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Pursuit of the Truth (Web Novel)


An eternal prison, a soulless body, a sealed spirit, everything lost. To resign before merciless fate, or to become destiny! “I lived in an illusion, I was lost, I could not find my home, I did not have a home… but why does it matter?! Between bowing to the threat of death and a spine that would never bend, I will choose the latter!”
195 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1002 Life Inclination Spear2019-03-26
Chapter 1001 Zhu You Cai2019-03-26
Chapter 1000 Then Let’s Fight!2019-03-26
Chapter 999 A Chessboard2019-03-26
Chapter 998 Stand Till the End2019-03-26
Chapter 997 I Promised2019-03-26
Chapter 996 Ancient Wu Shocks the World2019-03-26
Chapter 995 Peak of Mastery Realm2019-03-26
Chapter 994 Real? Fake?2019-03-26
Chapter 993 Put up an Ac2019-03-26
Chapter 992 Shifting the Direction of the Disaster2019-03-26
Chapter 991 Killing Inten2019-03-26
Chapter 990 Su Ming’s Nervousness2019-03-26
Chapter 989 He… Isn’t Dead?2019-03-26
Chapter 988 A Puny Shoo2019-03-26
Chapter 987 Now2019-03-26
Chapter 986 Waiting for a Chance2019-03-26
Chapter 985 The Tree’s Ancestor2019-03-26
Chapter 984 Located in the Origin of Heaven2019-03-26
Chapter 983 Splitting Up2019-03-26
Chapter 982 Enter the Kiln2019-03-26
Chapter 981 Su…2019-03-26
Chapter 980 Gamble2019-03-26
Chapter 979 Enter the Kiln2019-03-26
Chapter 978 All the Old Monsters Have Come2019-03-26
Chapter 977 Resentful Wei!2019-03-26
Chapter 976 Reverend Zi Long2019-03-26
Chapter 975 The Kiln Activated2019-03-26
Chapter 974 Has… He Died2019-03-26
Chapter 973 Is He a Dust Burner?2019-03-26
Chapter 972 Master of the Kiln2019-03-26
Chapter 971 I Want to Go to the Fifth True World2019-03-26
Chapter 970 Dust Burners’ Progenitor2019-03-26
Chapter 969 Change into a Burning Spiri2019-03-26
Chapter 968 Dust Burners2019-03-26
Chapter 967 A Show2019-03-26
Chapter 966 Main Soul2019-03-26
Chapter 965 The Fifth Kiln2019-03-26
Chapter 964 Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos2019-03-26
Chapter 963 Resentful Wei2019-03-26
Chapter 962 Scorpion Lady, Xu Hui2019-03-26
Chapter 961 They Are in the Same Group…2019-03-26
Chapter 960 Your Master’s Name is Yu Xuan, Righ2019-03-26
Chapter 959 What Is Your Dao2019-03-26
Chapter 958 The Frivolous Crane2019-03-26
Chapter 957 Idolization2019-03-26
Chapter 956: Attracting Monsters…2019-03-26
Chapter 955 It Would Do I2019-03-26
Chapter 954 I Want to Fight!2019-03-26
Chapter 953 Slashing Fate!2019-03-26
Chapter 952 A Fork and a Rattle Drum2019-03-26
Chapter 951 Arrival2019-03-26
Chapter 950 Beginning of Light Summer2019-03-26
Chapter 949 Path of Life Extermination2019-03-26
Chapter 948 Four People2019-03-26
Chapter 947 Curse the Plane2019-03-26
Chapter 946 Stepping into Outer Skies2019-03-26
Chapter 945 Heaven Traverser2019-03-26
Chapter 944 Them…2019-03-26
Chapter 943: On the Way2019-03-26
Chapter 942 - You Are Already My Junior Brother2019-03-26
Chapter 941: If You Gain Something, You Will Lose Something in Return2019-03-26
Chapter 940 - Change in True Morning Dao World2019-03-26
Chapter 939: A Sigh That Came Hundreds of Thousands of Years Late2019-03-26
Chapter 938 - Who Gave Rise to This Obsession?2019-03-26
Chapter 937 - Her Hair Lifted by the Wind2019-03-26
Chapter 936 - Your Life2019-03-26
Chapter 935 - Malicious Eye2019-03-26
Chapter 934 - Hearers2019-03-26
Chapter 933 - The Flower That Sank into Darkness2019-03-26
Chapter 932 - Common Sense2019-03-26
Chapter 931 - The Fifth Kiln2019-03-26
Chapter 930 - A Time for a Ballad2019-03-26
Chapter 929 - Suiyun Zhen Changlin2019-03-26
Chapter 928 - Who… Summoned Me2019-03-26
Chapter 927 - God of Berserkers’ Palm2019-03-26
Chapter 926 - Her Husband-In-Name!2019-03-26
Chapter 925 - Sand Earthlings2019-03-26
Chapter 924 - Malicious Sand Spirits2019-03-26
Chapter 923 - Indistinct…2019-03-26
Chapter 922 - Thank You2019-03-26
Chapter 921 - Purer2019-03-26
Chapter 920 - Who Is Your Great Patriarch?!2019-03-26
Chapter 919: The Person on the Giant!2019-03-26
Chapter 918: Digging Holes…2019-03-26
Chapter 917: Either You Worship Me, or You Die2019-03-26
Chapter 916: The Authority in His Commands Could Make Mountains Crumble!2019-03-26
Chapter 915: Return2019-03-26
Chapter 914: Waves of Tears Core2019-03-26
Chapter 913: Decaying Spirit Core2019-03-26
Chapter 912: Ancient Ballad2019-03-26
Chapter 911: Light Blue2019-03-26
Chapter 910: Why Should I Leave?2019-03-26
Chapter 909: A Serendipity, as Well as Danger2019-03-26
Chapter 908: God Ascension Nectar!2019-03-26
Chapter 907: Rising Abruptly in Power due to Accumulated Strength2019-03-26
Chapter 906: I Only Want 999…2019-03-26
Chapter 905: Cultivation Base Clone2019-03-26
Chapter 904: Xu Hui, I’m Fine2019-03-26
Chapter 903: Possessing Dao Kong2019-03-26