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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1388: Life Sage’s Chance

Chapter 1388: Life Sage’s Chance

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While meditating in the Rune with the five-colored pearl in Seven Moons Sect, Su Ming opened his eyes slightly. He sensed the fluctuations of aura from the pearl.

The aura belonged to that woman. Once a few breaths passed, Lan Lan’s face gradually appeared on the surface of the pearl.

“Don’t worry, my Master… wants to see you.”As Lan Lan spoke, a drop of liquid showed up on the huge pearl. It slowly drifted to Su Ming.

Su Ming’s expression remained the same. He mulled over it for a while, then swiftly brought up his right hand to tap the liquid. Immediately, the liquid covered his right hand, and in the blink of an eye, his whole body. It turned into a suction force that pulled him into the pearl.

At the same time, Lan Lan’s face disappeared.

Su Ming manifested in the air above the thirteen lands in the world inside the pearl. When he swept his gaze across the area, he narrowed his eyes in a barely noticeable manner, then looked at the third continent under him.

His gaze shot through clouds and fog, and he saw a middle-aged man dressed in a simple, unsophisticated sky-blue Daoist Robe standing at the tallest mountain on the third land. Lan Lan stood right beside him.

The moment Su Ming saw the man clearly, his pupils shrank in an unnoticeable manner. The feeling that person gave him was incredibly shocking. When he stood there, the entire world seemed to have to lower its head. That person’s appearance seemed to be able to make the sky instantly darken, for only he could stand above the heavens.

Even when he stood on flatland, he could still make the flatland stand above all mountains!

When Su Ming’s gaze landed on the middle-aged man in the distance, the middle-aged man in the simple sky-blue Daoist Robe also cast his gaze on Su Ming.

At the instant he saw Su Ming clearly, a sparkle appeared in his eyes, and his lips curled up into a profound smile.

“Come.” When he spoke faintly, his voice spread through the air and reached Su Ming’s ears. A vortex appeared in front of Su Ming. Within the vortex was the mountain with the middle-aged man.

Su Ming was quiet for a moment, then he stepped into the vortex. When he reappeared, he was already standing at the top of the mountain, right in front of the middle-aged man.

“A Life of being able to bring prosperity and decline with a single thought. Interesting. Very interesting…”

The middle-aged man scrutinized Su Ming. When a smile appeared on his face, it seemed to contain some sort of epiphany. He shook his head, and a blue plate instantly charged towards Su Ming.

“Fine then, I will take in one more disciple…”

When the middle-aged man spoke, his expression suddenly changed. He looked at the sky, and blood capillaries immediately appeared in his eyes.

Hesitation showed up on his face, but it instantly turned into determination.

“I will take you in as my successor disciple. In regards to your practice… Lan Lan, you are fully in charge of it. Wang Tao… is not your junior brother, but your senior brother. I will allow you to use all the rules in the sect to make your Senior Brother Wang Tao become the strongest of my line!”

The middle-aged man in the simple sky-blue Daoist robe did not speak slowly. Instead, his words tumbled out of his lips one after another. When Lan Lan heard him, her eyes went wide, and surprise showed up in them.

She originally thought that her Master would take Su Ming in as a disciple in name, so she was shocked when she heard that he would take him in as a successor disciple, and Su Ming was even… her senior brother in her Master’s line. This did not fit with Lan Lan’s judgment, but it allowed her to understand that her Master valued Wang Tao even more than she had expected.

“Go! Fa Wang, send them away immediately!”

The expression of the middle-aged man in the simple, sky-blue Daoist robe changed again. When he spoke, his voice was low, and he lifted his right hand to swing his arm. Immediately, a violent gust of wind roared, and a giant covered head to toe in fur appeared behind the mountain. He jumped up, grabbed Su Ming and Lan Lan, and charged into the sky.

At the moment the fur-covered giant stepped into the sky, he shot through the air and disappeared. Before that though, a glint shone in Su Ming’s eyes. When he lowered his head to look, he saw blood trickle out of the corners of the middle-aged man’s mouth.

When Su Ming was brought out of the world by the fur-covered giant, the middle-aged man dressed in the sky-blue Daoist robe on the mountain suddenly coughed up blood.

His body instantly became older. Signs of withering also showed up on him, causing him to take a few consecutive steps backwards. When he lifted his head, a ferocious look appeared on his face, and he threw his head back and laughed.

“The Life of a person who seizes the kismet of the world and who stands above all existences. He is the Third Prince of Ancient Zang, but also… not! No matter what, he has a noble fate, and it is not to be spoken. If I become his Master, then I will have hope to become a Great Dao Paragon. In fact… it will no longer be a dream to become a Dao Divinity!

“But… his kismet is so strong that even with my level of cultivation, I can’t withstand the backlash from his life matrix for becoming his Master…”

He had already become an old man. When he laughed at the sky, he coughed up blood again, then moved back once more. His face turned incredibly pale, and he looked as if his life was about to end.

