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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1327: Love Menace

Chapter 1327: Love Menace

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The hazy, poisonous aphrodisiac in front of Su Ming was enlarged endlessly. At the same time, the rotating vortex also touched the wall of the flesh tunnel. When the two came into contact, the gentle power that had appeared previously appeared once more, causing Su Ming’s vortex to instantly crumble, but the wall shrank inward as well.

At the instant it shrank, the body of the young man dissipated slightly, but Arid Triad quickly gathered himself together. However, during the moment between his body dissipating and gathering together, Su Ming magnified it with his third eye several millions of times.

He saw that there were countless glowing spots in Arid Triad’s manifested body, and a universe contained in the glowing spot at the center of his brow.

He also saw a galaxy in that universe. It was soon magnified until Su Ming saw a cultivation planet. There were three altars on it.

They were positioned in the three points of a perpendicular triangle. A person was sitting on each altar; two men and one woman. The woman was dressed in white. She was sitting cross-legged and was forming seals with her hands. The middle-aged man on the altar directly across from her did the same thing, and the two of them seemed to be using all their power to help… the old man on the third altar.

The old man was dressed in a long robe, and his hair was a mess. There was blood at the corners of his mouth. He had his right hand pressed on a shattered bone, and in his left hand he held a small pink bottle. It had a strand of hair submerged in the pink liquid. The old man was mumbling, as if he was chanting, and the air around him distorted.

The presence of those in Avacaniya Realm was thick on the three of them, making it clear that they were three powerful warriors in Avacaniya Realm. Su Ming had never met them before… but the moment he saw the woman, he immediately sensed a familiar presence from her.

It had once resided in his ring, which was a telling sign that the woman was the previous owner of the supreme treasure. With that being the case, her status was obvious to Su Ming.

‘Saint Defier’s three cultivators in Avacaniya Realm!’

Killing intent appeared in Su Ming’s third eye. It was as he had expected, there was a third party involved in the plot to murder him. Once he saw everything, he came to a complete understanding of what was going on.

He also sensed a hint of Arid Triad’s presence on the shattered bone the old man held in his hand. The strand of hair in the small bottle filled with pink liquid, of course, belonged to Su Ming!

When he saw all of that with his third eye, the old man opened his eyes, and resolve appeared on his face. He squeezed the small bottle in his left hand, and the bottle immediately shattered. The strand of hair and the pink liquid landed on the shattered bone, which immediately absorbed them. Even the hair was branded deeply into it, as if it had become a part of the bone’s marks.

‘A Curse, huh?’

Su Ming swiftly closed his third eye. The world before him disappeared, and what appeared before Su Ming’s eyes again was the fog in the flesh tunnel.

The poisonous aphrodisiac already filled the entire area. It covered his eyes, and a pink shade even appeared on Su Ming’s body. His mind might have still been clear, but his heart had sped up. The circulation of his Qi and blood was also much faster than usual.

In fact… red had appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Blood capillaries filled the whites of his eyes. It revealed how he was oppressing his lust, but even more so what strong killing intent he harbored in his heart. However, there was a hint of concern contained in that killing intent as well.

Su Ming could not think of a way to resolve the plot against him, but if he let time pass, he knew exactly what would await him.

Moving back, he raised his right hand, and Harmonious Morus Alba’s illusory shadow appeared behind him. It was the manifestation of his will. When he pointed forward, the shadow of Harmonious Morus Alba with his will gathered on it immediately flew forward. With a loud bang, it charged at the fog. Once it shot passed it, it crashed into the flesh tunnel.

However… with Arid Triad’s will around, Su Ming’s will was eventually neutralized.

His eyes became even more bloodshot. He lifted his hands and formed a seal, then the wills of Morning Dao, Immortal Sect, Sky Hill, and the Emperor of Abyss’ True World instantly descended once more. At the same time, he threw his head back and roared. When he extended his right hand, the souls of Great Berserkers came charging out. When they gathered on him, his right arm instantly grew larger.

It was followed by his left arm, torso, and legs. In an instant, Su Ming completed the God of Berserkers Transformation. With its power and the four wills surrounding him, Su Ming turned into a long arc that flew forth with a bang, shooting through the fog at the nearest wall of the flesh tunnel.

The moment Su Ming approached, the young man formed by Arid Triad instantly appeared on the wall. He lifted his right hand and pushed towards the incoming Su Ming with a grim expression on his face.

The two of them crashed into each other. When Su Ming’s and the young man’s hands touched, the entire flesh tunnel trembled furiously. Ripples swept through the area. The young man’s figure dissipated, but once Su Ming coughed up a mouthful of blood, his body fell back as well.

