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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1315: Cang San Nu’s Confidence

Chapter 1315: Cang San Nu’s Confidence

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was one of the black-robed men in the cultivation planet where Su Ming stood. Once he said his things and walked out of a cave abode, he lifted his head and cast a glance at the sky. With it, a drop of crimson blood appeared at the center of his brow.

It looked like it had been branded into his forehead. When it shone with a red light, it allowed him to see far into the distance, and he saw Su Ming standing at the top of the mountain.

He also saw the shocked Cang San Nu.

“He’s just a mere cultivator in Avacaniya Realm. How dare he provoke a person like this? Hmph, this person is highly valued by the Progenitor, and he has been preparing for that person for years, there is no way a mere cultivator in Avacaniya Realm can affect him.

“If it weren’t because the Progenitor has given us his origin blood, we would not dare to show even a single strand of hair before this person, but now… Even if this person has already surpassed Arid Triad, he will still be unable to find us,” the black-robed man said faintly and swung his arm to turn into a long arc that flew into the sky before he disappeared without a trace.

Cang San Nu stared at Su Ming in shock. His face was slightly pale, but when he gritted his teeth, the unwillingness to admit defeat appeared on his face. Madness burned in his eyes, as if he had something he could depend on that made him absolutely confident that he could kill Su Ming. His will to fight instantly burned again.

“I am Cang San Nu, and I am here to challenge you!”

‘Is this person an idiot?’ The bald crane laid down in a lackadaisical fashion beside Su Ming, then cast a sideways glance at the roaring Cang San Nu.

‘Strange. Why is there such a strange person in Dark Dawn’s camp? Su Ming forced him back seventy thousand feet with a shout, and he still dares to challenge him?’ The bald crane scrutinized Cang San Nu, and it determined that he was an idiot.

‘Dark Dawn’s camp is quite interesting. Among the three Sovereigns of Dawn, one is Yan Pei, and another one is an idiot. I wonder what the third one is like…’

A smug look appeared on the bald crane’s face. It felt that if they were to compare their intelligences, the bald crane would definitely have the upper hand.

“I have killed three people from the previous aeon who had woken up, so you will be the fourth I will kill. Then, I will change my name to Cang Si Nu!”

As Cang San Nu roared, he raised his hands and swung them. The area around him was immediately dyed crimson. A strong bloody stench instantly filled the area. Once it did, the old man lifted his right hand and pushed downwards.

“Blood Spirit!”

Roars immediately echoed in the blood-red world. Five figures gathered up in the bloody air. They looked contorted and were covered in fresh blood. At the moment they appeared, they looked at Su Ming, then turned into five long arcs that charged towards him.

As they approached him, Su Ming scowled. His murderous aura erupted from him at that moment. He brought his right hand up, then seized the air in front of him. With it, the incoming five Blood Spirits shuddered before they broke down into countless droplets of blood that charged towards Su Ming’s right hand. They merged together to form a blood pearl above his palm.

With a fierce squeeze, the blood pearl shattered, and ripples even stirred up in the air around him, causing distortions to appear. Then, the blood-red world shattered in the manner akin to how a mirror would break.

Cang San Nu’s expression changed again. When he staggered backwards, he coughed up blood, but he still did not give up. Great confidence showed on his face. It stayed with him, causing him to believe that no matter what, he would definitely win the fight!

He bit the tip of his tongue and coughed up blood. It immediately turned into a blood dragon, and once it roared at the sky, it sucked in a sharp breath. The crumbling blood-red world was immediately sucked into its mouth, and its body swelled up to ten thousand feet before it charged towards Su Ming.

“Since you want to die, I will fulfill your request.”

Su Ming’s expression was dark. When he spoke, he took a step forward. He did not try to evade the blood dragon charging at him, but simply allowed it to open its mouth and devour him.

The moment they came into contact with each other, Su Ming did not even bother to attack. However, the blood dragon let out a shrill scream of pain. Devouring Su Ming was like devouring an entire galaxy, and it was beyond what it could manage.

Even colliding against him made it feel as if it had crashed into a wall that could not be shaken. The rebound that came back at it caused the blood dragon to roar in pain, and its body instantly crumbled.

Su Ming did not stop. With one step, he instantly appeared beside Cang San Nu. He lifted his right hand and swung his arm, and Su Ming’s will descended with a bang.

“Slave 1!”

Cang San Nu’s expression changed. When he swiftly retreated, he opened his mouth and spat out a pearl. It let out a bang and crumbled to turn into green fog. When it collided with Su Ming’s will, booming sounds filled the air, and a withered hand stretched out from the green fog.

A presence that did not belong to their aeon spread out from the arm. It moved so fast that the instant Su Ming’s will came into contact with it, it tried to grab his right hand. Su Ming let out a cold harrumph and simply allowed the right hand to seize his arm, then he flipped his hand and pushed forward.

