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Realms In The Firmament (Web Novel) - Chapter 1662: Strong Man in the Way

Chapter 1662: Strong Man in the Way

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The King of Poisons couldn’t stop thinking about it. ‘The young lord was so bold sleeping on that tree. He must be confident. What if he isn’t a useless young lord like we imagine? If he has a wise plan… He has four space items… What does he want if he pretends to be powerless?’

The other gangs were all scared that night. None of them dared to enter the forest. They didn’t want to get caught by the snakes. They weren’t as smart as the King of Poisons, so they didn’t even think about the possibility that the snakes belonged to the fat sheep. If they did, they would have been long gone!

In the morning, many people were hiding around the forest. They still didn’t give up… What if the snakes ate the young lord? What if the snakes killed the young lord and left the four precious items behind! They couldn’t resist the treasures!

Things always went against people’s expectations. The bold young lord actually walked out casually just as before.

The cat and hawk were still on his shoulders. What a profligate young lord!

“After one night of a good dream, here comes the good scenery again…”

The people from the gangs were all shocked in embarrassment when they heard Ye Xiao’s words.

‘We all know that you just woke up from a good dream, but this is such a dangerous and ugly place. What good scenery are you talking about?’

Ye Xiao slowly walked over defenselessly. He just walked around, playing the way along the trip. People were following him in the forest.

Suddenly, there were several flows of strong power approaching from different places.

Apparently, people from other forces were coming.

‘Well, they are going to make moves soon…’ Ye Xiao clearly felt the approach of the strong power.

The King of Poisons was following Ye Xiao. He kept flying up to the sky from time to time to check the situation, but nothing was specious.

The other people were watching him. When Ye Xiao was about to leave this area, some people finally jumped out.

If Ye Xiao went across the border, he would be in other people’s territory…

People in the Limitless Ocean respected the borders very much. They usually wouldn’t do anything to offend other people by doing anything in others’ territory. Ye Xiao was going to set his feet on somebody else’s territory, so those men couldn’t watch him do it.

It was not only about money but also about their reputation!

Shoot! – Ye Xiao heard the sound of a golden blade slashing the air…

A sword appeared with glittering lights, and it stood in front of Ye Xiao.

The sword was only dozens of centimeters away from cutting Ye Xiao’s head. That was close!

“Who is it?” Ye Xiao knew, but he pretended to be surprised.

The man who was behind him answered in a wicked voice. “Young man, you don’t have to know who we are. Just give us what we want, and you can leave here alive.”

Trees and bushes were around him. The voice was sounding from everywhere.

Ye Xiao humphed and said, “How can such a small thief talk big!? If you want anything from me, you better come out and get it. Hiding doesn’t make you stronger!”

“Hah hah… I didn’t expect you to be this brave…” The man smirked and said, “If we keep staying in the dark, you can still get out of here alive. If we come out… You are dead!”

As the man spoke, more people were laughing behind the bushes and trees.

Ye Xiao smirked and said, “Well, if you don’t want to come out, I shall make you.”

He threw up his hands and then clapped his hands to make a big sound. His two hands actually became red, and they created an extreme heat which warmed up the air immediately. Fire rose up around Ye Xiao and spread out to his surroundings.

The heat dried out the plants immediately, and then the fire swallowed everything.

In the scorching fire, many people awkwardly ran out.

“Young man, you are vicious!” One of them stared at Ye Xiao and said, “Nobody dares to destroy this forest. It has been living here for centuries! Are you actually going to burn it?”

Ye Xiao grinned, watching the fire spreading away, and said, “Such sharp tongue you have! You all know what just happened, yet you actually blame me for this. Is that the truth? I did that so I can drive you out. I asked you to come out, but you refused. That is why I did this. Now the forest is burning, and you are the reason for the fire. If you came out as I said, why would I set the fire?”

“Nonsense! You set fire on the mountain, and you actually think you can twist the truth!” The man was fierce.

“It is the man who decides the right from the wrong. How is it possible to define everything into either white or black? You talked like it was a righteous thing to rob me, then why can’t I set things on fire for justice? You truly have opened my eyes! This is such a good journey!” Ye Xiao coldly smiled and said, “What did you want to do? What are you doing? What are you going to do? Just speak. I don’t have all day.”

At this moment, a wave of extreme cold power descended. The fire was suddenly frozen. Frost covered the entire place.

The fire was put out by the frost and not even the fire’s smoke could be seen.

A man appeared in the crystal white world. His eyes looked vicious, and he was staring at Ye Xiao.

“Chief Ma is here!” People cheered.

Ye Xiao frowned and looked at this Chief Ma.

Chief Ma seemed to be at level one of the Saint Origin Stage. He was a superior cultivator.

Ye Xiao didn’t realize how much he had changed now!

When he was new to the Limitless Ocean, he was scared of people like the Dark Evil Spirit, who was only in the Divinity Origin Stage. For Ye Xiao, the Dark Evil Spirit was already too powerful to catch up with. Now, as he looked at this Chief Ma, who was as powerful as the Dark Evil Spirit and Meng Youjiang, he was thinking, ‘That is normal.’

People had a different attitude and cognizance when facing the same time at a different time and in different places. The change could be shocking!

“The world is frozen. The extreme Yin energy rises. Young man, have you ever seen such a special scene before?” Chief Ma looked at Ye Xiao; his eyes were filled with cruelness. “Kid, you should feel lucky that I didn’t kill you. If I laid that palm hit directly at you, you should be a frozen corpse right now.”

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