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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1334: The Fourth Universe!

Chapter 1334: The Fourth Universe!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Most of the fog in the flesh tunnel gradually dissipated. At that moment, when Su Ming looked over, he found that there was only a little left, and what remained was already so faint that it could be ignored.

The poisonous aphrodisiac in Su Ming’s body had completely assimilated with him, and it could no longer do anything either. There was no longer any red in the whites of his eyes, and he looked very alert. In fact, he was even more alert than when he had stepped into the flesh tunnel.

Only Zi Ruo still remained pink. The poisonous aphrodisiac in her body had not diminished, but had grown stronger. It had grown to a point where it was endangering her cultivation base and life. This was because of backlash.

It was so strong that she could not disperse it even though she had already reached Avacaniya Realm. After all, it was a poison that had gathered together the power of all Heavenly Foxes and the Curse cast by the three Lords of Saint Defier. Due to Arid Triad sealing the tunnel, it had also been strengthened greatly.

Su Ming stared at Zi Ruo and lifted his right hand to tap the center of her brow. She shuddered, and numerous pink threads appeared on her skin. They rose from her skin like veins before they surged toward the spot between her eyebrows.

If someone looked over, they would find that Zi Ruo’s body looked as if she had been covered by a pink net. Several breaths later, all of the pink threads came to her brow. The spot where Su Ming’s finger touched had become a pink dot.

Su Ming lifted his index finger from her forehead, and a pink thread followed after. Once he extracted it from Zi Ruo’s brow, it turned into fog that disappeared from his finger.

Only at that moment did Zi Ruo return to normal, but her face was incredibly pale, and she was quivering. She wanted to open her eyes, but felt a heaviness that made it feel like even raising her eyelids was too hard of a task. Her body fell limp and she collapsed on Su Ming.

He swung his right hand in her direction. Immediately, Zi Ruo was dressed in one of Su Ming’s robes, and after a moment of hesitation, he lifted his right hand to press it against her forehead. With a light pat, a gentle force surged into her body, nourishing her.

With the gentle power from Su Ming, Zi Ruo regained her consciousness around a dozen breaths later instead of having to use her own cultivation base for it. Once finished, Su Ming let go of the hand holding Zi Ruo and took a step into the depths of the flesh tunnel.

He was so fast that he instantly disappeared without a trace.

Zi Ruo drifted about in the flesh tunnel. A gentle light spread out around her and enveloped her. A dozen breaths later, her eyelashes quivered, and she slowly opened her eyes. She looked dazed for a moment, but soon, vigilance entered her gaze. She swiftly got up and looked around herself.

The area around her was empty. Besides the walls on the flesh tunnel, there was nothing else around her. When she saw this, Zi Ruo also noticed that there was a gentle layer of light around her. Once she woke up, it slowly dimmed before it vanished.

At the same time, Zi Ruo also saw that her clothes had turned into male garments… She was momentarily stunned before a red flush appeared on her cheeks. She could only remember things up to the moment her consciousness faded away due to the poisonous aphrodisiac, but in the muddled recollections from what happened after, she could vaguely recall tearing off her clothes, and she seemed to have even wrapped her arms around someone.

In silence, she found that Su Ming was nowhere around. Complicated emotions flashed through her face, but when she lowered her head to check her body, they all turned into disappointment.

She did not know what had happened when she lost her consciousness, but based on what had happened before she woke up, she could somewhat guess what had transpired. She sighed softly, then lowered her head to cast a glance at the depths of the flesh tunnel. She could sense that Su Ming had not left, but was down below, heading towards his destination.

With another light sigh, Zi Ruo bit her bottom lip. She did not continue down the tunnel in search of Su Ming. Instead, she turned around and transformed into a long arc to head upwards, towards the entrance of the flesh tunnel. She felt slightly ashamed, so the only thing she could do was leave.

Su Ming could sense Zi Ruo’s arousal, but he did not turn his head back. His heart was as calm as water. In the form of a long arc, he charged down the flesh tunnel, and just like what had happened in Yin Death Region, as he continued charging downwards, he saw the end of the flesh tunnel.

It was, as expected, a Rune.

It was in the form of an octagon. When Su Ming descended, he lowered his head to observe it before he lifted his right foot to step on it lightly. The Rune shuddered, and countless rays of powerful light surrounded Su Ming. Once they concealed his figure, the Rune was activated, and after a moment, Su Ming disappeared as the Rune rumbled.

