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Real Cheat Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 68 : It Won’t End With Twenty Four, The Revenge Quest

Chapter 68 : It Won’t End With Twenty Four, The Revenge Quest

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「Here we are again.」

It was a quiet whisper, yet loaded with iron resolve, as I gazed at the rocky mountain before me.

「…….. This time for sure」

Yukihime muttered those words with the same kind of resolution as mine.

We were standing before the giant cave where we had sealed that Onitako and Lilith.

Our aim right now was to separate Lilith from that Onitako after we unsealed them, and then we were going to use the 【Angel Tears】, a resurrection item for NPC on Lilith. Things would be easier as long as we could separate Lilith from Onitako. And we should be able to do that much.

The problem came after we defeated the Onitako. After all, that shitty guy would be revived sooner or later, but……… Well, no use in pondering about that right now. Whatever happened later was okay for us as long as we could revive Lilith.

「Uhm….. Thank……. You very much.」

Kanon whose eyes were red from crying too much was bowing to us until her body folded 90 degrees. But……. I knew that her hand was trembling.


「It’s alright. This time…….. We’re definitely going to save your sister.」

Aoi-san and Yukihime-san kindly embraced the trembling girl.

「…… Yes.」

This world was a virtual world. All of us knew that. But, there’s one thing I’m sure of, their kindness weren’t virtual. And so was my anger.

And, for some reason, when I saw the tears that spilled from Kanon’s eyes, I no longer questioned myself whether this was the right path or not. I already had my answer.

「Yosh…….. Let’s go.」

Thus, all of us ventured back into the giant cave once again.

■ □ ■ □ ■


F*CK, I completely forgot about this guy.


That haughty heavenly voice. Even your catch phrase didn’t change at all from our first visit.

But my bad, we had no intention to be stopped in this kind of trial. WE’RE GOING ALL OUT.

「I’ll leave this guy to you then, Blue-sensei! 」

I commenced the operation by relying on others for success in a loud voice. I didn’t mind how uncool I looked like as long as I could take back Kanon smile.

「L-Leave it to me.」

And then…….

『You may pass……..』

Aoi-san was stroooonk. I tipped my hat for you. She breezed through the entire 10 questions alone.

「You’re awesome, Luu-chan」

「Woa~ah, I really look up to you now.」

Despite blushing from Yukihime-san and Mop-san’s praises, Aoi-san eyes were still all fired up for what was coming after this.

「Thank you very much Blue, now you can leave the rest to us. Please retreat behind us to protect Kanon and heal when we need one.」

「Yes, leave it to me.」

I felt that something akin to fiery passion growing hotter and hotter within my heart when I heard Aoi-san’s affirmation.

「Yosh, let’s go! 」

With a yell, I opened the sturdy looking door and then went inside the room without preamble.

「At last.」

We finally reached this far. Reflected in my eyes as I muttered those words was a gigantic stone monument.

A monument in which Lilith was sealed along with Onitako in our previous fight; in short it was the symbol of our defeat.

On top of that monument was the dagger that was given to me by Kanon《Lilith》.

「That Onitako are going to be released from it seal as long as we took that dagger, right? 」

「Yeah, no doubt about it. That was how it was described when I breezed through the item information.」

As expected of Yukihime-san, she still had the composure to get that information in the midst of that furious battle. She’s completely unlike me who was unable to do the same in that regard.

My world view was limited to what happened right in front of me. I still need more training to keep my cool. Anyway,

――Let’s kick that Onitako ass.

「Well, I’ll take out that dagger.」




Thus, our special quest re-challenge began.

■ □ ■ □ ■

As soon as I took the dagger that was sticking on top of the monument, lines of cracks formed from the place where the dagger was stabbed, and the monument made a crumbling sound.

And then,

『――YoU FoOLiSh LoTs.』

The oni giant face stood in front of me again. The pulsing blood vessels that appeared on its temple let us knew just how enraged this bastard was.

Not like I could tell it to not fussing over such matter. Because I too was enraged.

We got another chance to kick this fucker ass, we got another chance to keep our promise with Kanon. And this time. I absolutely wouldn’t squander it. Thus, this time, my excited self raised my senses to the limit, and mustered more power than I did before.

I felt this kind of feeling not too long ago. During my battle against Jiisha. When my senses reached such realm, it felt like watching the situation from above with eagle eyes.

I didn’t know how to explain this feeling, but I can say with certainty that I was more powerful than ever when I entered this state.

「Yeah, we were burning with the desire to meet you again.」

I’d been waiting for this moment.

「This time, we’ll take 《Lilith》 body for sure.」

Having said those words, I slipped through the oni defense within a moment with Thunderclap.

『――!!! ? 』

At the same time, I stabbed that oni left eyeball with my 《Katana》 Shuugetsu, and the right eyeball with my 《Knife》 Shidarezakura.


「You’re noisy.」

This time, I fired my guns into its pharynx and molars from the opening of its huge mouth. Making the oni rolled on the ground as it retreated back.

『GuH, YoU――』

After that, the Oni recovered its stance, and pulled out my blades that was stabbed into its eyes.

When he finished doing that, the thing it saw was my figure making a beeline toward it with dual gun in my hands.

「Reload【PT-02, Explosion Bullet】」

I stuffed the lead bullets into the hollowed meat, the eyes, which was still showing red effect due to extraction of the blades.

『GAAA! ? GUH……. CuT ThE CrAP! 』

The oni who had yet to recover its vision was plunged onto the ground. I didn’t see anything special about that place.

But perhaps this oni might be able to confirm my position with something other than its eyes.

「It’s not like you can’t deal with that kind of rush.」

As long as the blood red effect remained, I could easily dodge its attack. And then, in order to dodge――

「―― YoU CaN’T AttAcK ThIS BODY. That was dangerous.」

Rendering one enemies movement was the basic of every battle, then again I didn’t think that it could be applied in this kind of situation.

Unfortunately for me, that oni didn’t overlook my momentary hesitation.

『――Humph! 』

It suddenly decellerated before swinging its metal rod in full swing while turning around. From the sneer on its face, it was obvious that I had already entering its attack range.

That swing drew a diagonal arc from below to up, and was aimed at my face――

「It won’t hit me you know.」

That swing only managed to cut several strands of my forelock as I dodged it. But the oni’s momentum wouldn’t stop at that. It was using the residual force of its swing to make another rotation and then swung down its metal rod from above.

「This is――」

This was the combination attack that had forced me to use Gale in our previous battle. Though all was good when I dodged it before, my posture became unbalanced due to that mowing down attack. As such, taking those hits were out of the question, and if possible, I wanted to stop it before it created another similar situation like our previous fight.

――Well, I guess I’d have to try to stop that attack then.

I decided just like that without thinking too much, closing in my distance with this guy. Unlike before I didn’t grasped the metal rod―― I caught the arm that swung it.

And then I proceeded to sweep its feet to destroy its balance.


Then I flung it away.

Though the metal rod struck the ground with a bang, it was no longer on the oni’s hand. The owner of the weapon itself was currently rolling on the ground for several metres.

「Fuu……… Tossing technique isn’t my forte, but it seems I managed to toss it quite far away.」

I mumbled those monologues while dusting off the dirt on my attire, and then, I jumped in toward the oni who had those sharp glint on its eyes again.


I said those words to Jiisha once before, and now I directed those words once again at that oni.

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