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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1296: You Should Not Have!

Chapter 1296: You Should Not Have!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Su Ming flipped his palm, he could cause clouds to surge, and when he flipped it again, he could cause rain to fall. His arrival had changed the unseen laws in the place without a sound.

The hearts of the one million cultivators had trembled, and then, the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei’s actions had become strange. When Su Ming looked at the third prince and their gazes met, it was as if a sleeping volcano… had started showing signs of an eruption.

“Sir, how dare you act so arrogantly when you have intruded on this capital of ours? I would like to see what sort of divine abilities you have.”

At that moment, a freezing glare shone in the Sublime Paragon while he forced down the nervousness in his heart. With his level of cultivation and his intelligence, there was no way he would not see how terrifying Su Ming was, but he had no choice at that moment. As the Sublime Paragon of this True World and with Su Xuan Yi behind him, he could only put up a bold front and say such words. Su Xuan Yi’s strength was unfathomable in his heart, and compared to the person before his eyes, he would rather believe that Su Xuan Yi held the upper hand.

In fact, he had other thoughts in his mind as well. Since Su Ming had come in such a shocking manner, it was going to be difficult to avoid a fight. If Su Xuan Yi was powerful enough to win, then everything would be alright, but if Su Xuan Yi lost… then perhaps this would be a chance for him.

At the instant this thought appeared in his head, the Sublime Paragon charged at Su Ming. He lifted his right hand and swung his arm, and a vast amount of power surged out with a bang. It turned into a huge Abyss Statue in front of him that rushed forward to suppress Su Ming, but it did not harbor much killing intent, appearing to only wish to force Su Ming back.

Howling sounds echoed in the air. A loud bang shot up, deafening everyone. The Abyss Statue instantly closed in on Su Ming. Without even sparing a glance for the Sublime Paragon, he lifted his right hand and pointed casually at the statue.

With it, the weather changed. Wind stirred and clouds surged. It looked like the will of heaven had descended on the sky of the entire cultivation planet. It turned into a huge vortex that rotated with loud rumbles. An astonishing will descended on the Sublime Paragon with a gentleness when Su Ming pointed at him.

With it, a loud bang shot up. The Abyss Statue the Sublime Paragon had formed shattered to pieces. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, and he seemed to have been stunned by the sight of the will of heaven descending from the sky. He could not dodge, and it crashed into him.

He shuddered and coughed up eight mouthfuls of blood in succession. His body was like a kite with a snapped string, and he was thrown into the distance. While he was flying, blood gushed out of him rapidly. His body fell from the ancient tree, and he plunged into the sea and disappeared.

‘He’s a cunning one, alright. He attacked me with a divine ability that didn’t contain much killing intent. He was rather certain that I would not kill him, and so he took the gamble. He did not even dodge and went to take the hit. By doing so, he was injured badly, and he could avoid having to fight any longer, causing Su Xuan Yi to be unable to say anything against him even if he wins, and if I win, I won’t cause trouble to him either.’

With a single glance, Su Ming was able to tell what the Sublime Paragon thought of, but he did not expose him. Every person had a chance to make a choice before danger, and it was correct of the Sublime Paragon to make such a decision.

When Su Ming’s will descended and the Sublime Paragon coughed up blood before plunging into the sea, the expression of the one million cultivators who had been stunned earlier changed drastically, and shock appeared on their faces.

They did not know Su Ming, but at that moment, his figure turned into a nightmare. His image was forcefully branded into their minds, and he became an eternal existence in their heads.

The third prince was silent, as if he was not surprised by all of this. The Sovereign of Dawn also seemed to have been expecting this. He knew just how terrifying Su Ming was, and he had grown to admire this Sublime Paragon whom he had not paid too much attention to previously, thinking to himself that this person was highly aware of his surroundings and that he could perhaps guide him in the future.

Su Xuan Yi’s pupils shrank at that moment. A freezing glare as cold as ice and as sharp as needles appeared in his eyes when he looked at Su Ming.

“I only came here for three things.”

Su Ming shifted his gaze away from the third prince and looked at the sullen Su Xuan Yi. This person, once an unfathomably powerful warrior in Su Ming’s eyes, was now just a joke to him.

The appearance of Arid Triad’s gap, hiding in Morning Dao Sect, his plans and aims towards True Morning Dao World’s will, his prevention of Dark Dawn’s camp in Divine Essence Star Ocean, and everything else were due to Su Xuan Yi.

He had used Su Ming. Everything that he did to him in the past rose in Su Ming’s head, including using him to nourish the Seed of Life Extermination, before all the memories returned to the back of his mind in the form of dust.

“The first matter would be taking Yu Xuan away with me. You’ve taken care of her for many years, so I should notify you about this.” Su Ming caressed Yu Xuan’s hair. When he spoke, his eyes were calm.

“The second thing would be returning you an item that you have left in my care for a long time.”

While saying that, Su Ming lifted his left hand and seized the air. The fifth kiln swiftly appeared with a loud bang. Fire surrounded the fifth kiln before it shrank exponentially. It floated above Su Ming’s palm, but he simply allowed the flames to surround his left hand. His expression remained as indifferent as ever while he pushed the fifth kiln forward.

“A clone of yours is in there, along with your wife, who is waiting to be resurrected. Why would you leave something so important in my hands? You did not even mention wanting it back. Could it be… that you don’t want it?”

