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Realms In The Firmament (Web Novel)


Ye Xiao was a superior cultivator in his previous life. The three factions of the realm kill millions of people every time they attempt to seize cultivation resources. Wealthy towns turn to wastelands in just a single night. They cover up their crime with an assertion that the towns were suffering from pestilence and disasters.

They forcibly hold all the resources for cultivation, monopolize all valuable practice materials, and keep outsiders from cultivating so that only their three factions could cultivate in the realm. Ye Xiao declared war against the three factions in retaliation for their actions. He fought alone and ended up dying in vain. However, he is reborn into the mortal body of a 16-year-old boy. He will use the powers he cultivated in his last life and slaughter his way back into the Realm. The story begins!

177 • 2019-12-05 10:19:10


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1763: Overexcited2020-04-03
Chapter 1762: Improved Together2020-04-03
Chapter 1761: All Crazy?2020-04-02
Chapter 1760: Unexpected Trouble2020-04-02
Chapter 1759: Badgering You2020-04-02
Chapter 1758: Savior2020-04-02
Chapter 1757: Helped Them to the End2020-03-31
Chapter 1756: See You in the Martial World2020-03-31
Chapter 1755: Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood2020-03-30
Chapter 1754: Who’s the Rebel?2020-03-30
Chapter 1753: Interest Paid First2020-03-29
Chapter 1752: Sword Up for Those in Need!2020-03-29
Chapter 1751: Being Chased? People of the Ye Clan?2020-03-29
Chapter 1750: Still Too Weak2020-03-29
Chapter 1749: Coping Leisurely2020-03-27
Chapter 1748: People from the North Sky2020-03-27
Chapter 1747: Encounter2020-03-26
Chapter 1746: Leave after Taking the Advantage2020-03-26
Chapter 1745: Slash Kill!2020-03-25
Chapter 1744: You Are Scared!2020-03-25
Chapter 1743: I am Cleaning the Battlefield2020-03-24
Chapter 1742: Big Blast!2020-03-24
Chapter 1741: Poison Beads!2020-03-23
Chapter 1740: The Destined Toad was Upset2020-03-23
Chapter 1739: Destined Toad2020-03-22
Chapter 1738: The Horrible Poisonous Beast2020-03-22
Chapter 1737: The Great Army of the North Sky King2020-03-21
Chapter 1736: Upgraded Together2020-03-21
Chapter 1735: It is You!2020-03-20
Chapter 1734: One Saber Strike!2020-03-20
Chapter 1733: Brother, You are Here!2020-03-19
Chapter 1732: There is Prospect2020-03-19
Chapter 1731: Twice Faster Cultivating2020-03-18
Chapter 1730: Return of the Twelve Spirits2020-03-18
Chapter 1729: Male Chauvinism2020-03-18
Chapter 1728: Completion2020-03-18
Chapter 1727: Misfit?2020-03-17
Chapter 1726: The Heart of Star and Moon2020-03-17
Chapter 1725: The Worldly Poison Art2020-03-17
Chapter 1724: The Thousand Poisons Clan!2020-03-17
Chapter 1723: Timely Rain; Martial Art?2020-03-14
Chapter 1722: Meet You in Eighteen Years!2020-03-14
Chapter 1721: No Luck in this Life?2020-03-14
Chapter 1721: No Luck in this Life?2020-03-14
Chapter 1720: Asking for Help2020-03-14
Chapter 1719: Descending of the Supremacy2020-03-12
Chapter 1718: The Secret of the Jade Pendants2020-03-12
Chapter 1717: Kill the Dragon2020-03-11
Chapter 1716: Erhuo Showed Its Power2020-03-11
Chapter 1715: Black Dragon2020-03-11
Chapter 1714: Sudden Change in the Midnight2020-03-11
Chapter 1713: Trouble from the Old Days2020-03-09
Chapter 1712: Incredible Improvement2020-03-09
Chapter 1711: You Surprised Me2020-03-08
Chapter 1710: Never Bid Farewell in the Next Life; Rise Beyond the Clouds Together2020-03-08
Chapter 1709: The Xiao Monarch; the Hall of Life and Death2020-03-07
Chapter 1708: The Two Supreme Masters in History2020-03-07
Chapter 1707: Dignity of the Owner of the Hall of Life and Death2020-03-06
Chapter 1706: The Commitment; the Landlord; the Cage!2020-03-06
Chapter 1705: Reunion; Conflict2020-03-06
Chapter 1704: Liquor of Martial World2020-03-06
Chapter 1703: The Black Town2020-03-06
Chapter 1702 Recruited the Flower King; the Foggy Miasma Mountain2020-03-05
Chapter 1701 I Can Help You!2020-03-05
Chapter 1700: Long Lasting Power; Gambling!2020-03-05
Chapter 1699: The Flower King2020-03-05
Chapter 1698: The Heart of the Strong; Indomitable Spirit2020-03-05
Chapter 1697: Decision of the Brotherhood Alliance2020-03-05
Chapter 1696: Matchless Soul Valley2020-03-05
Chapter 1695: Benefaction and Intimidation at the Same Time2020-03-05
Chapter 1694: Erhuo’s Court2020-03-05
Chapter 1693: A Lesson2020-03-05
Chapter 1692: The Original Body of the Cane of Void2020-03-05
Chapter 1691: The Four Great Spiritual Medicinal Plants; the Cane of Void2020-03-05
Chapter 1690: So Excited2020-03-05
Chapter 1689: Super Temptation2020-03-05
Chapter 1688: A Few Conditions2020-03-05
Chapter 1687: Extreme Purple Energy Field2020-03-05
Chapter 1686: Negotiate with the Bird2020-03-05
Chapter 1685: Another Setup2020-03-05
Chapter 1684: A Dead Heart; New Life2020-03-05
Chapter 1683: Unscrupulous and Vicious2020-03-05
Chapter 1683: Unscrupulous and Vicious2020-03-05
Chapter 1682: The Hesitating Bird2020-03-05
Chapter 1681: Severe Injury! Too Late2020-03-05
Chapter 1680: This is a Game2020-03-05
Chapter 1679: Burst!2020-03-05
Chapter 1678: Are You a Sword Man?2020-02-22
Chapter 1677: Fang Wudi!2020-02-22
Chapter 1676: The Fool is Here2020-02-21
Chapter 1675: Precious Spiritual Medicinal Plant2020-02-21
Chapter 1674: A Bird that Burrowed2020-02-21
Chapter 1673: Battle of Spiritual Beasts2020-02-21
Chapter 1672: Weird Chirp of a Bird2020-02-19
Chapter 1671: The Mysterious Big Sister2020-02-19
Chapter 1670: News about Brother!2020-02-18
Chapter 1669: The Couple with a Divine Saber2020-02-18
Chapter 1668: The Growing Monarch’s Hall2020-02-17
Chapter 1667: Killer Brothers2020-02-17
Chapter 1666: The One Meter Higher Sky2020-02-17