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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel)


“I have to squander; otherwise, won’t it be a waste of my parent’s talent at earning money?” Hong Dali answers a reporter’s question matter-of-factly.

Just after the interview ends, Hong Dali opens the Great Prodigal System’s interface and looks at the various good stuff displayed in it. Stroking his chin, he mumbles to himself, “I just need to squander 200 billion yuan more to exchange for the blueprint of the core technology, Engine Destruction, found in the strongest humanoid mecha weapon, Neo Granzon. Looks like I’ll have to work harder!”

“I want to splurge! I want to squander!”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 748: Super Genius!2019-12-16
Chapter 747: This Is Cheating, Right!?2019-12-15
Chapter 746: You Are Welcomed to Come Back Here Often2019-12-15
Chapter 745: Mysterious Expert2019-12-14
Chapter 744: Dali Takes on the Challenge2019-12-14
Chapter 743: The Great Mister Gate2019-12-13
Chapter 742: The Challenge Begins!2019-12-13
Chapter 741: Tower of Trials, Start!2019-12-13
Chapter 740: From Now On, I Won’t Lose Anymore!2019-12-12
Chapter 739: The Tone of Your Painful Moan Isn’t Correct2019-12-11
Chapter 738: What’s This!?2019-12-11
Chapter 737: Only Sell One Piece of Armor per Day!2019-12-10
Chapter 736: That Isn’t an Issue, I Am Rich Anyways!2019-12-10
Chapter 735: This Feel!2019-12-09
Chapter 734: Aristocratx2.Dali!2019-12-09
Chapter 733: Mince Them and Feed Them to the Dogs2019-12-08
Chapter 732: Be Steadfast, Remain True to Your Heart2019-12-08
Chapter 731: My Heart Howls! My Hands Are on Fire!2019-12-07
Chapter 730: Justice?2019-12-07
Chapter 729: Thunder, One Million Volts2019-12-06
Chapter 728: Levis, Injured!2019-12-06
Chapter 727: Brothers for Life!2019-12-05
Chapter 726: Who Do You Think You Are?2019-12-05
Chapter 725: Take It as a Vacation2019-12-04
Chapter 724: Aristocrat Quota2019-12-04
Chapter 723: The Level Was Still Too Low2019-12-01
Chapter 722: To Protect2019-11-30
Chapter 721: I, Am a Father.2019-11-30
Chapter 720: Aristocrat.Dali!2019-11-30
Chapter 719: You Were Not My Match Since I Was Three!2019-11-30
Chapter 718: Bully My Son And I Will Bully Your Home Planet2019-11-30
Chapter 717: No One in the World Can Save You!2019-11-30
Chapter 716: Shoot Me!2019-11-30
Chapter 715: Dali, Kiss Me!2019-11-30
Chapter 714: Invincible Dragon Tiger King2019-11-30
Chapter 713: Do You Want to Understand What It’s like to Be Alive?2019-11-30
Chapter 712: I Am Going to Blow up Hong Dali’s Villa!2019-11-30
Chapter 711: You Really Have a Sweet Mouth!2019-11-30
Chapter 710: The End of the Road2019-11-30
Chapter 709: What the Heck Is That!2019-11-30
Chapter 708: You Aren’t Making a Move? Then Let Me Do It.2019-11-30
Chapter 707: Aristocrat.Tianzong!2019-11-30
Chapter 706: The Strongest VS the Strongest!2019-11-30
Chapter 705: Dali Is Good At Mocking Others2019-11-30
Chapter 704: Awesome Little Shiqi2019-11-30
Chapter 703: Fervent Admirer2019-11-30
Chapter 702: Top-Grade Items2019-11-30
Chapter 701: The Great Li Nianwei2019-11-30
Chapter 700: Aristocrat Qianxue2019-11-29
Chapter 699: Lackeys Like Us2019-11-29
Chapter 698: We Won’t Understand the Logic of a God-like Person…2019-11-29
Chapter 697: Someone Capable of Great Things!2019-11-29
Chapter 696: Opening a Pawn Shop Beside a Pawnshop?!2019-11-29
Chapter 695: Why Would I Want to Buy If It Doesn’t Lose Money2019-11-29
Chapter 694: The Five Galaxy Superpowers2019-11-29
Chapter 693: I Feel Like Laughing Once I See Him2019-11-29
Chapter 692: The Other Side of Shenluo Main City2019-11-29
Chapter 691: Warehouse Manager2019-11-29
Chapter 690: Watch Your Behavior! Behave!2019-11-29
Chapter 689: Big Findings2019-11-29
Chapter 688: There’s No Logic2019-11-29
Chapter 687: A Bountiful Day!2019-11-29
Chapter 686: It Works This Way?!2019-11-29
Chapter 685: Family Feud2019-11-29
Chapter 684: You Have Never Fought Hundreds of Thousands of People?!2019-11-29
Chapter 683: Squander!2019-11-29
Chapter 682: Alien Core2019-11-29
Chapter 681: Buy a Villa First!2019-11-29
Chapter 680: Village Bumpkin2019-11-29
Chapter 679: VIP Rating System2019-11-29
Chapter 678: This Stage Is a Bit Huge2019-11-29
Chapter 677: Out of Earth and into the Universe!2019-11-29
Chapter 676: If There’s Nothing Better to Do Next Time, Just Blast a Few Planets and Film It for Fun2019-11-29
Chapter 675: Must Be Accompanied by the Merikan President Just for a Movie2019-11-29
Chapter 674: Where Did I Put It?2019-11-29
Chapter 673: Everybody’s Darling, Flowers Bloom for You2019-11-29
Chapter 672: Plan B2019-11-29
Chapter 671: Tang Long’s Conditions2019-11-29
Chapter 670: Benevolent and Honest2019-11-29
Chapter 669: Don’t Leave After School!2019-11-29
Chapter 668: Entering the Core of the Thunder Angel2019-11-29
Chapter 667: Demon Fantasy Record2019-11-29
Chapter 666: Two Large Groups2019-11-29
Chapter 665: My Name Is Mo Tianji2019-11-29
Chapter 664: A Terrifying Legacy2019-11-29
Chapter 663: Heading to Water Spirit Village2019-11-29
Chapter 662: Thunder Angel2019-11-29
Chapter 661: I Am Someone of Status2019-11-29
Chapter 660: Galaxy Super Mecha Wars2019-11-28
Chapter 659: It Feels Too Beautiful2019-11-28
Chapter 658: The Price of Failure!2019-11-28
Chapter 657: Prodigal’s Ultimate Technique2019-11-28
Chapter 656: In Me the Tiger Sniffs the Rose2019-11-28
Chapter 655: We Were Indeed Seeking Death Previously…2019-11-28
Chapter 654: Strongest Typhoon in History!2019-11-28
Chapter 653: Merika Completely Became Soft…2019-11-28
Chapter 652: The Terrifying Outcome!2019-11-28
Chapter 651: Dali Storm2019-11-28
Chapter 650: Dali’s Sneeze2019-11-28
Chapter 649: Luck of the Heavens!2019-11-28