instantly filled the area. Patches of red also appeared on the leaves of the ancient tree.

The pain the one million cultivations in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World felt at that moment surpassed what they had felt when they were suppressed by the mighty pressure formed by the True World’s will roaring. They felt as if their bodies were being torn apart and their cultivation bases were on the verge of exploding and surging out of their bodies. Shrill screams of pain rang out everywhere.

The thirty-six Generals of Abyss were all present for the wedding. Their levels of cultivation varied while ranging between Fate Realm to Life Realm, but no matter what level of cultivation they possessed, shock appeared on their pale faces at that moment.

The eight Kings of Abyss were also there. They sat near the hall and were looking at the Sublime Paragon with smiles on their faces. At the instant Su Ming’s voice echoed in their ears, their souls immediately shook. Their bodies jolted, and they could not control it.

They felt as if their minds had been forcefully suppressed by a will to such an extent that it was difficult even to breathe. Even if they were in Death Realm, right then, they felt like helpless mortals in the face of a disaster.

The Emperor of Abyss’ face went stark white at that moment. He held a tight grip over the leaf under him with his right hand. The buzzing sounds by his ears did not stop, and for a time, he could not hear everything around him.

Compared to him, the Sublime Paragon was in a better condition, but there was also blood trickling out of the corners of his mouth. He staggered a few steps backward and lifted his head. Swiftly, he hid his shock beneath a ferocious look when he met eyes with… Su Ming, who had walked out of thin air in the distance!

Dressed in white, he looked like a cloud drifting elegantly in the sky. His long hair spilled over his shoulders like ink. His expression was one of indifference. His gaze was as calm as water, which came from seeing through all vicissitudes of life. He looked as if he had walked out of a picture, and he gave off an otherworldly air.

At the moment he saw Su Ming, a brilliant light shone in Su Xuan Yi’s eyes. His killing intent instantly rose to its peak as he glared at Su Ming, and his breathing immediately quickened. His hate for Su Ming had grown so deep that it was embedded into his bones. This hate was mainly due to Su Xuan Yi being forced to leave after he was defeated when the two of them had fought over Possessing True Morning Dao World. The preparations he had made for years had all been in vain, and the effect of this event on his plans was quite great.

If it was anyone else fighting over True Morning Dao World with him, his hate would not have been so intense, but Su Ming had been the one who fought over it against him, and Su Xuan Yi could not accept this. He could not accept that the boy who could only be used, who was discarded after he finished nourishing the Seed of Life Extermination, and had even been stupid enough to think that he was his father had snatched away Su Xuan Yi’s True Morning Dao World.

To him, Su Ming was incredibly stupid and destined to be manipulated for his entire life. If Su Xuan Yi wanted Su Ming to live, he would live, and if he wanted him to die, he had to die. His destiny was bound to be controlled by Su Xuan Yi, and Su Xuan Yi could manipulate him at will.

It did not matter whether Su Ming was in Dark Mountain, the Barren Lands of Divine Essence, Morning Dao Sect, or Arid Triad’s gap. In Su Xuan Yi’s eyes, Su Ming had always been incredibly stupid. He could use Su Ming to the limit, until he no longer had any value. It was especially obvious when Su Xuan Yi fully used him up to nourish the Seed of Life Extermination. Once he served his purpose, Su Xuan Yi would have killed him a long time ago if it had not been because Sang could not bear to see him die.

He was an existence akin to an ant, and it was impossible for him to compare to his son, much less to Su Xuan Yi himself. Su Ming was a slave, and Su Xuan Yi was his master!

When Su Ming had demanded why Su Xuan Yi had sent Yu Xuan away in that incredibly ludicrous manner of his, Su Xuan Yi’s real thought had been to laugh coldly and regard him with contempt, regardless of what his expression had showed at that time.

Yu Xuan was the second person Su Xuan Yi chose to nourish the Seed of Life Extermination, and she was also the partner he had chosen for his real son. There was no way he would let Su Ming touch her with his lowly status!

To Su Xuan Yi, while Su Ming was an Abyss Builder, he was destined to be a slave for his people. He was not worthy of the partner he had chosen for his real son.

Everything was in his control. With one word, he could sentence Su Ming to death. This feeling had existed in Su Xuan Yi for such a long time that he could not accept Su Ming’s sudden appearance when he was Possessing True Morning Dao World. Su Xuan Yi was a fierce and ambitious person, so when Su Ming had defeated him, allowing him to only watch helplessly as the ant Possessed True Morning Dao World with the preparations he had made for many years, the pain in his heart made him feel as if he was being torn apart.

Su Xuan Yi could not heal that wound, and he did not want it to heal either. He had intended to pass True Morning Dao World to his son once he Possessed it so that it would serve as the foundation for the Abyss Builders to rise to power.

But all of this had been snatched by the lowly slave before him. The hate in Su Xuan Yi’s heart made his killing intent reach a monstrous degree the moment he saw Su Ming.

With a cold harrumph, he sat up straight in his seat. His killing intent might have reached a monstrous degree, but Su Xuan Yi was not a rash person. In his eyes, Mo Sang had definitely made secret preparations for Su Ming to be able to appear in this place, and since Su Ming had dared to come, he had to have someone or something to depend on.

