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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1382: Blood of Seven Moons

Chapter 1382: Blood of Seven Moons

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At the same time the sect elders of Seven Moons Sect observed the near ten thousand pictures and practically every disciple in the huge crystal, the teenager who had already breathed his last in the crack on the walls of the canyon suddenly jolted.

Su Ming’s body was slowly overlapping with the boy’s body. In just the span of a few breaths, Su Ming’s body completely disappeared, and the boy opened his eyes.

An aloof and calm glint shone in them. The boy had never had such a gaze before. It only belonged to one person, and that person was Su Ming!

When he opened his eyes, the body he Possessed gradually recovered from its shrivelled state. Once the boy regained his appearance, Su Ming slowly sat up, exercised his neck, shook his body, and his expression returned to normal. However, a freezing glare shone in his eyes, despite the calm look on his face.

‘Wang Tao, huh? A person who didn’t catch anyone’s attention among the outer sect disciples in Seven Moons Sect. Constantly bullied, and now, all his life force was even sucked out by his senior sister to temporarily increase her power, all for the sake of being able to show off her abilities in the Seven Moons disaster…

‘Since you died with resentment and I will make use of your body, we can be considered somewhat linked through fate. I will first… take revenge for you and end your grudge, then with your face, we will become the most brilliant existence in Seven Moons Sect!’

A malicious and ghastly sneer appeared on Su Ming’s lips. Once he lived through the drastic change in Harmonious Morus Alba, his personality had changed a lot.

He did not care about other people’s survival nor the changes in the world. He only cared about his own resolve, and for that, even if he had to overturn the world, he would walk down a path that did not require him to turn around in regret.

And while he walked down his path, all those who tried to block him… would die!

If anyone saw the smile on Su Ming’s lips right then, their hearts would definitely let out a thump. They would feel as if they were in an ocean of blood, as if a poisonous snake had fixed its eyes on them. An endless chill would spread from the bottom of their heart, and they would even feel the shadow of death looming over them.

Su Ming pushed his right hand against the wall and turned into a long arc that charged towards the barrier below. He did not stop for even a single moment. Without a single sound, he phased through the barrier and appeared in the trial grounds for the outer sect disciples of Seven Moons Sect.

There was a new sky above him, and it was red, just like blood. Wreckage and dust covered various parts of the ground. The cities showed signs of history, which gave off a desolate feeling.

Su Ming descended from the sky. When he landed on the ground, he slowly straightened and lifted his head. He did not look around him, but instead, with a frosty look, he walked forward.

At the moment he Possessed the boy, his level of cultivation had been automatically suppressed by ninety-nine-hundredth. With his inborn talent for Possession, unless he ran into a person whose level of cultivation surpassed his by a big margin, then even those in Dao Spirit Realm would find it difficult to discover him. They would only be able to detect the presence of a cultivator in Heaven Cultivation Realm, which was what he showed on the surface right then.

‘If I want to enter the inner sect of Seven Moons Sect and become the greatest of the sect, then I can’t keep a low profile… Since there are ten something divine senses constantly observing this place, then perhaps there’s already someone who has noticed me. If that’s the case… then I might as well act arrogantly.’

A ghastly smile appeared at the corners of Su Ming’s lips. He suddenly rushed forward.

When he descended into the trial grounds, an additional picture appeared among the near ten thousand pictures within the huge crystal observed by the ten something sect elders in the field in Seven Moons Sect. That picture clearly showed Su Ming’s figure, and as he rushed forward, it followed him.

“For some reason, this boy entered the trial ground much later than the others,” a married woman dressed in an orange long robe among the ten something people said faintly. Her gaze stayed on the picture showing Su Ming in the crystal.

“It’s fine. Their survival is connected to the trial. It’s only natural that they make some preparations for such an important matter. He might have lost some initiative by entering late, but if his preparations were more complete, it’s also another method to win,” an old man next to the woman said with a smile. He had also noticed Su Ming’s figure suddenly appear among the pictures.

“Hmm? That boy you spoke of is quite interesting…” As the two of them spoke, a blue-robed scholar sitting not too far away pointed at the crystal with a smile.

In Su Ming’s picture among the near ten thousand pictures in the crystal showed a sword flash behind the teenager. It belonged to a boy with a sinister and ruthless expression. He charged towards Su Ming.

He was fast, but the main focus of his attack lay in his sword. It instantly closed in on Su Ming, but Su Ming only took a step to the side. When he turned around, he lifted his left hand, and with the momentum he had gathered, he made a seizing motion behind him, directly catching the boy’s neck.

At the instant fear and alarm appeared on the boy’s face, Su Ming tightened his grip, and blood trickled out of the corners of the boy’s mouth. Then, he breathed his last.