Su Ming smiled faintly. He could already see through the complicated emotions Su Xuan Yi had towards the fifth kiln. He could tell that Su Xuan Yi did not want to face the fifth kiln, which was why… he decided to not ignore it.

While he watched the fifth kiln drift towards him, Su Xuan Yi’s expression turned darker, but only he knew about the anguish and the complicated emotions he had under the sullen facade he put on.

At the instant the third prince saw the fifth kiln and heard Su Ming’s words, he jolted. He looked over swiftly, and a hint of sadness appeared on his face.

“I’ve now finished with those two things. Right now, I only have the third matter remaining… I will end this enmity between us.”

Su Ming looked at Su Xuan Yi. At the moment he finished speaking, Su Xuan Yi suddenly threw his head back and laughed.

There was a sense of freedom and wildness to his laughter. It sounded like he looked down upon the entire world, like he was certain that all manner of lives were in his hands and that he could manipulate them at will.

“You unfilial son, you…”

“Things have already progressed to this point, so is there even meaning to you saying any of this?”

Su Ming’s expression remained calm, but a chilling tone had entered his words. It made Su Xuan Yi instinctively stop speaking. He stared at Su Ming, and after a moment, he started laughing coldly.

“As expected of the son between Su Zhan and the Sacred Lady of the Spiritlings from Dark Dawn. You have the inborn divine abilities of the Abyss Builders and the Spiritlings’ powerful might, which makes their souls imperishable.

“Growing up among the Berserkers has also allowed you to possess the power of the Berserkers. Divine Essence Star Ocean has taught you how to be sly. Not bad, you are not at all weaker than my real son in this regard.

“Then, I would really like to know how you will end this enmity between us.”

As Su Xuan Yi smiled coldly, he stood up, looking like a towering mountain. Even if Su Ming had arrived and he had personally seen just how powerful he was, Su Xuan Yi’s pride did not allow him to show any weakness. He was still as aggressive as ever.

Su Ming was silent. He lowered his head and looked at Yu Xuan. A gentle look appeared in his eyes.

“You could have manipulated me and used me to nourish that Seed of Life Extermination of yours. You could have made me do everything that you wished, but you should not have… told me that you were my father.”

When Su Ming lifted his head, a chilling glare appeared in his eyes. The moment he said those words, Su Ming took a step forward, and he was so fast that he instantly appeared right in front of Su Xuan Yi. He lifted his right hand and pressed it against Su Xuan Yi’s chest.

When his palm almost touched his chest, Su Xuan Yi threw his head back and roared. He had been prepared for this since much earlier, so the moment Su Ming closed in on him, he immediately crushed the ancient jade that had appeared in his hand at some unknown point of time.

A crack appeared on the ancient jade, but it did not completely shatter. A huge eight-headed figure manifested behind him, and an astonishing mighty pressure and presence immediately erupted from him. That presence was so strong that it went straight to Avanicaya Realm, causing the Sovereign of Dawn’s eyes to sparkle, and the pressure on the one million cultivators in the area increased again.

It caused the world to tremble and the weather to change, and it also caused the laws in the area to instantly become disorderly. This was one of Su Xuan Yi’s killing moves. As an outstanding figure in this True World, he dared to scheme against True Morning Dao World and blast a hole in Arid Triad, so there was no way that he would not have any powerful backup plans.

At that moment, Su Xuan Yi no longer held back. Once the eight-headed figure appeared, it fused into Su Xuan Yi’s body before it appeared between the two men to collide against Su Ming’s palm.


A loud bang reverberated through the air. The eight-headed figure instantly crumbled. Su Ming’s palm seemed to be able to tear through everything. Once the eight-headed figure that exuded the powerful presence crumbled to pieces, Su Ming’s hand pressed against Su Xuan Yi’s chest.

Booming sounds echoed in the air, lingering there. Su Xuan Yi coughed up blood and staggered backwards. His expression changed. His pupils shrank, and for the first time ever, shock appeared on his face.

“What level of cultivation do you have?!”

It was impossible for him to not be shocked. The eight-headed figure came from the ancient jade, and it was not something of this aeon. It was a remnant of the previous aeon and possessed the power of those in Avacaniya Realm. It might only appear for a short time, but it could allow Su Xuan Yi to step into Avanicaya Realm and fight against the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei.

And since the item was from the previous aeon, the laws governing it were different. It also meant that it could weaken the will of their aeon. In Su Xuan Yi’s mind, it should have been perfect to go against Su Ming, who had Possessed True Morning Dao World.

But… he had not expected that the eight-headed figure in Avacaniya Realm would shatter before Su Ming at the first touch!

The Sovereign of Dawn had seen it, and it made him instinctively take a few steps back. He had once again witnessed how terrifying Su Ming was, which made sure that what his clone had seen was not a misconception. This man was definitely the strongest person in their aeon!

By his side, Elder Mo Sang stared at Su Ming dumbly before pride appeared on his face. An ancient air that was far older than his actual age appeared about him…

The Sublime Paragon had just come up to the surface of the sea under the ancient tree at that moment and had spread his divine sense outwards to observe what was happening. Once he saw the fight, his heart shuddered violently, and without any hesitation, he lifted his right hand and fiercely struck his chest. He coughed up more blood and sank to the bottom of the sea again.

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