‘I am here, and my beloved son as well as the Sovereign of Dawn are here as well. This boy… will not be able to do anything!’

He did not know that Su Ming had gone to Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos, or else he would definitely be reacting differently at that moment.

The moment Su Xuan Yi looked at Su Ming with a cold sneer, by his side, the originally arrogant-looking Sovereign of Dawn suddenly changed. His expression went through such an unprecedented shift that he shivered in his seat. Even his breathing quickened slightly. His pupils shrank, and shock as well as extreme terror filled his heart, making his skin crawl, and he instinctively wanted to stand up and run away.

His light shudders surprised Su Xuan Yi, but when he looked at him, Yan Pei’s expression had already returned to normal. His fear and shock had been hidden beneath a relaxed demeanor. With his level of cultivation, there were only a handful of people who could make him so terrified, and Su Ming was one of them, which was why when he saw Su Ming and heard Su Ming’s words, he was horrified. The scene in True Morning Dao World a few months ago had been enough to completely intimidate the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei.

He ignored Su Xuan Yi’s gaze when he looked at him. Yan Pei fixed his eyes on Su Ming. When Su Ming spoke, he felt that his voice was slightly familiar, and when he appeared, the Sovereign of Dawn’s heart had trembled violently. He might have never seen Su Ming before… but he would never forget his voice.

That voice was like a nightmare in his mind. It belonged to a person who could determine his life and death with a flick of his wrist. The scenes beyond Ninth Summit still made him feel lingering fear when he thought about them. Yan Pei had no doubt in his mind that this person… was the terrifying old monster who had made him utterly terrified when they were outside Ninth Summit!

‘It’s him!! IT’S HIM!!’ a voice screamed in Yan Pei’s heart. He felt chills down his spine, and his hands as well as his feet immediately became cold, but he did not show a single hint of it on his face. However, a huge storm that had never appeared before had started raging in his heart.

‘Damn it, I’ve already left True Morning Dao World and ordered all cultivators from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier to not provoke Ninth Summit. I don’t even… I don’t even have the courage to take even half a step into True Morning Dao World again, so why?!


‘Why did he chase me down to this place? I… I…’

Yan Pei’s face turned slightly pale. Countless thoughts immediately rose in his head, but right when they appeared, they were immediately crushed by the memory of Su Ming’s terrifying power.

No one could see the Sovereign of Dawn’s emotions. Su Xuan Yi only saw the displeased expression on his face. He had a crease between his eyebrows as feeling some displeasure at such a matter.

“Sovereign of Dawn, it seems like we have embarrassed ourselves. This person is a lowly slave of mine, and today, he came here to destroy my son’s wedding day. I will definitely have his blood spilt in this place!”

Su Xuan Yi’s cold voice echoed in the air, and he turned his head to glare at Su Ming coldly.

He did not know that his words had caused an even greater storm to rage in Yan Pei’s heart. The intensity of that storm even surpassed what Yan Pei had felt when he saw Su Ming’s sudden arrival. It almost caused the Sovereign of Dawn’s expression to change drastically, and he nearly stood up in shock.

“You… You said that… You said that he is your slave?” The storm raged in Yan Pei’s heart, and as it roared, he felt that he could not quite wrap his head around what he was hearing.

“He once was. I pitied his lowly birth and gave him the status of a slave, but this boy did not know what was good for him and repaid my kindness with ingratitude. He destroyed my plans!” The killing intent in Su Xuan Yi’s eyes became greater.

Yan Pei shuddered. When he looked at Su Xuan Yi, a strange emotion was hidden in his eyes, but at the same time, he released a sigh of relief in his heart, glad that the terrifying old monster had not come searching for him this time, but had instead come searching for Su Xuan Yi, who did not know how grossly he had overestimated himself.

‘He’s lowly? Uhh… If he’s lowly, then I’ve never effing saw a noble person in my life. If HE’S lowly, then what am I? Who would dare say they have an even more noble status compared to him in all of Dark Dawn and Saint Defier?

‘I would want to seek an audience with him, even if I am afraid that he would want to kill me. If I could obtain some guidance, I would definitely be able to gain a serendipity! Is this Su Xuan Yi mad or does he not know the truth? How dare he say that this terrifying senior is of lowly status? He even dared to say that he is a slave…’

The Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei stood up without hesitation and quickly took a step to the side to be further away from Su Xuan Yi. He was afraid that Su Ming would misunderstand him due to his seat at the wedding…

Before he left, he did not forget to grab Elder Mo Sang, intending to take him as well. After all, he had promised Su Xuan Yi that he would personally kill this person. Despite what might happen, the principle he valued the most in his life due to his status as the Sovereign of Dawn was promises.

In truth, he pitied Su Xuan Yi greatly in his heart. He was sure that the man did not know how terrifying the old monster before them was. For a moment, Yan Pei wondered whether he should give him a warning, but if he did, he might risk offending Su Ming.

However, it would not be good for him to watch Su Xuan Yi sink into this mess, since he was the chess piece Yan Pei had chosen. The Sovereign of Dawn felt like he should do something due to moral obligations..

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