With that push, the world roared, wind blew, and the green fog vanished to reveal a mummy that was once a child of about eight or nine years old. Red light was in the mummy’s eyes. It did not possess any intelligence, and once it grabbed Su Ming’s right hand, it pounced on him.

Su Ming flung his arm, and a huge force erupted from his body to rush into the mummy’s body. With a bang, the mummy crumbled.

“You have indeed surpassed a normal cultivator in Avacaniya Realm, and you are indeed worthy of killing some of the weaker people who woke up… but you should not have provoked me,” Su Ming said flatly. With the mummy alone, Cang San Nu already possessed the right to threaten some of those in Avacaniya Realm.

“I’m very curious. What sort of method did you use to kill those who woke up, and why do you… have such confidence that made you provoke me?”

Su Ming’s eyes flashed. He did not care about the old man’s appearance, but the mummy and its presence made it obvious that they were a sleeping person from the previous aeon. Su Ming had met this sort of person before, but he could not kill him. He could only seal him.

Yet right then, there was clearly the aura of death on the mummy, and it its intelligence had clearly been wiped off before it was refined into a weapon.

“You can experience it yourself!”

Madness appeared on Cang San Nu’s face. Once Su Ming destroyed the first mummy, he took a few steps backwards, and when he opened his mouth, he spat out another pearl that immediately turned into black air. Right after that, the third pearl flew out from Cang San Nu’s mouth.

The two pearls practically appeared at the same time. Once they turned into black and white fog respectively, two mummies appeared in them. One of them belonged to a man, and the other to a woman. When they appeared, the presence that did not belong to the current aeon appeared once more.

Once the two mummies appeared, the baffling confidence showed up on Cang San Nu’s face again. Su Ming did not believe that the old man before him was an idiot or a madman who lusted after battles. On the contrary, Su Ming believed that the old man definitely had a skill in hand that allowed him such confidence, and that skill… should be so incredibly powerful that it defied the laws of heaven.

This belief was incredibly strong. While Su Ming did not sense any form of danger from the old man, but that belief was strong in his heart every single time they clashed.

There was no way anyone who reached Avacaniya Realm could be a fool. If the person dared to appear before him and still chose to attack after hearing his roar, it… interested Su Ming.

In the face of the two people who had once woken up but whose consciousness and lives had been wiped off so they became puppets, Su Ming seized air with his right hand. The End of Wills Sword immediately appeared in his hand. With one slash, two rays of dazzling purple light instantly appeared.

Once that purple light sliced through the mummies, the two puppets jolted and were torn apart in front of Su Ming before they were reduced to ash. During that moment, the sword in Su Ming’s hand flew out and charged towards the center of Cang San Nu’s brow.

He wanted to force the old man to use that skill which gave him such confidence. He wanted to see just what caused this person to be so confident and what had allowed him to kill three powerful warriors from the previous aeon who had fused with their other selves.

The purple light from the End of Wills Sword instantly closed in on its target. Cang San Nu’s expression changed. He instantly moved back, and a hint of ferociousness appeared on his face. Since all of his methods were useless against Su Ming and his three slaves—his killing moves—could not even withstand a single blow, he could only… use his final attack.

He believed that once he brought out this item, Su Ming would be just like the other three people who had woken up. He would immediately die due to the shockwave, and he would instantly be able to turn the tides of battle and become the final winner.

He believed in this firmly, because the item’s strength was one which had never disappointed him before!

He had not immediately brought the item out but kept it for the final moment because he liked the excitement and striking back when it looked like his opponent had the complete advantage. He could overturn all his enemy’s advantages, which meant that his target would be struck by despair at the moment they were feeling the most confident.

He loved watching how their expressions changed. That was why he did not feel any sense of loss when his three slaves were destroyed, because he knew… that he was about to obtain… a puppet who was even stronger than those three slaves!

With confidence and madness on his face, right when the End of Wills Sword closed in on him, Cang San Nu threw his head back and laughed loudly. As he did so, he brought his right hand up and viciously struck the spot between his eyebrows. The clothes covering his chest were torn, and once his chest was revealed, Su Ming saw that… there was a thin membrane the size of a palm on the old man’s chest!

It looked to be stuck to his body. When Su Ming saw it, a sense of danger instantly rose within him, and his heart jolted.

It was at that moment that the End of Wills Sword closed in on the old man, and an ancient presence swiftly spread out from the thin membrane. Su Ming’s End of Wills Sword shuddered swiftly, and it could no longer move forward.

Everything in the area instantly fell silent. Su Ming stared at the membrane in fixation, and a loud bang shot up in his mind.

‘This presence…’

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