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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1316: Fragment!

Chapter 1316: Fragment!

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‘Harmonious Morus Alba’s presence!’

Su Ming instantly reached a conclusion. The thin membrane stuck on Cang San Nu’s chest had Harmonious Morus Alba’s presence. It was so thick that it even surpassed the presence he sensed previously on Harmonious Morus Alba’s will!

‘This is…’

When Su Ming’s pupils shrank and Cang San Nu’s ferocious laughter echoed in the air, he brought up his right hand and took off the thin membrane from his chest. He flung it forward, and the thin membrane instantly fused with the air before it reappeared the next instant before the shuddering End of Wills Sword. When it passed through it gently, the End of Wills Sword began shattering and breaking down inch by inch…

The racial vessel of Great Abyss Tribe shattered to pieces at that instant!

It was as if no existence could not stop the thin membrane no matter what they did. Everything that touched it would be instantly destroyed. The air shattered, the galaxy shuddered, and a powerful sense of danger enveloped Su Ming’s heart.

If he had not met the black-robed young man, this would be the strongest presence he had ever felt, but now, while the thin membrane gave Su Ming a feeling that it could kill him, it was unable to shock him.

Su Ming also understood from where Cang San Nu confidence stemmed and why he dared to provoke him. All of the answers to his questions lay in that item!

The thin membrane instantly closed in on him, and a brilliant light appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He did not retreat. When he lifted his right hand, the wills of Morning Dao, Immortal Sect, Sky Hill, and the Emperor of Abyss’ True World instantly gathered on him.

The full power of his cultivation base erupted from him. His will spread out until it reached two fingers on his raised right hand. He pointed them towards the incoming membrane, but he did not tap it. Instead, he had his fingers clamp down on it!

Su Ming was definitely not thinking about just resisting the item. He wanted… to make it his own!

Derision appeared on Cang San Nu’s face. There were a lot of people who had died under his supreme treasure, and among them, there were those who believed that they had great divine abilities and wanted to claim this item as their own. Yet the moment they touched it, either their bodies would be crushed or they would be wiped off till even their souls were gone.

Based on his experiences, with Su Ming’s level of cultivation, he should not be reduced to ash. Instead, he would become an empty shell suitable for him to refine into a puppet.

Cang San Nu’s ferocious smile became even more brilliant as he watched the thin membrane come into contact with Su Ming’s fingers and Su Ming clamping down on it with his fingers.

“Die! DIE!”

Cang San Nu laughed arrogantly and walked towards Su Ming. That was his personality. He would not attack and kill his enemies with this method straight away, but would first toy with them, causing them to believe that they were the ones toying with him. Only at the end would they realize that the one toyed with was never Cang San Nu himself.

In fact, he had already thought of how he wanted to refine Su Ming into a puppet. He took another step forward, but right at the moment his foot landed, his smile froze, and true shock appeared on his face.

He saw Su Ming shuddering… but there were signs of him shattering or his intelligence being wiped off. Instead, he gave off a feeling that he was fighting against the thin membrane.

“This… This is…”

It was the first time Cang San Nu was completely and truly stunned. Su Ming was not the only one trembling, after all. The thin membrane was shuddering too.

Su Ming fixed his stare on the thin membrane in his hand. At the moment he touched it, his will boiled with a bang. It was boiling so intensely that Su Ming felt that an endless, boundless storm had stirred up in his mind, and it was sweeping through his divine sense.

His will was fighting against the thin membrane. As they suppressed each other, Su Ming’s eyes filled with blood capillaries. At the instant a hint of madness appeared on his face, the image of a butterfly appeared behind him!

Regardless of whether it was Harmonious Morus Alba or Arid Triad, their wills took the form of butterflies, and as the third great will, Su Ming would naturally have the image of a butterfly once he brought out his full strength.

At the instant the butterfly’s shadow appeared, the thin membrane began shuddering even more violently. A brilliant light shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He pulled back his right hand, and a loud bang shot up into the air.

Su Ming staggered ten thousand feet backwards and coughed up eight mouthfuls of blood. His face was pale, but crazed delight was in his eyes. He lifted his hand slowly and looked at the thin membrane clamped between his fingers!

Standing not too far away was Cang San Nu with a stark pale face. The scene before him overturned all that he knew. His body shuddered, and for the first time… real terror appeared in his heart.

This was the first time he met someone that the thin membrane could not kill. It was also the first time he met someone else besides himself who could subjugate it, and he had only been able to do it because his tribe had been worshiping it for countless years before they obtained a hint of power to control it.

However, he could only stick it to his chest, then throw it to kill someone. He did not know about any other methods to use it, much less how to utilize it well.

When he saw that Su Ming was staring at the thin membrane, Cang San Nu shuddered, and he felt his skin crawl. Without any hesitation, he turned around and used all his power to execute his fastest speed. He fled as if he had gone mad.

He was afraid, and it was fear and terror that he had not felt before. He did not know why Su Ming could subjugate the thin membrane, but in his mind, he could still see how the membrane had shuddered.

At first glance, the shudders were due to the membrane struggling and fighting against Su Ming, but when he recalled what had happened, those shudders… were clearly a form of excitement!

When he thought of this, Cang San Nu felt so indignant that he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He felt indignant, incredibly indignant. He had come with great confidence, but in the end, he had run over in vain and even delivered his supreme treasure into Su Ming’s hands…

Su Ming did not pay any attention to Cang San Nu’s departure. At that moment, he had directed all his attention to the thin membrane in his hand. He caressed it. The crazed delight in his eyes was gradually hidden away, replaced by a glint of surprise.

‘This is… a fragment of Harmonious Morus Alba’s wing!

‘Judging by how it looks and its presence, it clearly came from the same source as Harmonious Morus Alba’s will. Unless it belongs to another butterfly, it has come from Harmonious Morus Alba itself, which is the Expanse Cosmos I currently reside in!

‘But… there were no damaged parts in all the Expanse Cosmoses in Harmonious Morus Alba to which I’ve gone. Then where did this fragment come from?’ A profound look appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and his gaze suddenly focused.

‘The butterfly has four wings. One of them is Harmonious Morus Alba, another is Arid Triad, and one of them is Dark Dawn and Saint Defier… then that leaves the fourth Expanse Cosmos. Could it be… that the fragment came from that place?

‘If it truly came from there… then how did Cang San Nu obtain it?!’

A brilliant light shone in Su Ming’s eyes. When he raised his head, he no longer found any traces of Cang San Nu in his line of vision. He let out a cold harrumph and put away the fragment of the butterfly’s wing. With a single move, he stepped into the air to gave chase.

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