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Rebirth – City Cultivation (Web Novel)


Great Cultivator Chen Fan had failed his Tribulation period, but after a dream, he had returned to Earth, when he was young, five hundred years ago.

“In my past life, I reached the peak in the universe. I looked down upon the myriad of worlds, but with no one accompanying me. In this life, I wish for both.”

1516 • 2019-10-24 19:30:49


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1040: The Young Man in a Yellow Robe2021-01-19
Chapter 1039: Everyone’s Contempt2021-01-18
Chapter 1038: Spirit Husbandry Sect2021-01-18
Chapter 1037: Heavenly Jupiter2021-01-17
Chapter 1036: Leaving Planet Tianhuang2021-01-17
Chapter 1035: I’m the King of Planet Tianhuang!2021-01-16
Chapter 1034: Planet Tianhuang Bowed2021-01-16
Chapter 1033: The Power of a Finger2021-01-16
Chapter 1032: Worldwide Attention2021-01-15
Chapter 1031: Chen Fan’s Explanation2021-01-15
Chapter 1030: When Did I Allow You to Interrupt Me?2021-01-15
Chapter 1029: Establishing a Sect2021-01-15
Chapter 1028: A Sage Trapped a Fiend There2021-01-15
Chapter 1027: A Catastrophe?2021-01-15
Chapter 1026: Chen Fan Got Out2021-01-15
Chapter 1025: Skyrocketing Power2021-01-15
Chapter 1024: The Nine Orifices Divine Infant2021-01-15
Chapter 1023: Making a Pill with Divine Blood2021-01-15
Chapter 1022: Top of Planet Tianhuang2021-01-15
Chapter 1021: Dominating Planet Tianhuang2021-01-15
Chapter 1020: A Bloodbath on Mount Emperor2021-01-15
Chapter 1019: Planet Tianhuang Was Astonished2021-01-15
Chapter 1018: Killing the Divine General2021-01-15
Chapter 1017: Crushing Mangya2021-01-15
Chapter 1016: The Hidden Hand2021-01-15
Chapter 1015: Astonishing Power2021-01-15
Chapter 1014: Invincible! Invincible!2021-01-15
Chapter 1013: Deity Wheel!2021-01-15
Chapter 1012: Defeating the Enemies with Divine Thunder2021-01-15
Chapter 1011: Smashed2021-01-15
Chapter 1010: Crushed with One Foot2021-01-15
Chapter 1009: Kneel and Beg?2021-01-15
Chapter 1008: Time for Battle2021-01-15
Chapter 1007: To Mount Emperor!2021-01-15
Chapter 1006: Bloodbath in the Prison!2021-01-15
Chapter 1005: Mount Emperor’s Prison2021-01-15
Chapter 1004: The One and Only in the World2021-01-15
Chapter 1003: Terror on Planet Tianhuang2020-12-31
Chapter 1002: Kill the Heavenly Lords!2020-12-31
Chapter 1001: Crush Them All!2020-12-30
Chapter 1000:2020-12-30
Chapter 999: One Punch!2020-12-29
Chapter 998: Completing the Solitary Cultivation2020-12-29
Chapter 997: I’m Here to Kill2020-12-28
Chapter 996: Reaching the Deity Grade2020-12-28
Chapter 995: Ninth Transformation of the Deity Wheel!2020-12-27
Chapter 994: Ten Thousand Cultivation Arts2020-12-27
Chapter 993: The Cultivation Began2020-12-25
Chapter 992: The Power of Mount Emperor2020-12-25
Chapter 991: Planet Tianhuang Was Stunned2020-12-24
Chapter 990: True Martial… Chen Beixuan?2020-12-24
Chapter 989: The Deity Intercept the Laws of Heaven2020-12-23
Chapter 988: The Fruit of Dao!2020-12-23
Chapter 987: The Truly Great Opportunity2020-12-22
Chapter 9862020-12-22
Chapter 985: The Divine Medicine Appeared2020-12-21
Chapter 984: News from Earth2020-12-21
Chapter 983: Planet Tianhuang Was Stirred2020-12-20
Chapter 982 The World Was Shocked2020-12-12
Chapter 981 Kneel and Beg2020-12-12
Chapter 980 Finish Him With One Punch!2020-12-12
Chapter 979 Six Sacred Ancestors2020-12-12
Chapter 978 The Fiend Art Was Completed2020-12-12
Chapter 977 Killing a Nascent Soul Cultivator with Bare Hands!2020-12-12
Chapter 976 Burning the Sky2020-12-12
Chapter 975 An Astonishing Slash2020-12-12
Chapter 974 Demon Commander“s Migh2020-12-12
Chapter 973 Heavenly Lord Chen?2020-12-12
Chapter 972 Land of Deities2020-12-12
Chapter 971 Gathering of Nascent Soul Cultivators2020-11-30
Chapter 970 Gathering From All Directions2020-11-29
Chapter 969 The Ancient Demons Loch2020-11-29
Chapter 968 The True Dragon’s Nine Transformations2020-11-28
Chapter 967 - Number One Cultivator on the Longevity Roll2020-11-28
Chapter 966 - Everyone“s Reaction2020-11-27
Chapter 965 Planet Tianhuang Was Horrified!2020-11-27
Chapter 964 - Killing a Nascent Soul Practitioner with One Hack2020-11-26
Chapter 963 - The Game Had Come to a Close?2020-11-26
Chapter 962 Why Do I Have to Explain to You?2020-11-25
Chapter 961 Stepping Over a Divine Prince and Shattering a Heavenly General2020-11-25
Chapter 960 In Your Face!2020-11-24
Chapter 959 Dominate the Battle2020-11-24
Chapter 958 Killing Heavenly Talents Like Killing Insects2020-11-23
Chapter 957 Defeated in a Blink2020-11-23
Chapter 956 - Do it Together. I“m in a Hurry.2020-11-23
Chapter 955 - He Is the Man2020-11-23
Chapter 954 - My Name Is Chen Beixuan2020-11-23
Chapter 953 All the Elites Will Have to Make Way2020-11-21
Chapter 952 - Shenxi Was Finally Ou2020-11-20
Chapter 951 - Who Would Regret It?2020-11-20
Chapter 950 The Banquet Was Beginning2020-11-19
Chapter 949 Cannot Even Defeat His Dog2020-11-19
Chapter 948 - Squash Him to Death2020-11-19
Chapter 947 Your Honor2020-11-18
Chapter 946 Banquet at the Brahma Palace2020-11-18
Chapter 945 Public Enemy at Mount Reincarnation2020-11-17
Chapter 944 Heavenly Sect Is Shocked2020-11-16
Chapter 943 Goodbye, Xiao Mang2020-11-16
Chapter 942 Under Mount Reincarnation2020-11-15
Chapter 941 Most Powerful Individual Under Heavenly Lord Realm2020-11-15
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