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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel)




Er Gen, 耳根


Action Adventure Mature Tragedy Xianxia

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An eternal prison, a soulless body, a sealed spirit, everything lost.

To resign before merciless fate, or to become destiny!

“I lived in an illusion, I was lost, I could not find my home, I did not have a home… but why does it matter?! Between bowing to the threat of death and a spine that would never bend, I will choose the latter!”

462 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1181: If You Desire Life, Then You Must Possess Life!2019-06-28
Chapter 1180: Four Years2019-06-28
Chapter 1179: All Spirits Hall (4)2019-06-27
Chapter 1178: All Spirits Hall (3)2019-06-26
Chapter 1177: All Spirits Hall (2)2019-06-25
Chapter 1176.1: All Spirits Hall (1)2019-06-24
Chapter 1176: A Mystery!2019-06-23
Chapter 1175: Three Will Break2019-06-23
Chapter 1174: Secret of the Universe!2019-06-22
Chapter 1173: Copy2019-06-22
Chapter 1172: Retrieving the Clone that Practices the Art of Swallowing Hollow Shadows Whole2019-06-21
Chapter 1171: Heavenly Incense Rune2019-06-21
Chapter 1170: Bosom Friend…2019-06-20
Chapter 1169: Heavenly Incense Extinguished2019-06-19
Chapter 1168: Reunion!2019-06-18
Chapter 1167: Eldest Senior Brother!2019-06-17
Chapter 1166: One Hundred Thousand Locusts2019-06-16
Chapter 1165: An Fang’s Baby!2019-06-16
Chapter 1164: Senior Brother…2019-06-15
Chapter 1163: An Fang2019-06-15
Chapter 1162: Mo!2019-06-14
Chapter 1161: Sending out the Clones2019-06-14
Chapter 1160: Seize the Heavens and Replace the Sun2019-06-13
Chapter 1159: Saint Defier, Sovereign of Dawn, Arid God!2019-06-12
Chapter 1158: Devour the God2019-06-11
Chapter 1157: Finger2019-06-10
Chapter 1156: Old Monster Wen2019-06-10
Chapter 1155: One World, Nine Lifetimes2019-06-09
Chapter 1154: The Road to Hell2019-06-08
Chapter 1153: Thirteen Meteors2019-06-08
Chapter 1152: Watching Lives Pass as He Counted the Cycles of Life and Death Quietly in His Heart2019-06-07
Chapter 1151: The Memory of Seven Breaths2019-06-07
Chapter 1150: The Heavens Have Dao, and Dao Has Reincarnation2019-06-06
Chapter 1149: How Many Lines Does a Leaf Have…?2019-06-05
Chapter 1148: A Cycle of Life and Death2019-06-05
Chapter 1147: A Cycle of Life and Death2019-06-04
Chapter 1146: Grandpa, Could You Give Me This Fish2019-06-03
Chapter 1145: Xu Hui…2019-06-02
Chapter 1144: Him in Emperor’s Robes!2019-06-02
Chapter 1143: Mortal Refinement Art2019-06-01
Chapter 1142: Tears from a Beauty2019-06-01
Chapter 1141: Separating from the Seed of Life Extermination2019-05-31
Chapter 1140: Dust2019-05-31
Chapter 1139: Morning Dao Sect’s Disaster!2019-05-30
Chapter 1138: Another Possession!2019-05-29
Chapter 1137: Possession!2019-05-28
Chapter 1136: The Gap in Arid Triad!2019-05-27
Chapter 1135: What Is There Left in My Life…?2019-05-26
Chapter 1134: Change for the Worst!!2019-05-26
Chapter 1133: Lord Saint Defier’s Treasure!2019-05-25
Chapter 1132: Rattling Drum2019-05-25
Chapter 1131: As for Su Ming…2019-05-24
Chapter 1130: Deceit!2019-05-24
Chapter 1129: Greed2019-05-23
Chapter 1128: Do Enter My Trap2019-05-22
Chapter 1127: Essence of Light!2019-05-21
Chapter 1126: This Art is Ocean Remover!2019-05-20
Chapter 1125: Extermination, Parasitical2019-05-19
Chapter 1124: Under Space and Beyond the Universe2019-05-19
Chapter 1123: Replacement Plan2019-05-18
Chapter 1122: Saint Defier and Arid Triad2019-05-18
Chapter 1121: God2019-05-17
Chapter 1120: Which Number are You Among the Greatmasters of Five Fingers2019-05-17
Chapter 1119: The Real Black-Robed People2019-05-16
Chapter 1118: Direct Entrance2019-05-15
Chapter 1117 Evil Art2019-05-14
Chapter 1116 Thirst2019-05-14
Chapter 1115 Opening the Abyss Gate2019-05-13
Chapter 1114 My Name is Wild Dog2019-05-12
Chapter 1113 War Chamber2019-05-12
Chapter 1112 Yu Xuan, Fei Er2019-05-11
Chapter 1111 Home and Kin2019-05-11
Chapter 1110 Father and Son2019-05-10
Chapter 1109 I’ll Allow This!2019-05-09
Chapter 1108 You and Ming’s Disaster2019-05-09
Chapter 1107 She Doesn’t Suit You2019-05-07
Chapter 1106 My Right Hand! 72019-05-06
Chapter 1105 My Right Hand! 62019-05-05
Chapter 1104 My Right Hand! 52019-05-05
Chapter 1103 My Right Hand! 42019-05-04
Chapter 1102 My Right Hand! 32019-05-04
Chapter 1101 My Right Hand 22019-05-03
Chapter 1100 My Right Hand 12019-05-03
Chapter 1099 That One Look... 62019-05-02
Chapter 1098 That One Look... 52019-05-02
Chapter 1097 That One Look... 42019-04-30
Chapter 1096 That One Look... 32019-04-29
Chapter 1095 That One Look... 22019-04-28
Chapter 1094 That One Look… 12019-04-28
Chapter 1093 Who Created the Ancient God?!2019-04-27
Chapter 1092 The Power of Strength2019-04-27
Chapter 1091 The Ancient God Appeared2019-04-26
Chapter 1090 Battle Against the Black Robed Person!2019-04-26
Chapter 1089 I Am the Predecessor of Dao Ocean2019-04-25
Chapter 1088 The Battlefield2019-04-24
Chapter 1087 Hu Zi!2019-04-23
Chapter 1086 Dao Ocean Trial2019-04-22
Chapter 1085 Establishing Might2019-04-21
Chapter 1084 That Person Is Dynast Dao Kong!2019-04-21
Chapter 1083 Legend2019-04-20