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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1332: Dao… Is Boundless

Chapter 1332: Dao… Is Boundless

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was not important to know just how many times Su Ming had experienced changes of heart.

What was important was that with each one, he would go through a metamorphosis, and during those baptisms, his epiphanies gradually reached an abstruse state.

Su Ming did not know that someone during one of the incredibly prosperous aeons in Harmonious Morus Alba had already calculated that if someone reached the peak of the metamorphoses and took one step further, they would be able to reach an even higher Realm. However, that was just a calculation. the person who did it had not been able to reach that Realm, and neither had he gained an epiphany of it.

During that prosperous aeon, Almighties had predicted that the abstruse state was known… as Dao!

In truth, not many of the aeons Harmonious Morus Alba’s universe had lived through had flourished and been especially prosperous, but some Almighties had predicted a similar Realm. However, they had not been able to calculate and predict it as clearly. They found it to be as abstruse as the Almighties from the prosperous aeons.

Even Su Ming’s aeon had rumors of a marvelous Realm existing after Avacaniya Realm. The name of that Realm… was Boundless Dao!

It was a cultivation Realm, but its main focus lay in the heart.

It was just like Avacaniya Realm. It was a level of cultivation, but it was also an abstruse state of the heart as well as a transformation of a person’s state of being. The specific manifestation of the Realm… was in truth divided into two parts.

One of them was when a cultivator only had their cultivation base reach Avacaniya Realm, just like the three Sovereigns of Dawn and the three Lords of Saint Defier. They were the typical examples of cultivators whose cultivation bases had reached Avacaniya Realm.

However, cultivation bases would in the end reach a limit. That was why on the surface, in the eyes of other cultivators, the Lords of Saint Defier and the Sovereigns of Dawn had reached the peak of their levels of cultivation, they themselves knew that they had only obtained the form when they reached Avacaniya Realm. They had not obtained the soul.

This was also why their power was nothing before Su Ming. They might be in Avacaniya Realm, but if they were to divide Avacaniya Realm into initial, middle, later, and great completion stages, the six of them… were only in the initial stage.

And they could only be in the initial stage. In fact, they could only stay in the initial stage for the rest of their lives, unless… they could make the abstruse state in their hearts reach Avacaniya Realm as well. Only by doing so could they reach a breakthrough.

Cang San Nu of the three Sovereigns of Dawn had been powerful because he had Harmonious Morus Alba’s wing fragment. Xuan Jiu of the three Lords of Saint Defier was powerful because he was the only one among the six who had reached the borders in regards to the cultivation of the heart. That was why despite still being in the initial stage of Avacaniya Realm, he was clearly stronger than the other people.

The second group had the Antecedental Spirits. Regardless of whether they belonged to Su Ming’s aeon or the previous ones, all those who had successfully had their spirits ascend three times could be known as having reached Avacaniya Realm, but that did not mean that they had reached it in terms of their cultivation bases. Instead, by relying on the flaws in their lives being complemented and mended, they could reach Avacaniya Realm by reaching a higher state of being.

Those who had reached Avacaniya Realm in this manner were not strong. Some aspects of them were even weaker compared to those of people who had reached Avacaniya Realm with their cultivation bases. Only when they had their spirits ascend more than six times could they be powerful enough to wipe the floor with powerful warriors in Avacaniya Realm.

However, the people who had their spirits ascend six times were rare and few in between. This was also why Antecedental Spirits were regarded as equals to the Sovereigns of Dawn and the Lords of Saint Defier.

The people who had reached Avacaniya Realm either by relying on their cultivation bases or the ascension of their states would exist as long as the aeon itself, and while it might seem as if they had eternal life, in truth, they could really only live for one aeon.

The prime example of this Realm… was the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe.

Eight spirit ascensions had allowed him to become the strongest among all those in the initial stage of Avacaniya Realm. He could sweep through Dark Dawn and Saint Defier and stand at the peak of the universe.

Yet in the end, he was still just in the initial stage of Avacaniya Realm.

If anyone wanted to reach the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm, then the first thing they needed to do… was to not perish in the disaster.

If those who were in the initial stage of Avacaniya Realm obtained a great serendipity and stepped into Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos to search for their other selves and fused with them, they could live through many aeons. There were a lot more of the people who did not manage this, and when the disaster fell, they could only laugh sorrowfully at the heavens as they flew away with the wind as ashes.

Only those who could live through the disaster could reach the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm.

It was a foundation. Once it was established, they would need to gain an even deeper understanding towards the Realm of the heart. They would also need to have their cultivation bases reach Avacaniya Realm. It could be said that reaching the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm require the heart and cultivation base in Avacaniya Realm. In fact, this also involved a transformation of a person’s state of being. Only then… could the person become a powerful warrior in the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm.

