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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1297: I Am Here!

Chapter 1297: I Am Here!

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“With my strike, I severed your ties with the years of your life, and I injured your soul. You are now like a rootless tree. You no longer have karma affecting you, and you have also lost your right to be reincarnated. This is your punishment for calling yourself my father.”

When Su Ming declared this in a flat tone, Su Xuan Yi’s expression changed drastically. Only at that moment did he realize the indescribable pain coming from his body.

It felt like there was a plant growing in his body. In shock, he directed his attention at the internal structure of his body, and he immediately noticed that his soul had become semi-transparent and much weaker. His Qi and blood were scattered and in a mess, as if they were being devoured by some unseen force. It left them increasingly weaker.

“You could have used me. Even if you gathered my soul together for your use to accompany your son so that he would grow and even if you left the mark of a slave on me so that I would continue being your slave, it would have been fine.

“But you should not have… spread your hands outwards and used the people around me. You should not have used Yu Xuan…”

Killing intent shone in Su Ming’s eyes. Once he finished speaking, he took a swift step forward once more.

Su Xuan Yi’s pupils shrank swiftly, and he immediately began withdrawing. A ferocious and crazed look appeared on his face. He squeezed the ancient jade in his right hand again, and as cracking sounds shot into the air, it split into two. An astonishing will immediately erupted from within and surrounded Su Xuan Yi.

There was a primitive air to that will, along with an ancient feeling that made it seem as if it had existed for an endless amount of time. This will was not part of the present aeon. The ancient feeling about it was possessed only by those in the previous aeon, and it was so strong that it instantly gave off a presence equivalent to Su Ming once he Possessed True Morning Dao World!

It was a will which belonged to one of the strongest warriors of the previous aeon, who was an old monster who had surpassed Avacaniya Realm. He was probably still alive, which would explain his will being so great. It was filled with indestructible life force, but similarly, there was a thick aura of death contained within it.

The appearance of the will immediately caused the air around Su Xuan Yi to distort and form into an ancient face. Marks of time were contained within it, but the face itself was incredibly hideous. The man’s eyes were bloodshot, and when he appeared, he let out a crazed howl that shook the sky and earth.

It was the first time that will had appeared in the present aeon. At the moment it did, it caused the rapidly fading will of the Emperor of Abyss’ True World to shudder and Arid Triad to focus his gaze on the area.

This was the first time… the sleeping old monsters who had fused with their other selves showed their presence before the people! This was not a clone like the ones belonging to Di Tian and the others. After all, they were just clones. The one that appeared at that moment was the person’s will in its truest sense. This was his complete will!

For the first time, a different expression appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Even he had not expected that Su Xuan Yi would have this sort of ancient jade with him… but even if the will was as powerful as a True World, to Su Ming… it was still too fragile and would not be able to withstand even a single hit of his.

At the moment his right hand touched the face formed by the will, the face’s roars came to an abrupt halt. Disbelief and madness appeared on the face, and it swiftly charged at Su Ming with a howl to suppress him.

Su Ming let out a cold harrumph. Morning Dao’s will, Immortal Sect’s will, Sky Hill’s will, and part of the will of the Emperor of Abyss’ True World instantly gathered on him to suppress the rampant will, who had grossly overestimated itself.

This was a clash between wills, and an unbalanced battle that was similar to a toddler challenging an adult for a fight.

Booming sounds instantly filled the cultivation planet before they spread into the galaxy. When they echoed in all directions, the face formed by the will around Su Xuan Yi shattered to pieces, and as if a huge gust of wind had blown against it, it disappeared without a trace.

Su Ming’s right hand pushed down on Su Xuan Yi’s chest again. With it, Su Xuan Yi coughed up a dozen mouthfuls of blood. When he moved back, he was stark pale, amd for the first time ever, fear appeared on his face.

“With this strike, I made your cultivation base fade, I destroyed your Qi, and I crushed your divine sensem,” Su Ming said while looking at the pale Su Xuan Yi.

“You could use me to nourish the Seed of Life Extermination, but you should not… have made Yu Xuan continue my path and forced her to give up on everything for the Seed of Life Extermination. And then, since you were worried that she would resist and struggle against you, you sealed her thoughts, soul, and her memories so that she could make the Seed of Life Extermination complete once she became one with your son.

“You should not have done this. If dragons have taboos, then so do people. You have done things that are taboo to me several times. How… do you think I will end this grudge between us?”

Killing intent appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. The next moment, he took another step forward and charged at Su Xuan Yi.

The killing intent had been buried in Su Ming’s heart for a long, long time. From the moment he had learned that everything was fake and he thought that he was an incredibly ludicrous existence, he harbored great murderous intent towards Su Xuan Yi.

