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Ranker’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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Translator: rainbowturtle

Editor: LD & Jyazen

Nearly three years had passed since Arena started its service, but the Yusma’s imperial palace was still an unknown space. Why did the guilds plant people in Lebron’s mansion? That was because it was judged to be the most important place. Yet at this moment, there was a player who stepped into the imperial palace.

[The title ‘First Person to Enter the Imperial Palace’ has been created.]

‘That’s right. This is it.’

The moment he passed through the entrance of the imperial palace, a message appeared in front of Hyeonu. He was the first player to enter the imperial palace. It was a sufficient achievement to receive a title.

Lebron looked at Hyeonu as Hyeonu read the message. Hyeonu’s eyes seemed nervous. Lebron told him, “Don’t be nervous. His Majesty is a very good man. He is very pleasant and manly. He comes to decisions a bit quickly, but... isn’t that everyone?"


‘Is that really advice?’ Hyeonu wasn’t nervous. There was no need to be nervous. The emperor wasn’t a real emperor, just one of the NPCs in Arena.

“Is that so? It is a bit reassuring.”Even so, Hyeonu responded in an appropriate manner to continue his relationship with Lebron.

As he chatted with Lebron, they soon arrived at the emperor’s residence.

“His Majesty is here. He already knows you are an adventurer, so you don’t have to be very polite,” Lebron continued to give advice until they entered.

‘The emperor... Won’t he be a good source of items?’ Hyeonu relaxed his mind.

Then a woman, who appeared to be a court lady, appeared and said, “Duke, His Majesty said to enter.”

‘Wow, it is gorgeous.’ Hyeonu glanced around and marveled at the place. The main hall where the emperor stayed was different from the corridor. The splendor that couldn’t be seen in reality was in the corridor. The main hall was just a huge space where the corridor ended.

Unlike the ornate corridor, the main hall looked crude and undecorated. There was a staircase at the end of the huge space, and a throne was at the top of the staircase. Seated on the throne was a considerably young man with an annoyed expression. The young man who had been gazing at Hyeonu for a long time finally opened his mouth and asked, “Are you the adventurer who completed my errand?”

His was a voice that overwhelmed the space. Hyeonu felt his body stiffen on its own.

[The title ‘First Person to Meet the Emperor’ has been created.]


Hyeonu couldn’t care less about the title that was created. His body wasn’t moving.

[Overwhelmed by a strong pressure, you are in the ‘paralyzed’ abnormal state.]

‘What? This is?’

“Your Majesty, why are you playing around?” Lebron saw Hyeonu’s body and stepped forward. This blocked the emperor’s pressure. Only then did Hyeonu feel his body move.

‘This monster. He is the emperor, but he won his position with the sword.’Hyeonu was astonished by the emperor’s show of force. Wasn’t the emperor originally a person who sat down and moved only with words? This pressure was ridiculous.

“Is this... a joke?” The emperor got up from the throne and walked down the stairs. Every step increased the emperor’s presence. Finally, the emperor reached Lebron and opened his mouth, “Then why did you stay at home alone? You damn jerk! You should work as well!”

The dignity of the emperor disappeared as he took on the appearance of a wife nagging her husband.

“I’m a duke! You’re the emperor and I’m the duke! I’m the duke who can play around while you’re the emperor who has to work!!”

The conversation that followed was a spectacle. It was similar to a conversation between Hyeonu and Yeongchan. In short, it was of low quality. It was impossible to think of it as a conversation between an emperor and a duke. This sort of conversation would never have been possible if the two of them hadn’t been alumni of the same knights division.

At this time, Hyeonu couldn’t bear it anymore and entered the conversation, “That... Can I go?”

It was only then that they remembered Hyeonu’s existence and coughed.

“Cough cough. You were here.”

The emperor explained why he called Hyeonu, “The reason why I called you here is for another job. However, the imperial budget isn’t that easy. I need proof of your capability.”

The emperor stared at Hyeonu with wide eyes. “Are you qualified to take this on?”

[A quest has been created.]

[Proof of Qualification]

[Proof of qualification is required to do imperial work. Show that you are qualified.

Rating: MS

Conditions: 0/100 wins in the arena, a 10-game winning streak in the arena 0/1.

Rewards: Empire quests are available. The emperor’s gift.]

“The conditions are very simple. You just have to prove that you’re a formidable adventurer. There is a deadline. It is due in a fortnight. Obtain proof in 15 days. If you go over this deadline, I will never meet you after that.”

‘What is the profit that I’ll obtain from this again?’

Hyeonu was very happy to have a smooth quest. He naturally had to accept it. It was important to get 100 wins in the arena. His connection with the emperor was also important.

“Leave it to me, and I will prove it to you.” Hyeonu bowed.


“So? Are you saying you swallowed it all up alone?”Yeongchan’s hands were shaking. It didn’t matter how good this person was at the game.

“How can the main scenario go to you like that?!!!” Yeongchan’s envy exploded while Hyeonu fell into a different train of thought.

‘The arena fighting content is something that should be done sparingly as streaming content...’

For Hyeonu, the arena was like an insurance policy. It was a secret room that could heat things up after becoming a streamer. His streaming debut had been planned for after the second class change. Yet now the time had come to fight 100 times in the arena.

This was where Hyeonu’s troubles began. Should he just go to the arena? Or should he reach level 50 before streaming?

“It is worrisome. Worrisome.”

“What are you thinking about? You just have to broadcast it. In any case, there is no one that can step on you. Think about it. There is Nike behind you. Who will come to step on you?”

