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Rebirth – City Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 151: Cang Dragon’s Claw

Chapter 151: Cang Dragon’s Claw

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Half a month later, inside the base of the Cang Dragon units…

“Huu! Huu!”

The training ground was filled with the loud whistling sound of fists ripping open the air. Everyone watched as the Cang Dragon units practiced the fist techniques with strange but powerful movements. Some looked like a nimble monkey climbing up a tree, some looked like a bear charging into its prey and some looked like a tiger unleashing its deadly claws.

Compared to half a month ago, almost every one of them had buffed up significantly. Their arms were two large guns that were pumped with iron and steel. Their eyes had never been more focused, it was as if they had been transformed into a brand new person.


Cold-face the young man charged forward to build up momentum. When he had gained some speed, he spun and delivered a roundhouse kick. His kick whizzed through the air, slicing through the air like a sharp knife. The person in front of him felt the pressure on his skin from the disturbance in the air caused by the kick. He wagered that this kick would have toppled a medium sized tree.

“Hehe, Cold-face, that’s kinda lame.”

Facing such a powerful attack, Tank guffawed and rammed his shoulder at his attacker without flinching.


The kick landed on Tank’s shoulder, however, Tank didn’t move an inch. On the other hand, Cold-face has knocked away and stumbled a few feet back. He squealed: “Tank you are a beast! Why are you so much more powerful than most of us while we pretty much practice the same thing every day?”

By then, Tank’s body had grown to about two meters. From afar, his hulking frame made him look just like a tank. The large man laughed out loud and said: “Haha! I am a genius. Head Sergeant’s training method is tailored for me. You are too weak!”

Cold-face blushed. However, he didn’t find any words to protest.

By then, many of the sergeants standing at the edge of the training ground nodded in approval.

“Tank had improved by leaps and bounds. Based on the test a few days ago, his muscle strength had scored 100, nearly three times more powerful than a normal human. He was able to lift over three hundred kilos which broke the record of the heaviest weight a human could lift.”

Before the sergeant had finished his words, Yu Qin came over to him with another pile of test results. Yu Qin had always been cold and distant to her co-workers, however, her face lit up with joy now.

“The reports are out: their squats, lifting and pushing scores were 250, 235 and 220-kilograms.”

“Wow!” Everyone gasped at the numbers.

Their scores could have rivaled that of gold medalists of the Olympic.

“That’s not all of it. On average, they can finish one hundred meters in less than ten seconds and could sprint over two point five meters high. They could carry over ten-kilogram weight while running long distances…” Yu Qin continued to list the impressive statistics.

Everyone was stunned by what they heard. No had expected that the average stats of the Cang Dragon could be nearing the physical limits of the human body. What’s more impressive was that they were much stronger and tougher than any gold medalists because each soldier was equivalent to many gold medalists in different fields.

With that thought in mind, everyone looked to the boy who stood quietly with his hands linked behind his back with a great measure of admiration.

He was the maker of this miracle!

“Head Sergeant Chen, your training program worked wondrously. If only we could promote the program to the rest of the military.” As soon as Sergeant Gu finished his words, everyone’s eyes lit up with excitement.

If the program could be used by all the soldiers in the military, China would instantly gain over a million super soldiers, who possessed impeccable physical conditions. By then, China would have the strongest army in the world.

“Haven’t you seen how much the soldiers have suffered over half a month? Do you think an average soldier could have endured that?” Chen Fan asked lightly.

His words reminded everyone of the hellish training the Cang Dragon soldiers had gone through.

Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise included not only internal energy exercises, but also a lot of physical conditioning. Many involved bruising and traumatizing one’s body, forced stimulation of acupuncture points, and the sudden outburst of energy when one had already reached exhaustion. Without the elixir and pills that Chen Fan gave to the soldiers, none of the warriors would have lasted more than three days.

“I think this many warriors would be enough for now. We have many fearless warriors in the Army, with time, we should be able to double the number of the Cang Dragon units.” Huo Donglai clapped and then ordered: “Yu Qin, please report the status to our superior.”

