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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1346: Sacred Wood

Chapter 1346: Sacred Wood

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Su Ming’s expression was much more indifferent than before. His gaze was even more profound, and he seemed to have no temper, like a pool of clear water.

He was calm and indifferent. It seemed like even if the world was destroyed before him, his expression would not change… unless someone stepped on his tail.

‘Boundless Dao… I didn’t expect that with this epiphany, I would be able to come into contact with Boundless Dao Realm for the first time. It’s a pity that I don’t have enough time… If I could remain immersed in the epiphany for ten thousand years or even longer, then perhaps I would be able to step into Boundless Dao in one go.’

Su Ming might feel slight pity that he could not do so, but he understood that he did not have enough time. The destruction was around the corner. If he continued with the epiphany, then when he woke up and everything was no longer around, the sadness and grief he was supposed to feel might be buried in the passage of time, and he would never be able to find them.

After all, the Art of Time was not an Art did not allow him to work wonders…

‘I might not be able to truly step into Boundless Dao Realm, but I now have a wisp of Boundless Dao Realm’s presence, and I managed to manifest… the Dao Divinity Old Man Extermination spoke of…’

Su Ming’s third eye shone at the center of his brow. He could vaguely see an illusory figure sitting cross-legged within it.

That figure exuded an incredibly terrifying presence, and it was so strong that even the complete Harmonious Morus Alba would instinctively avoid it. After all, it was… the Dao Divinity Su Ming had obtained when he took the first step in understanding the Boundless Dao Realm.

It was the divinity of Boundless Dao!

It was like a seed and also like a qualification. Only those who had manifested a Dao Divinity could step into Boundless Dao Realm. This was also why Old Man Extermination had been so confident previously that Su Ming would not be able to be successful in gaining an epiphany.

Before trying to gain his epiphany, Su Ming had not gained the right to manifest his Dao Divinity, but right then, it was different. With a Dao Divinity, he had ascended to a higher state of being. At that moment, there was practically no difference between him and Arid Triad. In fact, in certain aspects, Su Ming was even stronger.

Even though he had not reached the peak of the later stage of Avacaniya Realm, he could already sense his limits, and he had gained a direction.

“Cultivation base as well as power are just complements in the path to search for answers. I don’t have to pay too much attention to them.”

As Su Ming mumbled to himself, he flung his arm and looked at the space around him. The process of trying to gain his epiphany for over one hundred years had lasted for about the blink of an eye to Su Ming. His memories were of the moment all that time ago. However, he had a feeling as if they had been covered in dust. It was due to an insignificant discomfort naturally formed due to the change of time.

While walking through the galaxy, Su Ming gradually stopped bothering about the insignificant discomfort. When he looked around himself, he felt as if he could vaguely see the planet formed by the boy’s original form.

He could also see the huge Sacred Wood floating in the galaxy!

Before he left the Expanse Cosmos formed by the fourth wing, Su Ming had to go to the Sacred Wood and meet the boy and the others again so that he could deliver their legacies into the world that may or may not exist.

Once he finished doing that, he would leave the fourth Expanse Cosmos as well as Dark Dawn and Saint Defier’s camps. He would return to Arid Triad, since the three black-robed men, be it Tian Xie Zi or Lie Shan Xiu, had already headed there.

Su Ming’s Morning Dao’s will was observing all of it. In fact, once Su Ming obtained his Dao Divinity, he had a feeling that if he wanted, he just needed to close his eyes, and when he opened them again, True Morning Dao World’s will would manifest another version of him.

He was omnipresent. This was what Su Ming understood once he gained his Dao Divinity.

With an indifferent expression, he walked through the galaxy until a huge Sacred Wood appeared before him. It was hundreds of feet long. At that moment, it had a great presence that could shock people.

Su Ming stopped moving. When he looked into the distance, he spread his will and had it descend on the Sacred Wood. The strange power from the Sacred Wood which had once blocked Su Ming’s will from investigating it appeared again, making it difficult for him to proceed. He could not send his will into all of the Sacred Wood.

Su Ming’s expression remained as calm as ever. He instantly opened his third eye, where his Dao Divinity sat and meditated. At that moment, he opened his eyes as well, and at the instant he did so, the Dao Divinity’s third eye at the center of its brow opened as well… and within it was another figure who was also sitting and meditating. That figure too opened its eyes.

There was no end to it… Su Ming did not know just how many figures there were. It was the mysterious aspect of Dao Divinities.

The moment they opened their third eyes, Su Ming’s will gained a hint of Boundless Dao Realm’s presence. It was like a general leading an army of soldiers. Once it appeared, it immediately surged into the Sacred Wood, and all forms of power blocking its path were instantly dissolved upon touch. This allowed Su Ming to see into the Sacred Wood’s world.