“To bring about prosperity and decline with one thought. Perhaps Seven Moons Sect… is about to flourish soon! My eleven fellow Daoists, you don’t need to sleep anymore. Wake up…” The man, now an elderly, brought his right hand up at that moment, then pushed down swiftly at the mountain under his feet.

With it, the mountain immediately rumbled. Even the entire land began to shake violently. It affected the oceans as well as the other lands in the area, making all of them tremble, except the thirteenth land at the borders of the world.

When the eleven lands began to shake, eleven old presences erupted from their continents.

“This is the chance to become the Life Sage, the chance to become the Emperor’s Educator. This chance… is the final chance for the twelve of us!” As the old man’s voice echoed in the air, the eleven presences swiftly erupted!

They turned into eleven long arcs that charged towards the mountain where the old man was and swiftly descended, turning into eleven men and women who were rapidly changing from their withered states.

They did not say a single word. Once they came, they sat down cross-legged and surrounded the old man in the sky-blue Daoist robe to quickly form… a Rune.

It immediately shone with a powerful white light, which spread through the area and covered the entire world. It began to look like a white void…

At the same time, within Seven Moons Sect, Su Ming and Lan Lan manifested outside the pearl in the Rune. Lan Lan observed Su Ming closely before she spoke softly.

“Senior brother, you have indeed gained a serendipity. Since Master has taken you in as his successor disciple, it is only logical that you belong to Master’s line and come under his tutelage.”

When Lan Lan spoke, she brought her right hand up, and a blue plate appeared in her hand. Drawn on it was a picture of mountains. Once she touched it, her body disappeared into the plate, and even the plate vanished without a trace after flashing once.

Su Ming was absorbed in his thoughts. When he turned his head around, he cast a glance at the pearl that was no longer shining with the five-colored light. In silence, he brought out his own blue plate. Once he cast a glance at it, he patted it.

His body, too, immediately disappeared from Seven Moons Sect.

When he reappeared, he was on a tall mountain. It was so tall that it shot into the clouds. It looked exactly the same as the one in the third continent, where the middle-aged man was.

It would have been the same if not for quite a few exquisite towers on the mountain… There were many cultivators in them, and when Su Ming looked over, he could see snow on the summit in the distance, where a huge palace stood.

He stared at the palace for a long time before shifting his gaze away and looking at the foot of the mountain. Seven Moons Sect was there, but when he looked over, he felt as if there was a layer of fog covering it. It was like Seven Moons Sect had become slightly blurry in his eyes. Though more accurately speaking, they were overlapping shadows. It was the feeling as if all the buildings in the sect had overlapped with each other.

Seven Moons Sect was a basin surrounded by mountains, and Su Ming was on one of those mountains.

Lan Lan appeared beside him. She stared at Seven Moons Sect at the foot of the mountain and said calmly, “Seven Moons Sect has a total of seven layers of Sky Beyond the Sky. The first layer is the world of the outer sect, where you previously were. That includes the field of the inner sect and everything that you saw. All of them are in the first layer.

“The world where Master is located is the seventh layer of Sky Beyond the Sky. As for the sixth layer, only the great sect elder who is in charge of the affairs in the sect can reside there. It can be considered a supreme treasure.

“We are currently staying in the fifth layer. This is the place where only the successor disciples off all the Great Sect Elders have the right to live and train.

“The fourth layer is where the disciples of the sect live, though their accommodation is made based on their status. My disciples live in the fourth layer, and it’s the same for the disciples of other sect elders.

“The third and second layers are allocated to the inner sect disciples based on their levels of cultivation, and besides the outer sect, the first layer is also what we show of Seven Moons Sect to the outside world.

“Seven Moons Sect practices the Seven Lives Art. Once we complete the seven lives and sit at the seventh layer of Sky Beyond the Sky, we can manifest seven figures in the world outside… When we reach the peak of this cultivation method and complete the first level of Dao Divinity Realm, we can make our Dao Divinities overlap with our bodies and form seven Dao Divinities!

“The plate Master gave you has the cultivation method of Seven Moons Sect given only to successor disciples. Senior brother, you can go on ahead and ponder over it to gain an epiphany. Your level of cultivation is still low, so if you have something you don’t understand, you can come to me. Before you each Avacaniya Realm, I will be the one in charge… of Master’s line in the sect.”

Lan Lan cast a deep look at Su Ming, then bent her head and her knees slightly to bow to him. Then, she turned around, stepped into the air, and went to the palace covered by the snow at the summit.

“Senior brother, if any of the spots in the mountain catch your fancy, please feel free to turn it into your abode for cultivation purposes.” Only her faint voice still echoed in the snow and reached Su Ming’s ears.

Su Ming’s expression was calm. He stared at the indistinct and overlapping Seven Moons Sect at the foot of the mountain. After a long while, a glint appeared in his eyes.

‘This so-called Master should have discovered something, but this suits my tastes and will help to check the truth. I need to… watch how other people do things. By doing so, I can indirectly verify my own assumptions.’

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