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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1326: Plot for Murder

Chapter 1326: Plot for Murder

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At the instant the corpses were reduced to powder, even more fog instantly filled the flesh tunnel. There was an element in that fog that served as an aphrodisiac. If a normal person took even a small whiff of it, their bodies would immediately tremble, and the lust that would erupt from their bodies would burn their souls until they died.

An aura of this level was no longer an aphrodisiac, but a poison that could corrode all beings!

Even Zi Ruo had not expected things to turn out this way. Despite being in Avacaniya Realm, she could only struggle at that moment. The length of time she spent dazed gradually surpassed the amount of time her head was clear.

But that was not all. She had fallen into her own trap, but her people were still dancing in the world outside and releasing more of their inborn abilities, causing the aura in the flesh tunnel to become even thicker.

When the fog around Zi Ruo concealed her entirely, a moan that would stir up the soul and all the lust residing in the depths of a person’s body… resounded through the flesh tunnel.

That sound was indescribably enchanting, and it contained a tempting note to it that caused those who heard it to feel thirsty. They would also feel a desire they could not put to words boiling in them, and it would make them want to search for a companion so the lustful passion could erupt from their bodies.

When that sound tumbled out of Zi Ruo’s lips, a bang shot up in her head. She could no longer fight against the fog and lost her mind, but there was still a slight struggle left in her being. However, there was no longer any clarity in her eyes. The vacant look had become even more prominent, and her body was flushed pink. She had ripped off her own clothes at some point in time, and her barely discernible figure in the fog could tempt all lives in the universe.

Even those in Avanicaya Realm would find it hard to keep their minds clear in the poison that stirs up the most primal lust.

Zi Ruo’s body grew even more flushed. As the sounds of her pants echoed in the air, her body moved based on instinct to search for Su Ming. She turned into a long arc and charged forward.

She had to search for him. Even though she had lost her consciousness, the hint of clarity remaining in the depths of her mind turned into an instinct that told her that if she could not find Su Ming and return to normal from her aroused state… then she would be burned alive by the fire in her body. Even if she was not burned alive, once she was controlled by the poisonous lust for a long period of time and could not neutralize it, then…

She would turn into a puppet without consciousness that only knew lust. Once she left the flesh tunnel in that state, it would be the greatest tragedy in her life. In fact, she would become the greatest tragedy for all of Dark Dawn as well…

Zi Ruo did not want that to happen. Even if she died, she did not want that to happen… but she had already lost her mind. Before the last bit of awareness remaining in her mind was destroyed, a tear rolled down her cheek.

However, it instantly turned into vapor… No one but her could see it.

It was the final tear from her. When it disappeared, Zi Ruo lost all her consciousness and turned into a body controlled by lust, a female beast whose soul was controlled by her desires!

Her beautiful body shot through the fog in search for a life who could release the poisonous lust in her body. At that moment, no matter who she found… she would do everything regardless of the cost to present her beauty before them.

Perhaps it was a tragedy… but if she had not been persistent about her desires, she would not have ended up in such a situation.

As Zi Ruo moved through the fog, Su Ming charged downwards like lightning. A gust of cold wind stirred up around him. It could not blow away the fog that filled the flesh tunnel, but it continuously blew against Su Ming so that his mind could remain clear.

His eyes were slightly red, but his mind was very clear. He did not appear to be too affected. At that moment, Su Ming had already guessed that Zi Ruo was the main reason behind the abnormality that had occurred in the flesh tunnel.

However, with his intelligence, he soon deduced that even if she was a powerful warrior in Avacaniya Realm, it was impossible for her to create a poisonous aphrodisiac that could affect Su Ming.

There was definitely a hidden manipulator in this, and it was this person… who magnified the effects of the life-affecting poison so that it could affect Su Ming.

And based on Su Ming’s deductions, aside from that so-called Old Man Extermination, the only other person who could do it… was Arid Triad!

After all, regardless of whether it was Dark Dawn or Saint Defier, both belonged to Arid Triad, which was why he had the right to set up this plot quietly without Su Ming noticing it.

A freezing glare shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He had met Arid Triad before. That person had the power to Possess Harmonious Morus Alba, so he would probably not use such a method if he wanted to kill Su Ming.

‘There should be a third party involved in this!’

Su Ming’s eyes shone. He could sense that the poisonous aphrodisiac had become stronger, but he was still very far away from the end of the flesh tunnel.

As a freezing glare appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, he let out a cold harrumph, and he came to a swift halt. He lifted his right hand and seized the air in the direction of the flesh tunnel beside him.

