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Realms In The Firmament (Web Novel) - Chapter 1661: Improvement of the Silver Snakes

Chapter 1661: Improvement of the Silver Snakes

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In the Boundless Space.

Forty-eight Silver-scaled Golden-carbuncled Snakes were lying on the floor with satisfaction. They didn’t want to move because they were so full and comfortable.

‘That was so good!’

‘We have eaten so much!’

‘We should do this again. We should do many times every day!’

These poor things had never been full since they were caught by Erhuo…

There were so many valuable plants in this place, and there was the purest spiritual qi that they needed, and Erhuo sometimes gave them the dan beads…

They had never stopped improving, and they had gained many levels… Improvement was all they got in this place, and they didn’t need to take any risk to improve…

They each got a huge fish, which made them improve several levels…

They were stronger and stronger, much more powerful than their ancestors…


They were never full!

They were never full!

They hadn’t felt full ever!

Hunger was killing them.

Before they went out for the mission, Erhuo had told them, “This is your opportunity. You must eat as much as you can, and it all depends on your capability.”

They were so excited when they saw the living creatures outside!

They were so excited!

That was great!

All they could see were good food crawling on the floor…

All kinds of poisonous creatures were crawling on the floor… They looked delicious…

They were going to eat as much as they could…

They reckoned they were going to improve greatly again after this feast!

This time, they could eat as much as they want and also get great improvement. What a good dream to live!


‘Finally… The good days…’

‘I wish we can eat this much food every day…’

‘What else can I ask for?’

The snakes were all lying on the floor with a swollen belly… In the end, they were going to have a breakthrough. The skin on their necks started to crack, and they were molting…

They finally started to stand up. The molting process was painful, but they were obviously getting much stronger after molting again and again…

Since they followed Erhuo, they had molted so many times, and they were already used to the pain!

As they molted, they became stronger…

Pain came with happiness!

Well, they got more happiness than pain…

Outside the room.

Ye Xiao, who was snoring, moved his eyelids.

He made a sigh.

‘None of those men has guts…’

‘Why didn’t they just rush over?’

‘I am a fat sheep for them, and there is a lot to take from me!’

‘It was just some snakes… Did they have to be scared like that?’

‘Cowards… Why were these people domineering in the Limitless Ocean?’

‘Are the gangs in the Limitless Ocean all so weak?’

‘I am utterly disappointed!’

Ye Xiao was dissatisfied.

Apparently, he forgot how horrible the snakes were after staying in the Boundless Space, getting nourished by the pure purple qi and the dan beads from Erhuo for such a long time.

These snakes had become a bunch of horrible monsters!

If Erhuo kept enhancing these snakes like it had been doing, these snakes were going to keep improving without limitation as the ancient tales said.

They might become dragons in the future…

They weren’t as good as the tales described, but they were already the strongest.

They could easily put down those people from those gangs!

If the spiritual beasts in the Limitless Ocean were at nine levels like in the Qing-Yun Realm, these snakes should be at about the sixth level. A powerful spiritual beast like this could rule a mountain in the central area of the Limitless Ocean!

Ye Xiao had forty-eight! When they fought together, they were dozens of times stronger!

The next day, the snoring stopped.

Ye Xiao jumped off the tree with a cat on his left shoulder and a hawk on the right. He looked around and breathed a sigh.

“A bunch of cowards!

“I wanted them to attack me with their own hands, so I could fight back and attack them back. I just wanted to test my power. I needed a real fight to prove what I saw. Damn it. That was such a waste of time!

“However, that man was interesting. He could manipulate poisonous beasts. How interesting! That is like the taming skills of the Cold Moon Palace… Well, one is much stronger than the other though…”

Ye Xiao had an idea. He checked the Boundless Space and found the snakes molting. He thought. ‘They ate so many treasures earlier and molted several times. However, the energy from what they ate, especially from the Energy Gathering Fish, was left in their bodies. When they ate the poisonous creatures, the poison had pushed the energy out. It is true that this snake will keep molting… If so, I should catch the man who can manipulate poisonous beasts… I need him to catch more poisonous beasts for my snakes… That would improve them even much faster… That’s great…’

‘I need a plan for this.’

He casually walked ahead, and the plan was made.

Erhuo humphed. ‘Who do you think I am? If I did not saw the potential of the snakes, why would I feed them my valuable treasures? Stupid master! Now you know how awesome I am! Now you see how profound my view is! I am good, and I can’t stop being good… I am born to be great… Heh heh heh heh…’

The King of Poisons didn’t know that he had become the breeder of Ye Xiao’s snakes. He was still terrified after escaping the battlefield.

‘How did those weird snakes come up? Why did they disappear just like that?’

‘Those snakes didn’t exist in this place before…’

‘They are good at both offense and defense… They know skills that don’t belong to snakes… Are they already snake-dragons… Are they going to become dragons…? If not, how could they bite people into halves?’

‘Are they… It can’t be…’

The King of Poisons came up with a crazy idea. ‘Do these snakes belong to that foppish young lord? Does he keep these snakes as his guards?’

‘That is horrible.’

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