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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1314: Life Extermination Hall

Chapter 1314: Life Extermination Hall

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The Expanse Cosmoses in Dark Dawn’s camp could not have any wills born within them. However, over the course of countless years, since every Expanse Cosmos only had one single race residing in it and there were no mixed races who could be in conflict with each other, singular and weak wills had gradually been born over the years. They could not be counted as real wills, however. They were formed by countless beliefs grouped together. If they had enough time, and if the tribes in these Expanse Cosmoses could become stronger, they could even invade and occupy the other Expanse Cosmoses.

One day, a real will could eventually be born like that.

However, at that moment, even if the Spiritlings had managed to accomplish this with much difficulty and their unique inborn abilities, the will born in the Expanse Cosmos was still not complete. It could be said that it did not belong to Arid Triad, because this sort of weak will was something Arid Triad would not pay attention to in the slightest.

Su Ming also did not pay much attention to them either. With a swing of his arm, he could chase away all such wills. Compared to him, they were so weak that they could not even take a single blow from him.

However… when Su Ming swung his arm and the owner of the galaxy was replaced with his will, he could sense clearly that the will he had chased away… was shattering to bits before they came forth to fuse with him. This scene caused Su Ming’s eyes to constrict in a barely noticeable fashion.

He could no longer Possess the other True Worlds. It was the warning Arid Triad had given to him. If Su Ming violated this rule within the one hundred years, Arid Triad would descend, and the disaster would be brought ahead of schedule.

This was not what Su Ming wanted to see, which was why he did not continue to stir up Arid Triad’s wariness against him, but right then, the changes in this place caused Su Ming’s pupils to shrink. At the same time, he thought of a method to get out of the situation.

The instant the Expanse Cosmos’ will was changed in a manner as if Su Ming had just deceived heaven itself, the middle-aged man was rendered flabbergasted. When he sucked in a sharp breath, he instinctively moved backwards with disbelief and shock on his face.

“You… You…”

Before he could finish speaking, Su Ming had already turned his head around to look at him coldly. He moved and instantly closed in on the middle-aged man, who shuddered. He quickly moved back, spread his arms, formed a seal, then pushed one hand towards the sky, and the other downwards before he roared.

“Ancestors of Spiritlings, gather your souls on my body!”

Once he spoke, the planet trembled with a bang. The souls of the Spiritlings’ ancestors on the countless islands gathered on him and fused into his body, causing his level of cultivation to continuously increase. In an instant, he surpassed Avacaniya Realm, but his cultivation base was still increasing at an explosive rate. However, Su Ming was unperturbed by it.

He simply allowed the middle-aged man’s cultivation base to become increasingly stronger and his expression to become more ferocious with each passing moment. When Su Ming closed in on the man, he brought his right hand up and swung his arm. Booming sounds echoed in the air, and the middle-aged man swiftly moved back. He coughed up a mouthful of spirit aura and threw his head back to roar madly at the sky.

Many souls instantly gathered around him. They were the ancestors of the Spiritlings. At that moment, they looked like black clouds from a distance. They swept out in all directions and charged towards Su Ming. The black clouds looked as if they had turned into a huge mouth, and it was about to devour Su Ming in one bite.

But the moment they came into contact with him, Su Ming let out a cold harrumph. He seized the air with his right hand, and it immediately turned into a huge hand to catch the black cloud that came to devour him. Booming sounds echoed through all of the Spiritling Expanse Cosmos, and the black cloud that was formed by countless Spiritling ancestors gathered together let out a shrill roar. When it shuddered, it looked as if it tried to break free from Su Ming’s hand, but it could not do so.

Once Su Ming seized it, the black cloud’s roars shook the sky and earth. Countless shadows appeared that fought against each other to flee from the black cloud, but they could not do so. They could only be held by Su Ming and go down with him until he stood before the empty tombstone…

Su Ming grabbed the huge black cloud with his right hand, then lifted his index finger. By using the black cloud as ink, he started carving words on the empty tombstone.

“Mother… Chen Su’s grave…”

Every single time he wrote a word, shrill roars that were constantly increasing in intensity came from the black cloud. Each word contained a number of the souls of the Spiritlings’ ancestors. They continued dissipating as they roared because Su Ming was using them in words to worship his mother.

The black cloud continued shrinking nonstop, and a wave of despair enveloped the souls in it. It was especially so for the middle-aged man. His voice was the shrillest. The pain the souls suffered was indescribable. They felt like the entire world was inflicting pain on them.

Those who had died once would have two different reactions. One of them would be indifference to death, but most people would become even more fearful of death, and the ancestors of the Spiritlings were the latter type. As they screamed shrilly in pain, Su Ming began carving words on the tombstone again.

“Your son… Su Ming will use the souls of the Spiritlings to honor you.”

When Su Ming finished writing, the black cloud in his right hand dissipated.

The last to dissipate was the middle-aged man. Once his soul was crushed, Su Ming wrote the final word. The pain of despair caused the middle-aged man to feel as if he was about to go mad. At the moment before he dissipated, he felt as if he had returned to the past. When he saw the Sacred Lady of their people giving birth to that bastard fathered by a foreigner, the jealousy and madness in his heart had caused him to wipe off her existence once she passed away.