He was instantly forced out of his God of Berserkers Transformation state due to the rebound. When his body returned to normal, the four great wills around him disintegrated as well before they gathered on him again. Su Ming came to a stop and wiped off the blood at the corners of his mouth. He stared at the fog around him falling backwards to reveal the young man formed by Arid Triad on the walls on the flesh tunnel, who had manifested once more, but who was now slightly indistinct.

“It’s useless. All your resistance… is useless. The more you struggle, the faster the poisonous aphrodisiac will take effect,” the young man formed by Arid Triad said faintly.

Su Ming cast a cold look at him and moved back. Arid Triad’s will existed everywhere in the flesh tunnel, so it was difficult for Su Ming to break it. As he moved back, a myriad of thoughts ran through his mind.

‘If Arid Triad’s descent is the tree, then the roots are Saint Defiers’ cultivators in Avacaniya Realm. They’re working together. One of them sealed the paths in this place and changed the Heavenly Foxes’ inborn talents, and the other is Cursing me!

‘That shattered bone belongs to Arid Triad, and that hair belongs to me. That pink liquid is clearly the one that created this hazy, poisonous aphrodisiac. They aren’t thinking of killing me. Arid Triad… is thinking of devouring me!

‘They definitely have plenty of other preparations in hand to make sure that this plan can be carried out perfectly no matter what I do…’

As Su Ming rushed backwards, the pink fog around him tumbled and surged to fill the area around him.

‘If I want to get out of this situation, I shouldn’t place my emphasis on Arid Triad, but the three people from Saint Defier… As long as I get rid of them, there will be a way for me to break out of this situation. Arid Triad’s devouration cannot be complete. He was worried about the disaster’s descent in the past when he fought against me, so it must still be the same!

‘I need a chance to get rid of those three people from Saint Defier!

‘But right now, everything in this place has been sealed. I cannot spread my will outwards, so it’s impossible for me to reach the three people from Saint Defier… What can I do to indirectly make them stop Cursing me?’

Su Ming continued moving back. As he stared at the pink fog tumbling about, he sensed a primitive urge slowly rise in his body. The moment it appeared, it started interfering with his mind.

The fog around him became even thicker and covered the entire area as it surged continuously towards Su Ming. In fact, the fog around him had already concealed his body.

‘There’s another method, and that is for me to use the power of the butterfly’s wing fragment. I can force my way out of this place. I can ensure success with this method… but if I leave in this condition, even if I flee from the flesh tunnel, I won’t be able to avoid being devoured by Arid Triad… The wing fragment should only be used at the most crucial moments for it to critically effective!’

Su Ming’s mind gradually became muddled. This was something that had never happened his will had reached perfection. Yet at that moment, as Arid Triad’s will interfered with him and the three people from Saint Defier schemed against him, Su Ming was faced with such a situation

He could already sense that Arid Triad had already opened his mouth and bared his fangs behind the fog. He was only waiting for Su Ming’s mind to scatter before he would immediately devour him.

‘Once my mind scatters, my will will also dissipate. At that time, Arid Triad will not worry about me fighting back when he devours me. He won’t have to worry about backlash either, which would affect his plan of making the disaster descend several hundred years later to search for Harmonious Morus Alba. Oh well, no matter what, if I have no other choices, then I can only use the wing fragment to buy some time…

‘Hmm?’ When Su Ming moved back and was about to act, a brilliant glint suddenly shone in his eyes.

‘Backlash… Backlash… That’s right, backlash, that’s what I need. I need to make those three people in Saint Defier suffer a backlash from their Curse. Once they face a backlash they cannot endure, they would get injured, and I would be able to get myself out of this situation!

‘And if I want to make them suffer the greatest backlash, I should not bother with trying to make them unable to Curse me… but to make them suffer my Curse while they are Cursing me!’

Su Ming’s eyes flashed. He was someone who would not change his mind easily after making his decision. The instant the fog around him tumbled over again, Su Ming bit the tip of his tongue and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He lifted his left hand and grabbed that blood. With a squeeze, the blood immediately turned into fog that enveloped the area in front of him.

At the same time, Su Ming swung his right hand, and the ring immediately flew out. But it was not the time for him to feel pain for losing his Enchanted Treasures. The treasure was connected to one of the Lords in Saint Defier. Su Ming might have wiped off that connection, but he had the Art of Time at his disposal.

He pointed with his right hand, and the power of time gathered on the ring to make time reverse o so that it would return to the past… when it still belonged to Fei Hua.

All of this might have seemed to have happened over a long period of time, but in truth, it had only lasted for an instant. The moment Fei Hua’s presence spread out from the ring, Su Ming pointed at the ring with his left hand.

“Arid Curse!”

With the power to Curse Arid Triad, he would Curse one of the Lords of Saint Defier, then with the connection her soul had with the other two Lords, he would Curse the other two as well!

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