With it, the area around him roared. The entire flesh tunnel shuddered, and a huge palm manifested before Su Ming. The instant it touched the flesh tunnel, it was blocked by a gentle power residing within it. Amid the booming sounds that shot up, the palm Su Ming had brought up disappeared.

‘Arid Triad!’

A brilliant light shone in Su Ming’s eyes. The gentle power spreading out of the flesh tunnel belonged to Arid Triad!

The instant the palm Su Ming had formed disappeared, an even greater poisonous aphrodisiac was released from the flesh tunnel. With dashes of pink in it, the fog instantly covered Su Ming’s field of vision. He fell silent. He stood there and did not move, but instead let out a soft sigh.

“Do you want to destroy me so much? Even if we made a promise to wait for one hundred years, you still chose to attack me when you believed you had the chance…

“This place is not connected to the sky, and neither is it connected to earth. This isn’t space, and neither is it the galaxy. There is no entrance, so it is also difficult to find its exit…

“You must have sealed it off completely. This is a place specifically targeted to killing me.”

As Su Ming sighed, he shook his head. He knew that he had been careless. Ever since he came to Dark Dawn’s camp, he had been confused by the black-robed young man who had devoured a butterfly and the fact that Old Man Extermination was still alive and had come from the Vast Expanse beyond, which was why he had been careless in regards to Arid Triad.

“You control Dark Dawn and Saint Defier, so you should know where this tunnel leads to, and you should also know… that Old Man Extermination came from the Vast Expanse beyond!

“Then do you know that there is a young man in black within the Vast Expanse who specifically devours Harmonious Morus Albas?!”

Su Ming swung his arm, and the haziness around him instantly disintegrated. At the same time, a young man with a gentle look appeared on the walls of flesh on the tunnel. He was dressed in white. His body was an illusion, and he appeared in the haziness.

He might be quite different from the person under the tree, but this presence and will told Su Ming that this was Arid Triad.

“I do not know of the black-robed young man you speak of… and neither do I want to know about him. As for that so-called Old Man Extermination, I have observed him before. He is indeed from the Vast Expanse beyond, but he won’t be able to do anything.

“To me… you are the one who poses the greatest threat to me.”

When the young man spoke, his eyes flashed. The world immediately roared, and at an indescribable speed, the poisonous aphrodisiac in the flesh tunnel became even more dense.

“As long as you are one of the living beings in the world, you cannot escape from the seven emotions and six desires. Even if you don’t have them, you have the instinctual desire to reproduce. Our wills exist on the same plane of existence… but I no longer have a physical body. I only have a will left… and since you cannot discard your physical body, you have a weakness.

“This weakness is your desire. I will use it to destroy your life, and when you lose your consciousness, you will lose your will. Without your will, you will be unable to fight against me, and I will only need one thought… to kill you.”

Arid Triad’s voice echoed in the air with a tone that brook no argument. When it reached Su Ming’s ears, he stared at the spot where Arid Triad’s illusory body was covered by the fog. In silence, he shook his head.

Clearly, Arid Triad did not care about the black-robed young man or Old Man Extermination. Other people would think that Arid Triad’s indifference towards them was due to his confidence and because he knew things that only he was privy to, which was why he could ignore them.

However… Su Ming was the same type of existence as Arid Triad. At that moment, he could sense… that Arid Triad did indeed not know of the black-robed young man’s existence, or rather, he had some clues about it, but was too conceited to pay them any heed, and he also underestimated Old Man Extermination.

“Honestly… the two of us did not have to be enemies.”

Su Ming sighed softly, and a hint of killing intent appeared in his eyes. He took a few steps back, brought his right hand up, and swung his arm forward.

With that one swing, his will erupted from him. It formed a huge vortex, and it rotated, Su Ming let out a cold harrumph.

“I wonder if a third party is involved in this plot of yours with which you want to ensure my death. I’m very curious. If there is truly a third party involved, I truly want to see… who is it that keeps me in their minds so much!”

Su Ming smiled coldly. He brought his right hand forward and formed a seal, then pointed at the spot between his eyebrows. With it, the slit formed by his third eye at the center of his brow began to open.

The dark light within it grew to a dazzling degree until the third eye completely opened, revealing the pupil inside.

The vortex before Su Ming rotated, sweeping up the poisonous aphrodisiac around him into the distance with booming sounds. Su Ming’s third eye sparkled at the center of his brow, and the entire world was magnified endlessly within it.

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