There were countless cave abodes in the Sacred Wood. Most of them were occupied by sleeping cultivators, but when Su Ming’s will entered, the hearts of all the cultivators who were sleeping or had long since woken up trembled, and they instantly opened their eyes. Shock appeared on their faces.

The old monsters who had lived there for an unknown number of aeons instantly felt their hearts thump in fear. At the same time, they heard a calm voice in their ears.

The voice was not loud. It only echoed faintly in space. It did not sound at all majestic, and neither did it sound overbearing, but the meaning behind its words was filled with a domineering air that was not at all hidden. It was laid bare to the world, showing off an air of superiority!

“I’ll be taking this wood. You have ten breaths to leave.”

Su Ming spoke calmly, and once he finished, he did not add anything more. Instead, he waited calmly for the ten breaths to pass.

The Sacred Wood was silent.

When the fifth breath arrived, some of the powerful warriors flew out. Upon rushing out, they saw Su Ming in the distance, and their hearts trembled. They immediately recognized him as the person who had been walking in the galaxy in a daze for over one hundred years.

After all, while most of the powerful warriors in the Sacred Wood were asleep, there were some who were awake. They did not stay for long periods of time in the Sacred Wood either. They would occasionally venture out, and they had either personally seen or heard from the others about Su Ming. They were not unfamiliar with him.

During the eighth breath… only two-tenths of the cultivators in the Sacred Wood chose to leave the place, but they did not go far. Instead, they stared at Su Ming coldly. They wanted to see just how conceited this person was that he would think he could stand against nearly ten thousand powerful warriors in the Sacred Wood with just his own strength.

After all, they were all powerful warriors from their own aeons, and they had the right to not be destroyed by the disaster. Each of them had the power that could cause the galaxy to tremble when they stomped down.

At the instant ten breaths went by, Su Ming lifted his head. His expression was as indifferent as ever. He only lifted his right hand to point at the huge Sacred Wood.

“With my will and my Dao Divinity, become smaller…”

Once he declared that he wanted the Sacred Wood to become smaller, the huge log let out a loud bang that shook the entire Expanse Cosmos. The log trembled viciously, and the cultivators in the area who were watching with cold sneers on their faces were dumbfounded. They personally saw the Sacred Wood shrink to nearly a size smaller.

At that moment, a huge storm rose up in their hearts. They were all shocked, and disbelief showed up on their faces. In their minds, the Sacred Wood was indestructible, could not transform, and in fact, was something that could not be slighted.

There were some people who tried to turn the Sacred Wood into their treasure before, but none of them had succeeded. No matter how strong they were, they could not do so. In fact, those who tried to refine the log would suffer great backlash and would die miserable deaths.

However, right before their eyes, the Sacred Wood shrank when Su Ming pointed at it. The shock delivered to all the people watching was no different from one million lightning bolts roaring in their minds.

If that was the case for those outside, then it was even more so for the countless powerful warriors who had chosen to ignore Su Ming and remain in the Sacred Wood. Their expressions changed drastically. They could clearly sense the Sacred Wood becoming smaller, but the size of their own bodies did not change. All of their cave abodes became much smaller.

In fact, those cave abodes—which were not big to begin with—even became too narrow for anyone to sit within them!

At that moment, almost all the cultivators who had remained in the Sacred Wood chose to get out of the log as their expressions changed. Their bodies instantly appeared outside the Sacred Wood. Some of them might have lived for a very long time, but were still very hot-tempered people, and when they rushed out, they immediately started shouting loudly.

But their shouts only lasted for an instant. They went silent when Su Ming made his second declaration that he wanted the Sacred Wood to become smaller. Their shouts turned into the thumping of their hearts.

“Become smaller…”

The still huge Sacred Wood shuddered again and shrank by one size once more. At that moment, it no longer looked like it was one million feet long. Instead, it was only hundreds of thousands of feet long!

The change in its size did not cause any cultivators to die. After all, Su Ming gave them enough time to leave. Because of it, all the cultivators from the Sacred Wood were levitating in the galaxy around the area. They watched the Sacred Wood, now only hundreds of thousands of feet long after shrinking twice, and the apprehension they felt turned into terror in their hearts.

They could imagine… how their bodies would have been squashed by their cave abodes if they had insisted on staying inside.

When Su Ming declared that he wanted the Sacred Wood to become smaller the third time, the Sacred Wood shuddered again, and as all the people’s pupils shrank, it became smaller again. This time, it did not become a size smaller, but was reduced to… only thousands of feet long!

Su Ming seized the space in the direction of the Sacred Wood with his right hand, and it immediately charged towards him. While doing so, it shrank again. When it landed in Su Ming’s palm, it had already shrunk to the size of a palm!

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