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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1343: The World of Specters

Chapter 1343: The World of Specters

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

While starting at the huge butterfly that was Harmonious Morus Alba through his will, Su Ming fell silent. The life forms resembling specters beside him felt like it was their chance, and they instantly charged at him.

But the instant one of them drew close, Su Ming seized that specter’s neck with his left hand, which he had brought up at some unknown point of time. No matter how the specter struggled, it could not free itself. It could only let out faint shrieks.

Su Ming did not look at the specter he captured. He only stared at Harmonious Morus Alba, and after a long while, he sighed softly. He swiftly recalled his will. During that short period of time, some of his great will had dissipated, but Su Ming did not pay any heed to it. With the specter in hand, he walked forward with a calm expression, and perhaps it was due to his will filling the area just then, or perhaps it was because of the specter he captured in his hand, but wherever he went, the strange life forms gradually surrounded him.

They kept close, but did not dare to pounce on him. Instead, when Su Ming stepped forward, they immediately moved backwards. From the distance, even though Su Ming did not release any sort of killing intent, once those hundreds of strange life forms surrounded him, he gained an air of looking down on the entire world. When he stepped forward, all lives moved back.

When Su Ming approached the gap in Harmonious Morus Alba’s wing, he stopped for a moment and turned around slowly to cast a cold glance at the strange life forms staring at him from behind.

He did not speak, and he still did not harbor any killing intent. However, under his aloof gaze, the hundreds of strange life forms shuddered. They had long since noticed that this life that had walked out of the butterfly was completely different from all the others they remembered. The person before them… was stronger, and he was so strong that he reminded them of the more ferocious existences further in the universe.

The specter in Su Ming’s hand struggled even more furiously at that moment. It might not have a lot of intelligence, but its survival instincts told it that if it was brought into the gap, it would definitely die.

Because of that, the specter screamed shrilly. His voice made the hundreds of strange life forms restless, but under Su Ming’s gaze, they did not dare approach. Instead, they started screaming shrilly with the specter.

The sound formed by hundreds of strange life forms screaming together immediately echoed in the universe. It was something that had never happened before. The sound traveled forth in a method Su Ming could not understand, and spread through an unknown distance, causing the thin fog in the area to tumble… as if their cries were some sort of summon, a plea for help!

A barely discernible glint shone in Su Ming’s eyes. He had his back turned to the gap and was no longer in a hurry to step inside. He wanted to see what sort of existence would be called over by the screams.

The voice of the specter in Su Ming’s hand grew shriller. In fact, Su Ming made it scream harder by relaxing his grip slightly before he squeezed down. After doing it, the specter’s screams instantly turned several times shriller. At the same time, the hundreds of strange life forms also seemed to have sensed it and let out screams that even Su Ming found piercing to the ears.

It made Su Ming narrow his eyes slightly.

‘Could it be that the strange life forms in the universe have some form of connection between them that makes them feel what the other is feeling?’

As Su Ming observed them, he suddenly raised his head and looked into the distance.

When he did so, the strange life forms shuddered and spread out to reveal a path. Immediately after, the thin fog disappeared, allowing Su Ming to see … a huge object in the distance.

It was big compared to Su Ming, but if it was compared to Harmonious Morus Alba, it would be insignificant. It was simply a huge specter that was thousands of feet tall!

A terrifying presence spread out from it. Its eyes were red, but it did not possess much intelligence either. However, its madness and its instincts to murder spread out along with its presence, forming a mighty pressure that made even Su Ming’s pupils shrink.

The specter was an existence that had reached the peak of the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm. With just one more step, it could step into the later stage of Avacaniya Realm, but the difficulty of taking that step was the same as crossing a huge ravine in one step. During the countless aeons in Harmonious Morus Alba, besides Su Ming, only Arid Triad had found a method to reach that stage. From that, the difficulty of reaching that stage could be seen.

As the huge specter drew close, the strange life forms around Su Ming all moved back as if they did not dare to be close to it. There seemed to be a rigid order in which they had to conduct themselves based on the differences of their levels of cultivation.

When the huge specter stopped, it stared at Su Ming with its red eyes, then let out a roar that shook the universe around them. Su Ming let out a cold harrumph, but he did not move back. Instead, he headed forward. With the specter in hand, he turned into a long arc and charged towards the huge specter.

