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Rebirth – City Cultivation (Web Novel)


Great Cultivator Chen Fan had failed his Tribulation period, but after a dream, he had returned to Earth, when he was young, five hundred years ago.

“In my past life, I reached the peak in the universe. I looked down upon the myriad of worlds, but with no one accompanying me. In this life, I wish for both.”

1079 • 2019-10-24 19:30:49


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 665: An Astonishing Divine Pill2020-07-14
Chapter 664: The Star of the World2020-07-13
Chapter 663: Killed the Blood Ancestor with a Hand2020-07-13
Chapter 662: Stomped to Death!2020-07-12
Chapter 661: The Blood Ancestor Arrived2020-07-12
Chapter 660: The Twelve Sky Art Paintings2020-07-11
Chapter 659: The Big Picture Above Everything Else2020-07-11
Chapter 658: The Secret of the Ancient Times2020-07-10
Chapter 657: The Path of Heaven?2020-07-10
Chapter 656: The Dumbfounded Qian Yexue2020-07-09
Chapter 655: The Sword Palace Opened2020-07-09
Chapter 654: A Catastrophe Is Coming?2020-07-08
Chapter 653: All Annihilated2020-07-08
Chapter 652: Resisting with One Hand2020-07-07
Chapter 651: An Earth-Shattering Punch2020-07-07
Chapter 650: Defeating Enemies with a Flick2020-07-06
Chapter 649: Invincible2020-07-06
Chapter 648: Killed with a Smack2020-07-05
Chapter 647: The Top of Qin Chen Mountain2020-07-05
Chapter 646: The Gate of Heaven’s Provocation2020-07-04
Chapter 645: The Realm of Kunxu2020-07-04
Chapter 644: Dumbfounded2020-07-03
Chapter 643: Slaughtering Across the World2020-07-03
Chapter 642: Startled Gate of Heaven2020-07-02
Chapter 641: The Battle of Deities2020-07-02
Chapter 640: Islands on the East Sea2020-07-01
Chapter 639: Being Respected Like an Ancestor2020-07-01
Chapter 638: Please Forgive Us!2020-06-30
Chapter 637: The Goddess’ Boyfriend2020-06-30
Chapter 636: Meet an Old Friend2020-06-29
Chapter 635: Deity Burial Valley2020-06-29
Chapter 634: Ye Qincang, You’re Too Young2020-06-28
Chapter 633: Yan Jin Covered in Red Maple Leaves2020-06-28
Chapter 632: Blessings from All Nations2020-06-27
Chapter 631: A Ten-Mile Dragon2020-06-27
Chapter 630: Top of the World2020-06-26
Chapter 629: Settling Scores with a Slash!2020-06-26
Chapter 628: Defeating an Earth Level Deity!2020-06-25
Chapter 627: Is He Going to Lose?2020-06-25
Chapter 626: A Battle with an Earth Level Deity2020-06-24
Chapter 625: A Heavenly Being!2020-06-24
Chapter 624: Half an Earth Level Deity2020-06-24
Chapter 623: A Fist That Broke Every Spell2020-06-24
Chapter 622: The Battle with Ye Qingcang2020-06-22
Chapter 621: An Earth Level Deity?2020-06-22
Chapter 620: The Strongest Gathered2020-06-21
Chapter 619: The Battle Begins2020-06-21
Chapter 618: The Most Glorious Battle in a Thousand Years2020-06-20
Chapter 617: Who in the World Didn’t Know Him?2020-06-20
Chapter 616: It’s Him?2020-06-19
Chapter 615: Get Out of Yan Jin, or Die!2020-06-19
Chapter 614: He’s Chen Beixuan2020-06-18
Chapter 613: Yan Jin Was Stirred2020-06-18
Chapter 612: Wussing Out?2020-06-17
Chapter 611: The Most Beautiful Woman?2020-06-17
Chapter 610: The Wang Family’s Surprise2020-06-16
Chapter 609: Who Do You Think You Are?2020-06-16
Chapter 608: You Are Not My Relative2020-06-15
Chapter 607: Kneel or Die2020-06-15
Chapter 606: Stir the Pot2020-06-14
Chapter 605: Messenger from the Wang Family2020-06-14
Chapter 604: The Seven Forbidden Lands2020-06-13
Chapter 603: Making Strides2020-06-13
Chapter 602: Spirit Treasure?2020-06-12
Chapter 601: Number One on the Divine Roll2020-06-12
Chapter 600: The Astonishing Thunder!2020-06-11
Chapter 599: Despair!2020-06-11
Chapter 598: Surrender?2020-06-10
Chapter 597: The World In Disbelief2020-06-10
Chapter 596: Slaughter Them All!2020-06-09
Chapter 595: I Command You to Stop!2020-06-09
Chapter 594: Annihilated!2020-06-09
Chapter 593: Lesser Five Elements Thunder2020-06-08
Chapter 592: Advanced Technology2020-06-07
Chapter 591: Ten Times the Speed of Sound!2020-06-07
Chapter 590: The Siege2020-06-06
Chapter 589: The Dumbfounded Lance2020-06-06
Chapter 588: The Plight of North Qiong2020-06-05
Chapter 587: The Terrifying Thunder2020-06-05
Chapter 586: The World Was Frightened!2020-06-05
Chapter 585: Impress The World2020-06-05
Chapter 584: Five-Elemental Divine Seal2020-06-05
Chapter 583: The Dark Treasure Vault2020-06-05
Chapter 582: The Aftermath2020-06-05
Chapter 581: New World, New Rule2020-06-05
Chapter 580: The Supreme Power2020-06-05
Chapter 579: Kill Them All2020-06-05
Chapter 578: Level Up!2020-06-05
Chapter 577: On the Last Leg?2020-06-05
Chapter 576: The Divine Powers Have Returned2020-06-05
Chapter 575: One Versus Four2020-06-05
Chapter 574: Divine Artifact?2020-06-05
Chapter 573: The War Begins2020-06-05
Chapter 572: The Enemies Have Arrived2020-06-05
Chapter 571: Must Kill Chen Beixuan!2020-06-05
Chapter 570: The Arbitration Department Has Risen2020-06-05
Chapter 569: I Refuse2020-06-05
Chapter 568: The EU Party2020-06-05
Chapter 567: Legends of the Blood Ancestor2020-06-05
Chapter 566: The Dark Lord2020-06-05