The prime examples of that were the old monsters who would not die during the disaster and who had slept through countless aeons. They were among the few who had reached this Realm.

However… the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm was their limit. To many people, it was already the peak, and they did not know how to step over it. It did not matter whether it was their cultivation bases or their states of being, both had already reached the limit, and the truth was… that there was truly no other stage after that.

The Five-Faced Beast Deity was practically the strongest at that stage.

In fact, for most aeons, when they reached anyone reached that stage, they had already reached the peak of their cultivation… That was until there came a cultivator who would later be known as Arid Triad. He… Possessed Harmonious Morus Alba, and in one go, pushed himself to being the strongest he could possibly be, breaking through that seemingly impassable barrier that had existed for an unknown number of aeons.

He succeeded, and at the moment he succeeded, he rose beyond the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm and reached… the later stage!

Hence, after he succeeded, many of those in the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm started trying to Possess and devour Harmonious Morus Alba, but all of them failed. Gradually, they learned to start from something smaller… such as Possessing the will of a True World.

However, since ancient times, no one had ever succeeded in Possessing a True World’s will… until Su Ming!

Only he alone completed that feat. Only he alone won a competition against Su Xuan Yi and Possessed True Morning Dao World’s will. At the moment he succeeded, it was as if a door leading to heaven had opened before him.

Su Ming had wondered before why he could succeed, but there seemed to be no answer to that matter. After all, Su Ming knew that if he had not succeeded in his Possession, Su Xuan Yi would have definitely done it.

There was a similarity between him and Su Xuan Yi… They were both Abyss Builders!

Once Su Ming Possessed True Morning Dao World’s will and fused with his other self, he came into possession of four Great True World’s wills as well as succeeded in multiple spirit ascensions and gained an epiphany regarding the God of Berserkers Transformation. It allowed him to borrow the power of one hundred million Berserker souls to truly reach Avacaniya Realm when he was under the effects of the God of Berserkers Transformation… After that, he stepped into the stage that only Arid Triad had managed to reach since the ancient past.

The later stage of Avacaniya Realm!

That was why Arid Triad had said that he had the right to Possess him, because they were in the same Realm.

This Realm was already the limit of all limits. In fact, Su Ming had once believed that even if he went through all spirit ascensions, completely changed his state of being, and Possessed even more True Worlds, he would only become the strongest in this Realm, because he had already reached the end of his Dao, unless… he successfully Possessed Arid Triad.

The other possibility would be that Arid Triad Possessed Harmonious Morus Alba. No matter what, this matter involved them devouring each other. Perhaps only by doing so could they truly attain great completion in Avacaniya Realm, just like how Harmonious Morus Alba had been one complete butterfly in the past.

This assumption lasted until Su Ming saw the black-robed young man when he cast the Art of Time and returned to the past, until Su Ming noticed Old Man Extermination through the butterfly’s wing fragment and the murals in the ruins.

Only at that moment did he come to a realization that even after he attained great completion in Avacaniya Realm, there was still a greater Realm above it.

Perhaps this Realm… was the Boundless Dao people spoke of in legends, the Dao that was predicted by the Almighties during the prosperous aeons.

Su Ming could only stare at that Realm from the distance, unable to even think about touching it, but the moment he was unwilling to give up and chose to attack the black-robed young man to overcome the fear in his heart, he understood a small trace of that Realm…


It was one word, but it was like a seed in Su Ming’s heart. It already existed in him, which was something Arid Triad, Harmonious Morus Alba, and even Old Man Extermination did not expect.

There were four complete stages of Avacaniya Realm.

And right then, Su Ming was seated in the flesh tunnel with the pink fog around him. However, an extremely alluring and beautiful naked body that could make all hearts race had wrapped its arms around him.

The enticing figure moved like a snake, twisting and moaning next to Su Ming, as if asking him to embrace it… The woman’s cloudy eyes held a temptation that could melt all minds.

The instant the alluring body appeared and straddled Su Ming, panting entered his ears, and a nice, feminine fragrance wafted into his nose… Su Ming might not have opened his eyes, but the poisonous aphrodisiac in his body instantly erupted at full force. His mind instantly descended into a state he could not control, and a wave of desire rushed through his body.

But… Su Ming’s level of cultivation, will, cultivation base and his mind still retained a hint of alertness despite his condition. His eyes flew open. An animalistic glare was within them, but a brilliant light shone in their depths.

Su Ming watched Zi Ruo straddle him while not a single piece of clothing covered her body. Her beauty struck him at full force, and even Su Ming struggled against it when a hint of clarity appeared in his eyes.

Her hot body, alluring pants, enticing pink skin, and continuous movement of her hips, subconsciously begging for his attention, would be the most alluring picture if anyone drew it onto a canvas.

There might be a layer of clothes separating them, but Zi Ruo’s indescribable lust burned Su Ming’s body, making him quiver.

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