He gave a solemn face and then said: “remember, this is top secret, and keep the file classified. Leaking this information can be disastrous.”

“Roger, I will be on my way.”

Yu Qin saluted to Huo Donglai before she turned around and started off.

“Sergeant Huo, would you like to join us?”

Someone at the training center shouted at him, and then he heard a wave of cheers, willing him to pay attention.

Huo Donglai turned his head over and saw the Cang Dragon unit had paused their exercise. Tank was the one who called out to him, and he was giving him a challenging look.

“Little shit, it’s only been half a month. Don’t get ahead of yourself.” Huo Donglai laughed in his mind.

Before Chen Fan arrived, Sergeant Huo was revered as the strongest fighter by the Cang Dragon members. His Ba Ji Fist was extremely powerful and overbearing.

“Sergeant Hou, why don’t you teach these little shits a lesson?” A sergeant encouraged Sergeant Huo.

“Humph!” Huo Donglai looked to Chen Fan, and after he had gotten Chen Fan’s approving node, he walked toward the training ground. “Tank, you are so full of yourself. Do you really think you could be stronger than me in half a month?”

“We will see!”

Tank laughed as he charged toward Huo Donglai, stirring up a gust of wind. He opened up his arms like an alerted lobster, and when he got close enough to his target, he clamped his arms like a grizzly bear hugging a tree trunk. The amount of force in the attack could easily squash a car.


Huo Donglai spread his legs and sank his body into a Horse Stance. Meanwhile, he reached out both arms, ready to counter the attack.

Suddenly, Huo Donglai stamped the ground under his feet and cracked the surface of the pavement. The ground pushed back at him, launching his body forward.

“Mounted on Mountain! That’s a signature Ba Ji move!”

Sergeant Gu exclaimed. He had heard that if the move was used by a Transcendent Master, he could crush a small hill. Although Huo Donglai was not a Transcendent Master by a long shot, he was only half a step away from reaching the peak of Internal Force cultivation.

Huo Donglia’s charge could ram through three layers of metal sheets

Even as Huo Donglai thought he already had the victory in the bag, Tank changed tactics. With a soft wheezing sound, Tank folded his body and turned his two-meter tall hulking frame into a large ball. Before Huo Donglai realized what was going on, the ball rolled away from Huo Donglai and reached behind the sergeant. Then, the ball unfurled itself, returning to the hulking frame that it once was.

Despite his seemingly cumbersome weight, Tank steadied himself within a second, and then he shot out an arm and clawed at the back of Huo Donglai.

“What the—”

Huo Donglai was still stunned by the development, suddenly, he felt a cold wind blowing at the nape of his neck. If not for his decades of hard training, Huo Donglai might not be able to swerve to the side to avoid the deadly claw.


He heard his clothes being torn apart.

Huo Donglai let out a painful cry and quickly disengaged from his opponent. The audience finally noticed that half of his shirt on the left side was torn off, revealing three long and bloody claw marks.

“Cang Dragon’s Claw!”

Huo Donglai was stunned by the development and it took him a while to finally gather himself. After he did, he let out a wry smile.

He had always thought that the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise only strengthened their boy, but it occurred to him that the training also boosted their fighting skills. Tank had only used a very simple move in the training routine, yet he was able to completely dominate the fight against a Ba Ji martial artist with three decades of training.

“Head Sergeant is an immortal, you should not underestimate the effect of his training program.”

Tank said proudly.

The other Cang Dragon soldiers nodded in agreement. Having witnessed the turn of the event, everyone looked to Chen Fan as devotees would to their god.

Just half a month ago, Tank was easily defeated by Sergeant Huo, half a month later, the table had been turned. What could these soldiers achieve in half years? By then, defeating Sergeant Huo would only be a walk in the park.

The other sergeants shook their heads bitterly as the sense of helplessness and self-pity rose inside their hearts.

Suddenly, someone shouted: “Head Sergeant Chen, why don’t you spar with us too?”

There was a brief moment of silence before the question set in. Then, a wave of cheers erupted.

“Yes! Head Sergeant, show us your abilities!”

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