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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1367: Arid Triad Disaster (2)

Chapter 1367: Arid Triad Disaster (2)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The boy was in the fourth Expanse Cosmos opened his eyes at the mountainside as if he had only slept for a short moment. When he looked at the sky, he mumbled in anguish, “The disaster has descended…”

At some unknown point of time, the Sword Immortal had appeared beside him. He watched the sky with the boy, but the difference was that there was a sharp look in his eyes, along with a strong will to fight.

Yan Pei stared at the galaxy in a daze while in Dark Dawn’s camp. His body trembled, and he could not control those shivers. An indescribable feeling that he was about to die rose in him, and it was a feeling that was stronger than everything else that he had felt in his life, causing him to swiftly remember… the legendary disaster!

He laughed brokenly in anguish, then threw his head back as if he had descended into madness. But no matter how deranged he appeared, he could not stop the tears of despair flowing down the corners of his eyes.

Zi Ruo sat quietly on a mountain in the Heavenly Foxes’ Expanse Cosmos and watched the sky. The purple-robed woman was not thinking of destruction or the disaster at that moment, but the figure who constantly appeared in her mind during the hundreds of years.

Fei Hua was in Saint Defier’s camp and looked like a teenager after her appearance had been restored. She had once sat beside the lake near a wooden house in her Expanse Cosmos and stared at the waters with the bald crane for a hundred years. Right then, she was sitting there again without lifting her head. Instead, she closed her eyes, hiding the melancholy in them.

“This is a death no life can avoid.”

As she sighed softly, Fei Hua kept her hands clenched tightly around a picture scroll. Even if she had to die, she wanted to walk down the path of death with the scroll.


The third rumble echoed through Harmonious Morus Alba, and wind immediately rose up in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos. It came from Divine Essence Star ocean, and it had no end to it. In an instant, it turned into a huge face. That face carried with it an ancient air and mercilessness. At the moment it appeared, the entire galaxy… started shattering!

The first to shatter was Divine Essence Star Ocean. The galaxies there did not collapse, however. It was as if an indescribable mighty pressure had descended from above, and it only wanted to flatten all existences!

This scene did not just appear in Divine Essence Star Ocean. It could be seen in all four of the True Worlds in Arid Triad, in Dark Dawn, and in Saint Defier. The cultivators who had yet to die all sensed the mighty pressure that seemed to want to crush the world. Once they noticed it, they instinctively lifted their heads and saw… a scene that they would never forget even if they died!

The disaster did not come from the seemingly transparent and mirror-like galaxy beneath them nor the other Expanse Cosmos under the transparent galaxy. Instead… it came from above!

The mirror in the galaxy was a reflection of everything above. It might seem transparent and create the misconception that there was another world under it, but in truth, it was just a reflection.

It reflected… the other world that had appeared right then, the one that all of them could see when they looked at the space above them!

It was a totally different world.Galaxies, planets, continents, and all lives in that Expanse Cosmos could be seen… Not only did those in Arid Triad manage to see it, even those in Dark Dawn and Saint Defier could see the other Expanse Cosmos charging towards them from the galaxy above.

However, what the cultivators in Dark Dawn and Saint Defier saw was the fourth Expanse Cosmos, and what those in Arid Triad saw was Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos!

They could not tell whether it was Arid Triad crashing into Harmonious Morus Alba, or whether it was Harmonious Morus Alba ramming into Arid Triad!

Su Ming stood up on the Sacred Wood and lifted his head to look at the galaxy above him. His expression was calm, but he had narrowed his eyes slightly.

‘The disaster is indeed not from the Expanse Cosmos beneath us overlapping with us… but from the area above pressing down on us, and due to it, we’re overlapping!’

Harmonious Morus Alba’s universe was within its wings. When the disaster descended and the four wings overlapped with each other, the first thing that happened was the crash between the sky and the earth, between the stars and the planets, between the emptiness and space. It was a flattening of two Expanse Cosmoses, and it looked like two palms pressing against each other. Once they destroyed everything between them, only then would they fully overlap with each other.

Due to Harmonious Morus Alba, Arid Triad, and even the Old Man Extermination’s misleading words, Su Ming had thought that another Expanse Cosmos would overlap with theirs from below, and because of it, everything would disappear.

A cold sneer appeared at the corners of Su Ming’s lips. It had indeed misled him, but when he sent the people of Ninth Summit to the other riverbank, he had come to understand how the disaster worked.

It was especially so when he opened his eyes the second time during the period of forty years. When the disaster was about to arrive, he became even more certain of it—the disaster… did not come from the galaxy below them, but from the space above them!

Howls reverberated through all of Harmonious Morus Alba at that moment. When Su Ming lifted his head, he could see the other galaxy approaching nonstop. It looked as if it would not be long before the four Expanse Cosmoses would flatten and destroy everything, thereby allowing Harmonious Morus Alba’s four wings to overlap with each other, and then, the four Expanse Cosmoses in the four wings would completely fuse into one.

