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Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks (Web Novel)


Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for pitiful cannon fodder. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles, encountered all kinds of ‘you’re heartless, you’re ruthless, you’re making trouble for no reason’ people. She encountered all sorts of white lotus flowers, green tea bitches, scheming bitches, by the batch.

Does any true beauty still exist in the world!? bellowed Ning Shu angrily. You annoying trash! I’m just here to counterattack, please don’t get in the way of me completing my task. Transmigration main character, reincarnation main character. There’s only a lazy task-taker, no undestroyable main character halo. Ning Shu had no choice but to painfully gather moral integrity in each of the worlds.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 950: A Meaningful Glance2020-04-06
Chapter 949: Carved of Jade and Peerless2020-04-06
Chapter 948: Nothing Special to Look At2020-04-06
Chapter 947: A Bit of Luck in Unfortunate Circumstances2020-04-06
Chapter 946: The Simplest Mission2020-04-05
Chapter 945: The Second Trial2020-04-05
Chapter 944: Eleven’s Wish2020-04-05
Chapter 943: Training2020-04-05
Chapter 942: Resisting Had Been a Mistake?2020-04-03
Chapter 941: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ x22020-04-03
Chapter 940: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻2020-04-03
Chapter 939: An Ancient Era City2020-04-03
Chapter 938: Fabricated Space2020-04-02
Chapter 937: Lifelong Friend2020-04-02
Chapter 936: This World was Very Beautiful2020-04-02
Chapter 935: Death Solved Everything in One Stroke2020-04-02
Chapter 934: What Level of F*cking Hell?2020-03-31
Chapter 933: If I Say I Love You2020-03-31
Chapter 932: I’ve Matured Now2020-03-31
Chapter 931: No Longer In-laws, But Enemies2020-03-31
Chapter 930: The Second Trial2020-03-30
Chapter 929: Lowest Ranking of Them All2020-03-30
Chapter 928: I’m Zhang Jiasen’s Mistress2020-03-30
Chapter 927: A Witness Testimony2020-03-30
Chapter 926: Watching a Mime2020-03-29
Chapter 925: Don’t Worry, I’ll Help You2020-03-29
Chapter 924: Embezzled Near Eight Million2020-03-29
Chapter 923: So Now Hold up Half the Sky2020-03-29
Chapter 922: Taking Money From One’s Own House2020-03-25
Chapter 921: Another Zhang Family Ruckus2020-03-25
Chapter 920: You Have to Help Me!2020-03-25
Chapter 919: Zhang Jiasen Was Back?2020-03-25
Chapter 918: It Was About Time2020-03-25
Chapter 917: A Love Based on Benefits2020-03-25
Chapter 916: Let’s Have a Child Together2020-03-25
Chapter 915: Just Handing Everything to Him2020-03-25
Chapter 914: Miao Miaomiao is Only a Chess Piece2020-03-23
Chapter 913: I Want to Give You a Present2020-03-23
Chapter 912: We’ll Have a Wonderful Family2020-03-23
Chapter 911: Why Did You Become a Secretary?2020-03-23
Chapter 910: Dream was Coming True2020-03-22
Chapter 909: Might Not Manage the Company Anymore2020-03-22
Chapter 908: Past of Poverty2020-03-22
Chapter 907: Why Didn’t You Pay the Utility Bills?2020-03-22
Chapter 906: Build a Villa in the Countryside?2020-03-20
Chapter 905: I Never Wanted to Hurt Anyone2020-03-20
Chapter 904: Aunt Ping’s Been Arrested2020-03-20
Chapter 903: Who Would Benefit?2020-03-20
Chapter 902: You’re Being Really Annoying2020-03-19
Chapter 901: To Those You Hate2020-03-19
Chapter 900: Shouldn’t Air Family Scandals In Public2020-03-19
Chapter 899: This is What You Wanted2020-03-19
Chapter 898: Must Be Swift and Decisive2020-03-11
Chapter 897: Stealing Classified Business Secrets2020-03-11
Chapter 896: Wasn’t Easy for Humans to Finally Evolve2020-03-11
Chapter 895: Should Still Exercise Moderation2020-03-11
Chapter 894: Was Just Getting Water2020-03-10
Chapter 893: Definitely Dominated the Ranking2020-03-10
Chapter 892: Thought of You as One of Them2020-03-10
Chapter 891: Should Make Me a Workshop Director2020-03-10
Chapter 890: Can Get an ATM2020-03-07
Chapter 889: You Don’t Care About Me At All!2020-03-07
Chapter 888: Not In This Profession2020-03-07
Chapter 887: In Any Case, the First Child…2020-03-07
Chapter 886: It’s My House2020-03-06
Chapter 885: Bad Luck in Encounters2020-03-06
Chapter 884: I Can Understand That…2020-03-06
Chapter 883: Thought It was Some Scam Call2020-03-06
Chapter 882: As the CEO…2020-03-04
Chapter 881: A Wedding Scam2020-03-04
Chapter 880: A House in the Tangchen District2020-03-04
Chapter 879: Secretary Xue2020-03-04
Chapter 878: Blank White Sheet2020-02-28
Chapter 877: The Most Noble and Pure Love2020-02-28
Chapter 876: Flower Vase CEO2020-02-28
Chapter 875: Shouldn’t Even Dream About It2020-02-28
Chapter 874: Isn’t the Position of CEO Open?2020-02-28
Chapter 873: Price for Being Willful2020-02-28
Chapter 872: A Born Actor2020-02-28
Chapter 871: Zhang Jiasen2020-02-28
Chapter 870: Going Home2020-02-28
Chapter 869: Zhang Jiasen’s Home2020-02-28
Chapter 868: Honey-soaked Life Turned Tragedy2020-02-28
Chapter 867: A Poor Young Man and a Wealthy Miss2020-02-28
Chapter 866: Towards Those Three Million Points2020-02-28
Chapter 865: Intermediate Task-taker2020-02-28
Chapter 864: You’re the Goddess of War After All2020-02-28
Chapter 863: I Can Explain!2020-02-28
Chapter 862: Eldest Daughter-in-law of the Zongzheng Family2020-02-28
Chapter 861: The Zongzheng Family Conflicts2020-02-28
Chapter 860: Too Much PDA Caused Early Death2020-02-28
Chapter 859: Uninvited Visitor2020-02-28
Chapter 858: A Long-awaited Invitation2020-02-28
Chapter 857: No Sense of Gratitude2020-02-28
Chapter 856: So Poor All He Had Left Was Money2020-02-28
Chapter 855: What Do I Need to Explain?2020-02-28
Chapter 854: Bring Me Away!2020-02-28
Chapter 853: Massacring Single Dogs2020-02-28
Chapter 852: Victory Had Been Difficult2020-02-28
Chapter 851: You’re Truly Beautiful2020-02-28