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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1371: Arid Triad Disaster (6)

Chapter 1371: Arid Triad Disaster (6)

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Once the withered bark of the past was crushed and the clear water of the future was added to it, everything would become transparent. No matter what the color was, when a bowl of ink was poured into it, it would dye the whole world… It would never be able to return to how it had been in the beginning.

Su Xuan Yi’s Dao was to have his son Lei Chen Possess Old Man Extermination, but before it could happen, he needed a chance and some help. That help… was the hand in which he had turned at that moment.

Right then, he was above Dark Dawn and Saint Defier, and he covered that whole Expanse Cosmos. Beneath this hand… were gazes filled with hatred along with madness before a world was destroyed. With these emotions, an indescribable resentment was formed, and it turned… into a Curse from all lives!

It was a trap, one that Old Man Extermination had prepared for a long time. Under Old Man Extermination’s arrangements, the three black-robed men had turned into Su Ming and killed while traveling through the universe, which filled Dark Dawn and Saint Defiers’ 360 Expanse Cosmoses with an indescribable resentment towards Su Ming.

Everyone had personally witnessed their friends and family brutally slaughtered by Su Ming and heard their people letting out shrill screams of pain. Those who did not die had to bear with the torment in their bodies and souls, which gave birth to resentment that would last for eternity. Before the world was destroyed, they erupted with unwillingness to die and their madness in an unprecedented manner.

The resentment had no corporeal form… but it could be treated as a form of will. One person’s will was not powerful, but if millions, ten millions, hundreds of millions, billions, and especially all the people from 360 Expanse Cosmoses from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier Cursed a person at the same time when their most spectacular brilliance erupted, the resentment… would become real!

This was what it meant to create truth out of nothing!

In a sense, that power could be seen as Dao. If it was placed in a country whose citizens wanted it to be destroyed, then that country would certainly be destroyed!

And that was only when it was viewed in a mortal sense. This logic existed in the world of cultivators too. Once someone used it, they could create a sharp weapon, and during the most crucial moments, it would erupt with its strongest force.

When the resentment from Dark Dawn and Saint Defier’s camps gathered together, it was immediately absorbed by the huge hand formed by Su Xuan Yi. It became even darker, as if the power of the universe was contained in it. The palm swayed then, and overlapping shadows immediately appeared on it.

It had split into two!

At the same time, the pupils of Old Man Extermination shrank while he sat on the ancient ship in the fourth Expanse Cosmos. One of the hands sliced through space with Old Man Extermination’s will to charge to Arid Triad. The other broke through space too… but it headed to the fourth Expanse Cosmos and Old Man Extermination!

“Su Xuan Yi!”

Old Man Extermination’s eyes shone. The moment his words tumbled out of his mouth, the huge palm formed by Su Xuan Yi shot through space and appeared right in front of the ancient ship. Su Xuan Yi’s face had manifested on the palm, and it was filled with determination and madness along with hatred he had kept buried in his heart for an unknown number of years.

“Abyss Builders’ Possession!” Su Xuan Yi threw his head back and roared. The palm immediately touched the ancient ship with boundless resentment and charged straight at Old Man Extermination.

“You overestimate yourself!” Old Man Extermination harrumphed coldly. “I was the one who created your race. How dare you try to Possess me!”

Old Man Extermination swung his arm. A gust of black wind instantly charged towards the hand while forming a huge skull. Sitting on it was a small human which had the exact same appearance as Extermination. It was his Dao Divinity!

The small human’s expression was calm. The skull beneath him opened its mouth wide and charged at Su Xuan Yi.

But when the skull approached Su Xuan Yi, Old Man Extermination furrowed his brows. He swiftly seized the space in the skull’s direction with his right hand, and the skull immediately disintegrated.

“Hmph, I can’t waste the resentment gathered on you. If my plan for Su Ming is affected because of you, then even if you die ten thousand times, you won’t be able to compensate for your wrongs!

“Since you like Possession so much, then I will reward you with the glory of being Possessed by me!”

A ferocious smile appeared at the corners of Old Man Extermination’s lips. As he spoke, he swung his arm, and his Dao Divinity appeared in front of him. It opened its mouth and, with a ferocious expression, turned into a long arc that charged towards the palm formed by Su Xuan Yi.

With a loud rumble, Old Man Extermination’s Dao Divinity and the palm of resentment formed by Su Xuan Yi crashed into each other. They immediately began trying to Possess one another, but Su Xuan Yi was clearly weaker than Old Man Extermination. In just the span of a few breaths, half of the palm he formed had been occupied by Extermination.

However… there was not a single hint of panic on Su Xuan Yi’s face. Instead, a hint of scorn showed up on his lips. It held arrogance as well as confidence that spoke of how he had taken every possible element into account in his plan so that it would be foolproof. He also looked like he no longer had anything left in his life but instead had great hopes that the future would be better.

