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Rebirth – City Cultivation (Web Novel)


Great Cultivator Chen Fan had failed his Tribulation period, but after a dream, he had returned to Earth, when he was young, five hundred years ago.

“In my past life, I reached the peak in the universe. I looked down upon the myriad of worlds, but with no one accompanying me. In this life, I wish for both.”

204 • 2019-10-24 19:30:49


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 324: Gathering of Tycoons2020-01-25
Chapter 323: The Birthday Party Begins2020-01-25
Chapter 322: Rise to Power In Wu Zhou2020-01-24
Chapter 321: I Am Soley Responsible2020-01-24
Chapter 320: Crush The Haters2020-01-23
Chapter 319: A Blatant Insult2020-01-23
Chapter 318: A Family Party at the Su’s2020-01-22
Chapter 317: The Ji Family Arrived2020-01-22
Chapter 316: The Ji Family of Zhong Hai2020-01-21
Chapter 315: A Visit to Wu Zhou2020-01-21
Chapter 314: Master Chen, What Brings You Here?2020-01-20
Chapter 313: The Ancient Su Family2020-01-20
Chapter 312: A Turn of Events2020-01-19
Chapter 311: The Truth Revealed2020-01-19
Chapter 310: Chen Fan’s Real Identity.2020-01-18
Chapter 309: Fang Mingde’s confusion.2020-01-18
Chapter 308: Let’s Get Married Now2020-01-17
Chapter 307: The Su Family of Wu Zhou City2020-01-17
Chapter 306: Aftermath2020-01-16
Chapter 305: Stultified Red Sparrow2020-01-16
Chapter 304: Number Three On the Dark Roll2020-01-15
Chapter 303: Special Case Department2020-01-15
Chapter 302: The Shaken Underground World2020-01-14
Chapter 301: Theseus’s shock2020-01-14
Chapter 300: Grandmasters Killing Streak2020-01-13
Chapter 299: A Deadly Alliance2020-01-13
Chapter 298: A Mysterious Overlord2020-01-12
Chapter 297: The Real Trap2020-01-12
Chapter 296: Yukishiro Sa2020-01-11
Chapter 295: Kendo Grandmaster2020-01-11
Chapter 294: Covert Operation Unit of Samsung2020-01-10
Chapter 293: Extraordinary One’s Awakening2020-01-10
Chapter 292: The Value of the Vitality Serum2020-01-09
Chapter 291: Green Dragon Array2020-01-09
Chapter 290: Transfer Student2020-01-08
Chapter 289: Tell Them My Name2020-01-08
Chapter 288: The Fang Family’s Banquet2020-01-07
Chapter 287: Covenant of Soul and Spirit2020-01-07
Chapter 286: Kneel and Plead2020-01-06
Chapter 285: Kill You With One Slap2020-01-06
Chapter 284: Are You Talking About Me?2020-01-05
Chapter 283: The Mystery of Immortal State2020-01-05
Chapter 282: One-Eyed Naga King2020-01-04
Chapter 281: From Hell to Heaven2020-01-04
Chapter 280: The Besieged Zheng’s Group2020-01-03
Chapter 279: A Midnight Meeting2020-01-03
Chapter 278: They Call Me Master Chen2020-01-02
Chapter 277: The Ambition of An Overlord2020-01-02
Chapter 276: You Will Die For Insulting Me2020-01-01
Chapter 275: Mr. Chen?2020-01-01
Chapter 274: One More Word From You, I Will End Your Life2020-01-01
Chapter 273: Unspoken Rules of the Industry2020-01-01
Chapter 272: Meeting Yu Qianqian Again2020-01-01
Chapter 271: Banquet Party on the Cruise Ship2020-01-01
Chapter 270: The Excited Spellcasting Community2020-01-01
Chapter 269: The Fall of the Zheng Family2020-01-01
Chapter 268: Who Won?2020-01-01
Chapter 267: Nine Mountains of Jiu Long, Please Lend Me Your Powers2020-01-01
Chapter 266: At the Peak of the Jiu Long Mountain2020-01-01
Chapter 265: The Duel Begins2020-01-01
Chapter 264: A Ten Billion Yuan Bet2020-01-01
Chapter 263: The Challenge Arrives2020-01-01
Chapter 262: Shake The Zheng Family2020-01-01
Chapter 261: Kill With a Flick of a Finger2020-01-01
Chapter 260: Dragon Taming Array2020-01-01
Chapter 259: She Owes Me Ten Billion2020-01-01
Chapter 258: Zheng Anqi2020-01-01
Chapter 257: A Thousand Year Old Secret2020-01-01
Chapter 256: Blad Strengthening Gourd2019-12-31
Chapter 255: The Treasure In the Gourd?2019-12-31
Chapter 254: A Fake Artifact?2019-12-30
Chapter 253: Young Lord Zheng the Gentleman2019-12-30
Chapter 252: Jade Gourd2019-12-29
Chapter 251: The Capital of Spellcasters2019-12-29
Chapter 250: The Value of a Grandmaster2019-12-28
Chapter 249: The Former Immortal State Cultivator2019-12-28
Chapter 248: Tang Yuanqin’s Visit2019-12-27
Chapter 247: Green Dragon Grand Array2019-12-27
Chapter 246: Terrorizing Jiang Nan Province2019-12-26
Chapter 245: The Bloodline Death Curse2019-12-26
Chapter 244: Slaughter the Sheng Family2019-12-25
Chapter 243: Fighting Lin Tatian2019-12-25
Chapter 242: Knocking on the Sheng Family’s Door2019-12-24
Chapter 241: I Am Going to Kill2019-12-24
Chapter 240: The Meaning of a Powerful Man2019-12-23
Chapter 239: Chen Family In Ruins2019-12-23
Chapter 238: The Dark Totem2019-12-22
Chapter 237: The Real Power2019-12-22
Chapter 236: The Extraordinary2019-12-21
Chapter 235: International Biology Conference2019-12-21
Chapter 234: Chen Family’s Crisis2019-12-20
Chapter 233: Class Reunion2019-12-20
Chapter 232: How Dare You?2019-12-19
Chapter 231: Your Life Belongs To Me2019-12-19
Chapter 230: Kill You Like Killing An Insect2019-12-18
Chapter 229: Moment of Life and Death2019-12-18
Chapter 228: Visiting Green Vine Club Again2019-12-17
Chapter 227: He Is Master Chen!2019-12-17
Chapter 226: Your Bright Future2019-12-16
Chapter 225: Green Vine Club2019-12-16