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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1329: This Time, You Lost!

Chapter 1329: This Time, You Lost!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Five-Faced Beast Deity did not submit to the world in the past. It did not honor Arid Triad, and while looking down on the entire world, it made itself a supreme, mighty force that swept through the entire universe. Back then, it was even known to be invincible!

The confidence of being invincible gathered on the once Five-Faced Beast Deity, causing it to have the universe at its beck and call. It challenged Arid Triad, but… it lost.

Even though it lost, even though its physical body was torn to pieces, even though its soul dissipated and was sealed in space… its will to fight and its unwillingness to admit defeat continued to exist.

That was why the Five-Faced Beast Deity religion had appeared and why there were people who worshiped this creature and longed to obtain its resentment and its soul fragments to fuse with it.

It was clear just what sort of glory the Five-Faced Beast Deity had enjoyed, and just how pretentious it had been. With his Curse, Su Ming gathered together the soul fragments of the Five-Faced Beast Deity, and with his will, he used threads to form its physical body, allowing the Five-Faced Beast Deity to be able to descend in the world for the first time since it had died.

If any of the Five-Faced Beast Deity converts in the past aeon saw this scene, they would definitely be shocked, and they would immediately regard Su Ming with matchless zeal, because they had only been able to gather together the Five-Faced Beast Deity’s shadow that could not hope to compare to the deity Su Ming formed with his Curse.

One of them was an illusion, and the other was real. One of the wills could only be made to move with the converts’ thoughts, while the other… had formed completely and truly belonged to the former Five-Faced Beast Deity.

As Su Ming’s words echoed in the air, the Five-Faced Beast Deity puppet formed by the countless threads jolted, then threw its head back and let out a roar that caused the entire area to tremble. The flesh tunnel shuddered, and even Dark Dawn and Saint Defier’s galaxies quivered.

The roar contained the presence of time along with an obsession towards the heavens, earth, and all forms of life, as well as an indignation and madness that was so strong it could not be described with words.

It was as if its owner still longed for the life it once led, as if it still harbored resentment and a will to fight that had gathered over the countless years since it lost against Arid Triad.

It could not accept that it had died. Its soundless roar had not been let out just once over the years after its soul had dissipated.

There was only one sentence contained in that roar: “If I had just one more chance!”

If it had just one more chance… Su Ming could not hear its words, and neither could anyone else, but during the countless years and various aeons, its voice had constantly echoed in the universe, and at that moment, Su Ming gave it that chance!

As its roar echoed through the air and the entire universe shuddered, Arid Triad’s expression changed for the second time. The first change had been because of Su Ming, and the second change… was because of the Five-Faced Beast Deity!

At the instant its roar rang out, the five heads of the deity instantly gained a ferocious and crazed look. All ten of its eyes shone with an unprecedented light. At the same time, a huge shadow appeared around it. That shadow swiftly gained corporeal form, and it looked like it was about to manifest into the Five-Faced Beast Deity’s formerly shocking body.

The Five-Faced Beast Deity roared and the shadow appeared around it while it executed an indescribable speed to charge towards the huge, expanding circle formed by the fragments of the ring after it shattered.

A sense of danger rose like a tidal wave in Arid Triad’s heart, one that screamed at him that the plot to murder Su Ming and devour him was about to be broken. He moved, intending to charge towards the Five-Faced Beast Deity to prevent it from leaving, but Su Ming also rushed forward. He, too, executed his fastest speed to prevent Arid Triad from attacking so that the Five-Faced Beast Deity could charge out of the flesh tunnel.

All of this seemed to have happened over a long period of time, but in truth, it was over in the blink of an eye. Arid Triad closed in on the Five-Faced Beast Deity when the creature had already begun to enter the circle formed by the fragments. There seemed to be another world contained in the area of the circle, and the Five-Faced Beast Deity looked as if it had entered a mirror when it went inside it.

“You cannot leave!”

Arid Triad’s eyes flashed. A powerful light instantly erupted from his body. Under that light, his body was immediately concealed, and he transformed into a huge hand that charged towards the Five-Faced Beast Deity.

A freezing glare shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He could not let Arid Triad prevent the Five-Faced Beast Deity from leaving, because this concerned his own survival. Although he might be able to use the power of Harmonious Morus Alba’s wing fragment to escape while Arid Triad tried to stop the Five-Faced Beast Deity…

But Su Ming did not want to, even though this might seem to be the correct choice!

He did not want to flee. He did not want to use the Five-Faced Beast Deity this way… and his pride would never allow him to do such a thing. Why should he run? He wanted to be there and shatter Arid Triad’s plot right before his eyes. The one who would flee could not be Su Ming… but Arid Triad.