To cultivators and all other life forms, there was nowhere to run. The Expanse Cosmoses from below and above had crashed into each other, and they could only flee around the area around them, but they would be flattered no matter where they moved.

How could they run? How could they hide? Only the powerful warriors from the previous aeons could be unbothered by the Expanse Cosmos coming down from above them, because once they had fused with their other selves, they could ignore the Expanse Cosmoses trying to flatten one another.

When the Expanse Cosmos from above neared the one below and the fourth bell-like loud bang sounded, the wind between two Expanse Cosmoses started howling in a manner like never before. The face in the wind was aloof when it swept through all areas. Wherever it went, lives withered, and all manner of being was destroyed. Shrill screams filled with unwillingness to lay down dead rang out, becoming the only melody in the world right then.

Arid Triad also began waking up!

As the wind grew stronger, Divine Essence Star Ocean was reduced to a wreckage. Be it Black Ink Planet or the fifth ocean, all the lives and races in them were reduced to nothingness. The wind that stirred in Divine Essence Star Ocean had Arid Triad’s face and grew more corporeal with each passing moment. When the wind blew towards the four Great True Worlds, the face became incredibly distinct, but its eyes were still closed. Arid Triad did not open them.

When the wind swept through the fourth True World and swept past True Sacred Yin World, the entire galaxy was squashed by an Expanse Cosmos above it and the endless space beneath it. In the middle of the galaxy was Arid Triad’s wind. It swept through the area as if searching for the signs of a certain life, and while doing so, it harvested the life force from all lives, causing the face to form a young man’s figure.

The young man was bald and dressed in a long green robe. His eyes were shut, however. He walked in the wind, and when he arrived in True Morning Dao World…

Su Ming, who was standing on the Sacred Wood, turned his head around and looked at the young man who had stepped into True Morning Dao World.

“Arid Triad…”

When Su Ming spoke softly, he took a step forward. He knew that Arid Triad had come seeking him, and the battle between them was an unavoidable struggle between life and death!

Either Su Ming would die and Arid Triad would no longer have any worries left, or he would live… and Arid Triad would perhaps no longer be Arid Triad!

Su Ming’s foot landed, and his body vanished from the Sacred Wood. When he reappeared, he was already right in front of Arid Triad’s wind. Behind him was True Morning Dao World, above him was Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos charging forth with a howl, and under his feet was space, now no longer endless, because he could already see its end.

It was also at that instant that Arid Triad… opened his eyes in that aeon!

He woke up!

When Arid Triad opened his eyes, Su Ming slowly closed his. His world became dark, and the instant he shut his eyes, wind appeared behind him. It was black, and Su Ming had created it using the wills of the two Great True Worlds in Arid Triad belonging to him.

Another gust of wind also came charging from the Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos, and it was the wind from True Immortal Sect World and True Sky Hill World!

The wills of four Great True Worlds fused together, and the wind they formed swept up Su Ming, whose eyes were shut. At the moment Arid Triad opened his eyes, the two of them… approached each other.

The resounding bang turned into the fifth bell-like boom as the world was destroyed. At the instant it rang out, Arid Triad’s wind covered Su Ming, and Su Ming’s wind submerged Arid Triad. The two of them merged together while surrounded by the wind. Even the Old Man Extermination, Di Tian, and Su Xuan Yi would not be able to see anything inside clearly.

Only… Harmonious Morus Alba could! This butterfly who was originally the strongest in its universe had showed up after waiting for an unknown number of aeons. It was an almost transparent butterfly. Its colorful body seemed to seize all the world’s brilliance at the moment it appeared.

Harmonious Morus Alba Expanse Cosmos, which descended from above, looked like it was sinking. At the moment it appeared, it turned into a five-colored wind. While howling, it charged at the spot where Arid Triad and Su Ming had fused together… and swiftly merged with them!

At the same time, on a mountain within the trembling and crumbling Yin Death Vortex, Di Tian shuddered. His expression changed continuously, and after a long while, when he coughed up fresh blood, he formed a seal and pushed his palms against his body.

“Su Ming, I will gain an epiphany through you, and I will fuse with your life matrix. You can choose to hate me or be unbothered by me, but no matter what… I will help you this time, because only when you succeed will I succeed. You… cannot fail!”

Di Tian threw his head back and roared. When he formed another seal with his hands, all his cultivation base and his soul fused with the other seven’s divine souls. The next moment, his cultivation base and soul erupted from his body.

“As long as our life matrices don’t shatter, neither of us will die!!”

A round picture showed up above Di Tian’s head. It was formed by black and red threads intersecting with each other, and it shone with endless brilliance. The strange light was mostly black, and if anyone took a closer look at it, they would be able to see Su Ming’s while life within it. And Di Tian’s life was in it too!

They intersected with each other in a manner that made it difficult to separate them!

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