It might not be weak, but it was still in the middle stage of Avacaniya Realm. Even if it had reached the peak… it was still not in the later stage!

When it saw that Su Ming was about to close in, the huge specter roared and opened its mouth wide. The universe around it immediately froze for a moment, and signs of it about to collapse swiftly appeared. A huge vortex instantly appeared, and with a huge force that could suck in everything, it enveloped Su Ming.

At the same time, the specter lifted its right hand, and with a swing, it gained sharp claws that charged towards Su Ming. The aura they stirred up could destroy a cultivator in the initial stage of Avacaniya Realm.

Su Ming’s expression remained calm. When the space collapsed and the vortex appeared, he lifted his foot and took a light step forward. With it, rumbling sounds immediately rang out, and the huge vortex disintegrated. Then, Su Ming lifted his left hand, and, in a very casual manner, struck the incoming specter’s claws through space.

Even though Su Ming’s body was very small compared to that of the specter, his strike made a small region of the universe let out a loud bang. The specter’s huge claws came to a pause, then crumbled right before his eyes.

“You overestimated yourself.”

When Su Ming spoke flatly, he lifted his foot. When it landed, he stood on top of the huge specter’s head. He brought his right hand up again, then quickly pushed against the top of the huge specter’s head!

The specter let out a roar that shook the sky and earth. In an instant, it started disintegrating on its own, causing Su Ming’s strike to miss, and hundreds of specters appeared around him.

They let out a shrill scream together. The piercing sound instantly turned into invisible arrows that struck towards Su Ming. If they landed on him, then no matter how strong Su Ming’s physical body was, he would still be affected rather badly, but a hint of scorn appeared in Su Ming’s eyes at that moment.

When the arrows closed in on him, he spread his will through the area. It crashed against the incoming arrows, and an incredibly loud sound erupted in space. It formed a wave of impact that swept outwards and made the hundreds of specters instantly tumble backwards.

“Time reversal!”

Su Ming’s attack was smooth and clean. He did not hesitate. The moment the hundreds of specters tumbled backwards, he brought his left hand up and drew a circle before he pushed it forward.

The hundreds of specters immediately shuddered and stopped falling backwards. Instead, they swiftly drew closer to one another before they merged into the huge specter again, and Su Ming… stood on top of the specter’s head. He brought his left hand up and pushed down once more.

The specter jolted. At the same time, Su Ming’s great will surged into the huge specter’s body through his palm. He wanted to investigate how the strange life forms born in the Vast Expanse could survive.

What were their body structures?

The huge specter was without a doubt much more fitting specimen for Su Ming to find the answer he wanted compared to the weak life forms. It would give him a better understanding of their structure.

Su Ming’s will swept through the huge specter’s body inch by inch. What he sensed was a vast expanse of emptiness, and it was not that much different from the world outside. However, he could not see just how strong the huge specter was or how it managed to survive in the Vast Expanse.

As he continued researching, Su Ming scowled.

He had already scanned the specter several times, but he did not discover anything. This was clearly not normal. Su Ming snorted coldly, and a blinding light shone in his eyes. The power of his will instantly increased. The wills of the four Great True Worlds descended on him simultaneously, making Su Ming’s investigations of the huge specter’s body much more detailed.

This might have seemed to have taken a long time, but in truth, the entire process was over in several blinks.

When Su Ming sent all his will over and began searching through the huge specter… he narrowed his eyes, and in fact, there was even a hint of shock in them.

He saw… a universe that had almost been formed in the huge specter’s body!

It was an almost complete universe. It had a galaxy, cultivation planets… so the only thing lacking were lives!

If there were lives, that universe would be complete. Even though it was not big, it formed a self-sustaining cycle.

The instant Su Ming’s will descended in the huge specter’s universe, it shuddered, and began showing signs of crumbling. Then, it fell apart. At that instant, the huge specter let out a shrill scream of pain. Its huge body contorted under Su Ming’s palm… and in the blink of an eye, it was reduced to ash.

Su Ming lifted his head. His expression was slightly grim. The hundreds of life forms in the area were stunned. In a moment, all of them fell back and no longer dared to approach.

In fact, even the specter in Su Ming’s hand no longer screamed. It just shuddered.

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