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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1375: Arid Triad Disaster (10)

Chapter 1375: Arid Triad Disaster (10)

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While in Yin Death Vortex, Di Tian shuddered. He stared at the life matrix that had shattered again above him and let out a crazed roar. Two of the seven overlapping pupils in his eyes vanished!

At the instant they vanished, the life force that erupted from him surged into the shattered life matrix. The time around it seemed to reverse, and the shattered bits gathered together once more.

“Su Ming, what are you doing?!”

Di Tian’s eyes were bloodshot. He was maintaining the life matrix with great difficulty, and he knew that if it shattered twice more, then even if he gave up on everything, it would be impossible for him to maintain it in its complete form.

Su Ming’s figure gathered together the second time before Old Man Extermination. His eyes shone with an enchanting light which said that he was calculating and copying something.

“Xuan Zang is someone who is dead, or rather, is about to die… and he is blind. He cannot see anything.”

When Su Ming spoke, he took another step forward. The distance between him and Old Man Extermination was less than one thousand feet.

When Old Man Extermination heard Su Ming’s words, his expression remained the same, but his heart let out a huge thump.

“Then how can he pinpoint the offering? Is it because of this thing?”

As Su Ming spoke, he brought up his right arm and swung it at space. Immediately, an octagonal Rune appeared on his palm!

That Rune was exactly the same as the one used by Old Man Extermination!

The two deaths had not come about because Su Ming was seeking his own end, but because… he had been searching for a way to kill Old Man Extermination. He wanted to know how he was chosen as an offering and why Arid Triad had been so certain that Xuan Zang was dead!

Since things had progressed to that point, the universe had already been destroyed, Harmonious Morus Alba died… and Su Ming no longer had anything to lose, why should he not indulge in a bout of madness?!

With two deaths, he had managed to deduce that Xuan Zang was blind. With two deaths, he copied the Rune to locate him and tell Xuan Zang who was the offering.

When Su Ming swung his right hand and the Rune appeared, Old Man Extermination’s expression changed. He stood up swiftly, and his pupils shrank. He had not expected that the strongest cultivator he met in the Harmonious Morus Alba… would be much stronger than all the other strongest in the other Harmonious Morus Albas.

His ability to understand a hint of Boundless Dao had already shocked Mie Shan, but right then… Su Ming had used just two deaths to copy his Rune. This sort of potential was positively monstrous!

At the instant he stood up, Old Man Extermination brought up his right hand without hesitation and pointed at Su Ming. The moment he did so, the octagonal Rune appeared around him for the third time. Yet the moment it showed up, Su Ming also pointed at Old Man Extermination with his right hand.

Old Man Extermination’s expression darkened, and a huge octagonal Rune appeared around him too!

The two Runes had nothing different about them. They… were both Locating Runes intended to lead Xuan Zang to his offering!

The moment these two Runes appeared, Xuan Zang’s finger showed up through the torn crack in space. Once it descended in the Expanse Cosmos, it paused for a moment, then immediately split into two: One charged towards Su Ming, and the other… rushed to Old Man Extermination.

Booming sounds shook the sky and earth at that instant. Once Su Ming’s body came into contact with the finger, it was instantly destroyed, but he did not care about that. He stared at Old Man Extermination with brightly burning eyes. He could see Old Man Extermination once again forming seals with his hands before pushing at the center of his brow.

The finger from Xuan Zang touched the octagonal Rune around Old Man Extermination.


The Rune shattered, and Old Man Extermination coughed up a mouthful of blood. Once he let out a roar that shook the heavens, the finger shot through the ancient ship and stopped five feet away from Old Man Extermination, It then retracted and disappeared.

The finger might have disappeared, but Old Man Extermination’s ancient ship started shattering layer by layer before it quickly crumbled to pieces…

Without the ancient ship, Old Man Extermination took a few steps backwards. When he coughed up blood again, the shattered pieces of Su Ming’s body gathered together again. This time, Di Tian had to pay the price of four overlapping pupils—all the life force and the souls of four people!

What remained after that was only the portion belonging to Di Tian himself!

“Abyss Builders… As expected of the Abyss Builders I created! Su Xuan Yi managed to set me up for his son to Possess me, and he succeeded. I respect him. As for you, within a short period of time, you managed to copy my divine ability! Abyss Builders, as expected, you are a race that should not exist!”

Old Man Extermination threw his head back and laughed loudly. In his laughter was aloofness along with his intent to kill Su Ming.

“But no matter how much you copy me, it’s impossible for you to learn the Art to prevent Xuan Zang from attacking. If you can’t learn this Art, then you are destined to become an offering!”

