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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1320: Baldy’s Anger

Chapter 1320: Baldy’s Anger

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If it had been Su Ming from one thousand something years ago, he would have definitely blushed. He might not pay too much attention to the workings between men and women, but he still understood some principles about dual cultivation…

But the current Su Ming was known as an old monster. He might feel slightly uncomfortable and awkward about this, but not a single sign of these emotions showed on his face. He swept his gaze past the sedan chair formed by the coquettish women, then decided to just walk over and sit on the erotic sedan chair.

Underneath Su Ming was a seat formed by the soft bodies of around a dozen women. When he sat down, he immediately sensed the softness under him, but he did not bother himself with what part of the women’s bodies he was sitting on. Su Ming just closed his eyes and began meditating as well as exercising his breathing.

Once Su Ming sat down, a look of scorn immediately appeared in the bald crane’s eyes. It flew over while looking like it was incredibly unwilling to do so. It sat down next to Su Ming with an expression that spoke about how it was already nitpicking the chair in its head. It looked around itself, and the scorn on its face grew stronger.

“It’s just a bunch of skin and flesh, so what’s there to show off? Hmph, once I have feathers on my body, I will definitely look even better than these women,” the bald crane mumbled under its breath and patted a certain bulging part of a woman’s body beside it.

“Sure is soft… But they look so ugly. They don’t even have any feathers on them. So ugly, ah, so ugly… Hah… when can I ever find a beautiful female crane who can fly with me?”

As the bald crane sighed with great emotion, it instinctively squeezed the body part with a scornful and contemptuous look on its face. It did not go away…

Su Ming did not pay attention to the bald crane’s actions. As the sedan chair beneath him moved, a pleasant fragrance wafted to his nose. The two rows of incredibly beautiful women lifted Su Ming and walked forward. In the beginning, Su Ming could not really get used to it, but soon, he opened his eyes. His expression was calm. While he remained seated on the sedan chair, he looked at the pink galaxy around him. Soon after, he stopped meditating and leaned against a woman who had immediately sat up demurely when she saw Su Ming leaning back. She used her back to support his weight.

This form of treatment and enjoyment was something Su Ming had never experienced since he could remember himself. When he leaned back, a lot of hands immediately stretched out from the chair around him and began massaging him gently. If… Su Ming’s willpower was not great, the feeling this brought would have caused even him to be momentarily lost.

The bald crane also received the same erotic treatment as Su Ming, but its body was slightly smaller… so when the hands caressed it, the bald crane’s figure was practically buried under the flesh and skin it regarded with scorn just moments ago…

Su Ming did not refuse. He was a temperamental person and always acted as he pleased. He did not have a lot of morals tying him down. Since he had already sat down on the sedan chair, he did not intend to put on the airs of a someone with high moral standards.

But neither would he do anything out of hand. After all… he did not know what sort of action would be considered as out of hand. He only leaned back against the woman and allowed the sedan chair to move. When about an hour passed, a huge circle of light appeared in front of Su Ming.

It shone with a pink light. As it spread out, a girl with a pink silk gauze dress appeared within it. The appearance of this woman was enough to instantly attract all gazes. At the moment she appeared, the beauty of the women surrounding Su Ming instantly paled in comparison.

When compared to normal women, the women around Su Ming were as brilliant as the bright moon, but when they were compared to the woman in the pink dress, they were just the faint glow of a firefly.

The woman in pink was tall. She had a slim figure and not many astonishing curves. However, this gave her a weak and delicate feeling, causing all those who saw her to immediately feel affection for her.

Purple crystals acted as ornaments at the center of her brow. When she chuckled sweetly, an indescribable charm appeared without her notice, causing all those who saw her to never be able to forget her.

The woman’s beauty came from her fair wrist that could only be barely seen through her sleeves, her eyes that looked as if they were sparkling water from a spring, her fingers that were long and fair like white jade, and her lips that were so red that she looked as if she had a red pearl in her mouth. Every twinkle in her eye and every smile on her lips could cause a person’s heart to pound.

All the women Su Ming had seen in his life, be it Bai Ling, Cang Lan, Xu Hui, or even Yu Xuan could not compare to this woman’s beauty. It could be said that the beauty before him was the most gorgeous lady Su Ming had ever seen in his life!

Once the gentle smile, the seemingly indescribable loveliness in her eyes, the dignified air, and her faint charm fused together, the impact could cause all lives to pale in comparison before her.

Even if Yan Pei was also a Sovereign of Dawn, when he stood next to her, he could not help but be a much paler presence, causing all those who looked over to be unable to help themselves but overlook him. Yan Pei seemed to know about this, which was why he chose not to be too close to her, but even so, he still could not avoid being ignored.

There were other Heavenly Foxes around the woman, and about eight-tenths of them were women. Only two-tenths of them were men, and all of them were handsome men. They surrounded the area, and the moment they saw Su Ming, they knelt down and worshiped him.

“We greet Senior Su.”

