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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel)


“I have to squander; otherwise, won’t it be a waste of my parent’s talent at earning money?” Hong Dali answers a reporter’s question matter-of-factly.

Just after the interview ends, Hong Dali opens the Great Prodigal System’s interface and looks at the various good stuff displayed in it. Stroking his chin, he mumbles to himself, “I just need to squander 200 billion yuan more to exchange for the blueprint of the core technology, Engine Destruction, found in the strongest humanoid mecha weapon, Neo Granzon. Looks like I’ll have to work harder!”

“I want to splurge! I want to squander!”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 973: Thirteen Top Operatives2020-04-06
Chapter 972: Kill!2020-04-06
Chapter 971: Second Gear!2020-04-05
Chapter 970: Wine, Lust, Avarice, and Pride2020-04-05
Chapter 969: Vicious Sir Malone2020-04-04
Chapter 968: Drunk2020-04-04
Chapter 967: It’s Good to Be a Good Person2020-04-03
Chapter 966: Weird Tumor2020-04-03
Chapter 965: Pitiful Mother Bear2020-04-02
Chapter 964: Bear Cub2020-04-02
Chapter 963: Acka2020-04-01
Chapter 962: So Shameless!2020-04-01
Chapter 961: Do You Take Us for Fools?2020-03-31
Chapter 960: Arriving at Faerie Star2020-03-31
Chapter 959: Money Makes One the Lord2020-03-30
Chapter 958: Good News from the New Earth2020-03-30
Chapter 957: Terrifying Ability2020-03-29
Chapter 956: Types of Soul Stones2020-03-29
Chapter 955: Bow Down in Public2020-03-28
Chapter 954: A Little Wave of the Hand2020-03-28
Chapter 953: Everyone Conceded Defeat2020-03-27
Chapter 952: Divine Demon2020-03-27
Chapter 951: Exposed2020-03-26
Chapter 950: It’s Not That I Am Too Strong, You Are Too Weak2020-03-26
Chapter 949: Watershed2020-03-25
Chapter 948: The Terrifying Lackeys2020-03-25
Chapter 947: Rock, Scissors, Paper!2020-03-24
Chapter 946: Extremely Attention-Grabbing2020-03-24
Chapter 945: The Terrifying Might of the Six Powers2020-03-23
Chapter 944: One-Sided Match2020-03-23
Chapter 943: Grand League.Lackey2020-03-22
Chapter 942: Competition of the Warriors2020-03-22
Chapter 941: Five Billion2020-03-21
Chapter 940: String-Puller2020-03-21
Chapter 939: Data Check2020-03-20
Chapter 938: Challenging the Black and White-level!2020-03-20
Chapter 937: Time to Witness the Miracle!2020-03-19
Chapter 936: Defeat Two at Once2020-03-19
Chapter 935: All Defeated2020-03-18
Chapter 934: Pyramid2020-03-18
Chapter 933: Dali Is Angry, Consequences Are Dire!2020-03-17
Chapter 932: Challenge the Yellow and Green-Level2020-03-17
Chapter 931: He’s Actually Playing with a Bird!2020-03-16
Chapter 930: Challenge Hong Dali!2020-03-16
Chapter 929: Competition Start!2020-03-15
Chapter 928: Advancement Assessment2020-03-15
Chapter 927: Determined to Win2020-03-14
Chapter 926: Head of the Five Kings, Li Xuancheng2020-03-14
Chapter 925: Come, Come, Come, Hit Me!2020-03-13
Chapter 924: Black and White-level Double Honorary Aristocrat!2020-03-13
Chapter 923: Was It Okay to Say This Face to Face?2020-03-12
Chapter 922: Beginning of Advancement Assessment2020-03-12
Chapter 921: My Sense of Logic Has Shattered All Over the Floor Again2020-03-11
Chapter 920: Too Beautiful2020-03-11
Chapter 919: That Night2020-03-10
Chapter 918: Watch Out!2020-03-10
Chapter 917: Dedication2020-03-09
Chapter 916: It’s All About Talent!2020-03-09
Chapter 915: Punishment2020-03-08
Chapter 914: Kneeling Neatly2020-03-08
Chapter 913: Even If You Were Cheating, There Should Be a Limit, Bastard!2020-03-07
Chapter 912: Quite a Good Plan2020-03-07
Chapter 911: Virtual World, Conference of the Venerable2020-03-06
Chapter 910: A Formidable Opponent2020-03-06
Chapter 909: It’s a Crime Too for a Man to Be Too Outstanding…2020-03-05
Chapter 908: Not Enough Money to Spend Like That2020-03-05
Chapter 907: So Strange…2020-03-04
Chapter 906: Please Say Whatever Is On Your Mind2020-03-04
Chapter 905: You Win!2020-03-03
Chapter 904: Seconds2020-03-03
Chapter 903: The Strongest VS The Strongest2020-03-02
Chapter 902: All Talk2020-03-02
Chapter 901: Great Upset!2020-03-01
Chapter 900: Too Weak2020-03-01
Chapter 899: Win!2020-02-29
Chapter 898: The Battle Is About to Begin!2020-02-29
Chapter 897: The Most Mysterious VS the Strongest!2020-02-28
Chapter 896: Salf Alliance Fist!2020-02-28
Chapter 895: The Hunter and the Hunted2020-02-27
Chapter 894: The Battle for Top Ten2020-02-27
Chapter 893: Amazing Benefits!2020-02-26
Chapter 892: The Ten Thousand Years War2020-02-26
Chapter 891: Seven-Colored Dragon King, Rioms Van Dyke2020-02-25
Chapter 890: Fated2020-02-25
Chapter 889: Acka2020-02-24
Chapter 888: Hong Dali, I’m Going to Kill You!2020-02-24
Chapter 887: Gemstone Dragon?!2020-02-23
Chapter 886: The Amazing Team Dali2020-02-23
Chapter 885: Elemental Creature!2020-02-22
Chapter 884: Gigantic Diamond Mountain2020-02-22
Chapter 883: Most Interesting Team of All Time2020-02-21
Chapter 882: Team Dali’s Results2020-02-21
Chapter 881: Malone’s Request2020-02-20
Chapter 880: Are You Sure You Should Be Doing That Now?!2020-02-20
Chapter 879: Battle Start2020-02-19
Chapter 878: Slut2020-02-19
Chapter 877: A Bribe of One Billion Galaxy Dollars2020-02-18
Chapter 876: Let’s Go for a Holiday!2020-02-18
Chapter 875: Time to Happily Enter the Dungeon!2020-02-17
Chapter 874: Spirit Emperor2020-02-17