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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1319: Will You Sit on a Sedan Chair or Will You Walk?

Chapter 1319: Will You Sit on a Sedan Chair or Will You Walk?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The Old Man Extermination…” Su Ming mumbled. He had never expected that the origin of everything that had happened to him would be connected to this legendary person. Su Ming was not unfamiliar with the Seed of Life Extermination either. He had in fact nourished it for a long time until the one half of the Seed of Life Extermination grew fully.

Yu Xuan was also the same. All of it seemed to have a vague connection to Su Ming at that moment, especially since…

Perhaps other people would just say that the Old Man Extermination was just a legend, but Su Ming remembered clearly that he had indeed seen an old man on an ancient ship while he was in the Seed of Life Extermination.

In fact… even the bald crane had seen the Old Man Extermination before. At that time, the bald crane had even tried to obtain eternal life.

‘He was a powerful warrior who managed to escape from his world when it was destroyed by the black-robed young man. He managed to move through the Vast Expanse to arrive in this place. I… absolutely won’t believe that he has died in the passage of time!

‘Then since he hasn’t died, where is he and what are his goals? Su Xuan Yi had been obsessed with the Seed of Life Extermination, so he must surely know a lot more.’ Su Ming remained silent for a long time before he cast a glance at the hall again. Then, he turned around and left. With one step, he disappeared from that Expanse Cosmos.

Before he arrived in Dark Dawn and Saint Defier’s camps, Su Ming had thought he had come to understand Arid Triad as well as Harmonious Morus Alba, but only at that moment did he realize that there were some secrets that perhaps even Arid Triad and Harmonious Morus Alba did not know.

There was the black-robed young man who devoured the butterfly and the Old Man Extermination who entered through the gap from the Vast Expanse beyond. Compared to these, the formation of Harmonious Morus Alba’s gap was no longer something important.

The more he knew, the more Su Ming felt that the worlds formed by the four wings on Harmonious Morus Alba were too difficult to understand… Who created the nine butterflies in the Vast Expanse, and who gave them the ability to create worlds and lives?

Who was that black-robed young man, and why did he want to devour the butterflies?

Then there was also the Old Man Extermination. He had fled to this place barely escaping death. What… were his goals?

All these questions filled Su Ming’s mind, and he left the Expanse Cosmos in silence. A brilliant light shone in his eyes at that moment. No matter how things would develop and regardless of whether Harmonious Morus Alba was damaged, whether Arid Triad’s Possession would be successful, whether the black-robed young man would come, and what goals the Old Man Extermination had… Su Ming did not know those things well, and since that was the case, it would be pointless no matter how he mulled over them.

Right then, the most important thing for Su Ming was to make himself stronger. Even if he had become the strongest in his aeon, it was still not enough. He had to become the strongest person in all the aeons the four wings of Harmonious Morus Alba had experienced. In fact, he had to take a step further and become someone like the Old Man Extermination who could move through the Vast Expanse.

Only by doing so could he truly fight against all disasters. Even if he could not withstand the disaster, he could still preserve some of his strength so that there was a possibility for him to rise to power in the future.

With this sort of resolve, when Su Ming raised his head, his eyes sparkled brilliantly. He took a step forward and went to more Expanse Cosmoses in Dark Dawn to devour them. Not only would he devour Dark Dawn’s Expanse Cosmoses, he would also devour Saint Defier’s Expanse Cosmoses. Once he devoured all 360 Expanse Cosmoses in Dark Dawn and Saint Defier, his will would go through another metamorphosis.

It would then be strong enough to support him through his final spirit ascension!

The devouration lasted for nearly half a month. Wherever Su Ming went, no matter what race resided in it, the weak will born in that particular Expanse Cosmos would be fully devoured by him, but he did not bother any of the people in those Expanse Cosmoses.

In truth, this sort of devouration would not have too much of an effect on those people. It was just equivalent to him devouring the will in the Expanse Cosmos formed by the beliefs of the people in their tribe. In truth though, that will could not even be seen as the god worshiped by each tribe.

Once the will was devoured, the only harm to the tribe would be that it would no longer have the feeling of being one with the Expanse Cosmos. However, they could still continue with their practice in the path of cultivation, and the length of their life would remain the same. In fact, after some time had passed, another will would be born, and everything would return to normal.

However, there were only a few hundred years left before the disaster. Even if Su Ming did not devour those weak wills, they would be wiped off by the disaster.

But Su Ming still had not managed to notice that three black-robed men from Life Extermination Hall still followed him through all the Expanse Cosmos. They stirred up resentment and flamed the fires of hate of countless people from multiple tribes towards him. They had sowed a seed that was absorbing all the negative emotions while it grew continuously.

While Su Ming devoured the wills in the Expanse Cosmoses, the bald crane lived its life in an incredibly fulfilling manner. Usually, when Su Ming devoured the will of an Expanse Cosmos, it would rely on its Transformation Art to gather all the crystals it could using all the despicable and dirty methods it could think of. However, to it, these were just small tricks. After all, it had even conducted scam marriages for the sake of crystals when it was in Black Ink Planet. Compared to those days, the bald crane was already much more merciful.