This was the final scene in his memories, and after that… everything was empty.

The carving of the words used up all the souls of the Spiritlings’ ancestors. Su Ming could not accept just punishing one Tribe Elder. If the Sacred Lady of the current generation had not stopped the event and was punished for it, then the Spiritlings’ ancestors who had watched the words on the tombstone belonging to Su Ming’s mother being wiped off and her soul dissipating would would not receive forgiveness either.

Since they did not stop him… they were in the wrong!

When Su Ming unfurled his right hand, everything was silent around him. He stared at the tombstone quietly, then knelt down and stayed like that for three days.

Then, Su Ming stood up. He cast a glance at the tombstone again before he turned around and walked into the air.

The galaxy was filled with his will, and countless wisps of the Expanse Cosmos’ will fused into him nonstop. As they gathered on Su Ming’s will, it was nourished, and he became slightly stronger than before.

He walked through the Spiritlings’ galaxy, and the bald crane followed behind him. It did not speak, because it had seen Su Ming’s actions on the planet. It saw Su Ming kneeling for a prolonged period of time in front of the tombstone. After that it, it stayed beside Su Ming and just walked forward quietly. It did not know where Su Ming wanted to go, but since Su Ming did not want to speak, then it would also keep quiet.

They continued walking until an incredibly ordinary looking planet appeared before them. It did not have much spiritual energy, and it was incredibly desolate. There weren’t even many cultivators there.

Su Ming stared at the planet in silence for a moment before he walked over. He landed on an unbroken mountain range to the northeast of the planet and looked down on a village at the foot of the mountain. It was… his mother’s homeland, which he had seen when he saw the soul fragment’s past.

He watched it silently, and after a long while he said faintly, “Either you go away, or you go away.”

Su Ming’s murderous aura had not dissipated, and it was impossible for it dissipate just because he had wiped off all the Ancestors’ souls to worship his mother. Even though he had never met his mother before… she was still his mother!

Her soul had dissipated by then, and the reason for it was because of the previous Tribe Elder. Su Ming was already being merciful by not destroying all the Spiritlings.

The murderous aura in his heart did not dissipate. At that moment, if someone who could not read the mood came to provoke him, that person… would have to face Su Ming whose killing intent had reached a murderous degree!

And precisely at that moment… a person who could not read the mood appeared.

“You’re far too conceited!” A cold and sinister voice echoed in the air. Cang San Nu swiftly appeared on another mountain not too far from Su Ming. When he looked at Su Ming, an intense fighting spirit appeared in his eyes.

“I am a Sovereign of Dawn in Avacaniya Realm, Cang…”

Cang San Nu had just started speaking and had yet to say his name while swinging his arm when Su Ming turned his head around. A hint of ferociousness as well as killing intent appeared on his face.

“Get lost!”

When he said that one word, the world rumbled. The planet trembled slightly, and the entire Expanse Cosmos began shuddering. His voice was like roaring thunder, and the instant it reverberated through the Expanse Cosmos, the air in front of Su Ming distorted. Cang San Nu’s expression changed drastically. The mountain range beneath him… crumbled in an instant. It did not shatter to pieces, but was instantly reduced to ash.

Cang San Nu coughed up seven consecutive mouthfuls of blood, and he was forced back about seventy thousand feet. When he finally managed to stop, he lifted his head swiftly, and shock appeared on his face.

When Su Ming’s voice echoed through Spiritling Expanse Cosmos, Cang San Nu’s heart shuddered. During that moment, three black-robed men appeared in Spiritling Expanse Cosmos with bodies surrounded by fog.

The three of them swiftly spread out, and as they traveled forward, Su Ming’s will came into contact with them, but it would phase through them as if they were invisible. It seemed like his will could not detect the three black-robed men, like there was some strange object on the trio’s bodies that would allow them to avoid his will.

The three split into three directions. When they moved, they created multiple versions of themselves and entered almost each of the cultivation planets in Spiritling Expanse Cosmos in search of the powerful warriors in this galaxy. Once they did, they would whisper to them.

“Spiritling Expanse Cosmos’ will has been seized by someone else. This person has great bloodlust, is brutal and callous. Now that your Expanse Cosmos’ will has been snatched away, the Expanse Cosmos’ life will definitely end within five hundred years, and a disaster will fall on you.

“In fact, from now on, all of the cultivators in this Expanse Cosmos will no longer be able to advance in your levels of cultivation, because this person… has already taken away everything that belongs to you!

“This person has the personality of a demon, and his power is like that of a tree, when there are plenty of trees, a forest will be formed… We cannot cut it down, and neither can we destroy it. We can only seal it!

“We… come from Life Extermination Hall!”

The three black-robed man searched for all the powerful warriors they could find in Spiritling Expanse Cosmos and said those words to them. The powerful warriors fell silent upon hearing them. They would normally not believe in unknown people’s words so easily, but the name of Life Extermination Hall… seemed to have chased away all their doubts and turned them into belief.

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