“My Master is Tian Xie Zi,” Su Ming declared flatly. As he spoke, he brought up his right hand, and the octagonal Rune appeared.

“The first divine ability he taught me was to copy what I see once I clear my thoughts.” Su Ming closed his eyes, and when he opened them the next instant, a profound look showed up in his eyes. In that profound gaze was a crazed ball of fire.

“You say I’m an offering? Then today, I declare that you are the offering. Since we are both offerings, let’s have Xuan Zang decide… who is the offering!”

Su Ming brought his right hand up, and the octagonal Rune on his palm instantly shone with a blinding brilliance.

A solemn expression that had never appeared before on Old Man Extermination showed up on his face. It was just as he said, Su Ming was the strongest cultivator among the Harmonious Morus Albas he had went to. In fact, if he was in the slightest bit careless, there was a high possibility that he would die.

He had to attack at full force and give his everything in the fight!

Old Man Extermination brought up his right hand as well, and the octagonal Rune appeared, shining with a brilliant light that did not lose to Su Ming’s.

“Offering!” At the instant Old Man Extermination spoke, he brought down his right hand and pointed at Su Ming, who was doing the exact same thing while pointing at him.

Their bodies seemed to freeze at that instant, and an octagonal Rune appeared around them at the same time. Right then, the fingers from Xuan Zang aiming to harvest his offering showed up through the crack in space leading to the Vast Expanse!

There were still two fingers. With a destructive presence no one could withstand, they charged towards Su Ming and Old Man Extermination. At the moment they closed in on them, Old Man Extermination formed a seal with his hands and pushed down at the center of his brow.

Su Ming eyes were shining with a calculative light. He did not learn Extermination’s actions. There was falsehood contained in them, and if he really learned and copied them, he could already imagine how he would end up.

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. When the third eye at the center of his brow opened, the Dao Divinity within it also opened its eyes. At the same time, Su Ming’s presence changed. The wisp of aura belonging to Boundless Dao Realm filled his body in the blink of an eye.

The next moment, his Dao Divinity formed a seal with its hands and disappeared. It fused into his body and instantly became one with him!

This was what Su Ming had learned from Old Man Extermination, the real Art that caused Xuan Zang to not attack him!

The moment Su Ming’s Dao Divinity fused with his body, the incoming finger shattered the octagonal Rune, and then it came to a halt five feet before him.

The same scene happened before Old Man Extermination!

Disbelief appeared on Old Man Extermination’s face. That divine ability was something he had pondered over for countless years. After verifying it multiple times, he finally understood the gist behind it. Yet right then, Su Ming had managed to copy it completely in a short amount of time. This sent a cold chill down Old Man Extermination’s spine.

“That’s impossible! This shouldn’t have happened!”

Old Man Extermination’s hair was a mess, and there was still blood at the corners of his lips. Madness showed up in his eyes. The threat of death descended on him in a blink of an eye. It was a feeling that he had not felt for a long time. It was as if he had returned to the first time he met Xuan Zang and could only tremble with his life about to wiped off at any moment.

Xuan Zang’s fingers did not move. If Xuan Zang had a spirit, then perhaps he would begin wondering which was the offering at that moment, but if he did not have a spirit… it would depend on who between Su Ming and Extermination… would first show the signs of an offering!

“Xuan Zang, he’s the offering! He’s the most suitable offering among all the aeons in this Harmonious Morus Alba!” Old Man Extermination immediately roared. As his voice echoed in space, Su Ming’s face remained aloof, and powerful killing intent as well as hatred appeared in his eyes.

“Lei Chen, what… are you still waiting for?” Su Ming asked slowly.

When Su Ming spoke, Old Man Extermination’s expression changed. At the same time, a sigh seemed to come from his body. Soon after, the Art Old Man Extermination used to keep Xuan Zang’s finger from moving started trembling.

The Dao Divinity showed clear signs of struggle. They would have been ineffective at any other time, since Old Man Extermination would need a single thought to suppress them, but right then…

At the instant his Dao Divinity began to struggle, the finger in front of Old Man Extermination moved, and despair showed up on Old Man Extermination’s face. He howled shrilly when the finger touched him.

At that moment, Su Ming personally saw Old Man Extermination’s body crumble. As it turned into a bloody mess, his Nascent Divinity was forcefully extracted. It had two heads: one belonged to Extermination, and the other to Lei Chen. Their bodies seemed to have overlapped with each other, and at the moment the Nascent Divinity was extracted from Extermination’s body, it was immediately absorbed by the finger…

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