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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1295: You Set Me Up

Chapter 1295: You Set Me Up

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As the Sovereign of Dawn hesitated over what to do and his hand was about to touch Elder Mo Sang, Su Ming strolled over. A ripple of emotion appeared in his eyes, which had previously been as calm as water. That ripple instantly turned into a cold glare reminiscent of moonlight reflected off the surface of a lake when he cast a flat stare at the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei.

Su Ming’s footsteps came to a halt. A gentle look appeared in his eyes when he directed his gaze at Mo Sang. He seemed to forget his status and his level of cultivation at that moment, and instead felt like he was a child in Dark Mountain, a boy who laughed happily beside his elder… Su Ming wrapped his fist in his palm and bowed deeply.

This bow was directed to his elder, to Dark Mountain, and how deeply Su Ming valued his relationships.

“I, Su Ming of Dark Mountain, greet my elder…”

The Sovereign of Dawn’s hand came to an abrupt halt while he was in the middle of stretching it out. His expression immediately changed; he was completely stunned. Su Ming’s bow and his words repeated in his mind nonstop, and he soon registered what was going on. An enraged, monstrous killing intent instantly arose in his heart, transforming into a roar that went straight into his head.

‘Damn you, Su Xuan Yi… you set me up!’

During that moment, the Sovereign of Dawn no longer thought about principles, and he threw all his moral obligations to the back of his mind. He immediately began to hate Su Xuan Yi to the core. To him, regardless of whether Su Xuan Yi did this intentionally or not, it was the same as Su Xuan Yi setting him up. He had almost driven Yan Pei to his grave, setting him up against this old monster who he had been fleeing from with everything he had.

The Sovereign of Dawn did not believe that Su Xuan Yi did not truly know how terrifying Su Ming was. In fact, in Yan Pei’s eyes, Su Xuan Yi definitely knew that Su Ming would come on this day, and he had dragged Yan Pei to his side and asked him to kill Su Ming’s elder so that they would be bound together.

‘Damn it… Damn it… Thank goodness I didn’t kill him yet.’

The moment Yan Pei registered the situation, with his mighty power and the reaction he had as a Sovereign of Dawn, he was able to stop his hand from reaching Elder Mo Sang. Then, he did not hesitate to immediately touch the elder.

But he only placed his hand on the elder. He did not grab him, but instead supported him gently, and it even looked like he had a great amount of reverence for the elder. The threads of time binding Elder Mo Sang immediately shattered. When they disappeared without a single sound, the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei helped the elder up with his right hand, and a gentle smile even appeared on his face. There was even a hint of respect in it.

“I admire heroes like you the most in my life, fellow Daoist. Even if you knew that your level of cultivation was lacking, you were willing to risk everything for your family members. People like that must be respected!

“This is a gift and a lesson for any family. I am like that too. I have the same personality as you do, and I cannot bear with you being captured, fellow Daoist, which is why I interfered with this matter. I will definitely not allow someone like you to die before me. I acted so that I could save you!

“My fellow Daoist, I wasn’t clear with my words just now. In fact, I even joked with you just now, because I am a guest Su Xuan Yi had invited with all he had. I might not be familiar with this person, but he had invited me to this wedding after showing me great hospitality, so I had come here reluctantly, but I did not expect myself to meet someone like you here. This trip was worth it!

“That joke was to test whether you are truly a hero. Right now, I am certain of it. Fellow Daoist… I hope that you will not mind the words I said to you earlier. I hope that someone like you will accept a bow from me.”

Yan Pei’s expression was incredibly sincere, and his words sounded as if they were truly what he had in mind. As he spoke, he took a few steps back, wrapped his fist in his palm, and bowed deeply to Mo Sang.

Mo Sang was stunned. When a barely noticeable glint appeared in his eyes, the Sovereign of Dawn lifted his head and stared coldly at Su Xuan Yi, who was frowning and looked a little surprised.

“Fellow Daoist Su, I did not expect that you were someone like this!”

“Sovereign of Dawn…”

Su Xuan Yi’s pupils shrank. Yan Pei had changed sides so quickly that Su Xuan Yi’s heart let out a thump. Before he could even finish speaking, his words were cut off by Yan Pei.

“You disappoint me too much. If your daughter does not want to marry someone else, then why must you place so many seals on her? Not only did you seal her thoughts, you even sealed her soul. How could you treat your own family like this? You are practically trying to curry my favor, but you disappointed me. I am ashamed to be associated with you!

“Treat my actions as me sticking my nose into someone else’s business, but I have long since been unable to tolerate this. I have reached the end of my patience!”

As he spoke, the Sovereign of Dawn successfully stole Su Ming’s limelight; he became the center of everyone’s attention. Then, he lifted his right hand and pointed at Yu Xuan. The bells he had given Yu Xuan started shuddering on their own, and when they knocked against each other, they let out a string of clear ringing sounds.

Every single time the sound echoed in the air, a look of struggle would appear on Yu Xuan’s face. Clouds seemed to cover her eyes, but they were swiftly swept away by the wind. Clarity slowly appeared in her gaze, and when the ringing of the bells ended, Yu Xuan shuddered. All the seals on her body disappeared without a trace, and she regained her mind.

