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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1361: Before Arid Triad’s Disaster, My Name Will Sound Through the Universe (1)

Chapter 1361: Before Arid Triad’s Disaster, My Name Will Sound Through the Universe (1)

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There was no longer any fog in the space beyond the fifth ocean. Su Ming stood there and stared in front of him for a long while before he raised his foot and walked into it.

One year later…

Su Ming did not return from the fifth ocean, because there was no longer any need for him to do so. The body which was meditating in True Morning Dao World simply opened his eyes. If anyone took a close look at the picture lingering in his eyes, they would find that it was a wrecked galaxy.

It was the fifth True World.

Su Ming went to Divine Essence Star Ocean, and he also found the entrance to the fifth True World. In the wreckage that had been sealed in dust for a long time, he found the place where Su Zhan had died. Once he walked through the entire land, Su Ming’s eyes gradually became calm, and the quiet Ninth Summit was reflected in his eyes again.

“The final one hundred years…” Su Ming said softly and closed his eyes. He had to make preparations for his final battle against Arid Triad.

No enmity would be involved in the battle of Possession one hundred years later. Be it Harmonious Morus Alba or Arid Triad, all of them had to fight so that they could continue existing.

“There is no longer any meaning to how many True Worlds we have in our possession. The main focus of this battle will be in wills and our determination to live…” Su Ming lifted his head and cast a glance at space before he gradually closed his eyes.

The next moment, his figure appeared in the world within All Spirits Hall in True Morning Dao World. In the spot once belonging to Great Berserker Tribe, Su Ming sat down and began his spirit ascension that would last for one hundred years. This time, Su Ming would become an Ancestral Spirit.

All of this was to prepare for the moment Arid Triad’s disaster arrived one hundred years later and before it could destroy everything.

Time passed, and one year went by, then another. The tremors in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos grew stronger. There were quite a number of regions in the universe where the galaxy even looked to have become thinner. All the cultivators could vaguely see that there was another world under the galaxy, and it was slowly approaching them.

Countless lives were in a state of terror. Many plants withered. All sentient creatures were also terrified, having already noticed that they were nearing the end of their lives and the world was about to be destroyed.

The spiritual aura erupted in an exponential rate in Arid Triad at that time, as if this was a form of release, but also like the final burst of strength a dying man would have before he breathed his last. When the spiritual aura released, various lives withered, and a large number of powerful warriors from the previous aeons surged forth, the world sank into a state of chaos.

Lives were no longer worth anything. They became so frail that they could not withstand even a single hit. Everyone was switching with each other between states of living and dying, which turned all of them numb to death. The powerful warriors from past aeons who woke up brought with them their brutality and distasteful interests and released them to their hearts’ content. They wanted to vent all of the loneliness they suffered while they were sleeping during the short hundred years.

All of Arid Triad fell into chaos. There was no longer order, mercy, and to survive, all people had to give up on their dignity. For a single medicinal pill, they could give up everything. The powerful warriors from the previous aeons even constantly fought against each other, causing Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos to become even more chaotic.

Each year, many lives faded away. When some planets began disappearing into the galaxy and the distortions in space turned into ripples, the chaos and madness grew even stronger.

Arid Triad was not the only one in this state. Dark Dawn and Saint Defier were the same. With Yan Pei, Zi Ruo, and Fei Hua’s levels of cultivation, it was impossible for them to prevent it from happening. They could only watch it all unfold: how Dark Dawn and Saint Defier sank into endless chaos.

Only True Morning Dao World—the True World belonging to Su Ming—was mostly free of such happenings. Because of it, numerous cultivators surge into his True Morning Dao World when nearly three-tenths of the one hundred years had passed.

Those cultivators had been fleeing in search of refuge. Their homes and sects had already been destroyed, and their lives were no longer in their control.

Some people had then suddenly found that the powerful warriors who came after their lives showed hesitancy once they entered True Morning Dao World. They did not continue chasing after the refugees, and because of that, True Morning Dao World became a paradise in the apocalyptic world.

Gradually, more cultivators surged into True Morning Dao World. They found their own places to live in the True World and discovered that True Morning Dao World was as peaceful as it had been in the past despite the sudden chaos in the whole universe. There was no slaughter nor threats of death. Everything in there place was the same as in their memories.

They did not know the reason for it, but as time passed and half of one hundred years went by, the rumor that True Morning Dao World was a paradise became known to many people. The cultivators who were safe in True Morning Dao World used various methods to notify their friends and family, telling them to do whatever they could to hurry over.

After all, it was the safest place in the chaotic universe.