While their voices were echoing in the galaxy, the woman in pink chuckled softly and took a step forward. Her gaze landed on Su Ming who was on the sedan chair. When she saw him, she bent her knees slightly and opened her mouth.

“I am Zi Ruo. Greetings, Senior Su.”

Even though they were both Sovereigns of Dawn, but her choice and attitude were completely different from Cang San Nu’s. When her gentle voice tumbled out of her lips, Yan Pei cast a strange look at her, and his heart shuddered. Based on his understanding of Zi Ruo, he felt like he could tell what she was thinking, and it left him shocked.

‘This… This Zi Ruo… She…’ Yan Pei sucked in a sharp breath and immediately lowered his head to bow to Su Ming.

Su Ming was still leaning against the woman while sitting on the sedan chair. He swept his gaze across Yan Pei and Zi Ruo. Even though he had never met Zi Ruo before, he could still tell that this woman… was the third Sovereign of Dawn.

“Well then, tell me why you have asked me to come to this place,” Su Ming said flatly while leaning against the woman. Leaning back and sitting on the soft bodies was incredibly comfortable.

Su Ming’s voice was flat and indifferent, but when it landed in Yan Pei’s ears, it caused his heart to tremble. All his jumbled thoughts were immediately swept away. He steeled his expression and took a few steps forward. When he wrapped his fist in his palm towards Su Ming, he immediately spoke,

“Master, this is…” Just when Yan Pei was about to continue speaking, Zi Ruo took over with a gentle voice. She looked at Su Ming with her beautiful eyes, and her voice was soft and gentle, as if she was a little anxious.

“Senior Su, please don’t blame him. This is my fault. That matter all those years ago… There were indeed a few people in Arid Triad’s Divine Essence Star Ocean who had not opened the tunnel but used the power of the tunnel to come to Dark Dawn’s camp.

“And they… are in the Heavenly Foxes’ Expanse Cosmos.

“But we can swear by the Heavenly Foxes’ destiny that we have never seen those people before. When they were Relocated to our Expanse Cosmos, they were sucked into… a strange place in our Expanse Cosmos.”

Zi Ruo lowered her head when she spoke quietly. She did not lie, for she would she not dare to hide anything. Even though she did not know what sort of divine abilities Su Ming had, the Art of reversing time Yan Pei had mentioned was enough for Su Ming to be able to crush all lies.

Su Ming appeared calm, and his emotions could not be seen on his face, but he was no longer leaning against the woman. Instead, he had sat up straight. While staring at Zi Ruo, he said calmly, “Continue.”

This one simple word was enough to make Zi Ruo’s heart shudder, but the more it was so, the stronger the fire in her heart burned. It filled her entire body, causing her to gain a feeling of wanting to lower her head before a powerful warrior. There was no form of indignation within this feeling, but indescribable security.

The mighty pressure from Su Ming’s gaze caused Zi Ruo’s heart to race. The thought… of pushing him down instantly became incredibly strong in her mind.

“They are in the Old Man Extermination’s tomb. The Old Man Extermination was once a legend in all the Expanse Cosmoses in Dark Dawn’s camp. Before he died, four of the 180 Expanse Cosmoses in Dark Dawn built his tomb, and one of those tombs is in Heavenly Fox Expanse Cosmos.

“The people who were Relocated here from Divine Essence Star Ocean… have been sucked into the Old Man Extermination’s tomb,” Zi Ruo explained gently with her head still lowered.

“The Old Man Extermination’s tomb?”

Su Ming stood up slowly from the sedan chair formed by the women. A brilliant light shone in his eyes. Before he gained an understanding of the wing fragment and had come to the conclusion that the Old Man Extermination came from the Vast Expanse, Su Ming would not have thought too much into what Zi Ruo said, but right then…

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled before that glow disappeared. Once a calm look settled in his eyes, he took a step forward and walked out of the erotic sedan chair formed by the women to arrive before Zi Ruo.

When he approached her, Zi Ruo felt a presence that could suppress her come crashing into her face, and it made her instinctively want to move back, but she forced that urge down. Instead, she lifted her head and stared at Su Ming walking towards her.

Her eyes were incredibly beautiful, like stars, but when Su Ming saw them, his expression remained as aloof as ever. He arrived before Zi Ruo and said faintly, “You will lead the way to the Old Man Extermination’s tomb.”

The bald crane’s shriek shot up into the galaxy from the sedan chair formed by the women. As it shrieked, it struggled and finally managed to extract itself from the hands after much difficulty. Then, it flapped its wings and flew while looking incredibly disheveled. The derision and contempt on its face had long since disappeared to turn into terror.

“Damn it, damn it… You can’t touch that place, you… you…”

The bald crane flew out in a disheveled state and immediately went to Su Ming. When it turned its head back, the sedan chair dissolved itself into the many chuckling women again. The bald crane immediately shuddered.

“These bags of skin and flesh… these damn bags of skin and flesh, how dare they treat the great Grandpa Crane like this? How dare they touch that place… I… I… I…” The bald crane was livid. Even its featherless body had turned red due to its rage at that moment.

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