When he saw this, Yan Pei released a sigh of relief in his heart, feeling fortunate that he had given her the bells as a gift earlier. By doing so, everything he did could be backed by evidence, and no one would be able to find any clear problems with his actions. He should not have offended that terrifying old monster too much.

As clarity appeared in Yu Xuan’s eyes and her body shuddered slightly, she remembered many things. After all, Yan Pei was a Sovereign of Dawn. When he took action, he did not just wipe off the seals placed on Yu Xuan in the recent years. He had wiped off all the seals in her body, which had been placed on her since many years ago, causing Yu Xuan… to truly regain a clear mind for the first time after being lost for a long period of time!

She immediately looked at Su Ming, who was standing not too far away and watching everything with a ghost of a smile on his face. After the single glance, she could no longer look away. Tears filled her vision and made the world before blurry, but that one figure in the world remained clear. It belonged to a person who remained clear in her mind no matter how many cycles of rebirth he went through.

Her childhood memories rose in her head. The thin and frail teenager lying silently was her older brother. He was not her family, but he was someone who was closer to her than family. He grew up with her and accompanied her every day. He was her older brother who could not speak and open his eyes. He was the most important family to her.

She remembered that she stayed by his side and spoke to him about the blue sky, the darkness during night, her training, her grievances, her future…

She held his hand so that his cold hand could slowly gain bodily warmth. During that period of time, she was very happy. Training might have been difficult and she might have been bullied and mocked by others, but she had remained strong. She wanted to protect her older brother his whole life.

Yet one day, she was taken away. She still remembered that when she cast a final glance at him before she left, he was still lying there without moving. He could neither open his eyes nor his mouth. On that day… she cried.

The person who took her away told her that if she was obedient, he would wake up, so she chose to be obedient and leave. After that… it felt as if an eternity had gone by.

That period of time seemed to be too far away from her now, so far away that her memories about it had become unclear. In truth, they had become faded away not because of her will. Instead, due to an unknown reason, she had completely forgotten about her past.

She became a direct descendant of a family in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World. She had a father, a mother, and other family members. She was very happy during that period of time as well, but every single time night fell and everything was quiet, she would have a feeling as if she had forgotten the most important person in her life.

But no matter what, she could not remember that person. The shadow of a person’s back would often appear in her dreams, but it was muddled, and she could not see it clearly…

On the day her mother returned to earth, she wept while watching her mother gradually close her eyes. During that moment, on her deathbed, her mother stared at Yu Xuan with a look that spoke volumes. Her gaze was filled with compassion and a reluctance to part, and after appearing to ponder whether she wanted to speak, she said a few words,

“The meaning for Xuan is daylily. You are a daylily in the rain… I want you to forget sadness in your life and be happy forever…”

She had been ignorant of the meaning of that sentence in the past. Later on in the future, she always thought that she had understood what it meant, but only during that moment did she know the profound meaning behind those words…

Perhaps it was the figure in her dreams, or perhaps it was due to the emotions in her memories that could not be sealed no matter how strong the seal was, but before her wedding, she fled. While feeling lost and not knowing where to go… she had returned to True Morning Dao World by a stroke of chance.

She also remembered that when she fled and captured the Abyss Dragon, she seemed to have seen a figure, but when she turned her head back to look, she saw nothing. When she thought about it after all that time, she knew that the figure she had seen was that of her father’s; he had been watching her in silence from not too far away. He watched her leave as if sending her off with a great reluctance to part.

During the days Su Xuan Yi was in isolation, Yu Xuan had went to True Morning Dao World to search for the feeling she could place her finger upon, and it had brought to the place in which she was born—Yin Death Vortex!

It was not her personality that caused her to immediately stick close to Su Ming when she saw him while not feeling a single hint of unfamiliarity towards him. It was because the aura of her life had affected her sealed memories.

She did not know that once she appeared before Su Ming, the voice calling out to him as its older brother which he only heard in his dreams gradually disappeared.

Yu Xuan remembered everything from her birth to the present. All her memories appeared in her head at that instant. Once the seals vanished, she stared at Su Ming with a dazed look, and tears that seemed to have come from thousands of years ago fell from the corners of her eyes.

“I am Yu Xuan. I am a daylily in the rain. My father is the second God of Berserkers. My home is in the land of Berserkers…” Yu Xuan mumbled. She lifted her head, and when she looked at Su Ming again, she bit her bottom lip and whispered two words that once echoed in Su Ming’s dreams for many years.

“Big brother…”

Su Ming approached her. There were few forces of power who could stop him now in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos. When Yu Xuan raised her head, Su Ming had already arrived before her. He gently embraced her crying form.

“I promised you that I would one day come and find you. Today is that day.”

Su Ming caressed Yu Xuan’s long hair. When he spoke, he raised his head and looked at the silent third prince standing beside them. The two of them met each other’s gazes, and Su Ming saw the complicated look in the third prince’s eyes, while Lei Chen saw the sentimentality in Su Ming’s eyes.

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