One day, a man and a woman were traveling swiftly through the galaxy of True Sacred Yin World near True Morning Dao World. There was a little girl on the woman’s back. She was about five or six years old, and there was terror on her face, but she did not cry.

The woman was injured, but she only gritted her teeth and persevered. The man beside her was the girl’s father and her husband. The two of them were silent all along the way while using their fastest speed to rush forward. Even if they continuously swallowed medicinal pills, they kept moving at a constant speed towards True Morning Dao World.

“We’re almost there. In just a bit, we’ll enter True Morning Dao World. My senior brother is waiting for us there. As long as we reach that place, we’ll be safe.”

The man looked at his wife, then at his daughter, and determination appeared on his face. He continued whispering to himself that he absolutely had to bring his family into True Morning Dao World.

The woman’s face was pale, but she continued smiling gently and holding the man’s hand. The two of them saw the determination on each other’s faces and moved even faster.

In truth, they could rush even faster, but the girl on the woman’s back was too young. They needed to spread their cultivation bases outwards to protect her, which was why they could not use their best speed.

Time passed, and several hours passed by. When two family could see the broken barrier leading to True Morning Dao World ahead of them, they saw a middle-aged man waiting for them anxiously. Once he saw them, the man immediately wept in joy.

The barrier was heavily damaged, and it could even be said that it no longer existed. Anyone could enter at will.

The couple felt their spirits lift the instant they approached the barrier. In a flash, they left True Sacred Yin World and entered True Morning Dao World, uniting with the middle-aged man who had come to receive them.

“Haha! You’re safe now. Once you’re here, you’re safe. Come, I’ll bring you to meet our Master. He missed you dearly while you weren’t around.”

When the middle-aged man spoke happily, a dark snigger suddenly spread through the galaxy. Once it appeared, the joy that was originally on the couple’s faces disappeared.

A figure walked out of thin air. It was an old man in black holding a black flag in his hand. His appearance not only made the couple’s expressions change, but even the middle-aged man paled instantly.

“You sure run fast. Oh well, I won’t make things hard for you today. Leave the child behind, and you can leave.”

When the old man spoke, he got closer to True Morning Dao World. The three met each other’s eyes and immediately turned into three long arcs that ran into the distance.

“Don’t worry. Once we’re here, that person won’t chase us. This place is safe!” the middle-aged man said resolutely. The three people left in a hurry.

The old man beyond the barrier snorted coldly, but was slightly hesitant about his next action. However, once he let out another snort, he stepped into True Morning Dao World.

Even though there was a warning circulating among the powerful warriors of the previous aeons aurally telling all of them not to take even half a step into True Morning Dao World and they had been careful over the years, fifty years had passed since then. When they saw that a large number of cultivators had surged into True Morning Dao World, their caution gradually dwindled. It was no longer as great as before.

‘Once I step in, I’ll immediately kill those three and go back. It shouldn’t take me a lot of time to do so. I should be fine!’

The moment the old man stepped into True Morning Dao World, he lifted his right hand and pointed forward. The woman in front of him immediately jolted. As she shuddered, she found that she could not move. Tears fell from her eyes, and the eyes of the man next to her turned red. He howled, but when the old man pointed at him, he also felt as if he had been bound.

The middle-aged man also froze. Then, it looked like he and the couple had been seized by a hand in space and yanked backwards.

“Did you think you’ll be safe once you fled here? There is no place where you will be safe in this world!”

The old man spoke with arrogance and clenched his right hand.

Despair appeared on the trio’s faces. He was about to crush them and extract their souls, but right when he was about to crush the girl, who he needed so that he could refine her into the soul of his flag…

“Uncle…” The girl on the woman’s back suddenly looked towards the galaxy with a smile.

Her voice was very clear and crisp. When she spoke, the fear on her face disappeared, and her lips curled up into an innocent smile.

Su Ming stood behind the old man and smiled faintly while staring at the little girl.

The entire world stopped moving when he smiled, and the old man still had the arrogant look on his face. Su Ming lifted his right hand and swung his arm, and the old man’s body jolted. He instantly tumbled backwards, turning into a long arc that was swept out of True Morning Dao World. When a loud bang spread out in every direction within True Sacred Yin World, his body and soul were destroyed, and even when he died, he still had that arrogant look on his face…

Once he did that, Su Ming vanished, and the world returned to normal. The power binding the trio had already disappeared, allowing them to regain their mobility, and their expressions changed drastically. They stared around themselves in a daze. They did not see Su Ming and did not know what had happened, but the old man who had brought terrified them was already gone.

“A man dropped by just now,” the girl lying on her mother’s back said crisply.

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