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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1301: The Past is Gone Like the Wind

Chapter 1301: The Past is Gone Like the Wind

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Best friend and a companion during childhood.

“I, Lei Chen, am going to be the man who will become the tribe leader! Su Ming, you have to work hard and become the Elder. At that time, whoever bullies us…”

“It doesn’t matter whether you become a Berserker or not. Don’t worry, I, Lei Chen, will protect you in the future.”

“Hey… Su Ming, what do you think of that girl. I think I quite like her…”

“Are we… going to change..?”

The words from his memories echoed in Su Ming’s mind. At that moment, there was a sword between them, and it caused him to sigh softly as complicated emotions rose within him.

“He is my father.”

Lei Chen’s expression was no longer complicated. Instead, he stared at Su Ming with clear as he spoke softly.

Su Ming fell silent. Only after a long time had passed did he speak.

“I won’t kill him.”

No matter how great of a killing intent he harbored, at that moment, before Lei Chen… he could not do anything.

In truth, when Su Ming saw Lei Chen in Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos, he had already made some assumptions, because he sensed the presence of the one half of the Seed of Life Extermination which he himself had nourished and which later on had been taken away by Su Xuan Yi on Lei Chen. When he stepped into the Emperor of Abyss’ True World, all the answers were revealed.

Naturally, it was impossible for Yu Xuan to be Su Xuan Yi’s daughter. She was only the partner he had chosen for his son. She was a furnace he had prepared to nourish the other half of the Seed of Life Extermination. She was just like Su Ming.

Then, the only person who could possibly be Su Xuan Yi’s real son was the third prince beside Yu Xuan at the wedding—Lei Chen!

Lei Chen looked at Su Ming. When he heard his words, he closed his eyes, and during that instant, Su Ming took a step forward and moved past him to appear in front of Su Xuan Yi. He then sliced across the air with the sword in his right hand.

Purple light surged through the air. The sky was instantly dyed in purple, but the light disappeared the next moment. When it did, Su Xuan Yi’s face turned pale, and he took a few staggering steps back.

Purple light spread out from his body. His facial color became even worse. He could clearly sense that as the purple light spread out, his body became weaker. At that moment, Su Ming’s will swept past him and turned into a sharp force that stabbed his heart through his eyes.

It was as if Su Xuan Yi had turned into venous pathways. When Su Ming’s will stabbed him, the purple light spread out through them.

At that moment, in a remote cultivation planet in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World was a cave abode located in a mountain. Sitting in that cave was a person dressed in a long robe. The instant the purple light entered Su Xuan Yi and he looked up, he revealed an old face with purple light shining in his eyes.

It was one of Su Xuan Yi’s clones. At that moment, as purple light shone in his eyes, an invisible hand shot out of the purple light and pushed down at the top of the old man’s skull. He could not dodge it. With a loud bang, the old man shuddered, then crumbled into ash, his form and soul destroyed…

In uncountable palaces in True Sacred Yun World was a middle-aged man with an awe-inspiring face sitting upright at the top of a hall. During the second instant since the purple light entered Su Xuan Yi, he stared at the people below him coldly and opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but suddenly, he jolted, and purple light surged out from his eyes.

While the cultivators below him were surprised by the sight, Su Ming’s hand shot out of the purple light, and in a very casual manner, he pushed it against the center of the middle-aged man’s brow. A loud bang shot up and reverberated through the air when the middle-aged man jolted and shattered into pieces.

In the depths of the huge vortex in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World was the place where the new spirit of Essence was about to be born. In it was either Su Xuan Yi’s real form or another clone, but at the third instant since the purple light entered Su Xuan Yi’s body… he shuddered.

He did not open his eyes, as if he knew that if he opened his eyes, purple light would spread out. He stood up, but the moment he was about to leave, purple light spread out from his body to turn into a gentle strike on his body. He could not avoid the strike destined to hit him.

When it landed on his forehead, the sound of something cracking inch by inch echoed in the air. The purple light disappeared then, and everything was reduced to nothingness.

During the fourth instant, the aloof man who had been meditating quietly beside the corpse of Su Xuan Yi’s wife in the fifth kiln let out a soft sigh. He opened his eyes and simply allowed the purple light in his eyes to fill up the air around him. Su Ming’s hand appeared from the purple light, and when he pushed at the center of the man’s brow, his many years of protection ended…

Located away from Black Ink Planet in Divine Essence Star Ocean was a vast ruins. It was an incredibly dangerous place, but an old man who had messy hair spilling all over his shoulders stayed there. His body was thin, and a thick wave of aura of death was spreading from it. He was sitting on a Rune at that moment.

The Rune was incredibly old, as if it was a seal that suppressed everything within it. The old man might have seemed as if he was filled with the aura of death, but there was a hint of life force in him that refused to disappear, but that was not what was strange about the old man. What was truly strange about him was that there was a mummy stuck on his back!

The mummy had been dead for an unknown number of years, but it had fixed itself tightly on the old man’s back and was constantly absorbing his life force and even his aura of death like a parasite…

There was pain on the old man’s face. It seemed like he had maintained this sort of life for an unknown number of years, but at that moment, his eyes flew open. There was no panic in him when purple light showed up in his eyes. Instead, there was crazed delight, as if he had been waiting for this for far too long.