When he reappeared, he was welcomed by a loud rumbling. The noise seemed to have been around for years, and it formed countless echoes, causing a person to have the misconception that the entire space was roaring when they arrived for the first time.

A brilliant light shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He looked around himself and saw a vast galaxy, but it… gave off an incredibly unfamiliar presence to him!

No collisions could be seen in that vast galaxy, but the rumbling did not sound like it would ever weaken.

It was a universe filled with sound, which was something Su Ming had never encountered before. He could also sense how big that universe was. It was clearly a complete Expanse Cosmos that had never been divided.

Su Ming averted his gaze from the area. If he did not have sufficient power, he would have to be careful in this unfamiliar universe, but to the current Su Ming, he had no need to act as such. What he needed was to use his quickest speed to understand that universe. That was why… he had his will swiftly spread through the area.

His will was so strong that it instantly sounded as if thunder had begun roaring, and with him as the center, those thunderous sounds swept outwards. Wherever they went, all life was shocked and intimidated by Su Ming’s powerful will.

There was a coffin stuck on a shattered continent in the fourth universe. It was so large that it went through the whole continent, and a small portion of it even shot out at the bottom.

From the distance, the coffin looked incredibly terrifying. The moment Su Ming’s will came charging forth with a howl, a growl came from within the coffin. A bang shot into space, and a huge arm broke through the coffin’s lid and stretched out. That arm was pitch black, its nails were red, and it had not just five fingers, but six!

There was also a corpse floating in the space in the fourth universe. It was shrivelled and looked as if it had died many years ago, but the instant Su Ming’s will swept past it, the corpse’s empty eyes suddenly lit up with dark ling. The corpse then slowly sat up.

“Flesh… blood…” A hoarse and unpleasant voice came from its mouth. It gnashed its teeth, and an indescribable presence erupted from its body.

In a spot incredibly far away from the corpse was a planet. It was covered in grass and looked like a cultivation planet overflowing with life. It had multiple cities, and there were countless mortals and cultivators who had lived and grown in numbers for a long, long time there.

There was a mountain on that planet. It was very ordinary, and there was nothing strange about it. At the mountainside was a herd of cows and goats as well as a boy in a shirt. He held a small stick in his hand and was leaning against a huge stone. He stared at the blue sky and white clouds above him while humming a happy tune.

But the instant Su Ming’s will swept over the area, the boy jolted, and he instantly lifted his head to stare at the sky. When he did so, an incredibly strange thing happened—all the cultivators, mortals, and other life forms froze and did not move. Their bodies even showed signs of distorting and disintegrating.

It was only when the boy narrowed his eyes and lowered his head after a long time had passed that all the lives on the cultivation planet returned to normal.

“Whose will is this? Could it be that one of the powerful warriors from the past aeons have awakened in the sacred wood?”

There was a huge log floating in a galaxy. The log was so big that it was equivalent to one of the small Expanse Cosmoses in Dark Dawn and Saint Defier’s camps.

On the sacred wood were countless densely packed caves. At that moment, when Su Ming’s will swept through the universe, low roars shook the sky from inside the sacred wood.

A rebound also spread out, knocking away Su Ming’s will. It prevented him from seeing the structure of the sacred wood.

In another direction of the universe was a huge gap, and a vast expanse of emptiness could be seen through it…

Su Ming’s eyes focused several breaths after he had spread his will outwards.

‘There… is no will here!’

Su Ming did not sense any will in the Expanse Cosmos. Harmonious Morus Alba’s will was not present there, and neither was Arid Triad. It was as if this was a territory both of the two great wills had lost.

In fact, the faint thoughts that formed an Expanse Cosmos’ consciousness were also absent. This meant that there were not many lives in this place, which was why it could not utilize a race’s beliefs and thoughts to form the Expanse Cosmos’ consciousness.

‘This is indeed… the fourth wing’s universe!’

Su Ming stayed silent. He did not bother about the nonstop rumbling around him, because the powerful warriors in this Expanse Cosmos had appeared in his mind’s eye, and the image of the sacred wood he could not investigate with his will had also showed up. Most importantly… Su Ming saw the gap leading to the universe beyond!

He was in a different Expanse Cosmos!

In silence, Su Ming slowly lifted his head, and with a relaxed expression, he stared into the distant space.

“Since you have arrived a long time ago, why bother continuing to observe me?”

Once Su Ming spoke, the space his gaze was fixed upon let out a loud bang that drowned out all other sounds in the area. Then, a black-robed man showed up.

Naturally… he was You Ming!

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