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Rebirth – City Cultivation (Web Novel)


Great Cultivator Chen Fan had failed his Tribulation period, but after a dream, he had returned to Earth, when he was young, five hundred years ago.

“In my past life, I reached the peak in the universe. I looked down upon the myriad of worlds, but with no one accompanying me. In this life, I wish for both.”

82 • 2019-10-24 19:30:49


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 170: One Punch Match2019-11-18
Chapter 169: The Power Of A Grandmaster2019-11-18
Chapter 168: Tiger Demon’s Physique Refinement Art2019-11-17
Chapter 167: Besieged2019-11-17
Chapter 166: Lord God of Alien Races2019-11-16
Chapter 165: Devotion Energy2019-11-16
Chapter 164: Physique Refinement Master!2019-11-15
Chapter 163: Crush Them All!2019-11-15
Chapter 162: Ambush2019-11-14
Chapter 161: Invitation From the Lu’s2019-11-14
Chapter 160: Elixr Fair2019-11-13
Chapter 159: Lu Family of The Lin City2019-11-13
Chapter 158: Call Me2019-11-12
Chapter 157: Some Kind of Hot Shot?2019-11-12
Chapter 156: The Hottest Girl Of Chu Zhou City University2019-11-11
Chapter 155: Never Insult Transcendent Masters!2019-11-11
Chapter 154: With One Fell Swoop!2019-11-10
Chapter 153: Gao Baisheng!2019-11-10
Chapter 152: Ba Ji Sect Arrives2019-11-09
Chapter 151: Cang Dragon’s Claw2019-11-09
Chapter 150: Martial Arts Conference2019-11-08
Chapter 149: Unimaginable Power2019-11-08
Chapter 148: Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise2019-11-07
Chapter 147: A Dramatic Entrance2019-11-07
Chapter 146: Leap Of Faith2019-11-06
Chapter 145: Ba Ji Master2019-11-06
Chapter 144: Three Month of Hard Work2019-11-05
Chapter 143: Street Lights of Jin City2019-11-05
Chapter 142: No One Really Knows Me2019-11-04
Chapter 141: Chen Family’s Future2019-11-04
Chapter 140: The Real Top Dogs2019-11-03
Chapter 139: Elderly Man Wei Arrives2019-11-03
Chapter 138: So Many Luxury Cars!2019-11-02
Chapter 137: Half Of Jiang Bei’s Wealth2019-11-02
Chapter 136: Gathering of Tycoons2019-11-01
Chapter 135: One After Another2019-11-01
Chapter 134: Start The Gathering2019-10-31
Chapter 133: Annual Family Clan Gathering2019-10-31
Chapter 132: You Don’t Deserve My Apology2019-10-30
Chapter 131: Doesn’t Recognize Mount Tai2019-10-30
Chapter 130: Young Lord Wei2019-10-29
Chapter 129: A Hundred Million Dollar Race2019-10-29
Chapter 128: Equestrian Club2019-10-28
Chapter 127: Dinner At The Chens2019-10-28
Chapter 126: A Bet2019-10-27
Chapter 125: The Chen Family2019-10-27
Chapter 124: Protective Talisman2019-10-26
Chapter 123: Sister An2019-10-26
Chapter 122: Tang Jianfen’s Visitation2019-10-25
Chapter 121: Blue-Blooded Youngsters2019-10-25
Chapter 120: Master Chen’s Lapdog2019-10-24
Chapter 119: Tian He’s New Royalty2019-10-24
Chapter 118: Broken2019-10-24
Chapter 117: A Cursed Bracelet2019-10-24
Chapter 116: Super Star Yun Qianqian2019-10-24
Chapter 115: Wu Mountain Hot Spring Resort2019-10-24
Chapter 114: A Gift2019-10-24
Chapter 113: Burn The Universe2019-10-24
Chapter 112: Primordial Ghost Flute2019-10-24
Chapter 111: The Young Master2019-10-24
Chapter 110: Commemorate My Immortal Enlightenment2019-10-24
Chapter 109: Squash You Like A Worm2019-10-24
Chapter 108: Bai The Fire Bender2019-10-24
Chapter 107: Granny Snake2019-10-24
Chapter 106: Mysterious Yu Wenjin2019-10-24
Chapter 105: Friends Of Past Life2019-10-24
Chapter 104: Back To Home2019-10-24
Chapter 103: The Second Ye Nantian?2019-10-24
Chapter 102: Head Sergeant of Cang Dragon2019-10-24
Chapter 101: Wei Family’s Invitation2019-10-24
Chapter 100: I Don’t Believe You!2019-10-24
Chapter 99: The Most Powerful Man of Jiang Bei2019-10-24
Chapter 98: The Revelation2019-10-24
Chapter 97: Every Dog Has Its Day2019-10-24
Chapter 96: Your Dad Is Calling2019-10-24
Chapter 95: Start of The Banquet2019-10-24
Chapter 94: Chen Fan, Who Are You?2019-10-24
Chapter 93: Xiao Qian’s Shock2019-10-24
Chapter 92: Master Chen?2019-10-24
Chapter 91: Cang Dragon Unit2019-10-24
Chapter 90: Journey Before the Holiday2019-10-24
Chapter 89: Spirit Qi Water2019-10-24
Chapter 88: Tang Yuanqin of The Hu Dong Province2019-10-24
Chapter 87: Spirit Mist2019-10-24
Chapter 86: Master Chen, Are You Back?2019-10-24
Chapter 85: The Mansion on The Top of The Mountain2019-10-24
Chapter 84: Dinner At the Jiangs2019-10-24
Chapter 83: The Number One of Chu Zhou City2019-10-24
Chapter 82: Fear Me!2019-10-24
Chapter 81: Return To Chu Zhou City2019-10-24
Chapter 80: Li Fire Golden Eyes.2019-10-24
Chapter 79: The Fire Rock2019-10-24
Chapter 78: I Am The Celestial Lord!2019-10-24
Chapter 77: A Real Master?2019-10-24
Chapter 76: Looked Down On By Everyone2019-10-24
Chapter 75: An Invitation2019-10-24
Chapter 74: Cultivate In The Valley2019-10-24
Chapter 73: Pay With Your Life!2019-10-24
Chapter 72: One Hundred Million A Pill2019-10-24
Chapter 71: Get Out Of My Face2019-10-24