This scene attracted the attention of the two people who were previously talking to each other, but soon, they moved their gazes away. Scenes like these appeared everywhere in the near ten thousand pictures.

Even the blue-robed scholar only smiled before he moved his gaze away to look at the other disciples. They wanted to find someone who would catch their fancy so that they could ponder about taking them in as disciples.

While they were highly expectant towards someone being able to obtain one hundred spirit plates, this was something that rarely happened, which was why they did not pay too much attention to the matter, unless… someone showed signs of being able to do so.

Su Ming let go of his left hand while in the world of ruins in the canyon. The boy in front of him fell to the ground with eyes wide open. Su Ming swept his gaze past the boy, then turned around and continued into the distance.

While he moved through the vast land, he did not travel fast, but soon, the ruins of a city appeared in front of him. No one could say how many years it had been since the city had been abandoned. At that moment, when Su Ming swept his gaze past a broken wall, a cold sneer appeared at the corners of his lips, and he stepped into the ruins.

At the instant he stepped inside, a shrill cry immediately shot into the air. Seven boys and girls formed a Rune at the same time and instantly enveloped him within.

It was a Sword Rune. The moment it shone with a red light, a huge net appeared above Su Ming. It looked like it could cut all manner of flesh and blood.

While the seven people laughed ferociously, flashes of swords shone around Su Ming. He moved and immediately appeared in front of a boy. He lifted his right hand and struck him. A bang shot up, and the boy’s eyes went wide. When he coughed up blood, Su Ming grabbed his body and threw him to the ground.

With it, the boy’s body shattered. When his flesh and blood gushed out, Su Ming brought up his right hand and seized the air. All the boy’s blood immediately tumbled backwards and charged towards Su Ming’s right hand. When he unfurled it, a blood-red moon appeared in the air.

It was a low-leveled Art in Seven Moons Sect, one of the three Arts mastered by the boy Su Ming had Possessed. The Art was known as Blood of Seven Moons.

“Blood of Seven Moons.”

When Su Ming spoke flatly, the blood-red moon exploded with a bang, and countless droplets of blood spread through the area, turning into crescent blood moons that were as sharp as blades. In an instant, they shot through the six people, making their bodies shudder, and all of them were immediately torn to shreds.

Su Ming swung his right hand, and three spirit plates flew out from the flesh and blood around him. They fell into his palm, but he did not put them away into his storage bag. Instead, he held them in his hand, and when he moved forward, the three spirit plates crashed into each other. They let out tinkling sounds that rang through the area.

Su Ming swung his arm, and the blood drops immediately tumbled backwards to gather together to form a blood-red moon that was the height of an adult man and enveloped Su Ming. It filled him with a murderous air.

Just as he was about to leave, Su Ming suddenly stopped moving. He frowned, then turned around slowly and looked at the ruins and dust around him. He observed the area, and eventually, his gaze landed on a broken stone monument.

There were a few indistinct words on it. At the instant Su Ming saw the stone monument and the words on it, a barely noticeable shudder went through his body.

Due to the indistinct words being incomplete and fragmented, only two words could be seen clearly… They were… Star Ocean.

‘Divine Essence Star Ocean…’

Su Ming’s pupils shrank, and a confused look appeared in his eyes. He had seen the stone monument before. It was a world monument erected beyond Black Ink Planet that he saw when he stepped into the galaxy of Divine Essence Star Ocean.

He had sent his divine sense over and scanner it before.

When Su Ming focused his gaze on the broken stone monument, the blue-robed scholar among one of the ten something sect elders on the field in Seven Moons Sect took note of him again.

“This boy has extraordinary power, and he’s also ruthless. He neutralized the plot those seven concocted to kill him… This boy is outstanding, the Seven Moons Art gained a different flair when he cast it. He’s not bad!”

A hint of praise appeared in the eyes of the blue-robed scholar. He watched the blood moon envelop Su Ming in the picture, and the others noticed Su Ming as well at that moment because of his words.

There were pictures constantly disappearing from the crystal, and every single time it happened, it meant that a disciple had died. The near ten thousand pictures had quickly been reduced to only six thousand something.

At the same time, on the other side of the crystal, six thousand names appeared. There was also a number next to them. The numbers showed just how many spirit plates anyone had obtained.

At that moment, the person at first place was a person called Ye Long. He had obtained over thirty spirit plates!

Judging by the name, the person in second place was a girl, and she was… Chen Feng. She had already obtained around thirty spirit plates!

As for Wang Tao—represented by Su Ming—he was ranked in the hundreds. Among the six thousand something names, he was completely insignificant.

“This boy is pretty good, but it is solely for what he did just now. Only when he gets into the top ten will he be worthy of our attention,” an old man in a white long robe said flatly after sweeping his gaze over the picture with Su Ming.

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