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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1365: Setting up Fifty Years of Peace

Chapter 1365: Setting up Fifty Years of Peace

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The moment the one hundred powerful warriors from the previous aeons were destroyed both in body and soul by the Sacred Wood sweeping sideways in True Morning Dao World, the other worlds in Arid Triad rumbled and trembled.

Those tremors did not occur in the True Worlds, but in the hearts of the cultivators.

The event of the near one hundred cultivators stepping in True Morning Dao World had long since caught the attention of many powerful warriors from the previous aeons. After all, a warning had once spread out that they should not enter it. While they did not pay much heed to it, there was indeed no one who dared to step into that True World to disturb or provoke the entity in it.

That was… beside the old man from a few years ago!

After him came the one hundred powerful warriors… Their deaths and the presence exuding by the Sacred Wood filled the cultivators from the previous aeons who were paying attention with astonishment. Their expressions changed drastically.

There were quite a few among them who had come from the fourth Expanse Cosmos. There were even some who had slept in the Sacred Wood before, and they had personally witnessed the Sacred Wood being taken away.

At that moment, when all of their memories were connected together, they instantly formed a complete picture. Many people recalled the seemingly undefeatable figure who had taken away the Sacred Wood in the fourth Expanse Cosmos and shaken their hearts!

“It’s him!”

“This person… is that terrifying existence who took the Sacred Wood in the past?!”

“Damn it, so the one in True Morning Dao World is this old monster?! Why must he be in True Morning Dao World?! Damn it, damn it all… He’s ruthless and merciless. I absolutely can’t offend him.”

In an instant, the numerous cultivators in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos who had been shocked by the scene of Su Ming killing nearly one hundred powerful warriors immediately filled with shock and nervousness while their hearts trembled.

Yet there were still a number of cultivators from the previous aeons who had not witnessed the scene of Su Ming taking the Sacred Wood or who did not come from the fourth Expanse Cosmos. That was why they did not understand the terror of Su Ming. Even though they were hesitant, most of their expressions were dark and sullen.


“During these fifty years, let Arid Triad be slightly peaceful ,” Su Ming said flatly and walked forward. The bald crane followed behind him with a swagger. Even though Su Ming’s words sounded flat and indifferent, there was a freezing quality contained in them, and it made the bald crane excited.

Su Ming walked out of True Morning Dao World and entered True Sacred Yin World, and the entire True World shuddered with a bang. Ripples spread out, and a power that could make the entire world freeze rushed out in all directions.

Once the powerful warriors from the previous aeons sensed it, their expressions changed. Even those who were previously sullen began trembling when they sensed the presence of Su Ming’s cultivation base, which he did not bother to hold back.

They had not just sensed Su Ming’s presence… but also the Sacred Wood’s presence, which quite a number of them were familiar with! More importantly, they sensed… a presence that seemed to belong to the strongest in all of Arid Triad and Harmonious Morus Alba!

The appearance of that presence prevented Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos from continuing with its operations. It could make the universe change and felt like the darkness that could dye everything in its shade. When it filled the space, all who sensed it felt as if they were in darkness and could not see even the slightest bit of light.

That darkness was definitely not the darkness of night, but a darkness in the world that could even make night lose its color.

Su Ming’s will seemed to be able to dye everything black, be it the sky, earth, planets, stars, space, or emptiness. They could either leave, or be dyed black by the endless darkness.

When the hearts of all the powerful warriors of the previous aeons in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos trembled, Su Ming took a step into True Sacred Yin World. When his foot was about to land, his body divided into one hundred people.

There were one hundred versions of him, and all of them had the exact same presence. The next moment, they appeared in one hundred different spots in True Sacred Yin World. Some of them were in planets, some in voids, some in the galaxy, and some in abodes formed by Enchanted Vessels.

They appeared at the same time and lifted their right hands. The Sacred Wood manifested and became ten thousand feet long. When it swept sideways, no matter how the one hundred cultivators from the previous aeons in the one hundred spots howled, no matter how forlorn their screams were, no matter how they fought back, no matter how they begged for mercy, no matter how they descended into madness from despair and executed divine abilities with the intention of severely injuring both sides…

No matter what they did, Su Ming’s expression was as aloof as before. The Sacred Wood swept sideways, and booming sounds spread out from one hundred places to form a loud bang that resounded through all of True Sacred Yin World. It spread out and seemed to cover an endless distance.

Amid the bang, all one hundred of Su Ming’s bodies disintegrated and gathered together to form the real Su Ming. At that moment, he finished taking his first step.

All of it was done casually. His expression remained the same, but the bald crane was completely flabbergasted. It stared at everything with a dumbfounded expression, then immediately beat its chest and bent its head.

“How wasteful, oh… how wasteful… Just how many crystals did they have? They’re gone, all gone! My crystals…”

Su Ming smiled faintly. When he lifted his right hand, he flipped it over, and nearly one hundred storage bags flew out, immediately lifting the bald crane’s spirits. It moved forward and hugged all of them with great excitement on its face.