Right then, that killing intent finally erupted from within him after accumulating for a long period of time. Murderous intent appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and he closed in on Su Xuan Yi like a blade wanting to take his life.

Su Xuan Yi laughed brokenly. When he saw Su Ming move towards him, ferociousness and desperation suddenly appeared in his smile. The two halves of the ancient jade in his hand were swiftly crushed to pieces.

At the moment the ancient jade was crushed, Su Xuan Yi’s hoarse voice traveled swiftly into the air with a shrill tone.

“Yr Morkh!”

The two words sounded like an incantation, but it was even more… like a name. It was a name that was completely different from the people of his aeon used and was also had a different pronunciation. In other words, it was the name of a powerful warrior of the previous aeon.

The moment Su Xuan Yi called out that name, the world roared. The Emperor of Abyss’ True World trembled violently, and all of Arid Triad seemed to have become different. Immediately after, the land and mountains in the capital planet shattered and crumbled. Huge cracks that went through the entire planet spread rapidly, and they stretched to the sea, which began to roar. A low growl shot out from the cracks in the underground.

A huge hand made of blood fog shot into the air and seized Su Xuan Yi before it turned around so that the palm was facing outwards. Then, with the force of the back of the hand, it fought back against Su Ming’s incoming palm strike.

Booming sounds surged into the heavens. The blood fog swiftly dissipated, but it managed to resist Su Ming’s palm strike.

Once Su Xuan Yi was saved, the growl from the crack underground became several times stronger. It echoed in the air, and when the sky turned red, it caused the entire cultivation planet to instantly turn crimson, making it seem as if the planet had turned into a red sun, and its red hue even spread out into the galaxy.

A crimson figure rushed out from the crack at the bottom of the sea. The moment it showed up, the sea tumbled. Loud rumbles surged into the sky. The figure traveled at an astonishing pace and instantly appeared besides Su Xuan Yi to catch him.

The unknown person was a middle-aged man who exuded great bloodthirst and had bloodshot eyes that shone with madness. He was half-naked, which revealed countless scars on his body. They gave him a furious and murderous aura that filled the world.

“Who made me wake up beforehand?! Who interrupted my great plan for invincibility?! Who dared provoke my disciple?! Damn it! All of you deserve death! All of you must die! Die! Die! DIE!!”

The man seemed to be off in the head. When he roared, he lowered his head swiftly, and his gaze swept past all the people on the ancient tree. All those who met his gaze immediately felt their blood flow in reverse. Their eyes instantly filled with blood capillaries, as if their bodies were about to explode.

All of them were affected, except Su Ming and Yu Xuan, who was under his protection, his elder, and the third prince!

Only the four of them were unaffected. Even the Sovereign of Dawn of Yan Pei felt his heart tremble at that moment. In his mind, he immediately started cursing the other two Sovereigns of Dawn and the three powerful warriors in Avacaniya Realm from Saint Defier.

He had thought that he had managed to seize an opportunity by being able to step into Arid Triad, but he had first run into the terrifying Su Ming, and right then, he met this old monster shining with a red glow. Both of them had the ability to kill him, so entering Arid Triad had been opportunity. It was clearly a dangerous place that could bring about his death if he made the slightest mistake!

“I didn’t expect to see two complete fellow Daoists in this place, as well as one… who achieved the same results, even though the method he used is wrong… but this does not mean you have the right to interfere with my plan and wake me up ahead of schedule!” the blood-red figure roared madly.

The world howled, and rain began to pour down from the sky. The droplets were red, and even the sea beneath them instantly turned into a sea of blood during that instant.

Su Ming frowned and snorted coldly. The sound traveled through the air, and it immediately made the blood-red figure in the sky freeze. The middle-aged looked at Su Ming, and his body instantly vanished.

The moment he disappeared, Su Ming blended into the air as well. Booming sounds shot out rapidly into midair, and each one was deafening to the ears, causing the sky to look as if it was about to crumble and the world to look as if it was about to collapse. The middle-aged man appeared then and fell backwards. On his face was a graveness, great fighting intent, and an even greater wave of madness.

Blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth. His chest had already collapsed, but his fighting spirit and madness became even wilder.

“You should be the strongest person in this aeon. I can sense that accursed True World’s will on you!”

When the blood-red figure began to rar, Su Ming walked out of the air. His expression was one of indifference. His white robe and long hair were spotless, but there was a cold and biting chill in his eyes.

When Su Ming and the blood-red figure attacked each other, a young man dressed in a long robe walked over the surface of the sea with a calm expression on his face. He was beneath the ancient tree and above the red sea of blood. Wherever he went, no one noticed him. It was as if… he was one with the universe.

He did not lift his head to look at the sky, but instead moved to stand under the ancient tree. As he stood on the surface of the sea, he sighed softly.

“I’m here.”

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