“Extermination, you lost!” Su Xuan Yi laughed loudly while being Possessed by Extermination.

Old Man Extermination frowned. When he furrowed his eyebrows, his expression suddenly changed. Right then, a third person’s presence appeared on Su Xuan Yi’s body!

That third presence belonged to Lei Chen!

Lei Chen was sitting in the fourth True World’s palace. His body was covered in countless black needles. Hey shuddered, and tears fell from his eyes. His body withered rapidly at that moment. His will, his cultivation, his soul, and everything else about him appeared on Su Xuan Yi in the form of bloodlines!

That was Su Xuan Yi’s plan. He knew that he could not fight against Old Man Extermination. His level of cultivation and ability to Possess were a far cry from Extermination’s. He knew that if he attempted to Possess Extermination, he would definitely die, which was why he needed better arrangements. There were two requirements for him to succeed. One of them was that Old Man Extermination would not attack to kill him and would give him the chance to Possess him.

That was why Su Xuan Yi had chosen to absorb a large amount of resentment before dividing it into two portions. One of them would approach Su Ming based on Old Man Extermination’s plan… and the other portion would be used by Su Xuan Yi to become the element that would cause Old Man Extermination reluctant to kill him!

As long as he hesitated, based on Old Man Extermination’s personality, he would want to ensure that his plan with Su Ming would work. That would mean that he would choose to Possess Su Xuan Yi so that the resentment would not disappear and his plan would be unhindered!

That was the first element of Su Xuan Yi’s plan!

The second requirement was that Old Man Extermination would not be able to fight against him at full strength. This was easy since his main enemy was Su Ming! With the two requirements fulfilled, Su Xuan Yi held the initiative, and he could execute the second step of his plan…

It was Possession, but Su Xuan Yi would not be the one Possessing Extermination. Instead, he willingly turned his body into a medium… so that his son Lei Chen could connect to Extermination!

His ambition was not to Possess Old Man Extermination completely, but to take a part of him. As long as he could Possess a portion of Extermination, he could be considered to have succeeded.

With even a little, he believed that Lei Chen, who had fused with the Seed of Life Extermination, would be able to stand indestructible… because in a sense, with the Seed of Life Extermination, Lei Chen would share some similarity with Old Man Extermination!

The Seed of Life Extermination’s real use was for Old Man Extermination to pass down the creations of his soul through his blood in order to create the strongest person among the Abyss Builders to offer them up to Xuan Zang. That offering would have the Seed of Life Extermination and will go to challenge Xuan Zang.

The person Extermination had originally chosen was Lei Chen. It was why the baby of Su Xuan Yi’s wife had seemed cursed. In truth, he was not under a Curse, but displaying the fusion with the Seed of Life Extermination.

However, Old Man Extermination had miscalculated one thing. He miscalculated Su Xuan Yi’s ambition and madness and did not expect that he would use the mysteriousness surrounding Yin Death Vortex. That region was a place where Extermination could not peek into. While inside there, Su Xuan Yi extracted the Seed of Life Extermination from Lei Chen’s body and planted it in Su Ming.

Then, he planted the seed in Yu Xuan, because she came from the second God of Berserkers’ line, and while the second God of Berserker was a Berserker, he lived in Yin Death Vortex and was an existence caught between life and death. It allowed Su Xuan Yi to make some changes in the Seed of Life Extermination… When it fused with Lei Chen again, everything came back a full circle, and it also became an important part of Su Xuan Yi’s plan.

“Extermination, you lost. Are you going to control that resentment to seal Su Ming, or will you fight against the Abyss Builders’ Possession? To you, this must be something that you can easily decide upon!

“No matter what you choose, in the end, the crux of Possession is that… you absolutely cannot Possess yourself, and what you are doing now is Possessing yourself. You Possessed my son. You are trying to Possess him, who has completely fused with the Seed of Life Extermination, and it means you’re Possessing yourself!”

As Su Xuan Yi laughed shrilly, his presence grew weaker. Old Man Extermination’s Dao Divinity was rapidly shrinking while in his body. He wanted to give up on Possession, but…

Su Xuan Yi had planned for years. Since he could turn his body into a medium… he had long since made Lei Chen Possess him multiple times. A part of his body belonged to Lei Chen since a while ago.

His presence swiftly disintegrated, but his laughter still echoed in the air. He knew that he had succeeded. At the moment Old Man Extermination chose to Possess him, he succeeded!

“Su Xuan Yi!”

Old Man Extermination’s eyes burned with anger. He swiftly retracted his Dao Divinity, but Lei Chen’s presence felt like marrow entering bones. He fused with Extermination’s Dao Divinity, then entered Old Man Extermination’s body as well.

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