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Rebirth – City Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 154: With One Fell Swoop!

Chapter 154: With One Fell Swoop!

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“If you don’t even think that my Uncle-Master Mu is your worthy opponent, I wonder who would be.” Gao Baisheng said with a cold sneer.

“It had to be at least Ye Nantian or Lei Qianjue. ” Chen Fan said lightly.

“Ye Nantian and Lei Qianjue?” the members of the Ba Ji sect rounded their eyes in disbelief. The other middle age man shouted:

“Do you even know who they are? Lei Qianjue is a renowned master from the Hong Sect, while Ye Nantian was considered the most talented fighter in the last fifty years. He was expected to enter the Immortal State sometime in the future. What makes you think that you are their equal?”

“Everything.” Chen Fan said evenly.

Huo Donglai and the others were taken aback by his answer. Since Huo Donglai had witnessed Chen Fan incredible fall from the sky, he knew that Chen Fan was not bluffing. However, he doubted that Mu Shan and his other sect brothers would be convinced by Chen Fan.

If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it.

Mu Shan shook his head and lamented: “I had high hopes for you when Donglai told me about you. But after meeting with you, it occurred to me that you are just an arrogant youngster.”

“The further you journey in the world of martial arts, the more fearful you would be toward a Transcendent Master. Yet, you don’t even think Transcendent Masters are a big deal. It was a telltale sign that you lacked the most basic respect and Dao Heart as a martial artist.”

“Uncle-Master Mu, why are we still wasting our time on him?” Gao Baisheng snorted. “If he doesn’t believe us, then we will make him believe.”

As soon as Gao Baisheng finished his words, he started to breathe heavily.


A little bump appeared near his Adam’s apple and it was sliding up to the bottom of his chin. Veins popped all over his body, letting out blaring noises that sounded like erupting car tires. It was difficult to imagine such sound would come from a human body.

After a few moments, Gao Baisheng stomped the ground and without holding back any of his power, he unleashed the Art of Tremors once again. His feet made another large crater where it landed, and as the ground pushed back at him, Gao Baisheng launched himself at Chen Fan with a punch. He looked like a bolt that suddenly left a crossbow.

“What a powerful punch!”

Many members of the Cang Dragon unit were shocked by the sight.

They wagered that only Tank was able to take the punch with full force.

“Is this the power of a phenomenal success level Internal Force user?” Everyone gasped as they asked themselves the same question.

Some of their sergeants were also Internal Force users, and since they always held back their power when they sparred with soldiers, the latter never fully understood the full extent of their power. However, Gao Baisheng’s attack with full abandon had corrected the soldiers’ arrogance about their Sergeant’s power.

“I wonder how Head Sergeant Chen is going to handle the attack.” Everyone looked to Chen Fan expectantly.

Chen Fan stood lazily, without any sign of getting ready to counter the attack.

“He is dead meat. Even Uncle-Master Mu dared not to take Senior Apprentice-Brother’s attack so lightly.” A smile surfaced on Guo Xiaomang’s face. However, just a second later, the smile froze on her face.

Under everyone’s incredulous stare, Chen Fan took a languorous step forward and slapped the face of his attacker.

Chen Fan’s attack initially looked no more than a father’s slapping at his unruly son; however, half a heartbeat later, the attack changed its tone and weight. In a blink, the casual slap came at its victim with mountainous momentum.


Mu Shan and the others were shocked, and tried to alert their sect brother; however, it was too late.

Gao Baisheng had no time to evade; all he could do was retract his fists and cover his head to cushion the brunt of the blow. Then Chen Fan’s slap came.


A loud snapping sound shot through the training ground.

Chen Fan’s attack had broken the bones in Gao Baisheng’s arms, and the weight brought the young Ba Ji master to his knees. With a heavy thud, Gao Baisheng’s knees thudded heavily on the pavement, making two more deep craters. Two webs of cracks diffused from under Gao Baisheng’s knees and covered a large swath of the paved area.

“I told you that you are not worthy.”

Chen Fan pulled his hands back and said lightly without any emotion.

When he said the same thing a moment ago, everyone thought he was arrogant. However, after they had witnessed him breaking the arms of a phenomenal success internal force user, Chen Fan’s words finally start to set in.

“How dare you!”

Mu Shan shouted, unable to control his anger.

Gao Baisheng represents the future of the Ba Ji sect, his injury greatly distressed the old man.

Even the scrawny old man who had been sitting calmly suddenly rounded his glinting eyes.

“Interesting, was I really wrong about you? Are you really a powerful fighter in disguise?” The scrawny old man exclaimed in his mind.

“Please allow me to exchange a few blows with you.”

Mu Shan stepped forward vengefully. He was determined to avenge Gao Baisheng. Huo Donglai was suddenly at a loss, unsure which side he should cheer for. He was sandwiched in between his sect brothers and his boss.

“Damn, how did it come to such an end.” Huo Donglai shook his head and lamented.

Meanwhile, the soldiers of the Cang Dragon were cheering and celebrating their Head Sergeant’s swift victory.

“Head Sergeant is a badass! He didn’t waste his breath on him, just slapped him into submission. Haha!”

The Ba Ji sect members heard the soldier’s jeering remarks. Their face darkened and became sullen.

Mu Shan came over to Gao Baisheng and examined his wound. Pain mixed with anger flickered in Mu Shan’s eyes. He complained: “You are a crude man to injure my Apprentice-Nephew’s arms to such a degree. Even after the wound heals, he would never be as strong as he could have been.”

Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back; his face was devoid of any emotions.

“He dared to challenge me and so he had to pay the price for his arrogance. I have already shown mercy to him.”

While holding Chen Fan’s gaze, even Mu Shan couldn’t help but shiver.

The indifferent gaze on him made Mu Shan feel like a worthless ant that could be crushed at any time.

“Who the hell is he? How come a seventeen-year-old boy could possess such a deadly gaze?” Mu Shan asked himself perplexedly. Suddenly, he shook his head slightly and cleared his mind. He straightened his back and cupped his fists.

“Ba Ji, Mu Shan wishes to learn a thing or two from you.”

Chen Fan didn’t change his tone. “I told you, you are not worthy.”

Then, and only then, the crowd finally started to feel Chen Fan’s genuine indifference and lack of concern for anyone around him.

“I wager that only martial artists such as Ye Nantian and Lei Qianjue could exchange blows with him.” Everyone thought to themselves. Despite the roiling anger, the Ba Ji sect members conceded their disadvantage and weakness.

Even Mu Shan would not be able to subjugate an internal force warrior of phenomenal success level with only one slap.

Mu Shan’s face turned pale and then was flushed red. He stood still and failed to find any words to refute.

“That’s enough, Mu Shan!” The wizened old man finally spoke up. “Head sergeant is much more powerful than us, we concede defeat.”

He gave Chen Fan a long glance and then said: “I wish Head Sergeant Chen could make it to the Martial Arts Conference and be as triumphant as you were today.”

“I can tell you right now that even if I fight with Ye Nantian, I will win as well.” Chen Fan said calmly. “On another note, do you expect to get away with it without an apology?”

“What do you mean?”

Chen Fan’s words had shocked the scrawny old man.

Chen Fan continued: “Huo Donglai had invited me to join Ba Ji’s team during the Martial Arts Conference and I agreed to it. However, not only did you disrespect me today, but you also challenged me to a duel.”

“Since when did I, Chen Beixuan, allow anyone to step on my toes?

“Break your own legs, before getting out of my face.”

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