Because of that, when the thought of bringing out Harmonious Morus Alba’s wing fragment appeared in Su Ming’s head, he immediately squashed it. With a cold harrumph, he gathered his will, congregated his soul, assembled all his cultivation base, and in an instant… formed a sword that could shock the heavens!

It was the strongest hit Su Ming could bring out in his life, and it was also the one he had used to attack the black-robed young man when he executed the Art of Time to return to the past!

With that attack, Su Ming gave Arid Triad two choices. The first choice was to give up on preventing the Five-Faced Beast Deity from leaving and turn around to fight against him.

The second choice was to not give up on preventing the Five-Faced Beast Deity from leaving, but if he did so, he would have to withstand Su Ming’s attack!

In truth, it might seem like Su Ming was offering two choices, but to Arid Triad, there was only one choice. The moment the violent presence erupted from Su Ming’s body to form his strongest hit, a hint of conflict appeared in the eyes of the young man formed by Arid Triad, but it turned into determination in an instant.

He believed that he could withstand Su Ming’s attack. He believed that the Five-Faced Beast Deity could not flee from his palm, and with this confidence as his foundation, the young man immediately made his decision.

He gritted his teeth and did not dodge Su Ming’s strongest attack, simply allowing the illusory sword formed by all of Su Ming’s life to close in on him. The young man did not even spare it a glance. He just sent the huge hand he had formed towards the Five-Faced Beast Deity.

In an instant… the palm formed by Arid Triad caught the portion of the Five-Faced Beast Deity’s body that had not entered the circle of fragments. A loud bang shook the sky and earth, echoing through the entire flesh tunnel. Within that noise, Arid Triad’s growl was mixed in.


At the same time, the strongest sword formed by Su Ming’s life, will, and his soul closed in on Arid Triad. It pierced the palm, and the sound from the impact overlapped with the loud bang from before, causing an even stronger wave of sound. It made the fog tremble as it fell backwards. The flesh tunnel shuddered, and a large number of cracks appeared on it.

The Five-Faced Beast Deity let out an incredibly shrill roar, and its body shuddered violently. Arid Triad’s palm contained a power that could destroy all lives as well as Arid Triad’s will.

In fact, that strike was no weaker than the power of the disaster brought forth when all four of Harmonious Morus Alba’s wings overlapped with each other. The Five-Faced Beast Deity’s body, which had been gaining corporeal form from its previously illusory form, instantly shuddered and broke down. When it shattered to pieces, the destructive power from Arid Triad crashed into the body of the Five-Faced Beast Deity formed by Su Ming’s Curse.

It shuddered again and showed signs of collapsing, but at that moment, the Five-Faced Beast Deity let out a roar filled with unwillingness to admit defeat. The madness it had accumulated for countless years and aeons erupted from its body with a bang.

It was a madness brought by its indignation for having failed yet again even though it had received a second chance. It was its strongest will, one that even surpassed its will when it first fought against Arid Triad!

The moment the Five-Faced Beast Deity’s strongest will rose up, it turned into a power that accumulated all of its madness, and it crashed violently against Arid Triad’s attack.

A loud bang shot up, and it seemed like it would surge into the heavens and last for eternity. Half of the Five-Faced Beast Deity’s body shattered with a bang and disintegrated… but with an unprecedented madness and indignation and resentment it had accumulated over countless aeons, it forced the other half of its body to withstand Arid Triad’s strike!

“Arid Triad! Damn you, Arid Triad! Even if I have to stake everything I have against you, I will not allow myself to lose a second time!”

The Five-Faced Beast Deity’s roars echoed in the air. Four of its five heads instantly exploded on their own to turn into its strongest power to withstand Arid Triad’s strike.

Its one remaining head and the small portion of its remaining body… rushed into the circle formed by the fragments!

It charged out of the circle and the flesh tunnel, and with its body formed by the Curse, it left. This scene caused Arid Triad’s heart to tremble. He had thought he could definitely kill it, but he had made a judgmental error. While it would have been nothing at any other point in time and he could just deliver another attack to finish the job… the error this time had unsavory outcomes!

First, his plot to murder and devour Su Ming failed!

And second, Su Ming’s strongest attack that had a crazy amount of power caused Arid Triad to sense danger.

When the palm formed by Arid Triad turned back into the shape of a human, he turned around, and Su Ming’s strongest attack pierced through him. During that moment, Su Ming’s faint words echoed in his ears.

“This time… you lost.”

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