The thing Hyeonu was worried about were the people who followed attention. People who followed attention referred to those who were attracted to attention. Most of them were players around level 100 who had gone through the second class change. They were vicious followers who interfered with the content of famous streamers and even PKed those with a low level. They were complete bullies, but they were weak in front of strong people.

Hyeonu wasn’t a huge power or ranker right now. However, he had a background. Nike’s huge wall was behind Hyeonu.

“I guess? Then I’ll do it next Monday.”

Yeongchan heard Hyeonu’s words and folded his fingers. His right hand was shaped into a fist. “What will you do for the next five days?”

“Spread one or two more promotional videos. I have to raise my level to 50.”

“That’s right. By the way, you gave items to the kids? This is why the kids are spoiled.”

Hyeonu was dumbfounded. Who was talking about who? “Hey, that is the funniest thing that has ever come from your mouth. Are you talking about Yuri and Yeongjun? You?”

Kukukuk.Yeongchan was embarrassed by Hyeonu’s ridicule. He thought about it. His two younger siblings had always been kind and trouble-free children. He wasn’t in a position to worry about his siblings.



Ellis was having a good day. He woke up in the morning before the alarm even sounded, and his condition was at its best. On the way home from the gym, he picked up a $5 bill in front of his house. That’s when he checked his mail.

[From Alley Leader.]

The email he was wanting from Hyeonu had arrived. Ellis dropped everything he was doing and played Hyeonu’s video. Unlike before, the video didn’t contain a video of an overwhelming battle. The topic was even more absurd. It was a fierce battle between a bear more than three meters tall and a human less than two meters tall. This was a video that anyone would be interested in. It was even more interesting because the bear was a boss monster.

“Really. It is driving me crazy.”

‘It would be nice if I can edit these images for the rest of my life.’

His thoughts lasted up to there. The battle between Hyeonu and the bear reached the climax. Ellis’ hands were sweating when he saw it. ‘I have to edit it. Edit.’

Ellis felt compelled to keep editing. However, Ellis’ hand continued to press the play button.

“I was once told that I should watch it again before editing. I’ll just watch it one more time.”

He played it once, twice, and then three times.

“It’s over.”

Ellis’ eyes were sunken in. He didn’t know how much time had passed while watching Hyeonu’s video. It wasn’t until late at night that Ellis started editing. He only napped for an hour or two before immersing himself in the editing.

“Send it quickly and then sleep.”

Ellis grabbed the desire to fall asleep immediately and quickly replied to Hyeonu. The moment he pressed ‘send’, Ellis’ head fell on the desk. He was already asleep.


It would’ve been no different from the usual work report... if Kale hadn’t said something.

“Boss, I was contacted by Mister Gang.”

“Why did he contact you?”

“He is going to start streaming. The date is this Monday.”

“Three days later...”Jamie tapped the desk with his index finger. It was a move Jamie made when he was deep in thought.

“Which sitter on our side is currently resting?” Jamie broke the long silence with this question.

Then Kale moved his tablet over.“As you can see, Adam and Juno remain. I think Juno, who lives in the same area, is better."

“Okay, Kale. If that is what you think, then Mister Gang’s sitter will be Juno.”

When Jamie finished speaking, Kale asked him a question, “How long should the sitting last?”

“A sitter for Mr Gang might be necessary up to level 100. That is, the second class change.”

“I will tell Juno.”

Kale left the office with his tablet. Once left alone, Jamie started to watch the new video again.

[Bear and Human Struggle.avi]

“There is enough star power.”

It was just a 15 minute video, but it was exactly an hour later that Jamie stood up.


Hyeonu was in the forest near Yusma, holding a yellow book in his hand.

[Magic Power Control]

The title of the book was Magic Power Control. It was the skill book Hyeonu had hoped for.

“I did a good job signing the contract. I managed to get this expensive thing.”

Hyeonu actually wanted to buy it when he changed to his second class or when he had enough money. However, he was given Magic Power Control due to his contract with Nike.

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 47

Class: Warrior

Title: Warrior Acknowledged by Khan, New Star Acknowledged by Lebron, First Person to Enter the Imperial Palace, First Person to Meet the Emperor

Stats: Strength: 70 (+153) Agility:110 (+43) Physique: 60 (+100) Magic Power: 60 Fighting Energy: 6 (+50)

Remaining stat points: 0]

“There is enough magic power. I have to learn it right away.”

60 points in magic power wasn’t a high figure. Still, it was a fairly high number considering that Hyeonu was a level 47 warrior. It was impossible to use magic power throughout the battle, but it was enough to use for a few minutes when needed.

[You have used the rare skill book.]

[A skill has been created.]

[Magic Power Control]

[-Contains a technique that allows you to control your magic power.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Rare

Skill Proficiency: F

Enables the categorization of mana. 10% increase in magic power will categorized.]

‘I’m now....’

“A sword master!!!”

A blue light came from Hyeonu’s longsword at his words. It was a depiction of magic power.

“Yeah, Taeng!”

“Ugh! Master dude, put me down! I’m dizzy!”

Hyeonu hugged Taeng and spun him around with joy while expressing his magic power. A long time passed before Hyeonu put Taeng down.

“Uwah, turning around. Master dude seems to have two faces.”The dizzy Taeng sat down while holding his ears. “Damn Master dude.”

Hyeonu lowered Taeng and scoured his inventory. After closing his inventory, Hyeonu’s hand emerged with a small bead. Its identity was the red bead Hyeonu obtained from killing the giant bone bear.

“Taeng, this is a gift.”

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