As the purple light shone, Su Ming’s right hand shot out from within and pushed down at the center of the old man’s brow. The old man forced down the excitement in his heart. He did not dodge, and just let the hand formed by Su Ming’s will to reduce him to ash. His form and soul were destroyed…

When the purple light disappeared, the mummy, now without a host, opened its eyes and let out a sharp, piercing, crazed howl filled that had a brutal tone.

The sixth instant, seventh instant…

Su Xuan Yi’s clones were all destroyed when Su Ming’s will swept past them. They were all completely wiped out, and only Su Xuan Yi, who was forced back before Su Ming while his face turned paler, remained. Su Ming did not wipe off this body. He had promised Lei Chen that he would let Su Xuan Yi live.

But as to how he would let him live… Su Ming chose to destroy all of Su Xuan Yi’s clones. Even if his real body was among them, to Abyss Builders, even if their real body died, they could remain alive using their unique methods as long as one of their clones still lived.

Once he finished doing all of that, Su Ming cast a glance at Su Xuan Yi, whose level of cultivation had plunged down until he was only in heaven cultivation because all of his clones had died. He shook his head, then turned around to walk towards Yu Xuan. When he returned to her side, Su Ming gently tapped the center of her brow with his right hand.

Yu Xuan was still watching Su Ming. She did not move away and simply allowed his finger to land on her. Su Ming’s will surged into her body. When it circulated through her once, the Seed of Life Extermination resembling half of a ship was brought out once Su Ming severed its connection with her.

When Su Ming saw numerous squirming tentacle-like threads surrounding the Seed of Life Extermination when he brought it out, disgust appeared on his face. He’d had this thing on his body in the past. When he took it out, he threw it to Lei Chen.

The half of the Seed of Life Extermination charged swiftly to Lei Chen. At the moment it touched him, it fused into his body and merged perfectly with the other half of the Seed of Life Extermination that Su Ming had nourished in the past and which was residing in Lei Chen’s body. It… became complete!

“Since your father did everything he could to obtain this and make it fuse with you… then from now on, since the favors and grudges between us cannot be cleared, it is better that we let our past be gone like the wind and our memories of each other disappear…”

Su Ming cast Lei Chen a deep glance, then with Yu Xuan in hand, he moved to Elder Mo Sang. Once he bowed to him with Yu Xuan, a smile appeared on the elder’s face.

“Elder… let’s go home,” Su Ming whispered softly.

His elder’s smile became even more kindly. He nodded, and the three of them stepped into the air. When they walked out of the ancient tree, Su Ming’s low whisper traveled into the Sovereign of Dawn’s ears.

“Wait for me ten years later at Arid Triad’s gap.”

Lei Chen stared at Su Ming’s back with a dispirited expression. He suddenly called out, “Su Ming…”

Su Ming stopped. When he turned his head around to look, Lei Chen’s voice, filled with an indecipherable tone, reached his ears.

Lei Chen’s body shuddered lightly. He stared at his childhood friend who was his best friend and mumbled, “I’ll tell you the answer to the question you asked before. I don’t want to change… but you’ve already changed.”

There was a profound look in Su Ming’s eyes that made it seem as if he had seen through everything. Perhaps he had not noticed many things before he came there, but when the red figure appeared, he had already obtained his answer.

When he destroyed Su Xuan Yi’s clones, instead of saying that he ended the grudge between them, it would be best to say that this was actually a part of Su Xuan Yi’s plans.

With Su Ming’s power, he destroyed the predicament Su Xuan Yi was in. As for whether Lei Chen told Su Xuan Yi about the fact that Su Ming went to Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos, Su Ming did not want to think about it. It was just as he said, he would rather treat it as it never happened and would rather that they became strangers from then on. If he was not provoked, they would not meet the other again.

“This is the Su Xuan Yi I know.”

When Su Ming turned his head, he averted his gaze from Lei Chen. What he saw was a calm Su Xuan Yi with a gaze as profound as Su Ming’s own. The two of them met each other’s eyes, but it only lasted for an instant.

Su Ming left, and he brought with him Yu Xuan as well as his elder. He walked out of the tree crown. Behind him, the one million cultivators wrapped their fists in their palms and bowed to him. They did so to thank him for saving their lives.


Once he arrived on the sea while Lei Chen remained dispirited with a complicated expression on his face and Su Xuan Yi stared at him with a calm look and a profound gaze, Su Ming stopped once more.

He turned his head around. This time, he did not look at the tree crown, but the elegant young man standing beside the ancient tree. At that moment, he was also looking at Su Ming.

At the instant their gazes met, a smile appeared on Su Ming’s face. He looked at the young man, the sea, and the ancient tree, then spoke softly to Yu Xuan and his elder,

“I’m going to meet a senior… Wait for me for a while here.”

As Su Ming spoke, he walked towards the ancient tree. The young man under the tree smiled and watched him approach.

They were above a vast sea, right beside an ancient tree, and the shades of green and blue seemed to connect to the sky.

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