Half a month later, when Su Ming had devoured around seven-tenths of the 180 wills in Dark Dawn and was just about to continue—the bald crane also looked as if it had not looted its fill of crystals yet—Su Ming suddenly stopped when he walked past an Expanse Cosmos. He lifted his right hand and patted his storage bag. A jade slip immediately appeared in his hand.

It was the one in which Su Ming had a wisp of Yan Pei’s soul, which could help them communicate. He cast a glance at the jade slip and sent his will to scan it. Immediately, Yan Pei’s respectful voice rose in Su Ming’s mind.

“Master, I have found traces of the people you asked for, but… Master, you should come to the Expanse Cosmos where the Heavenly Foxes reside first…”

There was some hesitation in his words. It seemed like he did not know how to put his thoughts into words and how to explain the matter at hand. He was worried that he would incite Su Ming’s anger, which made him sound very nervous and hesitant.

Su Ming pondered over his words for a moment before he put away the jade slip. With one move, he headed towards the Expanse Cosmos where the Heavenly Foxes were based on the map in his head.

That Expanse Cosmos was one of the three-tenths of Expanse Cosmoses Su Ming had yet to devour. He did not know what sort of tribe the Heavenly Foxes were, but Yan Pei had told him once that the Sovereign of Dawn Zi Ruo belonged to them.

Su Ming did not have much of an impression of Zi Ruo, who Yan Pei had said to be the strongest woman in Dark Dawn’s camp. As he moved forward, he did not waste a single moment to loiter around. In just the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, he passed through multiple Expanse Cosmoses and stepped into the Expanse Cosmos which belonged to the Heavenly Foxes.

When he stepped into it, Su Ming immediately frowned. The galaxy in this Expanse Cosmos was not black, but pink. The pinkish hue would cause people to feel their bodies grow warm without their notice when they saw it, but this warmth did not mean that their bodies had truly become warm. Instead, their blood flowed faster, and a hint of heat would pool in their bodies.

The unexpected scene gave Su Ming a very strange feeling, but with the might of his cultivation base and the great strength of his will, he did not think too much about it. After all, each Expanse Cosmos had its own characteristics that differentiated them from the others.

Almost at the instant Su Ming stepped into the Expanse Cosmos, long arcs charged towards him from up ahead. When he looked over, he found that all of them belonged to incredibly beautiful women. They did not wear revealing clothing, but gave off a demure and elegant feeling. All of them were stunning beauties.

They did not have a single flaw. When they came forward, they formed two long rows in front of Su Ming. Each of the women had a smile on her face as they lifted red lanterns high above their heads, illuminating the pink galaxy in a manner that it instantly filled it with a feeling as if it was a rose. It looked incredibly dazzling, and there was an ambiguous air in the area which Su Ming could not put to words.

Yet that ambiguous air was incredibly faint. If there was anyone who had wicked intentions in their hearts, they would be able to sense it incredibly clearly. Yet if those who were pure in heart saw this, they would only think that this place was incredibly beautiful. Su Ming was not the former, and neither was he the latter. He frowned and cast a cold glance at the long path formed by the two rows of women. He had no idea where it would lead to.

Regardless of whether the women were pretty or ugly, they could not catch Su Ming’s attention. The urges were not strong in him, because he had never had those kind of experiences in his life…

“We, the Heavenly Foxes, greet senior Su Ming.”

The women spoke softly, and their quiet words had a dignified air as they bent their knees in a small bow to Su Ming. Their voices were incredibly pleasant to the ears, sounding as soft as velvet, but not licentious. Their words were respectful, but also seemed as if they were unintentionally teasing someone, though no one knew whether this was just a figment of their imagination.

Even Su Ming could not help but cast a few glances at them. When he heard them speak, he too found them very pleasant to the ears, which made the frown disappear from his face.

“Senior, this way please. Our tribe leader, Sovereign Zi, and Sovereign Pei are both before us. They are kowtowing towards this place to welcome you,” one of the two women in the front said softly. Her eyes moved to Su Ming, but there was a pure look on her face.

Su Ming nodded. When he was about to take a step forward, the other woman quickly knelt down and spoke softly.

“Senior, would you like to sit on a sedan chair, or would you like to walk?” The woman’s voice was as clear as bells. When it reached Su Ming’s ears, it felt like warm rain had poured on his heart. A comfortable feeling rose in him without his knowledge, and Su Ming stopped to look at her.

“What do you mean by sedan chair?” he asked faintly.

When he said that, Su Ming was immediately stunned, because more than one hundred women from among the two rows instantly gathered together. They placed their hands on the shoulders of the woman before them, and in the blink of an eye, they formed the shape of a snake!

At the center of the snake formation was a soft chair formed by the bodies of around a dozen women, creating… an incredibly erotic sedan chair.

“Senior, please get on the sedan chair.”

The woman who had spoken to Su Ming previously bent her knees and bowed to him. She spoke softly, and there was not a hint of change on her face. She looked as proper and dignified as ever, as if this sort of sedan chair was universally accepted. If someone thought too much into it, it was not the women’s fault, but the person’s alone…

Su Ming fell silent.

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