When Su Ming shook his head, he lifted his foot and took his second step. At the moment his was about to land, he left True Sacred Yin World and appeared in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World. That True World was part of his will, and the moment he stepped into it, it shuddered with a bang, as if the disaster had arrived. When Su Ming let out a cold harrumph, a gust of wind rushed through the galaxies of the Emperor of Abyss’ True World.

The wind howled and swept in every direction. In the blink of an eye, it grew incredibly strong. Su Ming’s face appeared in the wind, and it was incredibly large. Wherever it went, all planets would not be destroyed, normal cultivators would be unharmed, but the powerful warriors from the previous aeons would stare up with disbelief.

“This is… the disaster? It’s impossible! There’s still fifty years left till the disaster, it’s impossible for it to arrive beforehand!”

“But this wind and this face is clearly from when the disaster descends!”

While all the powerful warriors from the previous aeons in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World were in shock, Su Ming’s face formed by the wind that swept through the entire True World charged past them. Wherever it went, not all of the powerful warriors from the previous aeons were destroyed. Instead, only one hundred of them… had their bodies and souls vanquished.

It did not mean that those who survived managed to do so because they were strong enough, but because Su Ming only wanted to kill one hundred people. Even so, to the powerful warriors from the previous aeons who were still alive, this life and death experience was enough to fill their hearts with fear and a strong wave of respect towards Su Ming.

When the face in the wind disintegrated, Su Ming finished taking his step into the Emperor of Abyss’ True World. With a swing of his arm, one hundred storage bags flew out. The bald crane immediately started howling in excitement while beside him grabbed numerous storage bags with each swing of its wing before putting them away. The excitement and elation on its face made it look as if it was about to faint.

‘As for the fourth True World…’

When Su Ming looked at the fourth True World while in the Emperor of Abyss’ True World, he brought his right hand up and seized space. The Sacred Wood immediately manifested. When it grew to be hundreds of thousands of feet long, Su Ming pointed at the fourth True World.

With it, the Sacred Wood shot through space with a bang and instantly appeared in the fourth True World. When it swung sideways, it looked as if there was a giant brandishing it at the fourth True World.

The Sacred Wood struck space and shattered it, then stirred up countless waves of impact that tumbled about with loud bangs. As they spread out, it was as if a disaster had fallen on the fourth True World.

The waves of impact took the lives of one hundred powerful warriors of previous aeons and then disappeared, but the marks of space shattering still remained. It seemed to serve as a testimony for all the powerful warriors from the previous aeons who were still alive in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos. It would make them tremble and feel the threat of death that they had not experienced for a very long time.

By then, none of them were addicted to that feeling anymore. Instead, the fear of death had been awakened in them once more.

The previous actions had been Su Ming’s warning. They were nothing to him, but to the powerful warriors from the previous aeons, it was a warning as loud as a thunderclap. Once Su Ming finished it, he left the Emperor of Abyss’ True World and returned to True Morning Dao World.

After entering it again, he fell into a moment of pensive silence before he lifted his right hand and swung his arm. The Sacred Wood instantly appeared in True Morning Dao World. It continued growing larger until it eventually reached its original size in the fourth Expanse Cosmos, and then, it stood vertically in True Morning Dao World.

A supreme, mighty pressure spread out of the Sacred Wood, along with a heinous, murderous aura. There seemed to be four hundred forlorn souls of cultivators from the previous aeons contained in it, and they screamed in pain while sealed inside. The warning given by such a display was enough to shock and intimidate all lives.

“Now, we can have fifty years of peace.”

Su Ming cast a glance at the Sacred Wood, then moved away, but he did not return to Ninth Summit. Instead, he appeared on top of the vertical Sacred Wood and sat down cross-legged on it. He then closed his eyes.

The bald crane was beside him, excitedly opening one storage bag after another. It busied itself with putting away all the crystals and treasures within the bags.

It was just as Su Ming had said. After he placed the Sacred Wood with the four hundred forlorn souls of the powerful warriors from the previous aeons surrounding it and howling to intimidate all the powerful warriors from the previous aeons in all of Arid Triad, no one came again.

Everyone had fallen silent, and none of them dared to approach True Morning Dao World again. In fact, some of them even stopped murdering at a large scare, which made even more cultivators from the other True Worlds to surge into True Morning Dao World. It became something akin to a true paradise in Arid Triad.

There were only a few people who knew Su Ming’s name, so the cultivators who had migrated to True Morning Dao World gradually found a uniform title for him—Wood Paragon!

Because of the huge Sacred Wood and because Su Ming sat on it while meditating all year long, that title quickly became the one that the cultivators in the area used to refer to Su Ming.

As time went by and more cultivators arrived in True Morning Dao World… forty something years passed!

There were less than five years until the disaster!

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