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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1310 - My Mind Will Not Be Able to Rest!

Chapter 1310 - My Mind Will Not Be Able to Rest!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A fierce light appeared in the black-robed young man’s eyes, as if he could see Su Ming’s will moving through time. When Su Ming looked back, his mind shuddered. It was as if the young man’s eyes contained some sort of emperor’s will.

His gaze was so domineering that it felt as if he was the one who stood supreme over everything in the universe. Those who obeyed him would prosper, and those who went against him would die. If there was even a hint of defiance in anyone towards him, their whole race would immediately be destroyed, and their bloodline would be completely wiped off!

In fact, even if there was no defiance, if anyone showed any hesitance in their words, they would have to face his thunderous rage and killing intent, which would feel as if the universe was about to collapse.

The blatant domineering air felt like it belonged to the peak existence. He had pride, confidence, and an arrogance that he was someone who stood above all lives.

His gaze was cold and aloof, but there seemed to be a voice echoing besides Su Ming’s ears at that moment. That voice might not be from the black-robed young man’s mouth, but to Su Ming, it felt as if it was truly echoing in his ears right then.

“If you provoke me, no matter where you hide, what level of cultivation you have, what protection you have by your side, whether you come from the past or the future, as long as you provoke me… I will kill you, destroy your race, wipe off your bloodline, and erase all traces of your existence!


The faint voice had endless aloofness. At the moment it finished speaking, Su Ming’s will let out a bang, as if the voice and the aloof expression was a storm that could destroy his will.

That storm went on a rampage in the space where Su Ming was. As his mind roared, his will felt as if it had turned into a huge vortex, and then he was instantly devoured by it.

Su Ming’s body jolted. His eyes flew open, and he found himself still in Dark Dawn’s camp, the 137th Expanse Cosmos.

Before him was the man from Bear Chart Tribe. Next to him was the Sovereign of Dawn Yan Pei. Around him were the people from Bear Chart Tribe. They did not know what Su Ming had experienced, but their faces were pale, and it was especially so for Yan Pei. His level of cultivation was the greatest among the rest, which was why his ability to sense was the strongest too.

During the instant just then, Yan Pei had clearly sensed that Su Ming’s presence had vanished and had been filled by an ancient will. He stood there, but had been shrouded by fog. If he had just become indistinct, it would have been nothing, but Yan Pei had clearly sensed an unfamiliar presence appear around Su Ming at that instant. That presence was so strong that it was enough to make all of Dark Dawn, Saint Defier, and Arid Triad tremble.

Yet… while they could sense that presence in this place, not a single bit of it presence spread outwards…

Su Ming knew all of that. He also understood that the black-robed young man’s presence could not just make Arid Triad tremble… Even the former complete Harmonious Morus Alba would quiver in fear before him, because Su Ming had personally witnessed another butterfly with the exact same form as Harmonious Morus Alba be easily… devoured by the Enchanted Vessel in the form of a Feng Shui compass.

‘Who is he?!’

Su Ming’s pupils shrank. That man was the greatest threat he had sensed ever since he became the strongest of his aeon. Before that moment, he had never imagined that there could be such a powerful warrior in the universe!

He exceeded Su Ming’s imagination. He fell into silence, but suddenly, a brilliant light flashed in his eyes. This thing was like a thorn embedded into the depths of his heart, and it also let Su Ming himself know… that he could still be afraid.

It was something he had not felt for many years. The last time he felt like that was when he was in Divine Essence Star Ocean. At that time, he had not wanted to succumb to his fear, because he could not lose. If he lost… he would die.

Right then, he could not succumb to his fear either, because when people reached his level of cultivation, once they showed any signs of backing down… they would no longer be themselves.

When the brilliant light shone in his eyes, Su Ming lifted his right hand and swung his arm. Two of the three jade boxes before him immediately shattered, and the ancient aura immediately spread out again.

Su Ming seized space with both hands, and the aura immediately charged towards him to surround him and form a vortex. It rotated swiftly, and the ancient presence of time grew stronger within it.

As Su Ming stared at the vortex, determination appeared on his face.

‘If I give up on this just like that, my heart will be filled with indignation!

‘If my heart is filled with indignation, my thoughts will not be clear!

‘If my thoughts are not clear… then my mind will not be able to rest!’

A ferocious look appeared on Su Ming’s face, which was the first time since his will had been perfected. It made Yan Pei’s heart tremble. He had never seen such an expression on Su Ming’s face before, and it made him feel as if his heartbeat was about to freeze.

If he was in such a state, then it was even more so for the other people from Bear Chart Tribe. They were all intimidated and stunned by Su Ming’s expression. Their minds instantly went blank, and they lost their ability to think.

‘If my heart is filled with indignation, if my thoughts are not clear, if my mind cannot rest easy, I shall break this state!’

Killing intent appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He lifted his right hand and swiftly seized the space in the direction of the vortex. It swiftly shrank, and when Su Ming held it in his hand, it became the size of an egg. He then placed it at the center of his brow without any hesitation.

At the instant he pushed his hand, Su Ming’s mind let out a bang. Everything in his field of vision turned into a vortex again, and he saw the vast expanse of space once more. His world began reversing swiftly to allow him to return to the past again, and he returned… to the scene he saw previously—the black-robed young man absorbing the butterfly on the Feng Shui compass.

He saw the black-robed young man raise his head again and let out a cold harrumph towards him.

The moment the young man did so, Su Ming’s will froze, as if the world had collapsed, as if the person before him was an emperor, and Su Ming himself was an ant which could be wiped off in the next breath… but Su Ming gritted his teeth, and all his will gathered with the power of Morning Dao, Immortal Sect, Sky Hill, and the Emperor of Abyss’ True World, allowing him to turn it into an incredibly powerful wave of madness that would make him into a sword that could slice through the laws governing his destiny.

That sword charged towards the person who had let out the cold harrumph, sending a strike… that seeped through an endless number of years from an unknown amount of time in the future, all so that it could have that madness explode in the man’s face.

Su Ming had to deliver that strike. He had to cut through the indignation in his heart, the unclear state of his thoughts, and the restless state of his mind!

Loud booms instantly filled the universe. Su Ming could not see the results, because at the moment his will touched the young man, he shattered to pieces!

‘If I cannot break it, then I can choose not to touch it, but when the day comes when I will have to come into contact with it, I will go against… I will go against all lives who seized my kismet!’

This was the roar that came from Su Ming’s soul before his will crumbled.

It seemed to still be echoing around him when Su Ming’s eyes opened and found himself still in the galaxy belonging to Dark Dawn’s camp. Everything was still the same as before. Fatigue appeared in Su Ming’s eyes… but a graveness only he understood had entered them as well!

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